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Not sleep


									Not sleep
????May be more tired this time due to the reasons for it, just
finished testing, return home to sleep, I remember that less than six
o'clock to sleep stew to three in the morning, saying that could not
sleep the , so up to look at, fairly smooth bar exam, 76 points, no
matter what is passed, 60 minutes pass, I pass the exam has always
been the mission is on the line. Get a "certificate", at
least this time no white school, should be considered on its own
affirmation of it, after graduating from the not so learned, and am up
so early, so late at night to sleep, I think, if I'd have This
momentum, alone, should be nothing if not a problem head Kaoyan. . .
????For the STRING to be the problem, I can only answer this question
simply because our company is Life (Please note that this is not the
human-animal life), full name of Italian Life, the Internet is easy to
search, is the China Petroleum and a joint venture between
Assicurazioni Generali of Italy . Mainly personal insurance, including
pension, health, accident, etc., but this insurance is commercial
insurance, not social insurance, which is usually said that the social
security, should not be confused. And no property insurance. Specific
insurance company's site has
????I still have not learned a specific product, it is estimated this
time to begin one after another exam next week to learn, so do not do
too much here on the first interpretation, because the explanation is
not professional, easily misled. Waiting for me to learn, and be
recommended to you, I think the people I know, you should be most in
need of them, ha! A joke, in fact, insurance is that everyone needs. I
find people who buy insurance, even when a lot of support because it
really is a welfare, make people's lives can have more secure
????I would like to post should also learn some knowledge of financial
management, but this I do not consider the first, or first base well,
after all the work step by step, to the time will naturally be a
matter of course, not instant success.
????Dad home today, passing a business trip in Beijing, finished the
test with the side met with the father ate a meal, and talk a lot of
things, that is not too happy. My grandfather passed away last month,
including my father and mother, had not been able to see Grandpa one
last time, I remember my mom call and say, no right to return to
Shenyang, not in Beijing, and I also understand that time mother's
heart! There is a saying that good "parents in the
near-line", I think it was the truth, who's parents do not want
their children in their old age, when can it be by their side, hey!
But life is often not the will of the people for the transfer, people
ultimately have to run around busy for a living. Dad also talked about
his brother, his brother in the exam soon, this time very bad results,
down quickly, which made my parents very disappointed, I was over from
that time, know that our success is the hope of the parents This is a
very real thing.
????Most of the night of the nagging little bit more, anyway, way out
of his own, and the last clouds of a famous quote: "under their
own eggs, whatever others may say!"

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