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New construction technology chimney brick chimney safety measures construction method


									New construction technology chimney brick chimney safety measures
construction method
Brick chimney repair construction techniques it means insurance for
chimney construction
Therefore, non-high brick chimney repair and construction of vertical
cut-off point of the old material, low-interest business point of
large, small degree of construction and easy. Joint names cases, the
first volume of the order of upper primary brick chimney construction
pre-construction preparations with interest, the main masonry, split
planes, closing mold, reinforced arrangement of dots it discusses the
construction of the chimney brick building approach, not to mention a
guarantee chimney construction quality culture war means peace, pool
Way of key words insurance for chimney construction
1 Details of agricultural processes
1.1. Forging plant design brick factory chimney 2, in the workshop
stuff each one. Less cold furnace chimney code ZRC-40-8, No. ¢ñ chimney
fan said, in the southeast corner of the workshop, height 40 ? 0m,
under the heart diameter 1.4m, for the elevation of 0m diameter at
4.3m, smoke warmth for 700 ¡æ, about the status of smoke in the open.
1.2 The disposal of furnace chimney cold code ZRC-40-2, No. ¢ò chimney
fan said, in the southwest corner of the workshop, a high degree of 40
? 0m, under the heart diameter 1.2m, 0m elevation at the inner
diameter of 4.1m, smoke warmth of 600 ¡æ, about the status of smoke in
the open.
1.3. Chimney brick structure for the Traditional 10 ? 0m 490mm high,
360mm high brick cylinder 15 ? 0m, 240mm high brick cylinder 15 ? 0m,
water-resistant lining for the 113mm thick brick cylinder, two set
contraction perlite across the cold floor.
1.4. In the bottom elevation of 26.7m to take the chimney around the
steel beams located Lecture 1. Floating down a subordinate facilities
observation points, measuring the warm hole, ladder and hide mine
1.5 After the workshop the basic construction of the chimney structure
to take over.
2 construction arrangements and facilities of agricultural methods
When the shop a total of 2 when the masonry chimney, interspersed with
information industry, the duration of 40d. 20 ? 0m to high single row
with a metal fastener hexagonal Lishou hand frame, 20 ? 0m the
following frame with a table full hand. Frame with a Tic-Tac-feeding
are high as 42.5m, Shu and suppression aircraft materials, mixing
mortar, mortar machines.
The order of 2.1 agricultural facilities
Tic-Tac-frame within a frame with a flat tamper name regional field
days - ¡ú Tic-Tac-frame base 150mm thick C30 concrete pouring - ¡ú
Dismantling mat board frame - ¡ú masonry chimney Flashlight - ¡ú
water-resistant brick masonry - ¡ú perlite filled every contraction
cold layer - ¡ú upturned frame - ¡ú 2.1m in elevation located at the
demolition of the insurance network - ¡ú erection within the frame - ¡ú
cylinder masonry. Page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 topics related to the
Chimney construction technology which provides paint?
CLP Guohua Beijing Thermal Power Development Branch chimney
beautification program

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