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New brick chimney brick chimney construction technology

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					New brick chimney brick chimney construction technology
1 Project Details
1.1. Forging plant design brick factory chimney 2, outside stuff in
the workshop 1 each. Less cold furnace chimney code ZRC-40-8, No. ¢ñ
chimney fan said, outside the southeast corner of the workshop, a high
degree of 40 ? 0 m, catchy diameter 1.4 m, elevation 0 m at the outer
diameter of 4.3 m, flue gas temperature of 700 ¡æ, Tobacco Road, in the
open position.
?1.2 The disposal of furnace chimney cold code ZRC-40-2, Fan called ¢ò
in chimneys, in the southwest corner of the workshop, a high degree of
40 ? 0 m, under the heart diameter 1.2 m, at elevation 0 m in diameter
for the 4.1 m, gas heating degree 600 ¡æ, the status of smoking in
public speaking.
?1.3. 490 mm brick chimney structure for traditional 10 ? 0m high,
360mm brick cylinder 15 ? 0 m high, 240 mm brick cylinder 15 ? 0 m
high, lined with water for the 113 mm thick brick cylinder, two
separated cold layer of perlite based contraction.
?1.4. Taken in elevation of 26.7 m steel chimney around the bottom of
beam 1, each with speakers. Floating down a subordinate facilities
observation points, measuring the warm hole, ladder and hide mine
1.5 After the workshop the basic construction of the chimney structure
to take over.
?2 construction arrangements and construction methods
?????When the shop a total of 2 when the masonry chimney, interspersed
operations, duration 40 d. 20 ? 0 m to disable the single row of
fasteners hexagonal metal hand in hand outside the frame, 20 ? 0 m
above the frame with a table full hand. Frame with a Tic-Tac-feeding
are high as 42.5 m, with Shu suppression machine materials, mixing
mortar, mortar machines.
?2.1 Construction Order
?????Tic-Tac-frame with the regional field days in the flat planes
rammed name - ¡ú Tic-Tac-frame base 150mm thick C30 concrete pouring -
¡ú mat board frame scaffolding - ¡ú masonry chimney Flashlight - ¡ú
water-resistant brick masonry - ¡ú perlite filled every contraction
cold layer - ¡ú turn down the aircraft - ¡ú 2.1 m in elevation located
at the demolition of the insurance network - ¡ú erection within the
frame - ¡ú cylinder masonry.
?2.2 Construction of the Preparatory
?????¢Ù mouth of the chimney first set, the axis position, elevation
dimensions. West poured concrete fixed a steel heart, draw no cross
lines, to determine the core position and made of iron with a steel
plate in the top bucket cap maintenance. ¢Ú manufacturing by 5 foot
panels. To 1 ? 0m less, 150mm Yan, 25mm thick wood surfaced, the first
bomb did not fight with Zhu outside lines, and then dried by 2 ? 5%
did not slope. ¢Û production line hammer. Welded into a cone-shaped
steel plate, made of concrete poured within the line of hammers, Shen
3 kg ~ 5 kg, 16 # wire line hammer hanging round the core of the
degree plate, are surely wrong with the center pile center. ¢Ü degree
of manufacturing round plate. Eliminate the 4 ? 0 m, 100 mm wide, 50mm
thick wood surfaced, the upper west of the mouth of the axis to set a
fine 2.2 m, Yan 150 mm, 30 mm thick wood, and its slope of 2.5% on the
chimney carved by the total grid, board to measure the degree wheel
rotation in the circle square chimney weeks. ¢Ý Production
Tic-Tac-frame end beams, with two welded metal frame bar, next to 2
Shibuya fixed wheel, a frame in Tic-Tac-West Centre, one located in
the Tic-Tac-shelf edge. ¢Þ make brick hoists, welded steel with a d8
mm, each limited to lifting 30 bricks. ¢ß artificial mortar barrels,
each time limit hanging over 0.05 m3. ¢à vertical pole to create the
same diameter, with a diameter of 50 mm and 60 mm of steel failure to
distinguish CD 1 ? 0m ~ 1.5 m less, and in the top hole, pulling back
to set V, with a steel pull pin is fixed to defeat a group of bar. It
features non-expansion can be bent, application convenience.
?2.3 stoves
????Akira 3-layer brick row after sewing, sewing ring should be
connected to the wrong song down 1 / 2 brick, radiation joints should
be mixed 1 / 4 brick; 1 / 2 brick shall not exceed the quality of work
by 30%, 1 / 4 brick high brick stop the application, check for errors
before the re-laying. Side of the brick, while with the degree of
foot, on foot board to review, assemble finished after 300 mm, 5-story
brick before they assemble, build water-resistant tiles 300 mm, two
filled with perlite contraction, every day, 1.2 m high masonry is
appropriate. Vertical steel ladder fighting ring, and the device
temperature settings steel to meet the design request. After each step
frame puzzle board with a hanging wire wheel hammer degree of core and
side weeks to review, and review with the theodolite. 10 ? 0 m above
the high per 5 ? 0 m distance along the tube Week 1 ? 0 m leaving in
120mm ¡Á 10mm temperature gap, the level of complexation masonry,
variable cut-off point is also leaving in the temperature gap.
?2.4 Dismantling works
????¢Ù ram flat around the chimney first name, Tic-Tac-frame base 150
mm thick C30 concrete poured, and then mat board, take the
Tic-Tac-frame and within the hexagonal metal frame 20 ? 0 m high,
Tic-Tac-frame ladder fight song at the chimney the latter take the 23
? 0 m high. No chimney ¢Ú ¢ñ set up in the chimney in the southern Tic
Tac Toe, Shu suppression, located in the Tic-Tac-shelf east; ¢ò number
set in the chimney stack of the Tic-Tac-southeast of Tic-Tac-frame
winch in the east, slightly see Figure 1 (page 33 .) ¢Û separate
shelves around the chimney at least 200 mm, 50 mm thick frame with a
wooden board erection, without tail probe to the wrong board is
appropriate to pay, hang up breaking type safety homogeneous network.
Tic-Tac-frame every 10 ? 0 m to push all the way to wind cable rope,
in the 3 ? 0 m and 10 ? 0 m at the external challenges linked to 6 ? 0
m wide and safe pedestrian network 2. ¢Ü 21 ? 0 m in elevation at the
challenges linked to 6 ? 0 m serious risk that the entire network 1,
then talk about crisis together with the d6 mm inner steel mesh fixed
to the brick chimney, brick chimney on the way to non-application
under the fine characteristics of rough, In the high leash tied to the
dwarf at the landing of natural pine. In the ring with a frame bar
support, except when loading the main ladder to take the initiative
away from the heart cut set. As a return, 20 ? 0 m to stop the metal
frame in advance to be able to take in addition, that the turnover. ¢Ý
20 ? 0 m above the elevation of masonry hand in hand with a table
stand, puts up the same time by two vertical rod diameter, and take
the eye with wedge Sesong frame rails. 30 ? 0 m in elevation above the
bar on whether the abduction bar, exhibition design wooden frame plate
so that the lost arc shape. 30 ? 0 m in elevation above because the
larger diameter tube, whether the frame plate indirectly show the same
path in the two rails, and with 12 anchoring wire to board planes.
Masonry frame when turned, leaving the two different-diameter bar,
when the main frame on the back to stop, take the side back side,
while the eye gouge planes. Tic-Tac-frame erection height of each
stack up higher than the 2-step frame.
2.5 Template Project
?????In the elevation of 26.7 m and 39.5 m at each ring beam 1 Road,
the first steel banding, when the closing mode or whether the
selection of 450mm ¡Á 100mm 600mm ¡Á 100mm of steel. First fixed in
modulus, with the support of wooden keel and frame bar, 12 # wire push
knot. Outer mold resting on the body was embedded in the cylinder
containing the d10mm 500mm 60mm of steel from the tail, with a 12 #
wire and push the knot inside the mold, and wire rope, hand hoist in
moving around fixed. Watering the end of the first, and then take off
inside and outside the brick mold.
2.6 The agricultural process reinforced
????Flashlight vertical reinforcement to d10mm distance 500mm, steel
lap child degrees 40d (not exposed hooks), for the low interest rates
in the industry, the steel consumption level to 3 ? 0 m ~ 4 ? 0 m is
appropriate. Steel ring warmth intervals for the d8 mm 250 mm,
variable cut-off point within the context of reinforcement 500 mm
intervals for the d8 mm 125 mm, then removed a small degree of
reinforcement 40d (not exposed hook), ladder device to the level of
divergence, the lower part to the wrong quasi-fixed exchange before
the re-welding.
3 Quantity and quality of security for the purpose of quality
3.1 Data quality and standards must meet the design request, to have
passed the test report card war.
3.2 mortar with concrete re-told at that time the ratio test, applied
to the qualitative proper-farm, leaving in test block required to
detect the weak degree of concrete mortar battle.
3.3 The first row of the top masonry, according to the standard line
up joints, mortar fullness to reach for more than 95%, often used by
the board to rely on, the line hammer hanging, gauged the extent Chek,
square metric (round degree of board) test circle.
3.4 False developed from inspection, mutual inspection, Bo made
functional check of the three seized, while the wet border, to do a
good record of the early and severely in accordance with standard
procedures with operating income made the request into the
agricultural facilities.
3.5 False chimney height calculations in all good paths, that is,
sampling at any time, severe control elevation, the axis, do a good
quality of writing and then the top end of the work of the heart.
4 Insurance skills, cultural construction methods
Vertical section of the chimney is high and the construction of large
objects, low operating point of the old, multi-process, peace skills,
cultural construction of non-construction point.
4.1 Construction of staff to check into words, have high blood
pressure, heart disease, epilepsy has not joined the construction.
4.2 Members of the construction had to be certificates, before
construction foreman security must be written and verbal skills then
the top. Young workers and receive my (team cancellation) should be
signed by hand off.
4.3 Construction of the staff necessary to pick the insurance cap,
solution safe zone, operating income had to pick members of gloves,
the main staircase about the specified level of flexibility without
losing Tacai good masonry ladder, yet stand in the chimney, chimneys,
Ministry of Construction of the high areas is prohibited through the
4.4 "Hidden Field Construction is seeking electrical safety
norms" should be for performance, mechanical and electrical
equipment necessary to operate a blog post staff, as required on a
regular basis Peixiu, take care of themselves, the use of rain,
moisture, lightning protection, pay day approaches, danger Qi
Installation is not valid and secure.
4.5 Drivers must drive the spirit of Shu dispersion suppression, the
hoisting cage with the bricks, gray barrels, hanging over Shen Gong
losing 80 kg, from the days before the hanging objects, and then
completely stopped hanging volts, corrosion, two pendulum static
material, stop a high, solid front and then hanging. Topics related
Steel corrosion. Preservative company. High-altitude anti-corrosion
New brick chimney construction chimney construction plans Technology