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									New brick chimney brick chimney company
??????????????????Repair brick chimney construction plans so
organizational design
First, the project details:
?When the total height of the chimney is 50 meters, got the idea for
the 1.4 m diameter cylinder generally stick to Mu7.5 machine-made
bricks to take m5.O oceanic mixed mortar fire clay masonry. Mu7.5
machine-made chimney lined with clay to take the general sub-mixed
cement mortar masonry m5.0. Chimney weak degree of concrete wall with
the Ministry of C2O.
Second, the construction plans:
?(A), brick chimney with a hand lever hand console frame interpolation
of agricultural facilities. There is sufficient hand-lever frame
interpolation console, console, pulling the tube from the pipe wall,
but on the development of foot palm and lost, each step completed
puzzle frame, switching a plunger, operating income on a platform to
step down.
?1, the plunger with ¦Õ73 and ¦Õ60 pipe 8, each of the sets of a large
group lost all four to bend the plunger inflation. Operating rate
moving up one per station, only a pull rod mounted crisis, to be
assemble to the right height, the second plunger device, and then
moved above the hand palm on the back, and then take the addition to
the high point of the first group plunger in order to move to a more
lower applications. Plunger into the wall about 10CM risk for right
and left should not work loose or too tight in order to facilitate the
protection of the insurance with the assembly.
?2, An Qi grid, net income risk together with a light steel frame, to
close the left frame interval of approximately 1M set the right one.
Insurance net woven nylon rope, diameter of the chimney in the
non-changes, the individual can be applied to net income within the
ladder rack will be safe with rope hoop pine in the progressive, peace
was promoted up the grid with the console.
?3, hanging ladder, hanging ladder to move the plunger war foot palm,
palm of hand block, the operating staff will be linked to the lower
hanging ladder not put a good plug rod, leash seat belt hanging ladder
to take home plate, then No standing on ladders board suspended
?4, ladder fence, the level of operating staff of the main ladder for
safe volts see, including the ladder-high with wood or logs tied to
?(B) in the derrick on the materials used: in the mast down on the
chain attached to the promotion of the discharge units, often persist
in detail the status of agricultural interest points higher than the
masonry, narrow pull rod moving within a large static lifting frame
Third, the construction techniques and quality control
?(A), the basic:
?1, the chimney foundation based compensation determined after a good
foundation before (they chimney West Side points) set the core pile,
and then retreats from the construction of a double-bit reset will
review the foundation design, stand outside the mouth of the mark, the
base size of short War may be in line with standard high-level design
is the request of the amount of space-based earth fit the design of
non-Kan probe used materials, and hide the project license for the
?2, the base should be flat top table red, non-filling of the measures
used to find ze pit top, in some low elevation and low water in the
design office, whether in the pouring of concrete when the cushion to
find ze.
?3, the Foundation made the first inspection should be made
immediately into the foundation construction.
?4, pull out the basic Beibi transverse reinforcement inside the
cylinder wall should be designed to find the status of the request,
the total group and inserted into the shallow, the right day to take
based on cross-strong steel banding or welding, and reinforcement
displacement approach should be avoided.
?5, based on the first pouring of concrete should continue to the end
of construction joints shall not stay. The realization of a really
hard time casting, according to some theory of the case has nothing to
do sub-total must determine the status of the construction lien.
?, Steel corrosion; 6, basically, should immediately into the
statement made based on experience with the foundation of the
backfill. Backfill should be carefully tamping the total layer name,
each ply not less than 200mm, slightly higher than the upper ocean
backfill to harm drainage, backfill compaction virtual first, do it
again the slope of the drainage slope should not be older than 2%.
?(B), brick chimney:
?1, the masonry surface point in the Tong Shen Yang Pu stick tiles,
should be used after a rift, and the corners at most one end of the
complete, high heating facilities at its regular farming season, 1-2
to advance poured brick fire should be Warm Stream, the exposed fire
rate of 10% -15% declared.
?2, masonry Tongshen, should review the basic functions of local
non-independent part of the experience through a confirmation of the
name when the fault is not on the basis of all the words into the
review of zero, the degree of deviation of losing more than 20mm, to
1:2 cement leveling mortar, find ze thickness of less than 30mm, the
required concrete with a rough stone (low grade than brick embankment
high strength grade level) leveling.

?3, the weak degree of masonry mortar shall meet the design level of
the request. Weight ratio of the construction should be taken, and its
consistency for the 80-100mm mortar should be mixed with with the use
of cement mortar mix must be lost in the mix before the application of
4 large end.
?4, Tong Shen Ding brick building should be used, the top of the wall
thickness of greater than 1 / 2, whether to use half of the inside
layer of bricks, but the numbers every day, without losing the power
brick over 30% of the number of quality, and the old in the 1 / 2
brick tiles losing end applications.
?5, the tube wall should be used slurry or paste extrusion method
masonry, mortar cracks between the blocks must be filled with plump,
drum modest degree of mortar joint shall be not less than 80%, non-red
slurry of water pouring, Tong Shen Yi internal brick cracks with a
slit, the external flat mortar joint should be included.
?6, the cracks between the blocks, bricks down the lower cylinder
height should be connected to the wrong song girth 1 / 2 brick,
radiation joints should be mixed 1 / 4 brick masonry mortar joint
strict degree vertical bend with the degree of mortar joint thickness
for 10mm, in 5m2 checks under the name of masonry 10, allowing only
five mortar joint thickness of its external deleted a small 5mm.
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