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					My track - the first episode
1, pure music:
01. Lemon Lemon Tree (Piano) - Richard grams to Goldman Richard
Only song is adapted from a popular song, tune light, slightly mean
02. Swept Away (New Age)-Yanni Yanni
Yanni, long-haired Greeks also mustaches, like the ancient
architecture of the Aura by children and grand and boldness of vision,
such as: the Acropolis, the Forbidden City, growth momentum, have been
famous at.
The first is quite modern urban style, television programs often do
background music.
03. Wonderful sounds birds (New Age) - Spiritual person (S.E.N.S.)
Spiritual: Is a music industry in Japan after the following Kitaro the
only world-renowned New age music group.
Wonderful sounds from birds in 1988, making Japan's NHK public
television documentary "Silk Road Series" of the
"Maritime Silk Road." They serve as a full film composer,
arranger and performance of the work of fame. The pump by a deep wood
Akihiko and Yukari Proton electronic keyboard composed of Paradise,
formerly "SENSITIVITY PROJECT" (emotional Planning Office),
established 1984, to allow fans to membership of "Shanghai Silk
Road" soundtrack trilogy ( are "Poseidon",
"Galois", "Waltz of tea"), more deep impression on
them, then changed its name to a "SENSE" (emotional) and
"CENSE" (incense) two senses of "SENS". Their
music is full of color pictures,
They also have "The Forbidden City Trilogy", is the NHK TV
documentary "Forbidden City" by the music, the music superb,
if Williams, music break ups, with the historical narrative of the ups
and downs constantly changing the rhythm, deep percussion sounds as if
the Yongle towards the bell, the solemn Palace glazed tiles covering
the main hall under the hearts of yearning on behalf of the
civilization of their country's magnificent and brilliant.
Soul-stirring notes, like a dream-like magic travel, and as a big epic
film, the magnificent scenery of the ancient dancing flash, vigorous
civilization picture - change into notes to show.
04. The Moon Represents My Heart (saxophone)-Kenny G
Kelly King, rage, clarinet, saxophone performance captured the hearts
of many people.
Representative: home, jasmine, spring ......
This is the first adaptation of familiar songs great, original songs
in the east rhyme with the full expression of Sentiment, a combination
of Western instruments do not have the lyrical charm.
05. Promise (saxophone)
This is a known Korean drama "Hotelier" in the episode.
Soothing, with a touch of sadness that lets heart felt a moment's
06. Sha La La (flute)
Adaptation of a popular song flute concerto. Melodious flute sound,
the mood will be cheerful clear the full show.
07. Forest Story - Oriental Divine Comedy
This is from "The Complete Works of Forest Story." Oasis
song show that picture. Start sand everywhere, one in the barren
desert but there is a lively oasis of plants, animals live the
meantime, the creation of the magical, life's tough in front of music
through the wonderful show vivid images.
Who says that's only for the ears to listen, it is necessary heart
08.We Stay (New Age)-SKY
If you are 80 before you should have the impression this song. Yes, it
was the first We Stay CCTV animal world Pianwei Qu. Very classic, and
China Central Television, "Animal World" theme song Lianyong
a decade. Melody unrestrained, free, to perfect the performance of
animals living freely in nature condition.
This is the first We Stay - selected from the 1992 album (The Arctic
Circle), the band from the UK's SKY. This compilation album was
published in 1992, this time, New Age music is emerging, just entered
the growth stage. Music belongs to range between light music and New
Age Music to explore darker elements. Music in the use of a variety of
musical instruments, a strong blend of natural sound of popular music
style, temperament smooth.
Seem to hold back and feel.
09. Turkish march (Turkey March)
This is a well-known march, cheerful tunes, beautiful.
"My head, my regiment," died in died when Zhuangshennonggui
arraigned Evocation is done with this song background music, the
effect is ...... hey, the monks have come out.
10. Patrol march (American Patrol)
When the Second World War, one U.S. Army soldier named Meacham. He is
passionate about his country, and he is an honorable and proud
American patrols. So he wrote the poem down in history, the famous
"march patrols."
If you've ever played connect television FC (eight games), then still
remember one called "circus" of the classic game? The game's
background music is the adaptation of this piece.
11. Radeski march Redetzky March
"Radeski march" orchestral music, old John? Strauss's most
famous masterpiece, probably the world's most familiar marches, often
as a popular orchestral concerts of the last track. The famous New
Year's Concert in Vienna each year are based on the end of this song
as a song, it has become a tradition. All the person must present a
standing ovation along to the beat, the scene really are spectacular.
This song has a little-known background: the piece is Johann Strauss
the dedicated Radeski general question, but in fact Radeski is a
strong man, who brutally suppressed the neighbors The popular uprising
can be said to be a reactionary warlords. Then, even Strauss, Johann
Strauss I and his son did not perform the first march Yuanzai.
However, "Radeski march" or its popular melody and rhythm
resonate powerfully conquered vast audience, as the march of the most
widely spread.
Japanese film "Wallpaper" for years has used his background
12. March William March of William Hill
"Fall of William" is the great German poet and playwright
Friedrich Schiller's last play a key, this works to the thirteenth
century Swiss farmers to unite against the tyranny of Austria, the
theme of the story, people praise the Swiss fighting foreign
oppression , for the spirit of the heroic struggle for national
independence. Rossini's opera "William Hill retreat," which
is based on the novel was written for Rossini's masterpiece, reflects
its artistic peak. Overture is more drama than the opera itself is
well-known, often the music will be played at one track.
This Prelude is divided into four movements, continuous play, is a
rare sub-movement opera overtures. Poetic first movement, best depicts
the secluded tranquility and natural beauty; second movement is the
description of the storm scene, the sky overcast, thunder and
lightning, reflects a hard and bitter struggle. The third movement is
described after the storm, a fresh pastoral scenery, the Alps after
the storm to restore the original and quiet, was a British play the
beautiful melody of extraordinary pastoral air. The fourth movement,
the horn sounded ensemble, which is one full of light and heat of the
march, generally for the audience favorite. Movement at the beginning
sound of a bugle call march, followed by the theme of the portrait of
the Swiss army; music is full of rare passion and heroic fortitude of
Film "Ashes of Time" Jacky Cheung sang funny song "I
love you" is based on its adaptation, remember?
13. Burkina Colonel march
To see some familiar names, but certainly no stranger to the melody,
which comes from the U.S. film "River Kwai" The Bridge On
The River Kwai. The film was the 1958 30th annual Academy Award for
best film.
1943, dark clouds shrouded the Pacific, the Japanese occupation of
Burma under the border there is a Confederate prisoner of war camp,
the Japanese for strategic needs, Myanmar and Thailand for the Thai
border in the River Kwai, Burma railway bridge construction, prisoner
of war camp battalion commander Colonel Saito ordered all the
prisoners to participate in the bridge project, on behalf of British
prisoners of war, Colonel Nickerson that this violation of the Geneva
Conventions, refusing to execute the command. Confrontation between
the two sides, both for the treatment of disputes, Nickerson has been
locked in closed rooms. Prisoners of war began to slow down
resistance, only concession forced Saito. Major Shields successfully
fled the U.S. military prisoners of war, the British commandos in the
border, the Shields accepted the task of bombing River Kwai, dive site
near the bridges. Nickerson released Major said: all in the
destruction of the war why not do something. Bridge day and night,
then the rate of prisoners of war, three months after the completion
of the bridge. Shields cleverly placed explosives at the bridge pier,
the opening day of a final inspection, Nickerson found the sand bed
under the bridge in the detonating cord, he and Shields have taken
place in the struggle to defend the bridge and Zhaqiao. Japanese
guards opened fire hit the panic in the explosives, River Kwai was
bombed, the Japanese train fell into the river, Nickerson and others
The film adapted from French novelist Pierre? Bohr's novel, is the
famous director David? Lean directed the anti-war film classic. Video
tragic, but the theme music is optimistic, passionate, contrast effect
is more profound impression.
II, Songs:
14. Arabian Night-Sarah Brightman
Sarah Brightman, yes, that is, and Liu Huan cooperation, "I
you" that has a soothing woman.
This is the first choice from her "Arabian Nights Harem"
album, with strong Arab flavor, rhythms, is a vocal and popular
perfect combination.
15. The Last Of Waltz The Last Waltz-Engelbert Humperdinck
From the film "The Last Waltz."
In the ease of the waltz song in a peaceful and harmonious feelings
brewing in the rotation. Gentle walking for the people especially
vulnerable to waltz with Qingwu flying feeling. Life is also a waltz,
not a moment of dance is complete duplication, but the melody is
always a reminder of time passing, time will eventually come to an end
come. Arms still in the sweltering, fragrance still, Iraqis already
difficult to find nowhere.
Song "The Last Waltz" show the life of helplessness and
emotional flow. Turbulent emotions into a beautiful joy in the
cleared, the more joy after the passage of time will be even more
gloomy mood. Young and experienced changes have had an unforgettable
collective life of people have had similar experiences. Seems relaxed,
happy, simple life in the final rotation waltz still Qingyang lightly,
always heavy, after the joy of life is short.
Sometimes the more melodious, soft music to bring people the more
memorable and enlightening.
16. Promise Don't Come Easy
Girls sing sentimental repent after the unfortunate loss.
Commitment is not easy, "This situation only to be into nostalgia
but was already casting haze of confusion."
This song has been used several times by the Hong Kong drama series.
17. I Just Called To Say I Love You-Stevie Wonder
Song for the movie "Red Girl."
The old "Three Character Classic", can be described as
longitudinal ancient and modern, world-renowned - I Love You. How to
say love to export it? Shy and timid technology to provide a good tool
- Tel. May face say that words are recognized as problems at all
times, the number of people wandering in the tree-lined path it, and
how much people it looked in the mirror in the bathroom to practice
hard to sleep again, the leaves have jumped practice floor, becomes
Telephone v. Passions, like you can feel the share of good faith.
Also worth mentioning the song's singer: Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder.
Born in 1950, when birth is totally blind. But God gave him
compensatory excellent musicality and creative talent. 12-year-old
record company, he was exploring the introduction of records, shocked
the American singer, known as black music prodigy. 70 years he entered
the creation of gold on the album is extremely popular, "Talking
Book", "Innervision" was selected later in the history
of pop music's 100 most important albums. Now, he is a master of
18.Nothing 's Gonna Stop Us Now-Starship
"There is no stop" one selected from the film "the
Millennium infatuation." Song is a rhythmic, slightly hoarse
voice, rock magnetism and rock songs. The lyrics describe the
self-confidence and courage to love and rock characteristics of a
strong rapport. Music style is hard rock pure and simple, but actually
is a female lead singer, is more surprising is that the tougher still
full, so even more loud and strong. Is very pleasant and impressive.
Film the story of a shepherdess was brought to an enchanted wood
necklace and into the cold to wait for the millennium model, waiting
for the prince to come rescue. Stories of old, interesting plot but
the characters beautiful, particularly the beautiful shepherdess.
After years of seeing her in the drama film "counterfeit Dad Big
Dad", the role of small, fleeting, time has a beautiful luster
has vanished.
Really "faces of the people do not know where to go, Love and be
loved" Here!
19.Moonlight Lady-Julio Iglesias
Julio by Gelaiyasi is the one singing on the eyes closed and
narcissistic to not do the old Latin singer. Been to China, want to
smash hit year old when he was a handsome guy, is now served its
purpose and its long.
20.Because You Loved Me-Celine Dion
From a song called "close to the Up Close & Personal"
movies. Celine Dion's voice resounding, affectionate, in particular,
is very touching lyrics. Deep feelings of people, support and cherish
each other, without each other will not to support their success, and
the film's story is very appropriate.
Film tells of a woman unhappy with their lives in accidental
circumstances a job in television. At first, she was a lousy always
full of mistakes, and her efforts to attract a television hero's
attention, she was a strong personality, sincere, open-minded attitude
impressed hero. Under the tireless in her efforts, she finally
dispensable posts from a small staff to become a real host, their
relationship because of close cooperation. An interview with her to
prison, suffered riots, in extremely critical cases, headphones and
microphone hero through encouragement, guidance she finally escaped.
They trust each other, through various tests to get married, get news
actress award in the day, to accept the award live via television and
telephone in an interview with her husband in South Africa call, may
at this point the local riots in Africa, her husband shot died of
grief after the shootout ...... the former actress to return to post
again, she felt her husband has not left her since before her
husband's support and love for all her accomplishments, she will have
to brave all continue ......

B: Chinese
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