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					                         Recipient Reporting Question and Answers

1.    A BAN is a bond anticipation note that in the state of Michigan
can be issued prior to bond closing for up to only 50% of the project.
It is normally only use to pay the consulting engineer for PER and
Design and other preliminary costs like obtaining easements or land,
legal work etc. I had seen a question that Jim indicated we have to
report interim financing of the project construction. In this case we
are not under construction. Please explain how we tell the borrower the
correct way to report this when we actually draw down and disburse the
money after closing to the BAN holder. If we have showed money spent on
the fees paid with the Ban and then the actual BAN payoff it does
appear it will be counted twice.

Any money spent or reimbursed is to be reported as spend. Interim interest will be
reported when paid.

2. What, if any is the time lag between a recipient uploading their ARRA
report and the availability for us to check the data?

Information is suppose to update immediately. We can view after the

3. Is there any issues with de-obligating an ARRA loan/grant during the
reporting period?
No this information should be picked up by the system. Recovery.gov
will not change but the reporting requirement will go away.

4.     Can the Award number be modified during the period between the
       11th and 20th day agency “View only” period.

Currently, the only way to change the award number is to deactivate the
report and resubmit a new report. A change to allow award number
changes is in the works to be released soon.

5.     Failure of Federal Reporting Help Desk to resolve issues. We
are taking calls from recipients that are not getting their technical
answers resolved with the Help Desk. As a result, we are calling the
Help Desk which is only adding to the number of calls being fielded by
the Help Desk.

Use Live chat, that is the best option.

6.    Specific formatting requirements of the excel spreadsheet. The
sensitivity of the formatting is causing some recipients problems when
they go to upload the spreadsheet. For example, G must be capitalized
in Grants.

Be sure to use the validation drop down menus, that will correct any
typing errors or not capitalizing somewhere.
7.    Problems with the FRPIN. Several recipients have completed the
registration process successfully but have not received their FRPIN.
Others have received their FRPIN but it does not work. Prime has lost
FRPIN and has not completed in phase I. What needs to be done to
recover FRPIN and move forward with reporting in phase II?

Be sure they checked “Public Option” on the CCR registration, be sure
to check accuracy of information

8.    What do we do if a recipient entity submitted their report as a
sub-recipient instead of prime recipient? Do they need to delete that
report and submit another or just edit that report to reflect prime

Deactivate the report and resubmit as Prime.

9.    Is there a report out there to verify the CF borrowers reported
timely or if they need to be contacted?

CF sent out report last week

10.   What is the field office suppose to do in reviewing the reports
that arte submitted?

Between the 11th and the 21st, we are just in view mode. They should be
looking to see that an initial or final submission is done and that a
final report is in by the 21st. The 22nd to the 29th we will be able to
make comments and the reports will be marked as: viewed-no comments,
not viewed or viewed with comments.

11.   When reporting for a loan and grant combo, how should the jobs be
prorated between the loan and grant? For example, initial reports for
a loan and grant combo show job retention for engineers. Should the
total jobs retained be reported under both the loan and grant, should
they be prorated, or should they initially be reported on the loan
report only since the loan funds are expended first?

Separate reports, one for loan and one for grants. Only deal with RD
ARRA money, rest of money is invisible. Jobs are calculated on money

12.     When reporting for a loan and grant combo, are sub awards and
vendor payments reported on the loan report only until such time that
the loan amount is fully expended, and then reported on the grant

Yes, and only the ARRA money from RD
13.    The following statement appeared on the Federalreporting.gov
website yesterday:

Late Reporting. Section 1512 of the American Recovery and
Accountability Act of 2009 requires recipients of Recovery contracts,
grants, and loans to submit reports on funds received no later than 10
days after the end of each calendar quarter. FederalReporting.gov
serves as the official government website for recipient reporting. The
first reporting period ends on Oct. 10, 2009, at midnight Pacific
Standard Time (PST). Since this is the first time that recipients are
submitting data reports and some states are encountering technical
challenges in filing bulk reports for their recipients,
FederalReporting.gov will remain open for reporting until Oct. 20.
During this 10-day grace period, late filers may submit their required
quarterly report. However, they must explain their reasons for delayed
reporting, and they will be later identified on Recovery.gov. as late

Our recipients are not mincing words when they explain why they are
reporting late, but some have been concerned with the last half of the
last sentence, and so am I - what are ramifications of being
"identified as late filers"?   Given the extreme difficulty of the
entire process during the last 2 weeks, even if the only "penalty" is
being "identified as late filers", is extremely unjust.

We agree, our responsibility is to assist our borrowers in completing
timely reports.

14.     Will there be here will be a better way to sort reports to find
our borrowers as this process goes on?

Hope so, many ways to sort, the % sign is the wild character, such as
%MN will sort all in MN

15.    Will the "password reset" function in federalreporting.gov be
"fixed"? When recipients attempt to reset password using their
security questions,   they are sometimes given security questions they
never chose to answer, and when they do get security questions they
answered, are told by system their answers are wrong. (Help desk DOES
reset passwords, too, and presumably the wait won't continue to be so

Use on line chat

16.   When do the reports upload, overnight or instantly?

Instantly, may take a couple of hours to get e-mail.   Agency cannot
validate at this time.

17.   Question on why when completing CCR report did they have to put
account number and routing number? I advised that they need to put in
to complete CCR even though we did not expect to need.

This is part of CCR Process
18.   Question as to whether get data from GLS that can get from CPAP.
Told them that CPAP was an in house program and GLS was contracted out
to build and thus able to make changes in CPAP quicker and easier.
GLS may have some capabilities later but I did not expect it to do what
can do in CPAP for the reports.

Sorry, need to work with CF or RBS for GLS.

19.   Our recipients have been e-mailed they have uploaded
successfully, but the N/O report states they have not. What do we do,
if anything?

First, check the DUNNS number as that is the key. It is not always the
same DUNNS # that we have or that they registered with.

20.   What if the borrower cannot/does not successfully report? This
may be due to unforeseen problems, i.e. DUNS# issues, CCR issues or
they just haven't done it. What then? Is there anything we need to do
or must do?

More Department wide guidance will be coming regarding any Adverse
action. We will still want to do what we can to help borrower meet the

21.   On the spreadsheet, field B56 is for a description
of "Infrastructure Purpose and Rationale" and once the text is added
and you click out of the box, the text is replaced with consecutive #
signs across the page. When one of my borrowers (WEP borrower) was
trying to upload the form, she repeatedly got an error message through
the validation process, and finally had to remove the text in field
B56. Once B56 was empty, she did not receive any more error
messages. Is this field going to be corrected?

Infrastructure Purpose and Rationale is now expanded.

22.   If engineering design is in process, and a pay request has not
been submitted yet for design, does this count for jobs creation?

Jobs created is based on Money Expended.

23.   We have a project - the Village of Sandoval. The village
recently changed Mayors and the new Mayor is currently not agreeable to
the current project or funding. If the Mayor refuses to do the
reporting and eventually decides to decline the funding, what should be
do in the meantime? Just leave FederalReporting.gov alone while we are
awaiting his response?

Reports are due. It may get taken away due to non-reporting.
24.   When trying to determine which NAICS code to input, the recipient
doesn't know their code. When they click on NAICS codes it brings up a
"150 page list of codes" according to one recipient. (I don't know if
this is exaggerated, but I think it is many codes to say the least.)
Unfortunately, there is no search feature. If a recipient doesn't know
their NAICS code they have to read thru voluminous amount of codes and
descriptions to try to find one that matches.

USDA should provide them the NAICS code

25.   One comment from a recipient that received multiple WEP
loans/grants for a large infrastructure project was that when she
validated her reports she received an error report and through a
process of elimination she determined that the reports with Vendor
lists validated only when a payment has been made. Those reports that
listed Vendor which had been awarded contracts but no payment advance
were considered report errors. Her initial understanding was that all
Vendors that had been "awarded" contracts should be listed and not just
those that had been "awarded" AND received payments.

Is is on the amount paid (expended), $25,000 or more must report.

26. In CCR, there were numerous challenges when recipients tried to
enter their zip code. Even when they called the Post Office and got the
exact code, it would not be accepted to be input. Will there be a

CCR will not validated, they still need the zip code.

27,   It relates to how we will efficiently sort and search for
recipients. Until I hear otherwise, I am thinking we'd use the DUNS.

Many ways to sort, Duns # is one.

28.   Are ARRA recipients also required to report on "other" funds that
would be included in the same project? For example, we have projects
that include ARRA, RD regular funds, and funds from other agencies all
within the same project.

Only report on our ARRA funds, all other funds are invisible. If using ARRA money from
another source, they will report for the other agency.

29.   If they (the system) obtained a new DUNS number and used it in
the registration process - can we implement which sounds too simple and
simply "fix" things by using their new DUNS number in our CPAP and
obligation process. However, what effect will this have on our
obligation and related actions? Can this be done.

We were one of the states that shows "loan/grant not showing up by DUNS
# for registration and there is no report filed for this entity using
DUNS # _________. "

You can change the Duns number in CPAP.
30.     What should we be reviewing during our review period?

You are looking at info input by the recipient and looking at material
omissions or errors. Three phases: Phase 1 is 1st to 11th each month
and is when recipient completes the report. Phase 2 is the 11th to the
21st and we can only view the info. Phase 3 is the agency can review
and comment.    Will have 3 statements: Not reviewed (will be locked),
Reviewed w/ no comments (locked) and then Reviewed w/comments. Once
you review and make comments, it is unlocked and e-mail goes to the
recipient to correct and you will need to re-look at the project, which
will lock it again.

31.     Reporting on jobs, please clarify?

Jobs are reported by the recipient based on actual hours worked and
money expended (NOT obligated), and is cumulative. Recipient does not
use a “factor” like we did on the LAPAS notices.

32.     Report Requirements, please clarify?

Report is at the award level and if less than $25,000 no report is
required. $25,000 and over must report. If you had a $20,000 loan and
a $15,000 grant, no report is required because this is two separate

Other tidbits:

*    In ccr.gov registration, you need to have more than one contact
and email address. The federalreporting.gov site asks the OTHER
contact for permission to issue an FRPIN, and if you have only one
contact, that can't happen.    AND, if your community has only one
email address and shares that address, you will have to use one of your
contact persons' private email address in their contact information, or
use your engineer as one of your contacts so you'll have that second
email address.

*    possibly the strangest tidbit - - if you get the message at
federalreporting.gov saying "selected award type does not match award
type in file submitted" go into your spreadsheet and capitalize the
first letter of the "Loan" or "Grant" block. We do NOT know if this
was the hang up, but after that change was made, validation and
submission were successful!

*    If you did not check the "yes" box in CCR.gov when it asks if you
want your information to be public, it will most likely block your
emails, which will keep you from acquiring an FRPIN to use at
Federalreporting.gov to upload your reports.

*    If you have been unable to acquire an FRPIN, try the "live chat"
link available after you log onto the Federalreporting.gov site. You
do have to be logged in to that site to use the live chat. That seems
to be a quicker way to the help desk than the telephone. My advice - -
call the help desk, and while you are on hold with them, try the live
*    Help desk phone is 877-508-7386.   wait time around 3:00 is about
an hour. Early in the morning, before the West Coast starts trying to
call too, wait times will be considerably less. (sorry this isn't
getting to you in time for this hint to be helpful today!!)

*    One user was unable to get a password reset at
federalreporting.gov yesterday afternoon, but was successful this
morning. so again my advice is to call the help desk, and while you
are on hold with them, try password reset again, and/or the live chat.
The help desk told me they WILL do password resets.