My favorite investment books

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					My favorite investment books
"Stock King of the Road"
Ten years ago I read the first book on Buffett book. Although a little
messy, but it has basically all of the theory contains the essence of
"Buffett's investment strategy of the book"
A comprehensive analysis of the nature of Buffett's theory is more
than a dozen of the Buffett books I read the best one.
Skedegard / compile Kyushu Press
"Peter Lynch's successful investment"
Another temple of the history of investment grade book character Peter
Lynch's investment strategy.
Peter Lynch / John. Rosser Rothschild's book translated Liu spaces Xu
"Unit Investment Shi Fengyun words: turbulent time, look at my
own clean"
Historical encyclopedia of human investment, investment in the vivid
reproduction of historical facts, and a comprehensive historical
Competition Trilogy "competitive strategy",
"competitive advantage", "Competitive Advantage of
Michael Potter book Huaxia Publishing House
Strategic management of the classics, Potter's "competition
trilogy" strategy of enterprises related to internal and external
competitive environment, from the cost of internal activities,
external structure, various levels of local industry clusters to
conduct a comprehensive in-depth anatomy, including innovative theory
including the five forces of competition, three basic strategies, and
value chain analysis frameworks. Michael Porter is a master of the
world's strategic research areas, almost become synonymous with
competitive advantage.
"Really rules the stock market"
[U.S.] ÅÁÌضà¶ûÎ÷ the Secretary Fu Jing translation with Citic Press
Professional, comprehensive, practical, very practical guide is the
rare books.
This book is mainly about the worth of the company's stock valuation
and investment strategies, etc, will help investors to select the
right stocks, find a good company to understand the driving forces
behind different industries. In this book, investors will learn: how
to dig deep to find hidden financial statements of the gold and traps;
how to find good companies with competitive edge; how to verify
whether a company's management team is qualified; how to find possible
Portfolio warning signal to cause significant losses; how to use the
appropriate valuation rules to improve investment performance; how to