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???As one saying goes - "you do not fiscal, financial ignore
you," but there is a financial management skills. I mentioned in
the book, "As long as you learn financial management, not the
boss can make a fortune! Is not building houses, do not buy a house to
live, but can be renters, buying a house to sell; do not buy life
insurance; do not rely on food to save money to the bank interest, the
money to invest as much as possible. " In fact, many people are
aware of investment most likely to make money, but the finance and
investment capital come from? To invest first, "there is capital
available to vote", to finance the first to "have money
management." So how do you "have information to vote, a
money management" mean?
???1, to learn as much as possible to give all his "dead
money" to "live money";
???As far as possible the "dead money" to "live
money" approach, that is, as far as possible before they have
enough money, especially before the age of 35, do not build a house or
buy a house to live, ǧÍò²»ÒªÂò life insurance, do Do not go for marketing
(MLM as long as things like whether it is now called "What
sales" are not going to be), do not spend money.
???1), why not build a house or buy a house too early to live in?
????A, because you are not successful in the business before you are
the seed of every penny, or "mother hen", you put the seed
or the "mother hen" too early to eat how will the future
harvest or "egg" it? If you are a trustworthy person, your
money will be used to zoom. This means that if you have much cash, you
can borrow to how much money; if you do not have the money or because
there are liability issues the house, then you advance the
"credit", a overdraft "credit" were almost is
unable to borrow. If you do not have the capital, even the best
investment you will be missed.
???B, without a sufficient capital for investors, it is definitely
"buy a house to live" rather than "renters" and,
of course, "buy a house to sell," belongs to another
(investment behavior are not consumer behavior.)
???It is said that "any one subject, if, when successfully
applied mathematics to become a science." So, to make the
investment in science, we must apply mathematics, every dollar used to
be taken into account when the interest costs and opportunity costs.
???Today's world, most investors feel the capital shortage, the
Chamber's richest man Li Ka-shing is no exception, so the Li Ka-shing
also often go to the bank to borrow money. Chinese folk on the current
interest rate financing 6 ¡ë - 30 ¡ë among the most common monthly rate
for the financing of about 10 ¡ë, which is often said that monthly
interest rate of one point.
???If you are a shortage of capital investors, the financing of your
monthly interest rate is 10 ¡ë, assuming you buy a set in Beijing, the
city of 50 square meters of housing, with the total cost of the
general renovation of 50 million. 10 ¡ë 50 million monthly interest
rate calculated by the interest of 5,000 yuan a month, and you rent in
Beijing, a total of 50 million cost of housing, the rent should be
around 1,200 yuan, you can save renters 3800 yuan / month in interest.
There is such a good thing, why did you buy a house to live in? And
for an investor, he's lost far more than these, you may bought a house
and lost a golden opportunity to make a fortune. Unfortunately, the
vast majority of people who will not finance, he can only see your
rent, but do not see the interest is more expensive, but do not see
the huge loss of investment opportunity cost.
???I once had a student come to me to borrow money at 10 years ago, I
asked him to borrow money for? He said the past few years and a friend
in Guangzhou the same village wage earned 100,000 yuan per person
money, wants to build a house in his hometown, leaving a shortfall of
20,000 yuan per person budget, his friend has borrowed to see if I can
can not help him. I asked him a few questions: 1 Why are you building?
2, Do you like building a house but prefer to make a fortune? He said
their house is now a broken home, parents have been unable to afford
to live in that house was. But who does not like rich it?
???So I went to visit his home, did not think that place really good,
except that they both work out of other people use the money to build
a big house, and each floor is empty at least useless, but therefore
every household debt. I advised him not to build both a house, it is
better to deposit the money to me to wait for better investment
opportunities, as their parents free of charge from the charge of my
arrangements for the best in the village to their homes, I can also
give each person them 500 yuan / month in interest, as the money as
long as 48 hours notice can be removed at any time. Just take away
money and then take them to their 100 yuan / month in rent (and later
I spent 100 yuan / month rent in the village to give him a layer of
more than 200 square meters of the best house.) Of any investment
opportunity I am also responsible for staff free of charge.
???Repeatedly by my persuasion, he accepted my proposal to deposit 10
million into my hand, his parents moved into a new building, and he
also received 500 yuan / month in interest. But his friends just would
not listen to persuasion, finally, by a 2 million yuan to build a new
house. Six months later, because they both worked in the unit have
results, the boss gave them the opportunity to become shareholders.
There the students took away my 10 yuan to me, also the relatives and
friends of money borrowed 10 million shares, while his friend was
building the house was in debt, there is simply not borrow money, and
shares the opportunity to missed. After 10 years, I have thousands of
students became the owner of assets, and his friends who are still
working, only get 8,000 yuan monthly salary.
???So I say, the chance of life as "thieves" as to when the
silent, you caught on the catch, you did not catch no catch, but it's
time for you to regret!
????C, another to buy a house early harm is a waste of time, which is
in Beijing and other big cities in particular. In Beijing there are at
least half of the working class, to work from their home units at an
average of 1.5 hour drive back and forth on the road this time of the
day is 3 hours. An effective working hours a day about 10 hours, but
spent three hours on the road, this is how big waste. A waste of 3
hours a day is equivalent to 30% waste of life, that the man he lived
to 100 years old people live only about 70 years old, lived to the age
of 70 is equivalent to 49-year-old people live. What a pity ah!
???D, a man too early to buy a house to live he is not just the loss
of current investment opportunities and life, and most of his future
investment opportunities and good jobs will lose out. Because of his
several hours every day bumps in the road, get home just to sleep, how
have the energy to enhance learning to improve yourself? How have the
energy to find better employment and investment opportunities?
???Of course, I want you not to hurry to buy a house to live does not
mean you do not live the house, and I just want to tell you the lowest
price for a house to live it the most satisfying. Renters can not only
give you as much capital to start, you can also rent the house you
always leave your place of work in 20 minutes or less. When you change
place of work can also result in changes place of residence, the house
will always be your slave follow you, not your slave for the house so
that you become exhausted. If more and more people choose to live
nearby to save time, the Beijing traffic jam problem will be solved.
???Last year, Beijing has a family, a family of three is only 1300
yuan / month income, but because of the demolition has been a value of
50 million homes (the house the local rent of 1,200 yuan / month), a
known 500,000 yuan assets of people who have lived through the days
not. Later, I gave him a golden idea to him not concerned about
"ownership", as long as the concern "the right to
use" and "usufruct." Later, he accepted my proposal to
sell 50 million price of the house and then bought a 49 large street
facade million. Although the facade is only more than 10 square feet,
and the shape is irregular, many people look like much, but I told him
as long as the concern about "usufruct." Cosmetic result, he
bought 4,000 yuan a month to rent. Then the original 1,200 yuan in
housing next door, rented a house with him exactly the same as the
original house to live. Such a change, so that he did not lower the
standard of housing under the premise of income has increased by 2,800
yuan / month, from leading a good life.
???2) Why can not people who want to invest in life insurance to buy
????I suggest that people who do not want to invest in buying life
insurance, is not no one to buy. For only the money in the bank can
foresee people or to their own within a decade there must be a very
unfortunate thing to happen people can still buy.
???Why do I suggest that "want to invest in the people" must
not buy life insurance it? Insurance is not a guarantee because they
have bought you "do not escape from danger", and still say
you "out of danger" after what the insurance company
compensate you. So buy a life insurance is not an
"insurance", it is still an "economic issue", if
you have a better way to get higher returns than insurance claims, do
you think still want to buy insurance?
???Take China Life Insurance Company launched a "Corning Life
Insurance" for a 20-year-old men like to pay 97,800 yuan one-time
premium (in order to facilitate the calculation, I chose like to pay),
regardless of death for any reason at any time can be 30 million
guaranteed. For a person who does not finance, good cost-effective ah!
But for a person who will finance it suffered a major loss. Because
people buy this insurance at any time for any reason, regardless of
the deceased, get the greatest return coefficient is 300000/97800 =
3.0675, if the annual investment return rate of 12% to calculate it,
that is (1 +12%) n = 3.0675, the n ¡Ö 9.9 years, that is, 29.9 years
old when he died just buy insurance equal to not buy insurance, picked
up one day per premature death around 56 dollars cheaper ¡¾(-97,800 per
300,000 yuan compensation insurance) Yuan ¡Â 3613 Ìì it, but if the
night is not dead just one day get 56 yuan a loss. Can be found by
calculation, if the age of 40 will live to a certain loss of 640,000
yuan ¡¾97,800 yuan premium ¡Á 9.65 (20 years of compounding factor) -300
000 = 643 770¡¿, if you live to the age of 50 will be loss of 2.63
million yuan ¡¾97800 ¡Á 29.96 (30 years of compounding factor) -300,000
= 2,630,088 yuan¡¿, if you live to the age of 60 will be loss of 8.8
million yuan ¡¾97800 ¡Á 93.05 (40 years of compounding factor) -300,000
= 8,800,290 yuan¡¿, I will not forget the back, because The more
considered the more scary. Perhaps you will say, who have 12% annual
rate of return? Then I want to tell you that the average interest rate
of private lending in China is so much, and those who borrow money to
pay interest after these can also be profitable. Also, if you think
that get 12% rate of return is not guaranteed, I'll tell you a
guaranteed rate of return, that annual return was 7.2%. If the
investment of 7.2% annual rate of return to calculate it, that is (1
+7.2%) n = 3.0675, the n ¡Ö 16.2 years, that is, when he died in the
36-year-old insurance just do not buy insurance equal to the average
Every day can be picked up early death cheap ¡¾about 34 yuan
(300000-97800) yuan ¡Â 5913 Ìì it, but if the age of 40 will live to a
certain loss of 930 million yuan ¡¾97800 ¡Á 4.02 (20 years of
compounding factor) -300,000 = 93,156 yuan ¡¿, if you live to the age
of 50 will be loss of 480,000 yuan ¡¾97800 ¡Á 8.05 (30 years of
compounding factor) -300,000 = 487,290 yuan¡¿, if you live to the age
of 60 will be loss of 1.28 million yuan ¡¾97800 ¡Á 16.14 (40 years of
compound interest factor ) -300,000 = 1,278,492 yuan¡¿.
???Maybe somebody will say, I do not want 12% annual rate of return of
7.2% for as long as I am satisfied, where there is such a safe and
sound investment opportunity? I've got a, you also have the vast
majority of people around such investment opportunities. Who are
interested can find me at any time, like to try it?
???Fifteen years ago I began to study in the insurance, then watched a
program about The Merchant of Venice offered the story of an insurance
company. He is said to know that through years of investigation, each
merchant sailing dangerous condition of the wreck about 5%
probability, so he opened an insurance company, the premium rate of
10% of the total value of merchant ships. His booming insurance
business together soon. Although it is known as shipowners navigation
profits are high, but the risk is also great, once the boat will go
bankrupt. And if you buy the kind of insurance, once shipwrecked on
the claim the insurance money, if not sinking, and he only 10% earn
less profit.
???5 years later, some 100 merchant ships the boss finds out that he
did a very foolish thing - 5 years he gave himself a year to buy the
insurance of all merchant ships. His foolish is that a person he has
100 merchant ships, each year the number of wrecks (shipwrecks
dangerous condition of the probability of about 5%) are between 4-6
ships, and now spend each year buying insurance is 10 ship money, buy
insurance do not buy insurance even more than the expenditure of 6-4
boats too! In fact, this is because the owners of merchant ships have
been enough, and he has enough to own their own insurance.

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