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					Misunderstanding of insurance
This is an interview with Professor Hao Yansu article, China is now
the common people for the error analysis of insurance is in place, it
is worth us all thinking together, learning together, very helpful.
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????Professor Hao Yansu: Dean of the Central University of Finance and
Insurance, The Insurance Institute for Asia and the Pacific region
executive director. Teaching and research in insurance for nearly 20
years, more than 300 published articles in the papers at home and
abroad. Editor, involved in the editorial as teaching materials, books
of 60 academic books, received the award over a hundred items.

Surface booming life insurance market in China, especially hot this
year, investment-linked insurance market, in fact, a lot of hidden
systemic risk and individuals to purchase errors, and we made a
special trip interview with the Central University of Finance and
Professor Su Hao speech.

"Money by": Well, insurance products, China's most prominent
feature of the market or defects where?

Su Hao speech: According to the announcement of the CIRC, the product
which, because of all life insurance products, insurance products, the
protection of the subject is very simple, nothing more than men,
women, elderly and children, so many products, there is no need?
Therefore, we choose to buy life insurance products is very confusing
and difficult. Make a example, like the 2005 pharmaceutical market in
China, one year actually approved a more than thirteen thousand new
drugs approved by the United States an average of one year is listed
dozens of new drugs. And this million over three thousand kinds of
drugs, is that the packaging for a small package, change to a new
batch number on the packaging and the market. People buy medicine for

Largest insurance errors: all buy investment-linked insurance
"Money by": What is the insurance protection? Or investment

Su Hao speech: China's insurance industry recover from the insurance
industry began in 1979, I, as had the first batch of experts, from
1983 professor at the university began the insurance program. However,
from 1979 to the present, nearly 30 years later, the development of
China's insurance industry is booming back, but it is the insurance
industry technical standards has dropped significantly.

Let me give a simple example, our international trade growth every
year, but China's marine premium income international insurance
business 10 years ago has dropped to 1 / 4. Most of China's property
insurance market share of auto insurance, accounting for 70%. Auto
insurance need not consider the assessment of risk units, while the
real technical content of the foreign large-scale projects, the rate
is low for. Foreign insurance in Shanghai, Guangzhou market, product
liability insurance premium income accounted for more than 60% of
total revenue.

Come back to say China's life insurance market, last week I went to
the China World Hotel opened a will, there is a leadership speech, I
think sharply: China's life insurance products have begun to move
towards a low point, many products look very prosperous, but no
security function a large number of insurance are financial products.
China's insurance industry will in future go?

"Money by": China's insurance market situation, what is how

Hao Yansu: This problem is very complicated. The one hand,
market-oriented enterprises have to present a global scale, many life
insurance companies are the same, have begun to do this kind of
financial products. Because of the rapid expansion of financial
products to premium volume, the company can quickly gain access to
capital markets. But must not forget the fundamental, if the school do
a lot of adult education to the neglect of formal academic education,
then the schools have a problem.

At present the industry in the state of the impetuous, as long as
access to benefits, other considerations very much. In this context, I
think the Chinese market in the development of which must go through a
process, which involves industry, regulatory agencies, including the
enterprise should have a clear understanding of - Insurance in the end
what to do? Security-based, or in the main financial management?

"Money by": In 2007, the investment-linked insurance as a
symbol of the data type of the insurance market is very hot, buyers
are very active, can say this: an expression of Insurance Mistakes
investment-linked insurance is particularly keen to buy.

Hao Yansu: investment-linked insurance product itself is not wrong.
There will be a market for consumer choice, depending on the industry
in efforts to promote this product on the market. Market effects, the
key is to understand how to tell the consumer products, in particular,
not even there to vote in 2002, storm that problem.

Investment-linked insurance crisis in 2002 is mainly due to:
investment-linked insurance salesman should not be sold to
investment-linked insurance policies should not people buy
investment-linked insurance. If the salesman's customers do not buy
stocks face, do not buy funds, and financial experts you talk to him,
it is trouble.

Investment-linked insurance products should be positioned in the high
income class, or have a good understanding of capital markets groups.
From the current investment-linked insurance sales to observe, in
fact, doing better now that foreign insurance companies - they are not
large in scale, but customer orientation is very accurate.

A market, product diversification is not wrong, afraid of rushing,
afraid of indiscriminate white blind purchase. If the rural areas,
including store brand products are created, then the brand will
quickly comes to an end almost. Therefore, investment-linked insurance
product sales and promotion, must be careful, first look at the
industry can grasp; followed depends on the marketing staff training
can not be in place.

Hao Yansu teach you buy insurance

Buy insurance is to buy protection

We chose the insurance company is to select the insurance product, if
you choose financial products, you can buy funds, bonds, stocks and so
on. Of course, the insurance company will have financial capabilities
of many products, there are dividends or investment the words, but
"mainly insurance, finance and investment, supplemented by"
it is our choice of insurance products in the process of rational
thinking can not be putting the cart before the point.

In many cases, insurance does not help people get rich, but it allows
us to have been the interests of preservation. Insurance products for
the consumer to have a correct understanding of accident compensation
for granted, there is no accident that our compensation insurance to
help people that need that solidarity within the whole society not
only reflects the people's responsibility, but important symbol of a
harmonious society.

Do not like to pay premium pay on

Many more than one year of personal insurance products can choose to
pay the premium or the like on the way to pay insurance premiums.
Under normal circumstances, long-term life insurance products in the
state of delivery, is to ensure the early and later converted into
financial management. If you pay the first premium, the highest
occurrence of insurance you can get the full insured amount of the
compensation; if the insurance contract period without incident, the
period will be forced to pay the premium savings in the insurance
contract expires or the pension provided from the time and enjoy the
amount of insurance benefits.

Long-term insurance and housing loan installments completely different
in nature, do not take early repayment in advance to settle the
premium. As long as the first premium paid, and after a specified time
after another to pay the premium, insurance protection will not be
interrupted, thus achieving the most economic and financial actuarial
science of self-planning.

Liability insurance to "full" incremental

Responsibility in road traffic, despite strong cross-compulsory
insurance insurance, car owners should purchase a business or motor
vehicle third party liability insurance. As the amount of insurance to
pay compulsory insurance is limited, in the event of an accident,
there must be other great complementary approaches. Of course, there
is a greater probability of accidents is low, but who can not rule out
the chance occurrence of uncertain events, so at least 20 million
increase in the amount of insurance third party liability insurance is
necessary. For business meals, entertainment and service industries in
the individual, the uncertainty of events in order to prevent the
public interest for the loss caused by the civil damages liability,
should choose to purchase premises liability insurance and employer's
liability insurance.

Also note that the long-term insurance does not easily surrender to
select the insurance companies not to ignore a simple price comparison
service for the distribution of their understanding, choose
high-quality induction certificate insurance salesman and other
issues. In short, our understanding of positioning for the insurance
essential in life as a high degree of responsibility: for love of
family, we choose life insurance, leaving their families to avoid the
accident because the accident seriously affected the economic life;
because the love the community, the responsibility we have chosen
insurance, leaving others to avoid accidental negligence causing
serious damage to economic interests.
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