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????Mutual assistance in the form of the constitution to tabloid
circulated among the staff, the staff were "excited" mood is
not to small to describe. Is a good thing to do a black and blue in
the form of controversy, a little inflammation, a little smell.
???Engage in high threshold for Mutual Aid Association, in good faith
the sale of the label affixed discount, but also put the fight moved
off. Would want to pay, is the reason, but it depends on the
???Conversations with colleagues, I heard a lot of complaining about
the sound, many of these complaints: the treatment has been low;
listed postponed again and again (some people is thinking, and their
listing does not seem anything to do, even if wages rose , can only
mean relative flat and society); movement is too large; foreign monks
chanting better (some after the recruits seem to get more benefits
than older workers); office supplies limited (this is a lot of people
speechless) ; annual leave fewer; as technical personnel can not
transfer off; marriage only three days and so on.
????This all led to conflicts brewing in the form of the square,
because most of the policy is to suppress the small number of
non-performing staff, crack down on those most active employees. The
attitude and mentality of people is proportional to the strength, not
the strength of the attitude is gone, the pursuit of high-profile is
everyone wants to do, so care benefits is inevitable. Company's
current environment it is placed for most workers can not afford to
posture a long time, a sense of belonging, a sense of accomplishment,
hopes and dreams will disappear, so more and more people go. A
colleague said, everything basically The reason is that low long-term
treatment, the staff has been suppressed, talk on the, looking
forward, disappointed with this need to invest to get people to think
and do not care just as bad. with a conflict to resolve other
conflicts It is also not a clever means. Staff face great
difficulties, the company provides little help appears to be the
existence of humane care. The lack of a sense of belonging in
employees, the company is not clear when the attitude to the
establishment of the threshold will be set up as mutual aid is
????Nothing more than the struggle around the interests of workers
want better pay, opportunities and environment, the company in
considering the development of the company; people wait too long, the
company has not yet been prepared. So people complain, the company can
continue to work hard, but neglected for some time the voice of the
employees. Mutual Aid Association was inappropriate at this time
should be mentioned, with a highly controversial way! Leadership is
well-intentioned, is to make everyone's life more assurance, but not
Mozhun company atmosphere, do not know what this role may act as a
fuse, so that employees already have the opportunity to vent their
dissatisfaction. Very sympathetic to the company, but also very
considerate around staff, can only say that mutual aid will be held to
resolve the conflicts could not find an entry point, so did the burden
of carrying the balance of a deviation from the same balance point.

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