Mark Stoermann

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					                          Mark Stoermann
                          Project Manager
                          Fair Oaks Dairy Farms
                          Fair Oaks, IN

Mark Stoermann is the Project Manager for Fair Oaks Dairy Farm and was responsible
for the construction and content development of the Fair Oaks Farms, Dairy Adventure,
construction and startup of The Fair Oaks Farms, Cheese Plant and three Anaerobic
Digesters using sand laden dairy manure; two at Fair Oaks Dairy Farms, for 3,500 cows
and 10,500 cows and one for 3,500 cows in the Central Sands Region of Wisconsin.
These projects include electrical generation as well as gas cleaning projects.

Mark has worked primarily in the dairy industry holding a variety of positions. He has
worked for Kraft Foods, Michigan Milk Producers Inc., Raskas Cheese and ConAgra