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					USDA Invites You to Attend

February 22-23, 2001
Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel
Arlington, Virginia

         Farm and Policy Prospects

                                 Program Preview, see p. 3
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                              General Information
Welcome to the Forum                                                Dinners and Luncheons
The U.S. Department of Agriculture welcomes you to                  Prepaid tickets are necessary for the Thursday networking
Agricultural Outlook Forum 2001. We hope you enjoy                  luncheon and dinner, and the luncheons on Friday. If you
the Forum and your visit to the Nation’s Capital. If you            preregistered and ordered meals, your tickets will be with
need assistance, ask a volunteer wearing a staff ribbon.            your name badge. A limited number of unreserved tickets
                                                                    may be available for purchase on Thursday and Friday –
Facilities                                                          check at the conference registration desk.
The Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel is a Three Diamond               Speech Texts and Proceedings
Hotel, with several restaurants, and indoor pool, and
fitness facility. The Hotel is located on the Blue and Yellow       Copies of advance texts provided by speakers will be
lines at the Crystal City Station of the Metro subway               placed on tables outside of the Arlington Ballroom.
system. It is convenient to underground shops and to the            Speeches will be available on the day they are given.
Fashion Center Mall at Pentagon City. Check your portfo-            Copies of any late speeches received will be placed on
lio for guides to the Metro system and the Fashion Center.          the tables as they become available. After the Forum,
                                                                    speeches will be posted on the Internet. See page 11
Parking                                                             for instructions.
Parking will be discounted to $7.00 per day for hotel               All speeches submitted by speakers will be published
guests and $9.00 for other Forum attendees. Inform the              after the Forum in an electronic Proceedings. See page
parking attendant that you are attending the Outlook                11 for more information.
Forum when you exit the garage.
                                                                    Exhibits and Café
                                                                    Take a break at
The Forum registration desk will be located in Salon II of          the Exhibit Hall
the Arlington Ballroom on Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to                and Café,
11:00 a.m. For the rest of Thursday and on Friday start-            Located in
ing at 7:00 a.m., the registration desk will be located at          Salons F and G
the counter in the Arlington Foyer.                                 of the Grand
If you did not pay the advance registration fee, you will           A dozen
be asked to pay an on-site registration fee of $250 for full        agencies are
registration, or $175 for partial registration. The registra-       displaying
tion fee covers conference materials including speech               information
texts, a portfolio, a copy of new long-term baseline                about their
projections, and refreshment breaks.                                programs and demonstrating Internet resources. See page
                                                                    9. Network or visit over complimentary refreshments. The
Calls to the Conference                                             Exhibit Hall is open Thursday afternoon, Thursday
Telephone calls to the Forum should be directed to the              evening for the pre-dinner reception and Friday.
Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel at (703) 920-3230; ask
the operator for the Outlook Forum registration desk.               Press Room
                                                                    An equipped and staffed press room for journalists
Cell Phones                                                         covering the Forum is located in the McLean Room, one
As a courtesy to other guests, please turn cell phones              floor above the Ballroom.
off during sessions and refrain from placing calls outside
of meeting rooms. The Grand Ballroom foyer in front of              We appreciate your candid assessment of the Outlook
the Exhibit Hall, by the windows, has good cell phone               Forum. An evaluation form is in your portfolio; please
reception.                                                          complete it and place in the silver bowls provided or
                                                                    return to any staff member. Thank you!

                                              Program Preview
        WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2001                                                     FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23
5:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.      Registration                                             7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.       Registration
                         Arlington Ballroom Foyer                                                           Arlington Ballroom Registration Desk
                                                                                  7:15-8:15 a.m.            Continental Breakfast
        THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22                                                                               Arlington Ballroom Foyer and Exhibit Hall
7:00-11:00 a.m.          Registration                                             8:15-10:00 a.m.           Concurrent Sessions
                         Preregistered guests: Arlington Ballroom, Salon II       q Cotton: U.S. Outlook and Foreign Production and Use Trends
                         Onsite registration: Arlington Ballroom                    Arlington Ballroom
                         Registration Desk                                          Salon I
11:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Arlington Ballroom Registration Desk                         q Grains and Oilseeds Outlook
7:15-8:15 a.m.           Continental Breakfast                                      Arlington Ballroom
                         Arlington Ballroom Foyer                                   Salon III
8:15 a.m.                Welcome                                                  q Outlook for Milk and Dairy Products
                         Arlington Ballroom                                         Arlington Ballroom
                                                                                    Salon V
8:20-9:45 a.m.           Counterpoint on the Next Farm Bill                       q Emerging Water Quality Issues: New Technology, Policies,
                         Arlington Ballroom                                         Approaches
9:45-10:15 a.m.          Keynote Address by the                                     Grand Ballroom
                         Secretary of Agriculture                                   Salons J and K
                         Secretary of Agriculture Ann M. Veneman                  10:00-10:30 a.m.          Refreshment Break
                         Arlington Ballroom                                                                 Arlington Ballroom Foyer and Exhibit Hall
10:15-10:30 a.m.         Coffee Break                                             10:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m. Concurrent Sessions
                         Arlington Ballroom Foyer
                                                                                  q Sugar and Sweeteners: Future Sugar Policy Needs for the
10:30 a.m.-12:00 noon Agriculture’s Stake in WTO                                    Domestic Industry
                         Trade Negotiations                                         Arlington Ballroom
                         Arlington Ballroom                                         Salon I
12:00 Noon               Exhibit Hall Opens                                       q Livestock and Poultry: Future Directions in the U.S. Meat Sector
                         Grand Ballroom, Salons F and G                             Arlington Ballroom
12:00 Noon-1:15 p.m. Networking lunch or lunch on your own                          Salon III
                         Arlington Ballroom, Salons I and II                      q The Sanitary/Phytosanitary Agreement and Related Trade Issues
                         Grand Ballroom, Salons J and K                             Arlington Ballroom
1:15-3:15 p.m.           Concurrent Sessions                                        Salon V
                                                                                  q Agriculture Comes To Grips with Air Quality Standards
q Farm, Tax and Economic Policy and the Farmer’s Bottom Line                        Grand Ballroom
  Arlington Ballroom                                                                Salons J and K
  Salon III
q New Directions for a Market Access Strategy: Bilateral, Regional,               12:15-12:45 p.m.          Reception, Cash Bar
  or Global?                                                                                                Arlington Ballroom Foyer and Exhibit Hall
  Arlington Ballroom                                                              12:45-2:00 p.m.           Concurrent Commodity Luncheons
  Salon IV                                                                        q Grains and Oilseeds Luncheon
q Putting the Risk Protection Act of 2000 To Work                                   Arlington Ballroom
  Arlington Ballroom                                                                Salons I and II
  Salon V                                                                         q Livestock and Poultry Luncheon
q Achieving Sustainable Rural Development                                           Arlington Ballroom
  Arlington Ballroom                                                                Salon IV
  Salon VI                                                                        q Sugar and Sweeteners Luncheon
q Food Price Briefing (1:15-2:00 p.m.)                                              Arlington Ballroom
  Alexandria Room, Second Floor                                                     Salon V
3:15-3:30 p.m.           Refreshment Break                                        q Cotton Luncheon
                         Arlington Ballroom Foyer and Exhibit Hall                  Arlington Ballroom
3:30-5:30                Concurrent Sessions                                        Salon VI
                                                                                  q Fruit and Vegetables Luncheon
q Electronic Marketplaces for Inputs and Commodities                                Grand Ballroom, Salons J and K
  Arlington Ballroom
  Salon III                                                                       2:15-4:00 p.m.            Concurrent Sessions
q Reducing the Risk of Foodborne Illness                                          q Tapping New Bioproduct and Environmental Markets: How Soon
  Arlington Ballroom                                                                and How Successful?
  Salon IV                                                                          Arlington Ballroom
q Small Farm Survival: Implications for the 2002 Farm Bill                          Salon III
  Arlington Ballroom                                                              q Emerging Market and Trade Practices for Fruit and Vegetables
  Salon V                                                                           Arlington Ballroom
q New Value-Added Livestock and Poultry Initiatives                                 Salon IV
  Arlington Ballroom                                                              q Tobacco Adapts to Dropping Consumption and New Marketing
  Salon VI                                                                          Strategies
5:30 p.m.                Reception, Cash Bar                                        Arlington Ballroom
                         Arlington Ballroom Foyer and Exhibit Hall                  Salon V
                                                                                  q How Will Rural America, Agribusiness, and Government Adapt to
6:30 p.m.                Forum Dinner
                                                                                    Structural Change?
                         Arlington Ballroom
                                                                                    Grand Ballroom
                         The Economic Outlook – Are the Good Times
                                                                                    Salons J and K
                         Lawrence Chimerine                                       4:00 p.m.                 Adjourn

             Forum Program                                                              Wednesday, February 21-
                                                                                        Thursday, February 22

        WEDNESDAY,                           s 9:45-10:15 a.m.                          s 1:15-3:15 p.m.
        FEBRUARY 21, 2001                      KEYNOTE ADDRESS                            CONCURRENT SESSIONS
                                               Arlington Ballroom
s 5:00-8:30 p.m.                                                                        FARM, TAX, AND ECONOMIC
  REGISTRATION                               Moderator                                  POLICY AND THE FARMER’S
  Arlington Ballroom Foyer                   s Keith Collins, Chief Economist, USDA     BOTTOM LINE
                                                                                        Arlington Ballroom, Salon III
                                             Keynote Address
        THURSDAY,                            s Ann M.Veneman, Secretary of              Moderator
        FEBRUARY 22, 2001                      Agriculture                              s Mike Reyna, Chairman and CEO, Farm
                                                                                          Credit Administration Board
s 7:00-11:00 a.m.                            s 10:15-10:30 a.m.
  REGISTRATION                                 COFFEE BREAK                             Farm Income and Finance: The
  Arlington Ballroom, Salon II                 Arlington Ballroom Foyer                 Importance of Government
s 7:15-8:15 a.m.                             s 10:30 a.m.-12:00 noon                    s Mitchell Morehart, Agricultural
  CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST                        AGRICULTURE’S STAKE IN WTO                 Economist, Economic Research
  Arlington Ballroom Foyer                     TRADE NEGOTIATIONS                         Service, USDA
                                               Arlington Ballroom
s 8:15 a.m.                                                                             Federal Tax Policy and the Farm
  WELCOME                                    Moderator                                  Sector
  Arlington Ballroom                         s Daniel Altman, Economics                 s Ron Durst and Jim Monke,
                                               Correspondent, The Economist               Agricultural Economists, Economic
s 8:20-9:45 a.m.                               Newspaper, Ltd.                            Research Service, USDA
  FARM BILL                                  Final Country Proposals and the            Trade and Macroeconomic Policy:
  Arlington Ballroom                         Road Ahead                                 What Does It Mean for Farmers and
                                             s Mike Moore, Director-General, World      Lenders?
Moderator                                       Trade Organization                      s Glenn D. Pederson, Professor,
s Keith Collins, Chief Economist, USDA                                                    Department of Applied Economics,
                                             What Will U.S. Farmers and                   University of Minnesota
How Has the 1996 Farm Bill                   Exporters Get or Give Up from
Worked?                                      Negotiations?                              NEW DIRECTIONS FOR A MARKET
s J.B. Penn, Senior Vice President, Sparks   s Ambassador Rita Derrick Hayes,           ACCESS STRATEGY: BILATERAL,
  Companies, Inc.                              Deputy U.S. Trade Representative, U.S.   REGIONAL, OR GLOBAL?
                                               Permanent Representative to the          Arlington Ballroom, Salon IV
What Does Farm Structure Imply                 World Trade Organization
for Future Farm Policy?                                                                 Moderator
s Susan Offutt, Administrator, Economic      U.S. Outlook on the Framework              s John J. Reddington, President,
   Research Service, USDA                    Proposals                                    American International Agribusiness
                                             s Philip M. Seng, President and CEO,         Alliance, L.L.C.
Should There Be a Federal Farm                 U. S. Meat Export Federation
Income Safety Net?                                                                      U.S. Initiatives for Market Access
s David Orden, Professor of                  s 12:00 noon-1:15 p.m.                     s Greg Frazier, former Special Trade
  Agricultural and Applied Economics,          NETWORKING LUNCH OR                         Negotiator for Agriculture, Office of
  Virginia Tech                                LUNCH ON YOUR OWN                           the U.S. Trade Representative
                                               Arlington Ballroom, Salons I and II
What Should Be the Role of                     Grand Ballroom, Salons J and K           A South American Perspective on
Resource Stewardship in Future                                                          Bilateral and Regional Market
Farm Policy?                                 s 12:00 noon                               Access Agreements
s Craig Cox, Executive Vice President,         EXHIBIT HALL OPENS                       s Gustavo Rojas, General Manager and
  Soil and Water Conservation Society          Grand Ballroom, Salons F and G              Technical Manager, Sociedad Nacional
                                                                                           de Agricultura, a Chilean farmers

              Forum Program                                                          Thursday, February 22

What are the Economic                      Organizing Small Farmers for              Federal and State Perspectives on
Consequences of Global,                    Marketing Opportunities                   Electronic Marketplaces for Ag
Multilateral Agreements?                   s Johnny L. Flowers, Chairman, ALA-       Commodities
s Loek Boonekamp, Head of the                TOM Resource Conservation and           s Susan DeSanti, Director, Policy
  Agricultural Trade and Markets             Development Council                        Planning, Federal Trade Commission
  Division, Directorate for Agriculture,   s Norman L. Burton, RC&D Coordinator,     s Eric Tabor, Chief of Staff, Iowa
  Food and Fisheries, Organization for       ALA-TOM Resource Conservation and          Attorney General’s Office
  Economic Cooperation and                   Development Council
  Development                                                                        Who Wins and Loses, and How Will
                                           Sustainable Grazing Systems -             E-Markets Affect Rural America?
Regional Integration Offers                ATTRA Grazing Management                  s Lee Ann E. Moss, Assistant Professor of
Opportunity and Competition                Project                                     Agribusiness Management,
s Mattie Sharpless, Acting                 s Ron Morrow, Technical Services            Department of Agricultural,
  Administrator, Foreign Agricultural        Manager, National Center for              Environmental, and Development
  Service, USDA                              Appropriate Technology Transfer for       Economics, Ohio State University
                                             Rural Areas                             s Victoria Salin, Assistant Professor,
PUTTING THE RISK PROTECTION                                                            Department of Agricultural
ACT OF 2000 TO WORK                        A Regional Approach to Sustainable          Economics, Texas A&M University
Arlington Ballroom, Salon V                Development
                                           s Rebecca Anderson, Executive Director,   How Will Agricultural E-Markets
Moderator                                    Handmade In America                     Evolve?
s Ronald Hobson, Senior Economist,                                                   s Royce Nicolaisen, AgEx.com
  Commodity Futures Trading                Downstream Impacts of Industrial          s Tanna Moore, Vice President of
  Commission                               Uses and Renewability                       Marketing, Rooster.com
                                           s Jim Lambert, President and CEO, Agro
The Agricultural Risk Protection Act         Management Group                        REDUCING THE RISK OF
of 2000                                                                              FOODBORNE ILLNESS
s Ken Ackerman, Administrator, Risk        FOOD PRICE BRIEFING                       Arlington Ballroom, Salon IV
   Management Agency, USDA                   Alexandria Room, Second Floor
                                             1:15-2:00 p.m.                          Moderator
The Public/Private Risk                                                              s Catherine Woteki, Former Under
Management Partnership                     The Outlook for Retail Food Prices          Secretary for Food Safety, USDA
s Dallas R. Smith, Former Deputy Under     in 2001
  Secretary of Agriculture, Dallas R.      s Annette Clauson, Agricultural           Risk Assessment
  Smith & Associates                          Economist, Economic Research           s Ian Gardner, Professor of
                                              Service, USDA                             Epidemiology, Department of
Applied Marketing Strategies                                                            Medicine and Epidemiology, School of
s Scott Irwin, Professor, University of    s 3:15-3:30 p.m.                             Veterinary Medicine, University of
  Illinois                                   REFRESHMENT BREAK                          California - Davis
                                             Arlington Ballroom Foyer and Exhibit
Applied Crop Insurance Strategies            Hall Cafe                               Risk Management
s Michael Connealy, President and CEO,                                               s Thomas J. Billy, Administrator, Food
  Rural Community Insurance Services       s 3:30-5:30 p.m.                             Safety and Inspection Service, USDA
                                             CONCURRENT SESSIONS
ACHIEVING SUSTAINABLE RURAL                                                          Risk Communication
DEVELOPMENT                                ELECTRONIC MARKETPLACES FOR               s Scott Ratzan, MD
Arlington Ballroom, Salon VI               INPUTS AND COMMODITIES
                                           Arlington Ballroom, Salon III             A State Perspective
Moderator                                                                            s R. Douglas Saunders, Program
s Roberta Jeanquart, Executive Director,   Moderator                                   Manager, Office of Dairy and Foods,
  National Association of Resource         s Shannon Reid Hamm, Special Assistant      Virginia Department of Agriculture
  Conservation and Development               to the Under Secretary for Marketing      and Consumer Services
  Councils                                   and Regulatory Programs, USDA

             Forum Program                                                        Thursday, February 22-
                                                                                  Friday, February 23

SMALL FARM SURVIVAL:                    USPB: Selling Meat and Meals              USDA Perspective on the Outlook
IMPLICATIONS FOR THE 2002               Instead of Cattle                         for Cotton
                                        s Steven D. Hunt, Chief Executive         s Leslie Meyer, Agricultural Economist,
Arlington Ballroom, Salon V                Officer, U.S. Premium Beef                Economic Research Service, USDA
                                                                                  s Stephen MacDonald, Agricultural

Moderator                               The Iowa Turkey Cooperative                  Economist, Economic Research
s Ralph A. Otto, Deputy Administrator
                                        Experience                                   Service, USDA
                                        s Kenneth Rutledge, President and CEO,    s James Johnson, Agricultural
  for Natural Resources and
  Environment, Cooperative State          Iowa Turkey Growers Cooperative            Economist, Economic Research
  Research, Education, and Extension                                                 Service, USDA
  Service, USDA                         s 5:30 p.m.                               s Carol Skelly, Agricultural Economist,
                                          RECEPTION and CASH BAR                     World Agricultural Outlook Board,
Perspectives, Expectations for the        Arlington Ballroom Foyer and Exhibit       USDA
2002 Farm Bill - Western Region           Hall
s Dave Carter, President, Rocky
                                                                                  New Developments in Foreign
  Mountain Farmers Union                s 6:30 p.m.                               Cotton Production and
                                          FORUM DINNER                            Consumption
Perspectives, Expectations for the        Arlington Ballroom                      s Terry Townsend, Executive Director,

2002 Farm Bill - Northeast Region                                                   International Cotton Advisory
s Karen Watt, President, North
                                        Moderator                                   Committee
                                        s Keith Collins, Chief Economist, USDA
  American Farmers Direct Marketing
  Association                                                                     Trends in U.S. Textile Trade
                                        The Economic Outlook – Are the            s Cass Johnson, Assistant Director of

Perspectives, Expectations for the      Good Times Over?                            International Trade, American Textile
                                        s Lawrence Chimerine, President,            Manufacturers Institute
2002 Farm Bill - Southern Region
s Carl Loop, President, Florida Farm
                                          Radnor International Consulting, Inc.
  Bureau and AFBF National Board                                                  Reading Fundamentals from the
  Member                                                                          Cotton Futures Market
                                                FRIDAY,                           s Peter Egli, President, Volcot America,

Perspectives, Expectations for the              FEBRUARY 23, 2001                   Inc.
2002 Farm Bill - North Central
Region                                  s 7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.                     GRAINS AND OILSEEDS OUTLOOK
s Margaret Krome, Michael Fields
                                          REGISTRATION                            Arlington Ballroom, Salon III
  Agricultural Institute                  Arlington Foyer Registration Desk
NEW VALUE-ADDED LIVESTOCK               s 7:15-8:15 a.m.                          s Richard D. Smetana, Director of

AND POULTRY INITIATIVES                   CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST                     Research, Ag Resource Company
Arlington Ballroom, Salon VI              Arlington Ballroom Foyer and Exhibit
                                          Hall                                    USDA Outlook for Grains and
Moderator                                                                         Oilseeds
s Randall Torgerson, Deputy
                                        s 8:15-10:00 a.m.                         s Philip W. Sronce, Agricultural

  Administrator, Rural Business-          CONCURRENT SESSIONS                       Economist, Farm Service Agency,
  Cooperative Service, USDA                                                         USDA
                                        COTTON: U.S. OUTLOOK AND
Needs Leading to the Creation of        FOREIGN PRODUCTION AND USE                Industry Perspective on the USDA
the Mountain States Lamb                TRENDS                                    Grain Outlook
Cooperative                             Arlington Ballroom, Salon I               s Richard Feltes, Vice President and

s Pat O’Toole, Chairman, Mountain
                                                                                    Director of Research, Refco, Inc.
  States Lamb Cooperative               Moderator
                                        s Eric Shawn Wade, Director of            Industry Perspective on
The Pork America Initiative               Communications, Plains Cotton           International Oilseeds Outlook
s James Lewis, Vice Chairman, Pork
                                          Growers, Inc.                           s Larry Greenhall, Senior Vice President,

  America                                                                            Louis Dreyfus Corporation

             Forum Program                                                         Friday, February 23

OUTLOOK FOR MILK AND DAIRY                Addressing Water Quality in              Policy Concerns of Sugar Marketing
PRODUCTS                                  Agriculture: Institutional Aspects       Firms
                                          s Lawrence W. Libby, C. William Swank    s Thomas M. McKenna, President,
Arlington Ballroom, Salon V
                                            Professor of Rural-Urban Policy,          United Sugars Corporation
Moderator                                   Department of Agricultural,
s Peter Vitaliano, Vice President,
                                            Environmental and Development          LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY:
  Economic Policy and Market Research,      Economics, The Ohio State University   FUTURE DIRECTIONS IN THE U.S.
  National Milk Producers Federation                                               MEAT SECTOR
                                          s10:00-10:30 a.m.                        Arlington Ballroom, Salon III
New Developments in Dairy for              REFRESHMENT BREAK
2001                                       Arlington Ballroom Foyer and Exhibit    Moderator
s Mr. Vitaliano
                                           Hall                                    s Chuck Lambert, Chief Economist,
                                                                                     National Cattlemens Beef Association
U.S. Outlook for Dairy Products
s Jim Miller, Agricultural Economist,
                                                                                   The Outlook for Livestock and
   Economic Research Service, USDA                                                 Poultry
                                                                                   s Joel L. Greene, Agricultural Economist,

Alternative View of the Dairy                                                        World Agricultural Outlook Board,
Outlook and Industry Issues                                                          USDA
s Bill Brooks, Dairy Economist,
   eDairy, Inc.                                                                    New Products and Relationships in
                                                                                   the Meat Sector
                                                                                   s John W. Allen, Professor, Food
ISSUES: NEW TECHNOLOGY,                                                              Industry Management Program,
POLICIES, APPROACHES                                                                 Michigan State University
Grand Ballroom, Salons J & K              s10:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m.                   s Tom DeMott, Vice President, Meat and
                                           CONCURRENT SESSIONS                       Seafood, Agribuys
s Larry Clark, Deputy Chief for Science
                                          SUGAR AND SWEETENERS: FUTURE             THE SANITARY/PHYTOSANITARY
  and Technology, Natural Resources       SUGAR POLICY NEEDS FOR THE               AGREEMENT AND RELATED TRADE
  Conservation Service, USDA              DOMESTIC INDUSTRY                        ISSUES
                                          Arlington Ballroom, Salon I              Arlington Ballroom, Salon V
Animal Waste: Emerging
Technology and Prospects                  Moderator                                Moderator
                                          s John Love, Agricultural Economist,     s Kevin Brosch, DTB Associates
s Charles M. Williams, Director, Animal
  and Poultry Waste Management              World Agricultural Outlook Board,
  Center, North Carolina State              USDA                                   The Sanitary/Phytosanitary
  University                                                                       Agreement and Related Trade
                                          Sugar Policy Needs of Florida Cane       Issues
Comprehensive Nutrient                    Growers and Processors                   s David G. Victor, Robert W. Johnson,
                                          s Luis J. Fernandez, Chief Financial        Jr., Senior Fellow in Science and
Management Plans: Policy and
Prospects                                   Officer, Florida Crystals Corp.           Technology, Council on Foreign
s Thomas Christensen, Director, Animal
  Husbandry and Clean Water               Sugar Policy Needs of Louisiana
  Programs, Natural Resources             Cane Growers and Processors              Agreement, Intent, and Economic
  Conservation Service, USDA              s Dean A. Gravois, President, Dean A.    Realities
                                            Gravois Farms, Inc.                    s Kevin Brosch, DTB Associates

Water Quality Issues Facing
Agriculture                               Sugar Policy Needs of Beet Growers       What’s at Stake for U.S. Livestock
s Tony A. Prato, Co-director and Chair,
                                          and Processors                           Producers
                                          s Richard McKamey, Chairman,             s Beth Lautner, Washington
  Department of Agricultural
  Economics, University of Missouri-        Legislative Committee, American          Representative, National Pork
  Columbia                                  Sugarbeet Growers Association            Producers Council

              Forum Program                                                             Friday, February 23

The Role of the Precautionary                GRAINS AND OILSEEDS LUNCHEON               FRUIT AND VEGETABLES
Principal                                    Arlington Ballroom Salons I and II         LUNCHEON
s Robert Paarlberg, Professor of Political                                              Grand Ballroom, Salons J and K
  Science, Wellesley University, and         Moderator
  Associate, Weatherford Center for          s Robert A. Riemenschneider, Director,     Moderator
  International Affairs, Harvard               Grain and Feed Division, Foreign         s Kenneth Clayton, Acting
  University                                   Agricultural Service, USDA                 Administrator, Agricultural Marketing
                                                                                          Service, USDA
AGRICULTURE COMES TO GRIPS                   Grains and Oilseeds: A European
WITH AIR QUALITY STANDARDS                   Perspective                                The Outlook for Nutraceuticals and
Grand Ballroom, Salons J and K               s Klaus D. Schumacher, Head,               Functional Foods
                                               Economics Department, Alfred C.          s Karen Lapsley, Director of Scientific
Moderator                                      Toepfer International G.m.b.H.             Affairs, Almond Board of California
s George C. Bluhm, National
  Meteorologist, National Resources          LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY                      s 2:15-4:00 p.m.
  Conservation Service, USDA, and            LUNCHEON                                     CONCURRENT SESSIONS
  Land, Air, and Water Resources             Arlington Ballroom, Salon IV
  Department, University of California                                                  TAPPING NEW BIOPRODUCT AND
                                             Moderator                                  ENVIRONMENTAL MARKETS: HOW
Animal Production and Air Quality            s Ronald Gustafson, Senior Livestock       SOON AND HOW SUCCESSFUL?
Protection                                     Economist, Economic Research             Arlington Ballroom, Salon III
s John M. Sweeten, Jr., Professor and          Service, USDA
  Resident Director, Texas Agricultural                                                 Moderator
  Experiment Station, Texas A&M              Challenges Facing the Livestock            s Roger Conway, Director, Office of
  University System                          Industry and the Government’s Role           Energy Policy and New Uses, USDA
                                             s James R. Baker, Former Administrator,
Sugar Cane Burning: Impacts on Air             Grain Inspection, Packers and            Opportunities for Co-Firing Electric
Quality                                        Stockyards Administration, USDA          Power Generation with Wood or
s Annette Sharp, Environmental                                                          Grassy Plants
  Scientist, Office of Environmental         SUGAR AND SWEETENERS                       s Patricia Hus, Program Leader, Climate
  Assessment, Louisiana Department of        LUNCHEON                                     Change and Renewables, NiSource
  Environmental Quality                      Arlington Ballroom, Salon V
                                                                                        Tapping New Bioproduct and
The Opportunity for Agriculture to           Moderator                                  Environmental Markets
Mitigate Green House Gases: A                s James R. Little, Acting Administrator,   s Lou Honary, Director, UNI-ABIL
Grass Roots Approach                           Farm Service Agency, USDA                  Research Program, University of
s Keith Paustian, Senior Research                                                         Northern Iowa
  Scientist, Natural Resource Ecology        Sugar Policy Needs: A View from
  Laboratory, Colorado State University      the Trade                                  Opportunities for Biobased Plastic
                                             s Frank W. Jenkins, President, Jenkins     Products
Air Quality Environmental Costs                Sugar Group, Inc.                        s Barbara Miller, Technical Director,
and Rural America                                                                         The Dow Chemical Company
s Clinton B. Reeder, Public Policy           COTTON LUNCHEON
  Consultant                                 Arlington Ballroom, Salon VI               The Market for Carbon
                                                                                        Sequestration: How Real, How Soon,
s12:15 p.m.                                  Moderator                                  How Valuable to Farmers?
 RECEPTION and CASH BAR                      s John Maguire, Vice President,            s Bruce A. Babcock, Director, Center for
 Arlington Ballroom Foyer and Exhibit          Washington Operations, National            Agricultural and Rural Development,
 Hall                                          Cotton Council                             Iowa State University

s12:45 p.m.                                  The Cotton Farm Policy Horizon
 CONCURRENT COMMODITY                        s Bruce Brumfield, 21st Century
 LUNCHEONS                                     Commission on Production

             Forum Program                                                                   Friday, February 23

VEGETABLES                                  MARKETING STRATEGIES                             ADAPT TO STRUCTURAL CHANGE?
Arlington Ballroom, Salon IV                Arlington Ballroom, Salon V                      Grand Ballroom, Salons J and K

Moderator                                   Moderator                                        Moderator
s Susan Offutt, Administrator, Economic     s Darryl Jayson, Vice President, Tobacco         s Walter J. Armbruster, President, Farm
  Research Service, USDA                      Merchants Association                            Foundation

Emerging Trade Practices and                Tobacco Situation and Outlook                    Pressures for Change Relating to
Trends in Fruit and Vegetable               s Tom Capehart, Senior Economist,                Government Functions
Markets                                       Economic Research Service, USDA                s Marc Johnson, Dean, College of
s Roberta Cook-Canela, Professor,                                                              Agriculture, and Director, K-State
  University of California                  Burley Belt Issues                                 Research and Extension, Kansas State
                                            s Kelly Tiller, Assistant Professor,               University
A Retail Industry Perspective                 Agricultural Policy Analysis Center,
s Tim Hammonds, President, Food               University of Tennessee                        Pressures for Change Relating to
  Marketing Institute                                                                        Agribusiness
                                            The Tobacco Program                              s Speaker to be announced
A Shipping Industry Perspective             s Dan Stevens, Agricultural Economist,
s Thomas Stenzel, President and CEO,          Farm Service Agency, USDA                      Implications of Structural Change
  United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable                                                           for Farms and Rural Economics
  Association                               The International Outlook for U.S.               s Stanley R. Johnson, Vice Provost for
                                            Tobacco                                             Extension and Charles F. Curtiss
                                            s Peter Burr, Agricultural Economist,               Distinguished Professor, Department
                                              Foreign Agricultural Service, USDA                of Economics, Iowa State University

                                                                                             s 4:00

Forum 2001 Exhibit Hall and Café
  Take a break in the Exhibit Hall and Café, located in Salons F and G of the Grand Ballroom, where you
  can network or visit over complimentary refreshments. The Exhibit Hall is open Thursday afternoon,
  Thursday evening for the pre-dinner reception, and Friday.

Interested in how to export to a                                       The NDMC, based at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln,
specific country? Need answers                                         stresses preparation and risk management rather than crisis
to your export questions about                                         management. The center helps people and institutions develop
specific commodities? Getting                                          and implement measures to reduce societal vulnerability to
information on U.S. agricultural                                       drought. Staff will be available to answer questions and
trade has never been easier!                                           demonstrate use of the NDMC on-line database.
Stop by the FAS exhibit for a
demonstration of our new                                               THE DROUGHT MONITOR
online U.S. Agricultural Trade                                         Tracking drought blends science and art. No single definition of
Database.                                                              drought works for all circumstances, so people rely on drought
                                                                       indices to detect and measure droughts. A live Internet demon-
FAS’s Production Estimates and Crop Assessment Division is             stration of The Drought Monitor, a synthesis of multiple indices,
responsible for global crop condition assessments and estimates        outlooks and news accounts that represents a consensus of
of area, yield, and production for grains, oilseeds, and cotton.       federal and academic scientists, will be featured.
Talk with staff members and pick up valuable information about
our products.
SERVICE                                                                 USDA Rural Development is in the business of "creating
See a demonstration of the Climate Prediction Center’s products         opportunity for rural America" through its rural housing,
available on the Internet. These are operational predictions of         utilities and business/cooperative programs. Literature about
climate variability, real-time monitoring of climate and the            these programs will be available at the Rural Development
required data bases, and assessments of the origins of major            booth, with the emphasis on cooperative development publica-
climate anomalies. The products cover time scales from a week           tions.
to seasons, extending into the future as far as technically
feasible.                                                               RISK MANAGEMENT AGENCY
                                                                        Features the
ECONOMIC RESEARCH SERVICE                                               Agency's
The Economic Research Service is the main source of economic            website and
information and research from the U.S. Department of Agricul-           latest
ture. ERS research and analysis help public and private                 publications
decisionmakers conduct business or formulate policy related to          to assist
agriculture, food, natural resources, and rural economics.              producers
ERS has launched a totally re-engineered website:                       agribusinesses
www.ers.usda.gov to provide customers with easier access to             in managing
economic information and reports. See a hands-on demonstration          production,
of the website and the depth of economic information it                 marketing
provides.                                                               and financial
                                                                        risks. For more information on crop insurance or risk manage-
NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL STATISTICS SERVICE                                ment education, check out these resources and chat with our
NASS issues                                                             staff.
Statistical data
related to crop                                                         COOPERATIVE STATE RESEARCH, EDUCATION, &
production                                                              EXTENSION SERVICE
forecasts,                                                              Highlights USDA's Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education
livestock                                                               (SARE) grants program. The program, administered by CSREES,
inventories and                                                         has helped advance farming systems that are profitable,
production,                                                             environmentally sound and good for communities. The infor-
prices of farm                                                          mation SARE has gleaned from more than 1,600 projects is
inputs and                                                              more relevant than ever, as many research findings have
products sold.                                                          suggested ways to counter low agricultural prices by reducing
The Internet                                                            input costs and expanding market opportunities. Other projects
Published                                                               have addressed ways to preserve natural resources and enhance
Estimates                                                               the viability of rural communities.
Database and reports on the Internet will be featured.
                                                                        NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL LIBRARY
The NASS exhibit also will showcase results from the 1997               Library staff will provide hands-on demonstrations of their
Census of Agriculture, providing structural information for the         Internet resources and answer questions regarding all of their
farm sector of the economy and extensive county data.                   products. As the Nation's primary source for agricultural
                                                                        information, NAL’s mission is to increase the availability and
ANIMAL AND PLANT HEALTH INSPECTION SERVICE                              utilization of agricultural information for researchers, educa-
APHIS provides leadership in ensuring the health and care of            tors, policymakers, consumers of agricultural products, and the
animals and plants, improving agricultural productivity and             public.
competitiveness, and contributing to the national economy.
Specialists from APHIS will be on hand to discuss their programs        TIMELY PUBLICATIONS
and answer your questions.                                              Check the literature table for other useful reports, including
                                                                        highlights of USDA’s nationwide National Resources Inventory
FOOD SAFETY AND INSPECTION SERVICE                                      and the final report of the Commission on 21st Century
FSIS, USDA’s public health agency, ensures that meat, poultry,          Production Agriculture.
and egg products are safe, wholesome, and correctly packaged
and labeled. Information on FSIS policies and programs, includ-
ing Food Safety Education, will be available.

FORUM STEERING COMMITTEE                         s Lydia Astorga      s Edward C. Rall         s Raymond L. Bridge, Coordinator
MEMBERS                                          s Bernadine Baker    s Gerald Rector          s Vanessa Brown-Harrod
                                                 s Gerald A. Bange    s Barbara C. Robinson    s Maria Bynum
Office of the Chief Economist                    s Tom Capehart Jr.   s Shayle Shagam          s Jennifer Callahan
s Keith Collins, Chief Economist, Chair of the   s Ed H. Cooney       s Carol Skelly           s Lynda Ford
  Steering Committee                             s Marvin Duncan      s Peter F. Smith         s Annette Holmes
s Gerald A. Bange, Chairperson, World            s Richard W. Fite    s Thomas H. Stafford     s Torey Lawrence
  Agricultural Outlook Board, OCE, Chair of      s Gerald E. Grinnell s David Stallings        s Joyce Pulliam
  the Program Committee                          s Elaine Haas        s John Stierna
                                                 s Joy L. Harwood     s Patrick Sullivan       PRESS OPERATIONS
Agricultural Marketing Service                   s Jim Johnson        s Marshall Tarkington    s Martha R. Evans, Coordinator
s Dr. Kenneth Clayton, Acting Administrator      s Barry Krissoff     s Randall E. Torgerson   s Nedra Williams
                                                 s John Love          s Robert Tynan           s Wanda Reed-Rose
Animal and Plant Health Inspection               s Darlene Maginnis s Eric Wenberg
Service                                          s Jimmy Matthews     s Randy Williams         COMPUTER SUPPORT
s Craig A. Reed, Administrator                   s James Miller       s Craig Witt             s Dan Deprey
                                                 s Richard M. Parry                            s Monica Tran
Cooperative State Research, Education
and Extension Service                                                                          CONFERENCE SERVICES PROVIDED BY
s Charles W. Laughlin, Administrator             FORUM INFORMATION COMMITTEE,                  THE GRADUATE SCHOOL, USDA
                                                 PUBLICITY                                       (202) 314-3471
Economic Research Service                        s Leah Akbar                                  s Isabelle Howes, Planner
s Susan Offutt, Administrator                    s Maria Bynum                                 s Crystal Penn
                                                 s Dan A. Campbell                             s Denise Primdahl
Farm Service Agency                              s Eric Edgington
s James R. Little, Acting Administrator          s Martha Evans                                GRAPHIC DESIGN SUPPORT
                                                 s Kim Kaplan                                  s Gene Hansen Creative Services, Inc.
Foreign Agricultural Service                     s Ted Kupelian
s Mattie Sharpless, Acting Administrator         s Dave McAllister                             AUDIO-VISUAL SUPPORT
                                                 s Eric Parsons                                s Marriott On-Site Services
Grain Inspection, Packers and Stock-             s Katie Pritchard
yards Administration                             s Dana Stewart                                COPIER AND FAX MACHINES
s David Shipman, Acting Administrator            s Meghan K. Thomas                            s Canon, USA, Inc.
                                                 s Donald Washington
Natural Resources Conservation Service           s Cobby Williams                              SPECIAL THANKS
s Pearlie Reed, Chief                                                                          s Charles Wilbur
                                                                                               s Edward Akerley
Risk Management Agency                                                                         s Cynthia McNeil
s Phyllis Honor, Acting Administrator                                                          Mail & Reproduction Management Division:
                                                                                               s Ava Nickens
                                                                                               s Dwight Redd
                                                                                               s Earl Short
                                                                                               s Larry Bridgeforth

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