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 Building Your Brand From the Ground Up
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Real estate markets today are more competitive than ever before. Bubbles rise and burst across
the country. Markets shift and level off. And after each transformation, a new set of rules will
determine the projects that succeed and those that do not. Gone are the days of unchecked
speculation and unlimited purchasing power. Prospective buyers today are more informed, more
critical and less likely to buy into a project without in-depth comparisons and consideration.

For many builders and developers, creating an exceptional home or community is easy. The
challenge lies in selling those homes and communities before they are physically completed.
At its core, this is a problem of vision versus communication. How do you convey your vision
and convince your prospects to buy before construction is complete?

Selling your vision requires creating a credible, convincing brand that appeals both emotionally
and rationally to your potential buyers. Through marketing materials, websites, interactive
campaigns, strategic property releases, personal tours and sales processes, we help your
customers understand the benefits of buying into your vision. At IF marketing & advertising,
we specialize in developing, marketing and selling your story.

Through dozens of real estate projects across the country, we’ve developed a keen understanding
of markets, demographics, customers and developers. Our practices and processes have
been tested in the toughest markets, and we have the numbers to prove their success. From
branding and consulting, to websites and advertising, to full-service sales programs, CRM and
lead management, we generate demand and convert leads into sales. But perhaps the most
important service we provide for developers is the freedom to focus on development — we
concentrate on sales and marketing so you can focus on what you do best.

our services
creativity, strategy & accountability
Successfully marketing real estate projects takes three essential qualities: creativity, strategy
and accountability. The first is fairly obvious: creativity is an important factor in the development of
memorable brands, materials and messaging, as well as the design of homes, amenities and the
community plan. But creative work can only succeed when it reaches the right people at the
right time, and that is accomplished through effective branding and marketing strategy.
Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it takes accountability. Through detailed tracking
and metrics, regular progress and pipeline reports, and complete visibility into our marketing
plans, IF remains accountable to our real estate development clients.

Through extensive experience in all aspects of creating and selling real estate developments,
we have developed a customizable branding and marketing program that is specifically
designed for the unique challenges of this ever-changing industry. These programs integrate
a number of traditional in-house agency services with innovative online and electronic
marketing strategies to build a strong presence in your market and increase sales absorption
throughout the life of your project. When you enlist the IF team, your project will benefit from
an array of services and capabilities, which include:

• Brand Development                                    • E-mail Marketing
  & Revitalization
                                                       • Sales Programs & Staffing
• Sales Kits & Collateral
                                                       • Sales Office Design & Materials
• Web Design & Programming
                                                       • Customer Relationship Management
• Lead Generation & Awareness                            (IF CRM)

• Advertising Campaigns                                • Integrated Landing Pages
  & Media Placement                                      & Database Management

• Direct Mail Campaigns                                • Tracking Metrics & Pipeline Reporting

• Search Engine Marketing (IF SEO)                     • Marketing Plans &
                                                         Performance Measurement

                                                         medical center

our services
strategic consulting & market research
Every brand development project we take on begins with
                                                              service sPotlight
in-depth research and analysis. Through interviews, phone
                                                              In fall 2008, Koloa Landing at Poipu Beach
calls, market analysis and good old-fashioned reading,
                                                              enlisted IF to create an email campaign to
we immerse ourselves in the geographical, ecological,         increase awareness and drive fresh leads
economic and social environments of your project. We          for their luxury resort and residences on
return with a comprehensive understanding of the unique       one of Kauai’s most famous beaches. The
qualities and demands of your buyers and your development.    developers had already exhausted their
                                                              “friends & family” list, and their existing
This research includes a close examination of potential
                                                              marketing programs were averaging
competitors, market trends, natural qualities and target      around 20 leads per month.
audience, with specific focus on how these elements affect
development and sales throughout the life of the project.

Over the course of our work with projects of all sizes, in
countless locations and for a range of buyers, we’ve gained
significant insight into what drives successful real estate
development. Through analysis of our past experiences,
tracking and metrics, sales reports and discussions with
industry professionals from around the world, our team
possesses a unique ability to guide projects to success.      We sent three emails over a 6 week period:
Armed with this knowledge, we help our clients assess all     one to their list of prospects, one to ours
aspects of their developments, from effective messaging       and one promoting a special event for
                                                              high-end buyers in the Napa Valley. When
and designs, to amenities and architecture, to pricing and
                                                              the dust finally settled, we generated more
expected sales absorption. Whether a comprehensive            than 350 leads during one of the toughest
brand development or knowledgeable guidance on a              markets in recent history for a luxury home
project-by-project basis, our consulting services are         product starting in the $900s. Replies and
backed by quantifiable data and proven results.               information requests poured in, the call-
                                                              back list quickly filled with fresh prospects,
                                                              and the newly energized sales team went
                                                              to work converting leads to sales.

                                                      medical center

our services
sales Programs
One of the biggest challenges that new real estate         service sPotlight
developments face is recruiting and managing a
                                                           “A qualified and experienced sales
qualified sales staff. High-rise projects, golf and
                                                           team can mean the difference between
waterfront communities, and other high-end developments    success and failure for your development.
each require different sales processes and techniques.     As markets get more competitive and
Different types of buyers are attracted, committed         buyers grow more cautious, your sales
                                                           team will become one of your most
and ultimately converted to purchase through very
                                                           valuable differentiators. Sure, it takes a
different approaches. Experienced staff and proven sales   great product and great marketing to
processes can increase your sales absorption and ensure    drive prospects to your development, but
your project’s success.                                    it takes a great sales team to convert those
                                                           prospects into buyers.

IF marketing & advertising can provide a complete,         Our sales training is based on hundreds of
                                                           successful projects, thousands of sales and
custom sales program for your development, including
                                                           countless customer interactions all over
sales staff recruitment and training, reservation          the country. We’ve developed techniques
programs and lot release schedules, and even sales         that increase demand and create a sense
center design and event organization. With experience      of urgency to drive reservations and sales.
in generating leads and driving sales for real             With our sales teams, you get experienced
                                                           professionals whose attention is 100%
estate developments of all sizes, for a range of
                                                           focused on your property and its unique
buyers, we can ensure your sales team has the tools they   selling features.”
need to succeed.
                                                           Jeff Novak
                                                           CEO, IF marketing & advertising

                                                         medical center

our services
if crm
One of the key components in our ability to maximize          service sPotlight
your property sales is IF CRM (Customer Relationship          The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay
Management). Our proprietary CRM program has been             implemented IF CRM to simplify their
custom created and designed to meet the unique challenges     contact management and email marketing
of real estate sales. IF CRM is a web-based solution that     campaigns. In less than two weeks, IF
                                                              converted their existing contacts and
provides our clients’ sales and marketing teams complete
                                                              sales information, with no loss of data, and
management of all customer contact, sales progress and        trained a team of more than 20 agents,
campaign metrics. The program can also be fully customized    front desk personnel, settlement department
and scaled to meet the needs of any development or            staff and managers. Today, the staff uses
                                                              IF CRM for all of their lead management,
sales team, no matter how large or small.                     contact information and e-campaign
                                                              activities, including:

Throughout the sales process, your team will have the
                                                              • Tracking email campaign deliveries,
ability to organize all leads, set reminders, track results    open rates and click-throughs
of follow-ups and generate real-time metrics on lead
                                                              • Push-button reports for new accounts,
management and program performance. This critical              lead source tracking, sales activities
information enables IF to continually optimize campaigns       and buyer demographics
by market response and allows you to hold sales teams
accountable for their performance. With these reports, we
can calculate cost-per-lead, leads-per-placement, target
market location and demographics, even make strategic
decisions on new lot releases or development projects.

                                                              • Sales team performance including
                                                               CRM tool user stats, agent phone
                                                               call information, tracking notes, and
                                                               sales activity details

                                                             medical center

our services
if seo
In today’s marketplace, the internet possesses an ability         service sPotlight
to launch a property’s popularity and success unlike any
                                                                  When Iowa’s largest homebuilder,
other medium. Unfortunately success on the internet takes         Regency Homes signed on for IF SEO,
more than a creative name or beautiful design. As more            their website converted less than 1% of
people use Google to find your website, the strength of your      all visitors into inquiring leads and their
                                                                  internet marketing costs sat at more than
website and its ability to convert page visits into information   $1,000 per lead. Our solution to their
requests and leads will prove vital to your success.              website woes included:

                                                                  • Website analysis: where visitors came
With IF SEO (Search Engine Optimization), search                   from, which pages kept them there and
                                                                   which ones failed
engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN become effective
partners in your online marketing efforts. They allow your        • Homebuyer demographics study: finding
                                                                   where potential customers lived, how
customers to validate your site and increase your strength         they behaved online and where they
in their rankings. More than a simple billboard or ad, your        spent their time on the internet
site becomes an active member of your sales team.                 • Targeted banner ads and landing pages:
                                                                   targeting the sites potential buyers
                                                                   frequented, creative ads and integrated
Our proactive SEO services include website maintenance,            landing pages allowed prospects to click
linking campaigns and regular content updates. We                  through and sign up for more information

actively work to maintain and improve your web presence           • Pay-per-click campaigns: selecting
on a monthly basis—increasing your online visibility,              important keywords for Iowa’s real estate
                                                                   market, IF engineers managed Google
strengthening your messaging and delivering regular,               Adwords campaigns on a daily basis to
quality leads from all major search engines. And best of           maximize efficiency and success
all, it’s completely trackable and allows for detailed
                                                                  The results?
accountability and reporting on all of our activities.            In a matter of months, IF SEO had
                                                                  • Increased traffic from 2,259 periodic
                                                                    visits to 7,066 periodic visits

                                                                  • Increased conversion rate (inquiries)
                                                                   from 0.22% to 2.56%

                                                                  • Decreased Regency’s costs from
                                                                   $1,198.99 to $100.94 per lead!

our Work
strategy & creativity
drive, lead & caPture

In any branding or advertising situation, there is no such thing as the one single right answer.
Two clients in the same industry with the same goals may find success using two very different
strategies. That’s why each of our programs and all of our services can be modified and scaled
to best meet the needs of our clients.

Experience in the market can get us a long way, but it’s the knowledge of each client’s unique
needs and goals that allows us to create a plan that truly delivers. So instead of presenting a
definitive list of “must haves” and “best practices” based on assumptions about your business,
we find it much more beneficial at this time to share a few of our clients’ stories and how we
helped them to achieve their goals.

                          case study #1
the golf club at briar’s creek
 The Golf Club at Briar’s Creek had already proven itself among the Top 100 courses
 in America (in both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine), but they enlisted IF marketing
 & advertising to boost the club’s release of estate homesites. Overshadowed by the
 established brand popularity of nearby Kiawah Island, we determined what Briar’s
 Creek needed most was to create awareness for their location on neighboring Johns
 Island, with superior residential offerings and truly private golf. Through a modest
 rebranding effort and a series of print, interactive and direct marketing campaigns, IF
 quickly picked up the reins and successfully launched the next stage in the evolution of
 this extraordinary golf retreat.

brand enhancement & aWareness
With the dominance of Kiawah Island’s brand in the South Carolina market, we needed to boost
awareness and value for the unique offering of private golf and estates at Briar’s Creek. We
began by overhauling the club’s brand identity, adding weight to the exclusivity and privacy
offered by their limited membership. We crafted new messaging, including the tagline: “300
members. 0 tee times. One unforgettable lifestyle,” drawing a distinct line between the popular
Kiawah Island resort developments and the truly private retreat available at Briar’s Creek.

By adjusting the existing brand and overhauling
the corporate messaging, we began to
reposition Briar’s Creek as the finest, most
exclusive golf and residential opportunity in
the Charleston area.

Website & collateral
As with most of our branding projects, the next major step in validating the new Briar’s Creek
brand was to begin crafting their website and vision brochure. Since the property’s key market
demographic includes busy professionals and executives, the website needed to quickly
convey the property’s stunning imagery and extremely limited membership, while providing
more in-depth information for those with time to investigate further. More than anything, the
design and messaging also needed to validate the level of luxury and justify the price point for
the estates. The signature brochure allowed for more detailed information and subtle design
elements that truly embodied the refined luxury of the Briar’s Creek lifestyle.

The new Briar’s Creek website utilizes stunning
photography of the golf course, homes and
amenities to convey the beauty of the property,
while refined messaging and design elements
create an interactive experience of life at Briar’s
Creek for prospects before they visit.

The Briar’s Creek signature brochure features an
elegant 30-page layout, worthy of a place on any
prospect’s coffee table. Filled with generous
photography and in-depth information, this
brochure establishes the club as truly world-
class golf and real estate offering.

demand generation & aWareness
With the new brand image and marketing materials established, we set out to generate
awareness among the club’s key demographic: wealthy golf aficionados in Charleston,
Kiawah Island and major markets in the Northeast. Through targeted ad placements in national
and regional publications, direct mail campaigns to specific demographics and neighborhoods,
and email campaigns sent to specific lists of pre-qualified buyers, we began to stake out the
club’s position in the competitive market for golf communities in South Carolina.

A series of direct mail campaigns were targeted
at specific demographics and areas where
prospective buyers were most likely to be found.
Carefully managed databases and lists enable
these campaigns to reach the elusive audience
of high-net-worth individuals.

Driven by the target demographic’s predilection
for fine collections—from art, to jewelry to golf
memberships—our first campaign connects                              C O L L E C T I B L E S
a membership at Briar’s Creek with other
extremely limited, but very recognizable,
collectibles. Placements included national
golf publications, local culture and lifestyle
magazines, and target publications like The
Robb Report and Cigar Aficionado.

                                                                                                                   BRIAR‘S CREEK

                                                                                                                   a collector’s dream
                                                                                                                   The Golf Club at Briar's Creek features a very limited
                                                                                                                   collection of the finest estate homesites in the Charleston
                                                                                                                   area. Minutes from Kiawah Island beaches, just a select
                                                                                                                   number of families will enjoy access to the time-treasured
                                                                                                                   private club lifestyle available at Briar's Creek. At its heart,
                                                                                                                   an award-winning Rees Jones golf course and at its soul, a
                                                                                                                   Lowcountry family retreat complete with boating, fishing,
                                                                                                                   hike & bike trails and a soon to be completed clubhouse.

                                                                                                                     Briar's Creek. A collectible you and your
                                                                                                                      family will appreciate for generations.

                                                    EQUAL HOUSING
                                                                    Johns   Island,   South   Carolina   •   877.718.4962         •

Following the Select Collectibles campaign, a
new series of advertisements began to solidify
the club’s position as a retreat for truly discerning
golfers. Combining stunning photography of the
club and course with short messaging, these
campaigns targeted busy, high-level executives
seeking a different kind of club.                                                                    Stand apart

                                                                                                                                         BRIAR‘S C REEK

                                                                                                                            one unforgettable lifestyle
                                                                                                                                        300 members • 0 tee times

                                                                                        GolfDigest   GolfDigest   GOLF          Johns Island, South Carolina • Homesites from the 500s
                                                                                         TOP 100
                                                        Certified Signature Sanctuary                 TOP 100     TOP 100             800.986.0965 •
                                                                                                                                                                                         EQUAL HOUSING

While it may seem like a questionable
connection, these billboards generated a
much-needed local awareness for Briar’s Creek
in the Charleston area. Strategic placements
between the airport and downtown Charleston
reached tourists and business travelers who
shared an affinity for the area.

Like direct mail, email campaigns were deployed
to a carefully managed list of contacts with high
household incomes, an affinity for exclusive golf
and located in geographic areas most likely to
visit Charleston. The landing pages allow for
instant information requests and feedback for
respondents, while providing buyer profiles and
immediate database integration for Briar’s Creek.

real estate sales
Through the strategic release of each phase in the development, we were able to control
the number and location of available homesites, creating a sense of urgency to maintain a
consistent demand for the product. In addition to the limited availability, membership and club
incentives also allow us to create an urgency to purchase without devaluing the homesites
themselves. Throughout these releases, private tours of the course and community were
available for qualified buyers, allowing the Briar’s Creek sales team to afford prospects a
preview of the exclusive Briar’s Creek lifestyle.

In addition to sales team management, our
sales program includes the organization of
Discovery Visits and special onsite events.
These personal visits and tours proved to be
one of our most effective demand generation
tools with 90% of prospects who toured
ultimately purchasing at Briar’s Creek.

if crm
The sales staff and management at Briar’s Creek use IF CRM to track demand generation
campaigns and manage all customer contacts and interaction. IF CRM’s flexibility allows
the sales team to completely customize its features to best serve their sales and tracking
needs, publishing weekly reports that include the lead source, lead qualification, hot/cold
prospects and new contacts from phone calls and information requests at the push of a
button. Internally, we use the reporting features to track the overall success of each
campaign and provide a specific cost-per-lead for all of our work with Briar’s Creek.

The IF CRM Dashboard offers a compre-
hensive view of all sales, marketing and
development activities at Briar’s Creek.
Custom reports can provide more in-depth
information on open rates, cost-per-lead,
leads-per-placement or any other tracking
function—literally at the push of a button.

Through our rebranding and lead generation programs, we increased overall awareness of
Briar’s Creek along the Eastern Seaboard and throughout the golf world, averaging more than
100 qualified leads per month. This awareness led to greater demand for the limited releases
of estates, increasing the average sales price of properties from $300,000 to $500,000 in just
18 months. In that time, we sold more than 30 multi-acre estates in this exclusive development,
generating an excess of $15 million in revenue. Through careful tracking and custom reports,
we were able to measure each campaign’s performance down to the penny, enabling us to
make informed decisions on all sales and marketing efforts throughout the process, all the
while providing unprecedented accountability to the Briar’s Creek management team.

                     case study #2
  cascadas de manzanillo

Set in the lush hills overlooking Santiago Bay and the Pacific Ocean, Cascadas de
Manzanillo is a 530-acre private community in one of Mexico’s emerging second-
home markets. While the developers focused on planning and design, IF marketing
& advertising was tasked with refining their brand identity, awareness and demand
generation, as well as placing our team in charge of their sales program. Through
more sophisticated messaging, imagery and specifically targeted marketing, we
quickly took on the challenge of establishing Cascadas de Manzanillo as one of
Mexico’s premier new communities.

Our first task was to craft a new brand identity that embodied the lifestyle of Manzanillo and
boosted confidence in the prospect of purchasing a home in Mexico. Through a refined logo
design and key messaging, we created a brand story that conveyed the exceptional location
and amenities of the community, the proven experience of the design and development
teams, and the unique atmosphere of Manzanillo. An important phase of this process was
also to help brand Manzanillo itself, increasing awareness of the town’s spectacular setting,
old-time charm and incredible safety. In addition to our traditional marketing collateral, we
also implemented a bilingual marketing plan that includes English and Spanish websites,
collateral and sales materials.

The initial element of the new brand for Cascadas
de Manzanillo was the logo redesign, but the full
effort involved crafting a complete visual and verbal
identity for the community, the city and the lifestyle
that defined this spectacular opportunity.

                                                  medical center
The website is a central part of the new story
of life at Cascadas de Manzanillo. Detailed
information about the development, the city of
Manzanillo and the ability to purchase property
in Mexico are designed to help American
buyers feel comfortable about investing in real
estate outside the US.

The vision brochure was designed to add
credibility and weight to the Cascadas de
Manzanillo brand. With beautiful photography,
information on flights and travel, as well
as detailed property maps and floor plans,
prospects gain a full understanding of the
value and promise of their investment.

lead generation - seo & e-camPaigns
To generate awareness and demand for Cascadas de Manzanillo, we concentrated
our efforts on interactive campaigns and online advertising. We began by creating the
community’s website, which was designed to be visually and emotionally appealing, as
well as optimized for maximum search engine compatibility. Through our ongoing Search
Engine Optimization (IF SEO) efforts, quickly moved up the ranks in
search listings in the highly competitive market for luxury real estate in Mexico. As our
organic SEO practices continued to pay off, we also launched a series of interactive
email campaigns, targeted at locations and demographics most likely to have an interest
in purchasing a second home in Mexico. A key consideration in this strategy was to
target cities that offered direct flight access to Manzanillo Airport.

A series of email campaigns targeted existing
contacts, key demographics, as well as
realtors whose clients may have an interest in
resort property. Each linked to custom landing
pages with forms to request more information,
schedule a sales call or make a reservation for a
Discovery Visit to the property.

discovery visits
As part of our sales program, we helped Cascadas de Manzanillo host Discovery Visits,
providing lodging and activities that allowed qualified buyers to visit Manzanillo, tour the
property and experience a preview of owning a second home in the community—at a fraction
of the cost of a typical vacation. Our programs strike a delicate balance between driving sales
and allowing prospects to enjoy their time in Mexico, and our in-depth sales training and
consulting created a program that excelled. Visits were regularly planned around new
property launches, local festivals or specific events and attractions for target demographics.

Discovery Visits are a great opportunity for
the sales teams to give prospects a preview of
the lifestyle at Cascadas de Manzanillo. More
than a property tour or sales event, Discovery
Visits include casual sales opportunities, special
events and plenty of freedom for prospects to
sell themselves on the location.

if crm
Through the IF CRM, the Cascadas de Manzanillo sales team manages all of their customer
communications from any location. Whether they are on site in Manzanillo or traveling in the
US, the web-based program allows them to access all of their contacts, follow-up calls, reports
and metrics. The developers use these capabilities to track marketing spending and ROI, sales
team activities and progress, as well as to anticipate the best times to schedule property visits
or release new products.

Each client tailors their IF CRM to provide
specific features and information on their
development. Real-time information on
campaign performance, sales activities and
prospect status can be communicated visually
or numerically, and exported in whatever
format is most convenient.

Since taking over as agency of record, we have led the sales of over 80 homesites and
increased the average sales price from $80,000 to $275,000. Thanks to our ongoing SEO and
website optimization, is firmly established in the web search listings for
major terms and keywords. In early 2008, the website and interactive campaigns generated
more than 300 leads for 3 consecutive months. To date, more than 100 prospective buyers
have booked Discovery Visits with our sales team, continuing to drive demand, awareness and
sales in this incredible community.

                      case study #3

Located on Lake Oconee just an hour east of Atlanta, Georgia, the developers of
Galingayle approached us with the difficult task of creating a brand—literally from
the ground up—that would stand out in the highly competitive market for second-
home communities in the popular lake country of the Southeast. As the developers
continued to finalize the details of the community’s exceptional waterfront club and
equestrian amenities, we set out to create an identity and a story that would resonate
with buyers in the crowded and busy metropolis.

Before we created the name or the logo, our first task was to define the target buyers and stake
out a claim in territory they would find appealing. Through a comprehensive brand charrette
and research process, we compiled a detailed look at the project’s geographic, economic and
social setting in a document we call the Brand Distillation. Armed with this information, we
began developing their position within the market. What was originally considered a competitive
factor quickly emerged as one of our strongest potential allies: the popular and luxurious golf
resorts already located on the lake. These resorts created a name for Lake Oconee as the premier
getaway destination in the region, while catering specifically to wealthy golf aficionados and
their families. Our strategy for Galingayle leveraged the lake’s equity in this market, while
appealing to a more family-friendly, easily accessible and active lake club mentality.

Each detail of the Galingayle brand is designed
to convey the community’s personality. Warm
colors and subtle graphic elements help
communicate the relaxed, family-friendly
atmosphere of the lakefront location. Heavy
stock and rich textures add authority to their
communications and convey the more elegant
side of life at Galingayle.

market research
As we worked to develop the Galingayle brand, we launched a series of preliminary surveys
to gather information specific to the Atlanta/Madison vacation home market. We sent this
interactive questionnaire to area realtors and brokers, who provided important feedback on
their buyers’ interests in specific lake and equestrian amenities, as well as the market
perception of the location’s investment opportunities. With a number of realtors already
interested and a considerable list of potential customers, we launched a follow-up campaign
inviting prospects to visit the Sales & Information Center in Madison, tour the property and
reserve a place in Galingayle’s Founder Program.

This survey targeted registered real estate
agents and brokers in the Atlanta metropolitan
area, with questions designed to gauge the
attractiveness of the location, the appeal of
specific amenities and features among their
clients, and the intended use (vacation, retire-
ment, rental, etc.) of second home purchases
in the region. A secondary goal was to gain
broker cooperation and foster early interest in the
product by providing exclusive pre-development
information to real estate professionals.

marketing vehicles & collateral
With the Galingayle brand story coming together, we went to work defining the community’s
place within the market with a focus on key differentiators: the convenience of the
location (compared to competing developments on the lake), the lake’s constant-level
waterfront (compared to other lakes suffering from severe drought) and the unique lifestyle of
active lake club and equestrian living. Through the community website, marketing collateral
and off-site sales office, we quickly established a presence for the community before the
developers ever broke ground.

The Galingayle website offers prospects a
chance to experience the club’s lifestyle and
community atmosphere from any location, at
any time. Brand elements convey a warm, lake
lodge atmosphere, while a contemporary design
and layout convey the community’s divergence
from the traditional established developments
on Lake Oconee.

The custom sales sheets and folder are very
effective as a preliminary sales tool. Each
sheet provides specific sales information,
such as community features, location map,
master plan, amenities and frequently asked
questions. Since each is individually designed
and printed, they can easily be expanded,
edited or removed as the development evolves.

                                                  medical center
This campaign served as the Atlanta market’s
formal introduction to Galingayle. Designed to
accommodate single page or double spreads,
this concept underscores the most important
differentiators for the target audience: the
property’s proximity to Atlanta and family-
friendly lake club offering. The messaging
introduces the amenities and homesites,
directs prospects to the website to sign up for
development updates.

                                                     medical center
These advertisements were designed for
strategic placement along the main route from
Atlanta to Madison, taking advantage of travelers’
affinity for the area. Messaging focuses on the
availability and price of Galingayle’s waterfront
homesites, as a differentiator from other
developments in the area.

As most buyers in Galingayle’s market demo-
graphic are technologically savvy, interactive
marketing and email campaigns play a key
role in our demand generation plan. Email
campaigns and online banner ads placed
on carefully selected websites each link to
integrated landing pages where prospects
can “opt-in” to learn the newest developments
at Galingayle and sign up to receive a
brochure or schedule a Discovery Visit.

sales Program
The Galingayle Sales & Information Center allows prospective buyers to experience the
community’s architectural style and atmosphere before construction ever begins at the
property. Located just 15 minutes from the property in downtown Madison, the sales center
also illustrates Galingayle’s convenient proximity to one of Georgia’s most popular destinations
for shopping, dining and historic attractions. At the sales office, prospects can also learn
more about the Founding Members program, a very limited initial release of waterfront,
cottage and equestrian homesites that allow a select number of families to become the
first members of the Galingayle community. Limited opportunity programs like this help
to create a sense of urgency, driving interest and demand for the product, as well as
providing developers with an early boost in sales revenue.

Just 15 minutes from the property, the sales
office is located in one of Georgia’s most
popular destinations for antiques and arts
shopping, and it’s one of the major attractions
for all real estate developments on Lake
Oconee. Located in the heart of downtown
Madison, the location serves to reinforce the
benefit of owning at Galingayle and being
“neighbors” with this historic town.

Our initial email questionnaire revealed an incredible interest in the community’s location
as well as the unique offering of lake club and equestrian amenities. With a series of email
campaigns targeting potential customers in the Atlanta and Madison areas, we generated 1000
qualified leads in the first three months of pre-development marketing. As a result, the sales
team sold 70% of the available reservations in the Founder Program. The success of these
initial marketing efforts led the developers to move up their reservation and release schedule,
which continues to meet and exceed sales goals in one of the country’s most competitive real
estate markets during one of the most uncertain economic periods since the 1980s.

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IF marketing & advertising began in 2002 when two former NFL teammates reunited as special-
guest judges at a barbecue cook-off in Georgetown, TX. Neither remembers who took first prize
for the barbecue, but what Will Furrer and Jeff Novak do remember is that their decision to start
a business together was the start of something big. Soon, they recruited three other members
to the team: talented CRM specialist, Robert Cowes; a leading programmer, Rik Copley; and
another former teammate, Tony Boselli.

What emerged from their vision was a new kind of company—one that was not only innovative
and creative, but one that remained accountable to its clients in both good times and bad. Today,
our team includes a diverse group of passionate specialists, each committed to the vision and
promise that began with our founders. It’s a promise that has attracted industry leaders in real
estate, healthcare and retail, and a vision that guides IF marketing & advertising in its growth
and its future.

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Despite our position as the Austin area’s Fastest Growing Agency, we still focus on conversations
rather than “pitches,” and we remain steadfast in our commitment to customer service and
accountability. From start to finish, from brand to market, our team has developed the right mix of
marketing, advertising and sales expertise to make your project a success.

Now that you’ve had an introduction to the philosophies, the processes and the projects that
make it all happen for our clients, find out how we can help achieve your business goals.

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