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                                                From the Iowa Department of Economic Development • March • Volume 1 • Number 3

With spring right around the corner let’s
                                               Marketing Tools for your
focus on how to generate new business.
We have great marketing resources for
you to help determine and reach your
                                               Targeted Small Business
target market and most effectively pro-        Budgets are tightening, customer expecta-       time to develop a sound and integrated
mote your TSB. In March we also high-          tions are growing and competition can be        marketing plan will generate returns both
light two businesses whose services are in     both global and fierce. To distinguish your     now and long-term.
high demand from procurement agents            business and services in today’s world you      There are a whole slew of very good and inex-
– Business Furnishings & Design, special-      need a marketing advantage — effective,         pensive resources available to you to learn
izing in office furniture and supplies and     targeted and smart marketing. How do you        these marketing basics. The United States
Paarlance Creative Writing, a TSB provid-      efficiently and intelligently market your       Small Business Administration is one resource
ing valuable advertising, public relations,    business in today’s expensive and media-        that offers the following free online training
and promotions expertise. This month’s         frenzied world?                                 courses which can be easily completed within
agency spotlight is one of the largest state   Every business owner should start the process   30 minutes:
agencies, the Department of Administrative     by answering the following questions:           •	 Building Your Brand
Services (DAS). Read more about how            •	 What	products	(goods,	services	or	           •	 Identify Your Target Market
your business can work with DAS under the         ideas) am I offering?
                                                                                               •	 Advertising Your Business
“Procurement Spotlight”.                       •	 To	whom	am	I	offering	this	product	
                                                                                               •	 Promoting Your Business
                                                  (the target market)? Who has the
TSB SPOTLIGHT                                     greatest need for this service/product?
                                               •	 How	will	I	inform	potential	customers	
                                                                                               •	 E-Mail Marketing
                                                                                               •	 Marketing 101: The Fundamentals *
Paarlance Creative Writing                        of the offering?                             •	 Conduct a Marketing Analysis *
Since 2002, organizations have partnered       Being able to answer these questions puts a     Visit for more infor-
with Paarlance Creative Writing for            business owner well on the way to creating a    mation or to register for any of their courses,
advertising, public relations and              solid marketing plan.                           many of which are available in multiple
copywriting expertise. Owner Ruth                                                              languages. Also visit their site for valuable
                                               Having a marketing plan is important part
Paarmann brings over 17 years of                                                               resources through the Small Business
                                               of your business’s overall successes. If you
advertising agency, corporate and nonprofit                                                    Development Centers (SBDCs) http://www.
                                               already have one in place – congratula-
experience to planning, writing and editing                                          
                                               tions! If you don’t have one now or have
news releases, brochures, newsletters,                                                         html. SBDCs provide management assistance
                                               never developed a plan, don’t sweat it. It
scripts and many other materials. That                                                         to current and prospective small business
                                               doesn’t take an MBA to market your TSB.
experience has endowed her with a unique                                                       owners by providing a wide variety of informa-
                                               However, you will need to set aside some
perspective on creating messages for a wide                                                    tion and guidance. The program is a coop-
                                               time to develop your plan. Make the deci-
variety of industries.                                                                         erative effort among the private sector, the
                                               sion today to learn basic and efficient mar-
“My goal is to help organizations              keting strategies such as market research,      educational community and federal, state and
communicate better and save them time in       customer service, advertising, targeting,       local governments and is an integral compo-
the process,” says Paarmann.                   packaging, pricing, e-marketing, public         nent of Entrepreneurial Development’s
Continued on back page                         relations and promotions. Investing the         Continued on back page

Donna Lowery
Program Manager
Margo Kromminga
Marketing and Compliance Manager
TSB SPOTLIGHT                                                                    More TSB News:
Continued from front page                                                        TeChNICal SeRvICe PROvIDeRS: The TSB Program cur-
“We focus on engaging their target audience with a memorable, compelling         rently has 5 technical assistance service providers to help
message. Then, our design and media partners can help complete the com-          you with a variety of business needs. HF 890 provided
munication pieces.”                                                              funding to contract with these service providers to ensure
                                                                                 the ongoing success of TSBs. Recently, these service provid-
Paarmann received ADDY recognition for print and interactive copy. In
                                                                                 ers attended training in Des Moines to learn more about
February, she was named 2007 Ad Person of the Year by the American
                                                                                 initial and ongoing expectations and to collaborate with
Advertising Federation: Cedar Rapids-Iowa City. See
                                                                                 each other on services provided to TSBs throughout the
for select Paarlance Creative Writing samples or contact Paarmann at
                                                                                 state. When a business receives an award under the TSB to discuss your specific marketing needs.
                                                                                 Program, it is automatically paired up with a technical
Business Furnishings & Design                                                    service provider for one year. Contact Margo Kromminga
Lauri A. Weissenburger established Business Furnishings & Design in January      to take advantage of the great services and experiences
1989 and was certified as a targeted small business that same year. Coby K.      offered by this terrific group!
Koester joined the firm in 2006 with background in sales and education.          FeBRUaRy 2008 TSB awaRDS
The firm has combined experience of over 30 years in the industry and sells      In February the TSB Program announced three loan awards
several seating lines, filling, case goods, reception furniture, shelving and    for businesses in Des Moines and Iowa City.
ergonomic products. Business Furnishings & Design prides itself on customer      Faythe and Sarah Dornink, owners of Faythe Dornink
service and timely delivery of quality products and enjoys long-term relation-   Custom Dress Designs in Des Moines were awarded a
ships with various state agencies. The company delivers and installs through-    $15,000 loan with an interest rate of four percent over a
out the state of Iowa and surrounding area. For more information contact         five-year period to purchase equipment, furniture and sup-
Coby Koester via e-mail at or at 515.226.0185.              plies. The mother-daughter custom-made garment business
TSB and GSE – The Vendor Process                                                 is relocating from their home to a larger commercial space
                                                                                 in the East Village District, allowing them to showcase their
The Iowa Department of General Services (DGS) was a member of the first
                                                                                 original designs for custom gowns and accessories for bridal,
TSB Task Force established in early 2004. Since that time DGS has become
                                                                                 evening and everyday wear.
an enterprise (General Services Enterprise) within the Department of
Administrative Services and continues to support TSBs both by promoting          Kye Sun Steward, new owner of Aoeshe Restaurant in Iowa
TSBs to state agency purchasing staff and through quarterly meetings.            City was awarded a $50,000 loan with an interest rate of
                                                                                 four percent over a five-year period to purchase inven-
For assistance in establishing a TSB contract, please contact Pam Dickey
                                                                                 tory, supplies and plants. The previous owner of Aoeshe
directly via e-mail at She will help you navigate
                                                                                 Restaurant retired after 20 years. Steward plans to keep
among appropriate purchasing agents and will make it much easier for state
                                                                                 the restaurant’s existing name while increasing services and
agency personnel to purchase from specific TSBs through a contract process.
                                                                                 improving the facility.
State agencies may purchase up to $10,000 in goods or services from a certi-
                                                                                 William Kinney, owner of a restaurant d/b/a Pop’s Place
fied TSB without conducting a competitive bid, but if agencies don’t know
                                                                                 and d/b/a Bibbs So Food was awarded a $26,000 loan
about your company or your TSB certification, they will likely take that busi-
                                                                                 with an interest rate of four percent over a five-year period
ness somewhere else.
                                                                                 to purchase a food trailer. A regular vendor at the Iowa
                                                                                 State Fair and the Drake Relays, Kinney’s food trailer will
Marketing Tools for your Targeted Small Business                                 be equipped with a commercial-sized freezer and air con-
Continued from front page                                                        ditioning to provide additional catering services in Polk
network of training and counseling services.                                     County and the surrounding area.

Other critical resources for you available within Iowa include your local
Community College or the Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Institute nearest you          CheCK heRe FOR UPCOMING eveNTS
at Finally, you may    
want to consult the listing of TSB businesses that specialize in marketing
services at
Whatever resource you choose to develop and execute your marketing strat-
egy, the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll see the results.


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