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???English Video Lessons on time, the teacher let us talk about my own
childhood, many students talked about how his childhood was happy,
beautiful, sweet face filled with happiness, and I carefully recalled
my childhood, I found my childhood and they are different, I do not
have nice clothes, no pocket money, no arms like a baby nestled in the
memory of their parents because my parents every day to spare, their
backs facing the world loess labor, but my childhood is meaningful, is
???Remember most is that once my brother and I went to the ground and
bring food to their parents.
I remember that I was five years old, no school, my brother-year-old,
just last year, things happened that summer, it was wheat harvest
season ---- for rural people is the most important thing when, because
of the hysterical devoted a large amount of crops they sweat, but a
Laolaoxiaoxiao Moreover, the year that the rations ah! In addition
there is little that's large machines like combine harvesters, it is
manual labor, so this time of year is one of the most busy. Adults
usually get up early in the morning, to sharpened sickle quickly, and
hurried bite rice to come down to earth, and generally do not go home
at noon to eat, or let the family get points, or when you come down to
earth to bring a morning pot of water and some bread, lunch to get. My
parents, too, because less labor at home, they cut a few more ridges
to wheat, in order to take advantage of Fengyang field is not home at
???My brother came back from school at noon that day has not come back
to see their parents, said to me: "We two today, cook their own
food, and good for parents to send," I said excitedly: "OK
good," but I will not do rice, rice porridge brother would do,
then we do it porridge, just the summer heat, the porridge together
can quench it, but my brother said, but also to their parents to eat
fried to order, the results we found in the kitchen with only a few
years onion, so I light a fire, cook brother, started our campaign.
???Later, dinner was finally ready, we are incredibly excited to have
let the parents see the results of our labor to Sign recruited by a
red plastic bucket and a small basket, and put on soup and bread, the
soup is too hot , can not mention, we have found a stick, two men
carried out to the ground.
???From home to the ground about a mile away, so carried away that we
really walk, stopped to rest, and then went on, approaching the
ground, met an uncle of our village, it may be looking at this hot day
of our two children so it is too poor to put forward to help us
carrying soup. Who knows just left not far, suddenly fell off the
little red drum, soup spilled over the ground, was originally put that
ring on the barrel out, though I know it was not the fault of uncle
who can only look at bottom of the barrel that left a few mouthfuls of
soup, I was aggrieved to cry, thinking that we managed to make the
meal, the parents have not taste it, sprinkled on the whole, that also
feel very embarrassed uncle advised me to come later or the brother
said: "You want to cry for a while my parents to see the
upset." I wiped away the tears continued to follow his brother.
???Into the ground, the parents also are Reaper, we come to see what
is going on thought, the mother quickly ran over, when she saw us
carrying the meals, can not help froze a moment, then quickly The
dough has red eyes, smiled and said: "Good boy, really grow up,
watching the two of you to the hot, quick wipe, to drink water."
I put tell her mother spilled the soup thing, while I wipe her face
while the mother said: "My child, the uncle is kind to help us,
there can not blame people Yeah, spill the soup spilled on it, this is
not the water up there, the same." At this time, his father also
came up and I hurry to let them taste the fruits of our labor, to urge
them to eat quickly, my brother suddenly called out: "Oh, I
forgot to salt the dish!" parents with a smile tasted, it really
did not put salt, but they said: "That will do, or thirsty light
salty food." listening to my brother and I also laughed, and then
we sit down with parents eating, drinking, eating bread. Although the
food is simple, but we eat very fragrant, and now want to warm up and
still think that scene.
???Now, I have from an ignorant child grew to be a student, the number
of home less and less, to the ground and even less the number of
times, and sometimes you want to leave home to do some job to help
their parents, they said: "Now do not so difficult than before,
you see, now farming, harvest crops, most of the activities are
machine dry, and we are more than two to a full, you ah, just learn on
the line ... ... "Yes ah, now no longer before the rural
countryside, the lighter the burden on farmers, not only do not pay
the agricultural tax and grain, and subsidies, the children go to
school free. Is farming, but now they were using mechanical operation,
the Government also organized technology to the villages, the farmers
have learned to scientific farming, their income is no longer just
rely on a few acres of land that, they learned to go out to the
outside world to work , to make money, even more gratifying is that
their worries have been reduced, because of the rural health
insurance, the village is also dedicated to those migrant workers who
opened the phone, home for the elderly and children can always call
them, they can keep abreast of the situation at home can also be more
secure work.
????Call each and parents in schools, they would asked me: "Do
not worry about home, everything at home, it can be because there is a
good policy, my child, draft who did not forget to dig wells, you have
to learn, Yeah ... will do more good things ... "And I, every
time are all agreed, because I know my life is difficult, step by step
from coming out, the hard-won life today, I will cherish it and
working hard The.
???Today, walking in the beautiful river big garden, the breeze were
just sprouting willow, flower garden appeared red, and yellow flowers
of spring are everywhere. The spring, spring is the season of growth,
is everything comes back to the season, I also need to sort out what
his new life, the university campus is a free, open place, I think I
would like to order of River adults " Ming De Xin Min, striving
for perfection, "the fine tradition of good had finished my
college life, a lifetime to make fatigue life of parents easier and
more realize that my commitment to their draft ----" people did
not forget to dig wells. "
????It has been said, man alive, not only for happy, to enjoy, more
often an experience for many, many enjoy a taste of life, experience
is regarded as the most important thing in life. Only experienced,
experience, and taste, understanding, and understanding, and will be
more of a thinking of life, will know what is life. Maybe I'll go to
the ground no longer possible to bring food to their parents, and no
longer possible to revisit a family dinner in the ground the kind of
warmth, but I have no regrets, because I have experienced, that
experience has been deeply engraved in my mind, is never lingering, so
I thank those childhood experiences, for I have experienced all the
suffering, because they gave me a priceless treasure, and I will last
you a lifetime.

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