March wedding I went to someone else's bed

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					March wedding I went to someone else's bed
????No money is totally unacceptable and it is the truth, especially
in the life time of collision with the money directly. "It has a
life of balance on the left of the weight of heavily suppressed, while
the right is a pad stack of bills needed to hold up to life
again." This is a small Vatican comes out his mouth was the most
vivid metaphor.
Little Fan, female, 26 years old

If¡¿ ¡¾ago

Small Vatican sitting on the opposite, the midday sun shines on her.
When she habitually use the right hand will be scattered
Rope long hair on the cheeks to the ear when the middle finger and
ring finger will have bright light flashes. In the absence of long
hair to cover the white and delicate neck, a necklace with a platinum
package insert, Department of jade pendant. No wonder thousands of
years, world demand is also rich in life and death is also seeking
wealth, turned out that the aggressive power and influence of the gas
wealth that actually Sri Lanka, that it makes you free attitude of any
person to pack up.

After the opening speech in the small Vatican, gives me a little
cautious previously been diluted a lot. After 26 years of his life is
not enough to an otherwise ordinary girl innocence and becomes
completely enveloped in the aura of a time the queen. Her soft voice
and gentle eyes and turned my thoughts by her beautiful jewelry from
arising in the infinite stardust back to the real world.

I do not work, except go shopping, and a few friends to come here to
drink tea, almost all stay at home, because I do not like outsiders
and some other too much irrelevant exchanges. I'm used to this life,
but some tired, no, I should say that their lives have begun to hate,
and think of my future life might have spun out this way, I got a bad
flustered, sometimes at night wake up will be scared into a cold

I was born in an ordinary family, in fact, can not be considered
normal, in terms of economic status, in this city had a relatively
poor. My father never laid off when the plant when in a small boiler
workers, no I can remember my mother went to class, because she is
sick, so many years afflicted by severe rheumatoid arthritis like a
60-year-old old woman. Such an environment, the family can not give my
kids my age can get happiness, but happiness can not be said, now
think of it, the calm in my family alone, but a kind of unspeakable
warmth. Of course, only to my age now, with the kind of life goodbye
when they could give birth to such feelings.

Well, I still talk about how an ordinary girl could not be more
extraordinary overnight asking for the moon experience. Cause of a
sudden my father two years ago because of heart disease was admitted
to the hospital. After a series of checks, the doctor said that my
father's heart needs to do four brackets, or, at any time, there will
be life-threatening. But for families like ours, not to mention that
hundreds of thousands of surgical costs, hospitalization and even make
life difficult for the daily costs have become the Kaner, my mother
and to friends and relatives can seek to borrow over and over, but
also is barely able to maintain my father can continue to stay in the
hospital. I was working in a production line made of Korean
operatives, the monthly wage is 600 yuan. Nanshi my family lived in a
small cottage, first leave me and my mother is not homeless, that is,
the house will sell 5 million of money, for my father in terms of
operation costs, there is a drop in the bucket.

Father knows his own condition, looking at all worried for me and my
mother categorically to go home, saying that do not want to afford to
live in the hospital, he said that my aunt is heart disease, the
situation is much the same with him, also been warned not to support
life would be in danger, but she did not do, and now ten years later,
although after a few dangerous, but not still alive and well.
Especially when I said to sell the family house after his surgery, he
is almost a slap in the face my fans, that is to die without a home
they can not be ghosts. We fail to beat him for two months in hospital
after home.

No money is totally unacceptable and it is the truth, especially in
the life time of collision with the money directly. "It has a
life of balance on the left of the weight of heavily suppressed, while
the right is a pad stack of bills needed to hold up to life
again." This is a small Vatican comes out his mouth was the most
vivid metaphor, said this, she stared into my eyes, as if looking
forward to the challenge of anti-party debaters.

I had already had a boyfriend, when we are college students, graduate
recruitment along with that company, we have intercourse more than 3
years. The two sides also more in favor of the home, either illness
happened to catch up with my dad, maybe we will get married in those

His family about the situation and my family, even if not good or
where to go, his father, a veteran trade union of state-owned
pharmaceutical company to do the work, although lightly to but wages
are not high, his mother was laid off as a cleaner in an office
building, a is 500 yuan monthly income, he is only son, his home was
the only task is to save money for our wedding. My father was in
hospital, his family took out 2 million to lend my house, it was
considered timely.

Dad home has been very unstable condition, but he is not the hospital.
One day he called me and my boyfriend said front, while now he can
attend our wedding, we want to do a wedding as soon as possible. I
said that if this time is really a wedding at home may also leave us a
little money, and if the words of my father and then need to be
hospitalized with life-saving money is really gone, but his attitude
is very firm that we mean if it does not go according to his do,
perhaps we will leave him and lifelong regret. Then my mother said to
do to do it, first, because my father did not want to provoke anger,
heart afraid of emotional, again, not to marry such a joyous argument
you, simply agreed to a father, then his wish.

We are near his home ceremony held at an ordinary restaurant, that
restaurant used to be a big dining hall, so the wedding would put
high-grade course not. Because your wedding is a profitable thing, we
invite guests for 10 tables, in addition to relatives, colleagues and
friends, to have notified to the notice. That also invited the
cameraman, filmed the scene carved into the disc, and the atmosphere
pretty exciting. Although the reason Dad can not drink because of
heart disease, but no less loud and relatives heard him talk and
laugh. But I was very sad, just because a small thing, perhaps it is
such a small little things could not have determined the course of my
life to have a significant turning point. After the ceremony, held
after the two of us separately, found a modest two tables to eat three
to at this time, I heard his friends at the table behind the two women
whisper, and one said the bride how not even a diamond ring, only
wearing a small gold ring, seems a bit too shabby, and the other said,
look at this feast on the dishes, that is, the level of 300 yuan, but
such a break with a cup of tea is a restaurant I was not prepared to
... ... did not look up, his mouth did not stop to continue eating,
but they really could not suppress the tears to flow down. Strangely
enough, after listening to those words, I felt severe stomach
contraction, discrepancies in the actual to pain, went to the bathroom
to just fill in your body will fall to spit something out.

The fifth day after the wedding, we also travel the road of Shandong,
the mother received a phone call from my father fall ill, have been
sent to the hospital, she was a telephone booth outside the hospital
call us on the phone. It was at night, no way to buy a plane ticket,
we heard the news directly toward the station, just on the train, the
mother of the telephone call, the phone came the piercing cries of her
mother , mingled with loud voices, I know that is over, the sky is
falling, but I still kept in desperate telephone call directed at,
"how in the end it?" But over there in addition to never
hear the mother cry say a word, or uncle took over the phone, he told
me that my father was gone.

The first half of the story is over here, listening to people to feel
dejected, and all the unfortunate, all the frustration, it seems only
a word and have a direct link --- money. Vatican tears down the cheeks
of small fall, happened to drop in on the green jade pendant.

Rain leaking bad enough, in my father's funeral had just finished
that, I was received by the notification, I was relieved of the labor
contract, that is, I lost my job. Really do not want to mention the
mood was, in fact, the experience was all in my mind, leaving only a

Can be so bad I can not breathe at all times, I really want to stay at
home one year or so, I do not want to see that world, what do not want
to see, I just want to close the curtains, blindfolded head with the
quilt . But I do not have this freedom, I want to pay off their debts
by the relatives and friends of paying the money does not pay off. Let
me just married her husband to help me carry a heavy economic burden
of this, the more he is not a complaint, I was more uncomfortable. I
think he is a hardy man, he was on the quiet, not a pleasant person,
and met so many successive blow, rush from the end of our honeymoon,
we have been together almost every day there has been no laughter, the
two Although individuals do not say anything, but the air can dull
people crazy.

I am college educated is not easy to find a decent job, but finally
luck also, a classmate of my sister introduced me to a wine salesman
is to sell large drinks bar or disco, there is a little bit of
security at the end wages, but is the main source of income and sales
hook. It stands to reason I was already 24 years old, some large
working age to do this, but there is no way to start it, then. If none
of this probably will change, and will not divorce, but now they will
not sit in front of you, I might still worry about the basic
livelihood, my life on the road may also be seen towards the other may
also extension of the direction of the light of day.

In my work I know that the bar is another of my husband, when I called
him Mr. Wu, I see him every day on time, specially if he is there
every day waiting for me to work like, Indeed it does, we get married
with his mouth in a proud tone, confirmed the incident. He is 44 years
old, PhD, a French pharmaceutical company in China to do the technical
director of the annual salary of more than one million have been
divorced, no children. For me, a naive young women from poor families,
so that people will only make a face to face on this occasion, if not
he take the initiative and I chatted, and even I am afraid I have no
chance in this life and of his class people have an equal chance to
speak. Of course, even if we was married, I do not know in his heart,
in his consciousness, he is not me as an equal human dignity he has.

The details of our communication means nothing, you can enjoy the
imagination, the story of Cinderella met Prince Charming pass for so
many years (although the prince of my age do not meet some of the good
stories), nothing more than that is a mentality, even in the That
fairy tale, Cinderella chance are they do not restrained. But deep in
my consciousness I was surprised by the evil nature, why it so easily
hooked, I did not even think I have a few married women of reality.
Affair, there are many things, but I am afraid that Apricot was
hesitant to have it, but also a moral deterrent that under the sword
while shaking it, but I did not, I'm like a river, then it land, then
it is reasonable, or even so full of satisfaction into his ocean,
dropped into his arms, he and I went back to his apartment, lying on
his side, and he did that thing, from my first When the bride only
once after a 3 month full time.

We are soon brought to light the thing, not so much of my first
husband found himself, as it is consciously or unconsciously, I let
him reveal signs of finally pierce the windows of that layer of paper,
I was too careless , it may be said that, I simply do not intend to be
careful. Transfer from Mr. Wu said that my divorce, and he vowed to
marry me that day, I might let my husband is interested in that, so
save even more waste of breath, because things have not changed. I
bent to embark on another road, this road is sensible, when I had to
dream about, but did not wake up this dream had been, from my father
got sick, from my wedding to be ridiculed from my unemployment since I
had the debt from the Peizhexiaolian only when a bottle of beer sold,
this dream all the time so strongly to torture me, tempted me.

My first marriage lasted 3 months and 17 days, and I divorced in 3
months and 28 days, when I put on a second wedding, the wedding was in
a 4-star hotel at the , I've never been to that place, just in time to
work on bicycles are often passed, but I did not carefully look at the
golden door. Wedding day, my second husband gave me to wear a 4-carat
diamond ring. When my divorce is a real purification out, Îâ×Ü as
compensation given to my husband of 10 million in cash was also the
livid face of stubborn men all fell to my face. However, I took
something from home, that is, the dish of the wedding video discs, I
have in the days after a man hiding in the room secretly watched
dozens of times.

Vatican hung his head a small, quiet for a moment, about to divorce
her, I noticed that she was almost habitual action stroking the hair
is gone, scattered hair almost covered her entire face, also cover the
piece of jade necklace.

One more thing I have to talk about, because it has been following me
around like a specter, like, let me Xiangqilaijiu staring bristling, I
suspect that an evil curse. Once, I and my husband drove by the second
I first got married that restaurant, I suddenly have an impulse that
somehow, I pulled him down, and then I went in, just in my first a
wedding, people gossip that table sat empty, I sat down in the past, I
remember the day I was eating a dish, so I as it was ordered that some
of the dishes a few grumbling Old Wu sentence, I do not care. Other
dishes on the Qi, and I picked up the chopsticks and eat up. God in
the Old Wu pressure of cross now when you want a bottle of beer, I
suddenly felt trembling, cold sweat fly from the body, stomach cramps
started suddenly, all this pain and the feeling of the wedding day,
exactly the same, I have not had time to get up to Toilet to finally
eat uncontrollably into his mouth, it all just sprayed out, need
something or not erased signs of improvement since the last even
vomiting bile all out. The Old Wu extremely surprised scramble to pull
me to the hospital, but I said nothing to, afford to sit on the chair.
From this, I also sat in the car passing by the restaurant several
times when I could not suppress the Menlian turned his head when the
stomach would suddenly start twitching, I head back to the car when
the mouth is also quickly opened in the past , this to avoid the more
serious vomiting, but it is already covered in a cold sweat. That
restaurant for me, was heaven, is now hell.

And the first year of marriage, Old Wu was still a happy, he and I
care for me. And is still not far from our neighborhood to buy a small
new unit, my mother took it. The prospect of a good life, that period
of time, from the basic necessities of life, to attempt to visit all
of this, as I like in a dream, a long long time now I can not adapt to
higher levels of so-called life. Good thing not yet finished, I
quickly pregnant with a child Old Wu, for this matter, Old Wu
intensity of the reaction is far beyond my expectations. Inspection
report when I handed him, his face suddenly flushed, whole body shook
uncontrollably, and then turned legs and soft, he knelt at my feet,
while her arm around my legs while vaguely nagging mouth something,
probably means thank God. I never asked why Old Wu and his ex-wife to
be that age is not a child, I think perhaps it is not like children,
or attend to their children busy career, but the fact is ... ...

Little trace of a smile crossed Vatican mouth, she said that day Old
Wu excitement I tell the truth, the original of his fondest wishes is
to want a child, but no results and the ex-wife is, has also been
checked to the hospital, said that his question , had his own already
discouraged, I did not expect to have such a miracle, he said that he
hit me like a savior of his elegant.

I also do not believe their lucky there, because I always feel that I
owe someone something, so I come to himself for all the happiness and
good things were a little jittery, always feel a little unreal, can
not truly believe, you never know when suddenly a huge blow to me. I
always believe that people's sixth sense, especially when the matter
appears to me later. The child when the first 5 months, just because I
use a little time on the toilet a little effort, that child out. I was
looking at the blood all over the floor passed out, woke up and so has
been in the hospital, but at first glance did not see Old Wu, nurses
took a while till he brought the room. I was shocked to see him back,
he seemed to suddenly look 20 years old, full of dust on the clothes,
even the hair roots are dipped in a class of several things, dull eyes
looked at me, I even think that he did not look at me, I like a cloud
of air, his eyes see through me I do not know what.

From that point on my nightmare began, Old Wu as completely different
person. I came home from the hospital he did not take the initiative
and I said a word, not even argue that once I bear to temper to
explode when he turned away in disgust, and then do not go home for
several days and nights, I remember our last fight, he finally said
what I always wanted to find out what they really can not speak to the
issue. He stood in the center of the room looked at me coldly, to say
the following words: "Do you think you are, the reason I married
you, is to want you to give me a baby, if not for this alone, You
naughty baggage, can I have you? doctor said, you are habitual
abortion, I am afraid there are not children anymore after, and now
the only use you have gone. "

After this situation I can imagine, food and clothing'd worry about,
but thoroughly satisfying dead and gone completely dead, except for
time with my mother as a person can feel a little back, I do not have
a little angry. Old Wu never touched me, the house has been completely
lost his sense, and I know he definitely has a new woman out, and this
is a woman born sensitive sense of smell, but I also did not care, I'm
just waiting free day. Old Wu finally a drunken night back home, I
quietly filed for divorce him something, he just buried his head deep
in the pillow and said nothing.
In my second year and two months after marriage, I divorced. This is
very calm, everything was so orderly, or like the river eventually
flows into the sea to the same nature. Old Wu still some humanity, and
he gave me a sum of money, with this money, me and my mom were
available later on in life, but also the very comfortable life, this
is my life over the years to After endure only to be turned upside
down thing, and this is not really what I most want it? All in all,
God really is a blessing to me, or how he would do when I have
children become a rich man's dream become a reality then?

I finally became a rich man.

After the words¡¿ ¡¾

Vatican neat little car that got into her red POLO years, with an
smoke car tail, and soon fade out of my sight. She has not mentioned
any of her first husband, from small words in the Vatican look and in
fact I could feel my heart I miss her her first marriage, remember
that silence but to rely on men to give her. I suddenly had a thought,
I want her to go look for him, and even knelt on the ground and demand
that he seek, is not able to make him forgive her sins, and again to
her happy life? But I soon realized the absurdity of their own,
remember the sage words of a generous and rich --- unjust and
expensive, to me as a cloud. Since ages, that is, His Holiness can get
rich unscrupulous clouds the horizon is as light as far right.