Love by fdjerue7eeu


Receive this message that I love you, remove a crush on me back is the
want to marry me, marry me not to return is promised to amend is dead
are my people, storage is owned by my next life, love of forwarding is
announced to the world me!
The most crazy things in this life is in love with you, the biggest
hope is to have you accompany me crazy life!
I am a bird to be your prisoner, has forgotten how high the day, in
the blinding of the city is no room for my ignorance, tears are my
only luxury.
If I were a fox you are a hunter, you will catch me? If I were a tea
you water, you soak me? If I were a car you are a driver, you drive
me? If you are the money I books, I will take you.
I told you how many times, do not go out at night sleep early, you
would not listen. This does not, last night and went to my dreams,
which led to I do not want to wake up!
M: Every time you want to tear down the stars, the sea is so formed.
Girl: Every think you put a fart for a return to the ozone layer is so
Ah you really think the United States, through Xinjiang roast leg of
lamb stuffed. Although you miss ah fat, but in my mind a lot of
Late at night, sleeping birds, mosquitoes out of activity. Miss you,
hope you, doomed to sleep for tonight. Lost dreams, haunting, and was
stolen your heart how do you not also a?
Eventually became a pork lovers, lover sees a pig pocket. If the two
conditions a long long time, a blessing in fleshy Pig. Would like to
make pair of lovebirds in the day, the end of the earth two trees with
Yeah! I accidentally put "I love you" mistakenly sent to
you. If you accept the store it, and if you do not accept, they take
words back to me.
I am a little bit strange customs, a bit boring plus cute! A little
bit lazy or bad, smart and add a little rogue! That rogue on rogue,
Youtouhuanao fall in love! Do you want to love me then love.
Regardless of where, thousands of miles or thousands of miles, no
matter when, decades or centuries, I deeply miss you, love you.
Although I deny the existence of all gods, but I will always believe
in you this "new God!"
Your bread in the morning, the summer ice-cream, garlic Shandong,
Sichuan pepper. Meet your heartbeat, but not you feel bad, dream of
you Time flies, you hope it is not a long wait.
Personals: Male, undergraduate, except a bit; to work in multinational
corporations, McDonald's wiping the table; a room, many people have; a
car, non-motorized; end their lives as young people seek beautiful
appearance, after some years.
I can not guarantee and can not promise you anything, but I will do
it. If one day you feel hungry, then you will see that smile I have
starved to death in your arms.
You are my heart's the sun, unfortunately down the mountain; you are
my dream the moon, but was obscured by clouds; you are my heart the
most beautiful flowers, but unfortunately opened the; you Chang'e
heaven come to earth, unfortunately face first to it!
You stole my lovely love, stolen my heart, I decided to sue you in
court, the sentence you done wrong? Justice search of criminal records
and all cases, the final jury unanimously adopted: to put you life to
You are all my angel wing, can only fly embracing each other, said
people came to the world is to find the other half, I finally found
you hardships, by! Only to find our faults along the edge of the wings
Morning I could not eat, because I want you; noon, I could not eat,
because I am more like you; night I could not eat, because I think you
crazy; night I could not sleep because ... ... I'm hungry.
Dear, for you, I will go across the ocean, jump into the abyss without
hesitation, I will overcome any difficulties! Sunday I'm looking for
you on time, if the day does not rain!
BUFFALO long summer sun, heat waves rolling in possession of nowhere,
eyes hair black heart to tears, sweat flying first to take Venus; like
you to read your mind, just as cool to eat candy, heart, shed the
slightest cold, then hot air may also wish to room!
If you are a sweet red apple, I would like to be a lazy worm, you chew
ah chew ah!
Think you are a morning glory every day, little by little, one PCT
determined the constant of a stretch.
If the water poured out the whole of the Yellow River, dousing my
flame of your love. Pour all the water in the Yellow River reached it?
Not. So I still love you.
I have Buddha for five hundred years, only in the way you are bound to
enjoy doing an open flower.
Love your heart will never regret, never want to love you back, like
you want to get no sleep, forgot you can not learn, a pig at the
mobile phone in the intoxicated!
You are beautiful in my eyes: aquiline nose frog mouth, the mouse
eyes, bandy legs, nose and a mouth, dripping drool.
Love that dark, dark corner of the park, the more the more people over
there love drilling; love that hot, even temperatures of 40 degrees to
the lovers have to stick together; love is not cold, snowy outdoor
lovers still dating.
Honey, I've always wanted to worship the Monkey King as a teacher, and
he learned Xiang Yao addition to the strange, so I can take to protect
you in the Halloween, what monsters, all horses over the place!
I want you to know, as long as you run away, then I will go for,
regardless of any place even if hell Ye Hao, whether you went to the
ends of the earth, I have to catch up with you.
Love: 10% +10% miss persistent jealous +10% +10% +10% suspicious sweet
happiness +10% +10% +10% pained jealousy blush +10% +10% Èö½¿ = 100%
Kiss you, you are chocolate; kiss you, honey cream mix; kiss you, you
are Coke and Sprite; kiss you, and what is not, just because - I love
Wife beat you do not get angry, playing pro. Wife said you are pigs do
not get angry, cursing is love. Wife playing Mama, all for love.
You can not love sex marriage, as fruit can not have four seasons.
However, not being married for less than sub-room.
The biggest secret men are often told confidante, not sex, family or
wife. When his wife became a confidante of her powers of this part was
immediately canceled. This is called mixed.
After the first, sexual love, first love, after sex, just as after the
first chicken egg, chicken and eggs after the same, hard to say which
is the truth, which is more noble than another.
The deeper the more long-term relationships, caring for more and more
concrete, from the elegant to the customs, from Spirit to flesh. Love,
she asked him, "you feel pretty not pretty?" After marriage
she asked him "not good for your hemorrhoids?"
A rock singer to sing: to find a girlfriend, or a dog? Today, the
words from the Canary called for a: near a boyfriend, and a dog.
President: "To commemorate the third anniversary of our wedding,
you want to buy a pearl necklace as a gift it, or want to travel in
Japan?" Lady: "I want to travel directly to Japan, where the
most expensive pearl necklace."
Wife: It is said that young people in the charming moonlight will lose
your head, these words do you think of it? Husband: very reasonable,
you remember? I am proposing to you under the moonlight, the.
Wife: "I beg you! For me, never stop drinking it!" Husband:
"nonsense! I'm not just drink for you."
Husband: "Honey, I love your fever has reached a hundred and
twenty degrees." Wife: "Oh, I'll prepare and you were
divorced." Husband: "Why?" Wife: "You avoid
melting ah! "
Youth: "This past few days, continue to practice the muscle for
her." Friend: "Do not want her to call you a hero?"
Youth: "No! So I can say without fear of her father."
"My dear, tell me, you like the pretty girl in the end? Or clever
girl?" "I like the girls are not interested, I only like you
that it!"
"Dad, if you do not promise me to marry him, he was # # #."
"He # # # What is the relationship with me?" "He voted
in your company life insurance of five million."
A: "Well, you introduced to me that the actress seems to be a
hard-hearted girl." B: "Hard-hearted? You want to hard on
the hard, diamonds can move her heart."
She: "Because people do not sympathize with you, I was your
wife." He: "You finally made it. So now everyone is
sympathetic to me."
Woman: "Why obedience to me once you can get married only three
days, you told me two days of aircraft noise?" M: "Because
my patience is limited."
Now, I will publish Mr. Smith's will, before the publication of a
will, I want to ask with great sincerity, Mrs. Smith, you are willing
to accept my proposal?
Wife: "Hey, I heard that bald men, because Yongnaoguodu, is
it?" Husband: "Yes! Woman not long beard, precisely because
of chatter all day, cause excessive jaw movement."
Wife: "You talking in your sleep last night and had."
Husband: "Yes, otherwise I would not have a chance to speak
You play cards till midnight last night, come home, how to account for
your wife's? "" I said: 'Today' ... ... "" how to
just say the word? "" Hey! She said by the following. "
"Send me 100 dollars of clothes is simply an insult to me!"
"Then what should I do?" "Buy at least 200 yuan."
"How dare I insult you once twice?"
If the stock market can go back, asking it to take me with you. If I
were trash stocks, I will never go back. - Reorganization of assets
unless you and I!
Throw a coin to ask God, I love you. If it is positive, that is, I
love you, if it is negative, then, that God would do wrong?
Want to send you roses, but unfortunately too expensive; want to give
you comfort, but I have not learned; want to give you kneel down, you
can ring still safe; can only send a text message to you.
If your wedding tomorrow, then you may wish to go next door today, and
that divorce is the couple of good talk. Now, as is too late that you
Met you I know the "Step Into The Past" is a true story,
fell in love with you I had a premonition, "will be carried out
in the end Love," starring by me.
With full of love, plus sweet desire. I seriously Acacia deployment of
soup, put a little more tender, then seasoned some happiness, so you
drink more love me!
Dear, today I want to tell you that I have the courage to dare not
willing to say three words: I love you! I chose this special day.
Because: in the future have reason to go back ah!
One day I walked in the street, rain is very heavy, ground was
slippery, I accidentally fell wrestle, my heart fell out, even with
your name above
I want to move, the address is missing Street Love City Love Road 520,
Lane 520, the landlord is my favorite of your lease term: unlimited.
Rent: I love, I love you forever and some are willing to shelter me?
I love the small arrow launched into your heart, you become captured
me, I decided to sentence you to life imprisonment, never held in my
heart, without bail.
If one day you are old, old teeth, and could not, I will still kiss
your toothless gums.
Baby baby I love you, like mouse love the rice, you are flying about
the sky of the Phoenix, I was on the ground chasing crows chase ah, I
do not hit you do not call you, I torture you with affection.
Rose do you want? I have chosen not to you! Want to eat chocolate? I
Chansi you! I will not kiss you? U.S. dead! Oh - and a new love, do
not be angry, I just want to tease you!
Phoenix sky you fly and fly, I ah chase chase on the ground, give a
I love your a bird could not fly because of: get out of Earth's
gravity, but could not escape the attraction you!
Road westerly Shouma, bridges people, sunset, heartbroken people
waiting for you call, O God, help me!
I blasted school "Kung Fu", "Riding Alone for Thousands
of Miles", before breaking the "House of Flying
Daggers", in exchange for "A World Without Thieves."
Would you like to "fine House of Fury," I have to ride in
"The Banquet" it?
Trying to get a good hiding, hidden in the breast pocket, you slowly
melt, you can never ever! You hide, except for a man in love with me!
During the day you have a dream, a dream the night there is you; you
to take good care of yourself, not a cold runny nose; if the
occasional sneeze, it mean that I miss you!


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