Livelihood issues

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					Livelihood issues
????"Livelihood" first appeared in the "Zuo Venerable
years", the so-called "people's livelihood in the ground,
ground is not exhausted." Where "the people", that is,
the meaning of the people. The "Ci Hai" in the
"livelihood" explained that "the people's
livelihood," is a person with thoughts and humane care of the
words, words apparently permeated the context of a public sentiment.
"In modern society, people's livelihood and democracy, civil
rights, rely on each other, while the Basic Thing, also from the
original production and living materials, rose to lifestyle, cultural
patterns, such as both material and spiritual needs of people with
mental characteristics are also state of the overall sample . "
The so-called people's livelihood, from a human rights perspective,
that is all right to life and universal human right to development.
From the demand perspective, the livelihood of the people refers to
the rights of human existence and implementation of all relevant needs
and rights of human development and realization of the universal
demand. The former emphasizes that the living conditions, which the
pursuit of quality of life, which is to ensure all the needs of living
conditions and improve the general quality of life needs.
From the responsibility point of view, is the highest party and
government policy guidelines.
Five people concerned about livelihood issues
Building a harmonious socialist society is a systematic project, we
must always put people first, always put the fundamental interests of
the overwhelming majority of the people all work as the starting point
and end point, "correctly handle contradictions among the people
under the new circumstances, to seriously address the people most
concerned about, the most direct and most practical interests,
"the people's livelihood as a top priority. Specifically, it is
to employment, education, distribution, social security, stability,
good grasp of the five practical problems.
"Employment is the Basic Thing", that "employment"
is the people's survival and life of the party. Is to vigorously
re-employment of laid-off workers to guide rural surplus labor to
non-transfer, do a good job of college graduates, ex-servicemen, the
employment of new labor force, the "working their own jobs, the
employment market regulation, the government promotes employment ,
"and everyone has work to do, something to eat.
"Education is the basic livelihood of the people", that
"education" is the basis of national strength and
prosperity, we must strive to improve the quality, to put education in
the strategic position of priority development, increase investment,
strengthen the rural compulsory education, the implementation of the
"two exemptions and one subsidy "the children of migrant
workers to solve difficult issues such as going to school so that
children can study without worrying, so that parents no longer worry
about tuition.
"Distribution is the source of livelihood of the people",
that "distribution" is the source of the people recuperate.
Is "let the people share the achievements of reform and
development" to promote the distribution system, improve the
distribution according to work-based, the coexistence of multiple
distribution form the distribution system, the establishment of a
normal wage growth mechanism, through the "expansion, the mention
of low, limit high" and narrow the wealth gap, the formation of
"two small, middle" of the distribution pattern, so that the
masses have a better life.
"Social Security is the livelihood of the people of the
age", that "social security" is the people's survival
and development support. Is to take the people are put into
"safe", improve and perfect the old-age, unemployment,
health care and other social protection mechanisms, implementation of
the minimum living guarantee for urban residents; explore the
establishment of rural old-age, medical insurance and minimum living
security system; the strengthening of special difficulties The
assistance, to ensure that the bottom line of life of vulnerable
groups, so that the people a sense of security, medical, home
ownership, enough to live comfortably.
"Stability is the livelihood of the shield," that is
"stable" is a reliable guarantee of the people live and
work, and strong backing. "Stability overrides everything."
"Limo is greater than treatment, harm is greater than
chaos." Is to attach importance to social stability, a sound
mechanism for handling social conflicts and disputes, sort out,
resolve the various conflicts in the bud, to strengthen anti-social
order control system and comprehensive management, and severely deal
with criminal, for fundamental improvement in the situation of social
security, enhance people's sense of security.
Comrade Deng Xiaoping said: "The Socialist wealth belongs to the
people, socialism, wealth is what everyone has to get rich."
Building a harmonious society, it is to people's livelihood as a top
priority, so that the masses have work to do, to school, there are
rice to eat, clothes to wear, there are homeless, the sick have
medical care, a sense of support and happiness, are a better life.