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					                                Si-Yi (Jenny) Wang
        Duke University, Department of Biology, Box 90338, Durham, NC 27708
                         (919) 768-2808,

     * Doctorate of Philosophy, Biology, Expected June 2011
           Duke University, Durham, NC
           Advisor: Justin P. Wright

       * Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Studies, May 2004
              Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA

     * Sigma-Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research, 2008
     * Society for Wetland Scientists Student Grants-in-Aid, 2007
     * First-Year Fellowship from Duke University, 2006
     * Horton-Hallowell Fellowship from Wellesley College, 2006
     * Phi Beta Kappa membership

Current Research at Duke University
* Denitrifying Bacteria Community Structure and Function
       Durham, NC, June 2007 – present
       I am using molecular methods to characterize denitrifying bacteria community
       structures in streams with varying degrees of watershed urbanization and pollution.
       The objectives are to explore 1) causes of denitrifying bacteria community
       structure and 2) functional consequences of changes to denitrifying bacteria
       community structure. I presented findings from 2007 in an organized oral session
       at the Ecological Society of America’s 2008 symposium.

* Plant and Microbial Biodiversity
        Durham, NC, September 2006 – present
        I collected soil samples from experimental plant diversity treatment plots in a
        restored wetland for analyses of microbial community structure. The objective
        was to explore relationships between aboveground plant and belowground
        microbial diversity, as well as between denitrifying bacteria diversity and
        denitrification rates. I presented a poster of initial findings at the American
        Museum of Natural History’s 2007 “Microbes and Conservation” symposium.

Previous Research Experiences
* Research Analyst, Industrial Economics, Incorporated
       Cambridge, MA, June 2004 – June 2006
       Gathered and evaluated data by economic, financial, or scientific methods for
       environmental policy and regulatory analyses, ecological risk assessments, natural
       resource damage assessments, and financial and industrial analyses. Utilized GIS to
       present and analyze data. Created databases to manage large datasets.
       Communicated results to clients, such as EPA and Fish and Wildlife.

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                                 Si-Yi (Jenny) Wang
        Duke University, Department of Biology, Box 90338, Durham, NC 27708
                         (919) 768-2808,

* Research Assistant, Wellesley College Biology Department
       Wellesley, MA, October 2002 – June 2004
       Subjected Arabidopsis thaliana leaves to varying light treatments, created slides, and
       viewed results on a confocal microscope for chloroplast movement research.

* Coral Reef Research, University of Guam
       Guam, December 2003 – January 2004
       Independently designed an experiment, conducted fieldwork, and analyzed results
       under supervision of Dr. Terry Donaldson for research on the influence of
       structural complexity on coral fish and invertebrate diversity.

* Research Assistant, MIT Sea Grant College Program
       Cambridge, MA, Summer 2003
       Under supervision of Dr. Judith Pederson, performed literature searches, data
       entry, and data analysis. Managed equipment logistics for a Rapid Assessment
       Survey of East Coast harbors. Updated program website.

* Research Assistant, Greenforce
       Borneo, Malaysia, April 2001 to July 2001
       Conducted baseline surveys of remote reefs. Built and implemented a fish
       aggregating device in open ocean to reduce fishing effort on reef. Interviewed local
       fish cage operators to compile bilingual list of commercially important species.

Skills and Coursework
        * R and SPSS
        * MS Excel and Access
        * ArcMap 9.0
        * Ecosystem Ecology, Institute for Ecosystems Study (Winter 2007)
        * Microbial Ecology, Duke University (Spring 2007)
        * Bayesian Modeling, Duke University (Spring 2007)
        * Biogeochemistry, Duke University (Fall 2007)
        * Analysis of Ecological Data, Duke University (Spring 2008)

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