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					Li Ao ten famous quotations
???????Li Ao is the kind of "language is not surprising until
they" who, as the text of intellectuals living, apart from the
masterwork of prolific, but also what people pass down the road of
many incisive words. Many people are too broad, Bucai featuring ten,
in order to do this on behalf of Li Ao of the body and soul.
First, I can not modest, I feel deeply and future of the burden, I
play with a large weight, and this other responsibility is but
assured, but myself, I can not relax myself, because I can not forget
me their responsibilities, I know men in this group Hune, I was a rare
genius, an edge of the single show, no one can tell me than, I stood
one of the world! (University of notes July 5, 1957)
This is the Word of steel self-Li Ao, Li Ao writings found in the
mainland more than the cover or back cover. When this language may
reflect the kind of Li Ao Arrogance and self-confidence and
self-near-mania touted. This is one of the most striking Li Ao.
Second, I was never a library for research, because it is far less
efficient in their own homes. ("Mountain. Down. Love")
Li Ao is known as "data king", and has collected a lot of
valuable information, so have the conditions of his two charity, it
can be different from other scholars or research institutes to be
attached to the school, he can do research at home, alone when the
academic Ranger.
Third, five decades and five hundred years, China's top three people
to write the vernacular is Li Ao, Li Ao, Li Ao, mouth bragging people
call me, and my heart were for me for the tablets. ("Under the
traditional monologue," title page inscription)
Many people do not agree with these words, but who will marvel at this
expression and the courage to say this.
Fourth, than I also understand Hu Shi Hu Shi. (Hu language)
This is the Hu language, repeatedly referred to Li Ao. Although not Li
Ao said, but many aspects of his statement on behalf of Li Ao. First,
his dealings with Hu, Hu Shi was his second study, three of his
history scholars as water and health
Five great popularity, the truth would be prejudiced. (Lee Quotations
Li Ao do not like social networking, like behind closed doors in the
study of. So that, in addition to this, perhaps he wanted a limited
time to do useful things. Hu did not like the friends possessed.
"Hu Shih such an important person, but made so many important
things," This is the sigh of Hu Shi Li Ao, perhaps including that
covering the steel of their own.
Sixth, there are three myths: one, a myth. Second, the people of
Taiwan Taiwan independence. Third, the KMT's retaking the mainland.
(Lee Quotations 277)
Li Ao's position has always insisted on reunification and oppose
Taiwan independence. He also stood in the position of liberalism, to
the eyes of a historian and critical KMT.
Seven, to westernized to the advantages and disadvantages together.
("To the Hui people look Chinese and Western disease")
Li Ao in the fifties and sixties of the Taiwan Cultural Debate in the
violence have name, this is the Westernization of his speech. This was
his place has been criticized.
Eight, also a profession of political fact, an expert can play a
complex career. (Star of politics and political stars)
Li Ao on democracy has deep research, he not only promote democracy,
but also against the nest of the wind of political farce, advocating
scientific and professional politics.
Nine, love should be the biggest source of happiness itself, in
addition to all the back to the retreat. ("Zhang Fei's
Li Ao was a love expert who does not love the ancient criticism,
promote healthy, beautiful love. He combines theory and practice,
personally directed a number of field wonderful love, and through the
text be made public.
Ten, sex is one of the most original, funniest, greatest power. (Ao
Willful allies and enemies recorded)
With many different traditional intellectuals, Li Ao openly own nude,
listing the experience of his own bed, but also described by customs
Li Ao recorded the classic famous famous punch line:
Li Ao said that men and women
Metaphysical and between men and women metaphysical: Philosophy is not
as good as what you preach in terms of ride, love is better than lying
on the line in terms of ride.
Sometimes a man does not want the reasons for bigamy, not wish to
discuss two wives, but do not want to see two wife's mother.
Weight of 200 pounds of people, priority is not to lose weight, but to
find 205-pound man standing in front of him.
If your child is full four-year-old, you should not hide the truth and
your own age, and then they become illegitimate a Man Xiaqu.
Many times married men than married men for many years happy married
man for many years of happiness than married men many times; several
times not to marry multiple men than married men know more about
marriage, many times married men not to marry than men know more about
Most intelligent women of a problem relating to their own feelings
into a fool; the most intelligent men a question relating to their own
feelings becomes a philosopher. Intelligent woman into the arms of a
man without falling into the hands of men; wise men do not have the
arms of a breeze.
Twenty years ago, part of my spirit, as no less, but have increased.
Twenty years ago, part of my body, like the missing, but all sag.
Beautiful clothes made for women, stripping for men; ugly dress for
men, strip to watch herself.
No ugly men, only a bad man; no ugly women, only lazy.
Eye of the beholder, beauty in the eye of their own.
Veterans will not be killed, but died from gorging; beauty will not
starve to death, but died of indigestion.
Destroy the enemy, to rely on friends; destroy friends, friends to
rely on his wife; elimination friends wife, rely on God.
The success of her husband, is more money to the wife, Hua Buwan;
successful wife, is to find such a husband.
Woman's man, in fact, there are five. A heart, the eyes of one, the
hands of one, the arms of one, a dream. Only a man that a woman man is
an idiot.
Some people only know that equipment will be depreciated, the
depreciation does not know what can be too much. Knowledge will be
depreciation, depreciation comrades, comrades in arms will be
depreciation, Valentine will be depreciated. However, Valentine's best
not to depreciation, Valentine's early retirement should be.
She does not need sex, but you can do; he needs sex, but can not do -
this is the distinction between beauty and the hero.
Li Ao said that things
Enemy: He is worth at least a little trust - that they will never
change, never forget you as friends in general. He told you never
Called growth, is how you know it is one thing; called mature and
deliberately say that after you know knows.
Man behind the know, who is wise and aestheticism; know that behind
the Man, is Jianxiong.
The enemy, we must always struggle; to a friend, to intermittent
People who communicate on the table, that is, the people fighting the
Mangfu wound in the chest, behind the cowards of the injury, both the
adulterer in the chest injury is also back.
Across the wall, you only laugh, and not to climb over is a good
Gamblers to buy life insurance and is the biggest difference - the
former died, will win, who win will die.
When I found out I will miss the accounting figures calculated with a
calculator, use a written calculation was assured when I woke up what
is a generation gap.
The first joy in life is to think they can not do their own thing in
life is to make others happy second think they can not do.
My life has two regrets: First, I can not find such wonderful people
like Li Ao, my friend; Second, I can not sit in the audience to listen
to Li Ao's wonderful speech.
Afraid of death, people will die many times, people would dare not
venture to take more risks.
When I was young I took another run, when I pulled the old people not
at all. Is a step forward? Is moving backwards? I am still at a loss
all the answers.
God is omniscient, I was second only to God, so obviously do not know.
Some people like to spread the wear brand-name goods, some people like
to wear brand-name goods to spread, some people wear the same, it is
not particular about the wearing of the U.S. President Roosevelt and
Mr. Li Ao in China.
I did not avant-garde, avant-garde is my hammer; I do not have the
background, the background is my backbone.
Whether black or white, can catch mice is a good cat. Both black and
white mice rats, cats can not be caught is a good mouse.
I never good for business make money I just growl. Lions never gas,
gas eat less than lion'sshare.
Can not wait until you have a passion to save people, you can not wait
for inspiration before writing there. With sex as a prostitute can not
wait until pick up. You should do is, longitudinal case reluctantly,
you have to do.
Recommended draft human language: Li Ao has boasted five years to
write the vernacular, the first is Li Ao, Li Ao second, third or Li
Ao; also known as "Five hundred years of its immortal text, its
people a thousand immortal; a thousand years end of the world, and
everything rotten out. " Li Ao exactly what kind of person? To
understand a man must be the police of "word" concept
"line", especially Li Ao's "words." I recommend
some of their comments to your magazine, chat to Glimpse of its

From the "Li Ao something to say" program in the order of
some of Li Ao's famous aphorism

Of Li Ao, I can not say like, and sometimes even some of his views can
not stand some of the practices. Li Ao in recent days in finishing
some of the text, the following are from the "Li Ao something to
say" program in the order of some of Li Ao's famous aphorism, I
think any case, many of which are incisive, and even some amazing! Not
exclusive, hope someone will enjoy ^ _ ^
Li Ao's famous aphorism

1, the sundial: I like it, not watch it, no sunlight, no time.
2, the old hardness: the elderly should not be all hard, to be both
soft and hard.
3, three types of care: the size of child care, young people concerned
about the length of the elderly concerned about the soft and hard.
4, knowledge of access to micro-Confucius: To know know it, I do not
know as I do not know, this is the modern study of the law.
5, the past five stages: Memories beset past does not smoke, past why
not smoke, smoke the best past, past is the smoke.
6, the beginning and end of the revolution: a revolution overthrew the
260 years of the Qing Dynasty, Yuan Shikai died, many small Yuan has
7, present, and ideal: the conditions are only with realism about
8, the author and the puppet government, the writer is a second small
puppet government.
9, to his mother culture: Goering to hear people talk about culture
drew. I said, you drew enough?
10, Buddhist monks and Zeitu: pointing to a monk scolded Zeitu, Zeitu
is call him, this is dictatorship; pointing monk scolded Zeitu, Zeitu
said not to call him, this is a democratic country; pointing monk
accused thief bald, Zeitu curse with you, this is paradise.
11, moving mouth hands and the Government: Hands of certain regimes
can only tongue; for some political non-moving mouth who can not; for
some political non-hands can not move port; hands of certain regimes
can, to why moving mouth.
12, the capitalists and the Communists: the rich, compared with the
capitalists, the poor, compared with the Communist Party, the human
nature often have.
13, three-stage protection: protection of private property is the best
way to change the Communist Party of everyone, the best way to protect
the Communist Party has changed all the capitalists, the best way to
protect the capitalists instead of faith believe in God the God of
14, take the data before and after: the Communist Party does not take
the fare, because you buy and angry; the Communist Party-owned,
because you do not buy the gas;
15, the difference between dictatorship and democracy: authoritarian
rule is a person to do the work of ten men, ten of democratic rule is
to do the work of ten people.
16, Ant: Ants will not have ants do not fight the beast.
17, the highest success: with success, like daughter is not great, as
was Cole, Baize be considered as bandits great.
18, cattle and cars: Some people think that modern civilization
canceled the cattle, instead of the car, not knowing that modern
cattle should first array in order to get cars.
19, not a good living and Budehaosi: weak not good live, the strong
20, popular with the truth: good will to the truth of popular
21, no failure of the hero: a failure of a hero, but not the failure
of the hero, Wen Tianxiang, Shi Kefa is the big hero, and their
success is because of their failure, in fact, the hero never fails,
when he was in the heavens Swan will be purely monetary.
22, said that the proof of the truth: what he says is correct, the
enemy will say that you say the wrong thing, lies, lying.
23, Lee Teng-hui is just an ordinary person, but the most common flies
also spread diseases.
24, excuses: an excuse for people who lose, forget the wins have to
excuse. Excuse for the lost person is general and the Arab-Q, for the
win excuses are generals and philosophers.
25 relationship with a pig: I will not deal with the pig, but I like
to eat pork.
26, Qing Chun side: the side since ancient times Qing Jun (Jun-side
refers to the elimination of the Qing emperor, the people around) too
much, but know that the problem lies in the king's own but too little.
27, where the poor: not only said that the Gang of Four plus one, bad
math; have only a surname Qin (Qin Hui) and not surnamed Zhao's (Song
Emperor), Family Names bad.
28, about the world: at odds with human speech, performance second to
none, Li Ao, so this is also about the world.
29, I was a call: someone else's level of knowledge is so often
charge, is the generator of my knowledge, no electricity can charge,
my body is electric, not only do not charge, but also the power lost
to others.
30, mirrors and countenance: Can you destroy the mirror, but can not
eliminate countenance.
31, fat gospel: not to let anyone see you is more important than
weight loss.
32, arrogance, and arrogance: I Li Ao never face arrogance, but always
had a proud and.
33,70 years: (1) After a seven-year-old person to not ask for better
yesterday than today, but the seven-year-old, however, how to know
that today is better than yesterday.
(2) is about more than 70 years ago, little after the age of 70 say
there is no.
34, no process results tasteless: the process is often more important
than the result, the game is the most obvious example, do not look at
process only results, boring, tasteless and premature ejaculation
during the same extent.
35, two people? Definitely not: Some people not on both sides, their
side is enough to make you cry for help. Lee Teng-hui, Chen Shui-bian
on both sides who are not only engage in Taiwan independence side.
36, Sun ah: Sun's problem, not come up with the revolution, and in the
teachings left behind. The father of the so-called teachings, the
Prime Minister teachings, especially the Three People's Principles.
(Moral Council nations - the letter all the world God, Buddha) Sun
castles in the air towards the people of cover, but put away the rent
to Chiang Kai-shek, the more hateful.
37, the villain with the enemy: can not wait for the final trial, the
only clean up all the villains and enemies, in the semi-tract, but
also readily kill him a few, which I Li Ao's outlook on life.
38, poorer one is, what: rape is the poorer one way out.
39, Xi Shi's eyes: eye of the beholder, beauty in the eye of their
40 girls three to five years: early psychological or five girls, girls
face as early as three years.
41, parents and children Relativity: Parental any decision is risky,
the resistance of children to parents is the irony.
42, thin and fat: Some people lean so that fans could not bear to blow
him, some people fat to mirror overloaded.
43, next question: everyone your neighbor is a religion, if the
horizon is the next art.
44, righteous and small injustice: a righteous cause is often built on
top of many small injustice. Many things look great, in fact, is
45, Scavenger's Law: Life is a scavenger like the results, how to do
it just could not, but a penny to see it.
46, good people and bad is good or bad: good guys and bad guys each
have not been dug out of the good or bad.
47 to be too surprising: the rare politicians do bad things, bad
things are not ashamed to do it curious, not ashamed too complacent
also wonder a; people are bastards not unusual, is the son of a bitch
was surprising not ashamed, not ashamed also too wonder the
48, adjusting the length of the month: do not pay rent monthly
mortgage payments, people do not know how short, do not sit behind
bars on a small prison who do not know how long.
49, Great Wall and the foot of a wall: the Great Wall fear no
poaching. Knowledgeable people who are not afraid of copying,
50, anonymous and nameless dead: people who write anonymous letters
during his lifetime often, death is often unknown corpse.
51, barber and Baldy: all hate bald barber, barber hate all bald.
52, inspiration is not reliable: prostitutes have sex can not rely on
pick up, the writer can not rely on inspired to write, pick up a pen
to write, to rely on habit, by the inspiration must not become a good
53, Three Notes: (1) Revolution Notes: Comrade election is more
important than the election enemy.
(2) Walking Notes: selected peers is more important than where to go,
select the above heaven, heaven is more important than that.
(3) Share coffin Notes: Choose the person with the hole is more
important than choosing a coffin.
54, politics, economy and education: the political sell to others,
selling their economy, education, both are betrayed.
55, just hype, and flattery: a government by the hype, the first
generation, second generation by flattery, then generation is worse
than the.
56, the old bastard: the old is not horrible, bastard is not terrible,
the worst old bastard.
57, the fate of philosophy: the philosophy of this century the next
century metaphysics. Marxism is the best example.
58, Truth and monosodium glutamate: 90% plus 10% of the truth 100% of
MSG into the truth, 90% plus 10% of the ad is 100% MSG MSG.
59, the struggle between enemies and friends: will always fight to the
enemy, friend to intermittent struggle.
60, one with a hundred: as long as a reason to move forward and
backward a hundred reasons have to many people all day to find a
hundred reasons to prove that he is not a coward, but never without a
reason that he is a warrior.
61, Friends become enemies and your enemy your friend: sometimes gains
an enemy of the enemies will be more important.
62, modern without Jesus: No Jesus, Jesus can not produce the modern
reason for this is that no crime can take stones. The woman who hit
themselves suffered a stone.
(Note: the Christian Old Testament tells about the new, saying that
this woman committed adultery, people stoned her, asked the views of
Jesus. Jesus said, do you think you are without sin, you can throw a
stone to her)
63, do not have hi: People like the friends of friends, but I like the
enemy of my enemy.
64, two types of experts: In the past, mainland scholars times, they
stood opposite the Government, accused the Government of thieves. Now,
Taiwan scholars and experts, who lay in the arms of the government,
for the thieves on the article, Chen, Chen writes for the thieves.
65, since the king after another: each break off a friend, I bought a
dog (Li Ao language). The more people I know, the more like a dog
(which is a French philosopher said.)
66, a bottle of wine with a bottle: Some half a bottle of wine in
front of people, and the second is a bottle.
67, condensed: Lian Fu to be sound, color mixing structure to
painting, to the exact words and raw text, the class of one also. Word
out of notes, words reveal color, vivid, refined in the Yan.
68, where the picture seems to music: Music is the evaporation of the
painting, the painting is empty condensate music.
69, between the hidden struggle: every friend decreasing, reducing the
hermit, the enemy increases every day is a fighter.
70, head and butt: butt watching TV to enjoy the suffering of his
head, sleep ass benefit the brain suffer. Theater head butt all
71 rolls of books and thousands of miles way: reading thousands of
books from thousands, twenty thousand volumes read the line as zero
72, the KMT semantics: the semantics of the KMT, called the retreat to
turn defeat into (turn back and then forward), the KMT has called the
aircraft to fly to Beijing to Trek, when it says the implementation of
Three People's Principles, it means that Three People's Principles to
your mother's egg.
73, justified the difference: It sounds reasonable and rational, the
two are not the same, rational and reasonable sound different, like
different music and military music.
74, who's been thinking: I used to shut oneself up and ponder over
one's mistakes, think of others too; I often delighted to hear
criticism, heard other people had the joy. This is the benefit the
people, pushing themselves to give to others.
75, the terrible disappointment: the terrible disappointment,
disappointed with the monkey God, that created the Japanese,
Taiwanese, Japanese disappointed that created the Lee Teng-hui.
76, Warrior and the Lamb: I'm Japanese or Samurai or lamb in the lamb
before the holidays I am the warrior, the warrior before the lambs.
77, monkeys, and Liao Hua: The problem is not no mountain Tiger
mountain in question is the king took leave of absence. Shuzhong
problem is not no general, the problem is the vanguard of Shuzhong do
deserters. When the situation out of hand when the monkeys and Liao
Hua will be out of stock.
(Proverbs, the mountains no tiger, monkey do the king, Xiu no
generals, Liaohua for Pioneer.)
78, murder and arson: murder, arson, any good people sometimes want to
murder, arson, murder and arson of any bad guys at times, murder,
arson is one of the human genetic impulse, and now helpless people,
and kill should be put, had to rely on television.
79, pay tribute to the maintenance: name of a woman is not badly, pay
tribute to her at first, to support her in the post. Confucius said,
hard to keep a woman, true meaning in this.
80, two maintenance: There are two mistakes one life, rational
treatment of the emotional, the emotional Shiyou reason, which
resulted in two alimony payments.
81, nonsense: you can not lie, you'd better look around, you can not
say so outright. Staring eyes, and then you'd better lie.
82, four by life: their brains trouble, and by the ass in jail, by
their own experiences, by inviting Happy.
83, Shuro: Zhou Yu comes to the devil to. Cao Cao arrived, Ming to
laugh, smile Ming, Zhou Yu is called, sang the wrong play to pee.
(Note: The Legend of Yu very musical, playing a bomb was wrong, he
does not blame her head turn to look at you, so there are allusions:
the wrong song, Shuro Gu)
84, there must be five hundred years the King Xing: China's Messianic
prophecy is that there must be five hundred years the King Hing. My
trouble is to wake up once every five years.

Li Ao's amazing, "saying"! !
Li Ao, 1935, was born in Harbin in 1949 to Taiwan. Lee dreams of
writing, hailed as the years since the Chinese leader to write the
vernacular. Published works on hundreds of types of articles to
comment on the most popular. "A Critical Biography of Hu
Shi" and "Chiang Kai-shek of collection" for
masterpiece. Western media also hailed as "the most prominent
critics in modern China."
Lee's outspoken, and often the language is amazing, now finishing its
"famous" number is for our readers.
1, "I curse the way everyone else call someone a bastard, but I
have a skill, I can prove you are a bastard."
2, in addition to well-known writer, the famous political prisoners,
Li Ao, everyone is afraid of lawsuits or the king. In addition to sue
over 'President', five branches of the National Palace Museum length,
the counter-known political figures, media leaders, and even
government agencies, as long as the lock was Li Ao, Li Ao report
hardly escape the fate. "
"Now Taiwan's recession, less accused me, only the seventh
3, "said the Englishman Britain has no permanent friends, no
permanent enemies, only permanent interests. Li Ao, for me, I have no
permanent friends, no permanent enemies, only permanent justice."
4, "you do not know my character? I do not eat that loss. I like
the Jews, the Israelis. I responded immediately. We Chinese believe
that 'disadvantage advantage', I never like this. In the past suffer
is a disadvantage, but now I want to take advantage of total return.
I'm kind of like this, never lose! "
5, so weak, not much good life; do strong, multi-Budehaosi.
6, and sometimes explanation is unnecessary - the enemies do not
believe your explanation, friends, without your explanation.
7, the beginning of love is self-deception, deceptive end;
Politics is a deceptive beginning to end self-deception.
8, terrible is not it stupid stupid, but in the clever. Stupid can not
do the most stupid thing, the most stupid
Things are all smart people do.
9, I can not wait until the last trial, clean up all the villains and
enemies, in the semi-hang, I would readily kill him a few.
10, it was challenging to me and said, "You put your horse to
come." I do not answer, just gallop away, and then too late to
come down to him.
11, all I do not understand the phenomenon, I always greet it took
courage to go, do not let it deter us. I stood tall on top of it.
Shall identify themselves than the lions, tigers, orangutans with
pride, than the nature of things, even more than he can not
understand, like the miracle of things are high, even if no one else
he is just kind of a renowned things are afraid of mice Bale.
12, we look at juvenile delinquent problems, but forgot about poor old
age. Many juvenile delinquents, in fact, is caused to the elderly
poor. Ancient and modern, the KMT has never been so many bad old age
group with dense, never!
13, Frankenstein is certainly terrible, eccentric metaphysics is
terrible. Mou and his ilk, are typically eccentric metaphysics. His
articles and speeches, are unintelligible, but the KMT still holding
him. - Only son of a bitch was holding asshole.
14, will steal all the women who, given the chance!
Before the three-year-old woman having an affair, after the
three-year-old unto.
15, the KMT mainland obscenity, masturbation Taiwan.
16, it was thought that modern civilization canceled the cattle,
instead of using cars. Little do they know the modern cattle should
first array in order to get cars.
17, Sun Yat-sen build castles in the air toward the people, but put
away the rent to Chiang Kai-shek.
18, as long as a reason to move forward; reason to have to back a
hundred. Many people all day to find a hundred reasons to prove he is
not a coward, but never without a reason that he is a warrior.
19, doing nothing martyrs, warriors do it smart. I'm not just ordinary
soldiers, or God
Gas soldiers come alive, happy warrior, the warrior you laugh and cry!
20, Li Ao Comments on the Japanese A film: "Japan A piece of a
woman Jiaochuang called than in the U.S. A film of a woman is good,
because the Japanese woman called relatively small, there are
transforms." Ao said that American A film is like watching triple
China doctrine.
21, do not do silly things, the difficulty of their remaining career.
22, because the lack of understanding of marriage, because the
understanding of the divorce.
23, want to scold people living to me. Please line up to criticize,
harder to turn not turn say?
24, revenge is the best way to live longer than the enemy, live well.

Li Ao, 1935, was born in Harbin in 1949 to Taiwan. Lee dreams of
writing, hailed as the years since the Chinese leader to write the
vernacular. Published works on hundreds of types of articles to
comment on the most popular. Western media also hailed as "the
most prominent critics in modern China."

Lee's outspoken, and often the language is amazing, now finishing its
"famous" number is for our readers.

1, I curse everybody else is to call someone a bastard, but I have a
skill, I can prove you are a bastard.

2, (in addition to well-known writer, the famous political prisoners,
Li Ao, or everyone is afraid of the king of action. In addition to sue
over the "President", five branches of the National Palace
Museum length, the counter-known person in charge of the political
media, and even Even government agencies, as long as Li Ao locked
hardly escape the fate of Li Ao's report. ") Now Taiwan
recession, less accused me, only seventeen individuals.

3, the British said that Britain has no permanent friends, no
permanent enemies, only permanent interests. Li Ao, for me, I have no
permanent friends, no permanent enemies, only permanent justice.

4, you do not know my character, right? I do not eat the loss. I like
Jews, Israel. My response was of immediate. We Chinese believe that
"a disadvantage to take advantage of," I never like this.
Disadvantage is a disadvantage in the past, but now I want to take
advantage of total return. This person is so I never lose!

5, so weak, not much good life; do strong, multi-Budehaosi.
6, and sometimes explanation is unnecessary - the enemies do not
believe your explanation, friends, without your explanation.

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