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					                                                                                                          SMI Suite Application   SMI Suite Database
                                                                      Source Database Server
LAST UPDATED: 2nd of March 2010                                                                                  Server                 Server
   THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE                       VERSIONS                               SMI 7.206                   SMI 7.206              SMI 7.206
                                W2000 advanced server general                          n/a                         n/a                    n/a
                                W2000 advanced server SP 1 till 3                      No                          No                     No
                                W2000 advanced server SP 4                             No                          No                     No
  Microsoft Operating System    W2003 server general                                   n/a                         n/a                    n/a
                                W2003 server SP0                                       No                          No                     No
                                W2003 server SP1                                       Yes                         Yes                    Yes
                                W2003 server SP2                                       Yes                         Yes                    Yes
                                Oracle 8i                                              No                                                 No
                                Oracle 9i                                              No                                                 No
                                Oracle 9.2.x                                           No                                                 No
                                Oracle 10G R1                                          Yes                                                No
                                Oracle 10G R2                                          Yes                                                No
                                DB2 v8                                                 Yes                                                No
                                DB2 v9                                                 Yes                                                No
          Databases             SQL server 2000 general                                n/a                          n/a                   n/a
                                SQL server 2000 SP1 till SP3                           No                                                 No
                                SQL server 2000 SP3a                                   No                                                 No
                                SQL server 2000 SP4                                    Yes                                                No
                                SQL server 2005 general                                n/a                                                n/a
                                SQL server 2005 SP 1                                   Yes                                                Yes
                                SQL server 2005 SP 2                                   Yes                                                Yes
                                SQL server 2005 SP 3                                   Yes                                                Yes
                                Oracle client 11G (                                                     Yes                    No
         Connectivity           SQLServer client tools 2000 SP4                         n/a                        Yes                    No
                                SQLServer client tools 2005                                                        Yes                    No
       HP Service Center        SC 6.2                                                  Yes                        n/a                    n/a
      HP Service Manager        SM 7.X                                                  Yes                        n/a                    n/a
          Rubik ICM             ICM 2.1 and higher                                      n/a                        Yes                    n/a
                                BOXI Release II *                                                                  Yes                    Yes
     SAP Business Objects                                                               n/a
                                BOXI Version 3                                                                     Yes                    Yes

Source Database server contains the Service Centre / Service Manager Shadow Database
Reporting Application server contains the ICM and Business Objects Server software.
Reporting Database server contains the Reporting database, the Business Objects database and the ICM databases

* Business Objects XI Release II does not allow a higher Java version than version 1.4.2_x