So You've Asked To Decommission a Server by zgp14654


									   So You've Asked To
Decommission a Server

        Release Management
        Office of Administrative Systems
        28 September 2010
            Who's involved?
             System Administration
             Data Base Administration
             Operations
             Network Operations
             UIS Financial Office

9/28/2010                                2
            Who's in charge?
               System Administration
                   Serves as the primary point of contact for the
                    Practice Manager
                   Has primary responsibility for decommissioning
                    the server
                   Reviews the request and coordinates tasks as
                    specified in the Remedy ticket with
                     •   Data Base Administration
                     •   Operations
                     •   Network Operations
                     •   UIS Financial Office
                   Closes the Remedy ticket with the Practice
                    Manager                                      3
            Who goes first?
               Data Base Administration takes care of
                the application and data bases
                   Documents contents of the server and
                    compares to Remedy ticket
                   Confirms back-up requirements for the data
                    base and application
                   Shuts down the data base, apps servers, web
                    servers, etc. in line with instructions on the
                   Updates the Names server (TNS)
                   Arranges for back-up or archive, if requested
                   Verifies that the back-up or archive is good
9/28/2010                                                        4
            What does Operations do?
               Arranges for cancellation of any
                active maintenance contracts for
                 Hardware
                 Software

               Pulls associated cue cards and
                inventory entries

9/28/2010                                          5
            What does the NOC do?
             Removes all cables
             Removes all cable connections
             Removes all DNS entries
             Removes all router ACLs
             Turns off ports on the switches and
              removes cabling as needed

9/28/2010                                           6
            What does the UIS Financial
            Office do?
               Adjusts the account for the OAS contract that covers the
               Stops billing as of the decommission date for
                   Legato back-up
                   SAN disk
                   DBA charges
                   System administration charges
                   Facilities charges
                   Monitoring charges
                   Project management charges
               Starts billing for archive and off-site storage, as required
               Confirms cancellation of any hardware/software
                maintenance contracts

9/28/2010                                                                      7
            What does System
            Administration do?
               Confirms with Practice Manager that all processes on the
                server are no longer needed
                   Checks schedulers for jobs assigned to the server and
                    confirms that the list matches the scheduled tasks referenced
                    in the Remedy ticket
                   Reviews system access logs for active FTP or SSH feeds and
                    confirms that the feeds match the feeds referenced in the
                    Remedy ticket
               Informs UIS Financial Office that billing for services on the
                server should stop as of the decommission date and the
                server removed from the SOC contract
               Puts a stop on all Legato back-ups and informs the Legato
               Removes client definitions from ITO
               Removes client definitions from Maestro
               Deletes all jobs from Maestro, as appropriate
9/28/2010                                                                       8
            What does System
            Administration do, cont.?
               Removes the server definition from the console if server is
                running the Trip Wire agent
               De-allocates SAN
                   Obtains a list of all SAN-attached disks
                   Returns disks to the available pool
                   Removes the fiber that runs into the DMX
               Removes any zoning on the box
               Purges internal hard drives of all data—files, data bases
               Turns off the server
               Disposes of the server or its parts as requested or
                arranges for its re-deployment

9/28/2010                                                                   9
            Final Steps
               Confirm completion of tasks with
                   Data Base Administration
                   Operations
                   Network Operations
                   UIS Financial Office
               Update Remedy ticket with confirmation
                that the work has been completed and
                assign it to the Practice Manager

9/28/2010                                                10

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