How to Administer an Exchange Server 2003 Email Account by zgp14654


									 How to Administer an Exchange Server 2003 Email Account
To get to the HelpDesk Administration web pace, Enter the following URL:
For the Production System -

No Doubt, You’ll recognize the following Sign on Screen. Please proceed to enter your
account credential as required.
At this point you’ll be able to administer any account that you’re authorized to conduct
maintenance on. The following image is the “Home” page for user account management.

From this page you’ll be able to search for any given email account and make changes to
that account on behalf of your customer. You’ll also be able to build and maintain
agency distribution lists. On this page you’ll be able to review statistics for the processes
that you’ve conducted from the number of times you’ve logged in to the number of
password resets, account modifications, etc…
Once the email record is identified and selected, various changes can be made on behalf
of that customer account.

Just make the needed changes and commit those changes with the “Update Contact
Information” button or reset the password. You’ll also be able to Enable or Disable
account from this screen as needed.
If you feel the need to authenticate who you’re talking to on the phone, you can do so via
the “Validate User Pin” link as follows:

Once the user has been authenticated, a link to their account will again be provided.
Upon “Log Out” you’ll be transferred to your personal mailbox in Outlook Web Access
(OWA) as follows:

In order to conduct further administration from this point, re-authentication will be
required via the initial log in screen at:      For the Test Lab
or      For the Production System

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