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?????Hot weather
?????A few days ago. In Guangzhou painting. Happen to have campus wide
there is a light, Guangzhou Seminar - "three lines." And
then went for a night, a tough guy .3
One is "Design360 ¡ã" magazine editor in chief of the
Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Associate Professor - Raymond Wong.

The magazine is really good. In particular, the 6 year period.
Introduced a number of well-known in each country design. Looking
forward to it that the introduction of Japan. Japanese design powerful

This period is described in Spain. Especially like those mentioned
inside studio. Are composed of several like freedom. Positive.
Passionate work of elite
For the room. And then take some items. All discussions. And then
everyone's specialty division. Styles has its own set of studio. More
fun than the corporate model
?????One is the Point, Line, general manager of brand design / Chief
Creative Director / Senior brand design specialist - Li Yaojie

Behalf of the brand are: China Construction Bank, the Yangcheng
Evening News, Italian Life, PG Logistics, TCL, Kelon, the sun god
football club, Li Ning, Younger, Dongfeng Nissan, Chongqing Lifan,
Long Branch, Blue Moon, Wei Lu disabilities, ECU, Dongpeng ceramics,
Chen Gong, semi-chou, Baiyun Mountain, Robust, Qingdao Beer, Junyao
Group, Angel, Lang, good times, gifted musicians United States, Yan
Jiao, Vader, pure point, etc.
Also a forgotten ..

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