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A Visit to a Doctor

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A visit to a doctor is a very unpleasant thing to do, no matter what
doctor you are going to visit. What has to be done to avoid this? If the
situation is familiar to you, read this article and find little clues on
how to avoid an appointment.

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“Health is above wealth”, says the saying. Really, what is more valuable
than the condition of your body when all the systems function well? It
must be our first concern and we have to treat out bodies properly. But
today we seem to forget what is the most important. We ignore all the
signals of our body until the pain is unbearable. Then you put away your
visit to the supermarket, your work on custom research papers, and your
plans for the day and get the rest of our strength together to go and
consult a doctor. People don’t feel positively about any hospital. The
direct association is with pain and illnesses. No matter how friendly
staff is, no matter how well the interior is designed, you will not see a
lot of smiling faces around. So, you are on your way to the hospital with
pains but entering the building you wonder what doctor you need to
consult. If you are not familiar with fields of practice of different
specialists visit a pediatrician first.

He will advice you where to go next. Still feeling bad not only because
of the pain but also because of being in the hospital, you go to see the
right specialist. And here you meet with another typical trait at public
hospital, extremely long lines. You see at least a dozen people waiting
in front of you and think about a custom research paper left at home. You
could finish it by the time you get to see the specialist. But you came
for purpose and will wait till needed. After an hour and a half of
waiting you finally get to consult a specialist, who makes you go through
seven circles of hell. You had to do various not quite understandable
movements that made you exhausted. Angry on yourself, the doctor and the
whole system you run out of the lab with a sheet of paper. This is
medication required along with a dozen of so called “useful advice”.
Regretting about the whole thing you buy expensive medication and go
home, hoping for the pain to disappear under attack of different
remedies. After a week you have to go back and show up for the doctor to
see the result. Here is one more unpleasant visit and another strain.
Finally, you go out of the hospital with assurance that you are fine.

You are cured but what is the price? Numerous strains and worries still
sit in your head and you keep thinking that there is still something
radically wrong with you. During your life you are to visit a hospital
quite a few times. How to lower the frequency? Try to keep fit and there
will be no problem. Why do we become concerned only after there is no
other way but to go to the hospital? When you hear or feel the first
signal that there is something wrong, try to delete the cause immediately
and start working on improvement. You don’t necessarily need to stay on
medication to be healthy. There are a lot of other ways to avoid an
unpleasant visit. If you seek, you’ll find a way, but the first step is
to love your body and treat it the right way to prevent trouble from
happening. If you don’t agree with proposed advice you can decide what
the lesser evil is: To follow it or to prepare for the better world.

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