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									                                S. D. Agricultural Uni versity, S.K.Nagar
                                     Tender Notice DIF-E-4/2009-10
                           Purchase of Laboratory, Farm & Dairy Equi pments

On line Tenders are invited fro m reputed manufacturer or their authorized dealers.
For list of instruments and items, Tender Form, detailed terms & conditions please see Tender Notice-DIF-E-
4/2009-10 on https://au.nprocure.com & www.nprocure.co m.
  1)    Downloading and On line              :    Up to 10.12.09, 15.00 hrs.
        submission of Tender documents
  2)    Physical submission of Tender        :    Up to 15.12.09, 15.00 hrs. in the office of Research Scientist,
        Fee,     EM D, Manufacturer /             Center for Watershed Management Participatory Research
        Authorized Dealership Certificate         and Rural Eng ineering, S.D. Agricu ltural University,
        and relevant documents in                 Sardarkrushinagar-385506, Dist. Banaskantha by Registered
        separate cover                            Post. / Speed Post / Courier only.
  3)    Opening of Technical bid             :    On 21.12.2009, 11.00 hrs. if possible
  4)    Opening of Co mmercial Bid                On 30.12.2009, 11.00 hrs. if possible

Date: 10/11/2009                                                    Infrastructure Facilities (P&S)
                                                                   SDAU, Sardarkrushinagar-385506

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                                            1
                       Telefax: 02748-278889

Tender Notice No. DIF/E-4/2009-10                                               Date: 10-11-2009
Note : Those who have responded to our earlie r Tender Notice No.DIF/E.3/2009-10 for
Dairy           Equipments need not to apply again for same instruments (Sr. No.18 to
Purchase of Laboratory Farm & Dairy Equipme nts as mentioned in the tender details
from reputed manufacturers / authorized dealers are invited tenders online (internet).
1- All tender documents can be downloaded free from the website https://au.nprocure.com
2- All bids should be submitted online from the website https://au.nprocure.com
3- All bids should be digitally signed, for details regarding digital signature certificate and
    training involved the below mentioned address should be contacted
(n)Code solutions
A division of GNFC
301, GNFC Infotower, Bodakdev,
Ahmedabad- 380 054 ( India )
Tel : +91 79 26857316/17/18
Fax: +91 79 26857321.
4- The user can get a copy of instructions to online participation from the website
5- The suppliers should register on the website though the ―New Supplier‖ link provided at
the      home page, the registration on the site should not be taken as registration or
empanelment or any other form of registration with the tendering authority
6- The application for training and issue of digital signature certificates should be made at
least 72     hours in advance to the due date and time of tender submission.
7- For all queries regarding use of digital signature certificate should be addressed to
personnel in M/s (n) Code Solutions.
8- For all queries regarding tender specifications and any other clauses included in tender
   should be addressed to personnel in tendering office address provided below
Contact Details
Directorate of Infrastructure Facilities (P&S)
Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University
Telefax: 02748-278889

The supplier has to quote only one model as per specification for Purchase of Laboratory
Farm & Dairy Equipments & should inclusive of all essential accessories for desired

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                              2
1       The tender fee is Rs.1000/- and EMD @ of Rs.10000/-
        5(Five) % security deposit in form of DD in favour of SDAU Fund Account drawn on
        SBI Dantiwada-2760 for the amount of goods approved has to be paid to the
        ordering office. The security deposit will be released on completion of the
        complaint free Guarantee period.
2       The SDAU shall in first instance prefer to deal with manufacturer, the manufacturer
        may effect delivery through its dealer mentioned in tender form if desire so.
3       Authorized dealers can quote their rates provided they attach a certificate of authorized
        dealership issued from the Manufacturer / Principal company. The certificate should be
        current and valid. Authorized Dealers representing same company / instrument are free
        to compete for price, terms, warranty period etc.
5       EMD COVER
        (I)          EMD cover should contain Tender Fee and EMD in form of separate
                     demand drafts as mentioned on PTF along with self attested copies of VAT
                     / CST Registration Certificate, company printed literature / catalogue and
                     other relevant documents as per check list. Tender form without tender
                     form fee or EMD will not be considered. THIS MAY PLEASE BE
        (I)          Technical Bid should contain original copy of Priced Tender Form (PTF)
                     including ITIT (except Commercial Bid document). Please note that scan
                     copy of any docume nt uploaded must tally with physical submission of
               (a)    The envelope should be marked as "Technical Supporting
                       Documents". It should be noted that no physical submission of
                       technical bid and financial bid should be done.
               (b)    If the suppliers fail to submit the supporting documents offline within
                       time limit, the bidder is entitled for immediate disqualification.
               (c)    The bids should be submitted on or before the time stipulated in
                       Tender notice at the website https://au.nprocure.com
               (d)     Technical bid should be separate for each instrument.
        (I)          Commercial Bid should contain only rates / price of items with or without
                     taxes along with Tax Declaration Certificate duly filled in and signed. The
                     quotation not accompanying this certificate is liable to be ignored.
        (II)         FOR destination delivery should be inclusive of Insurance charges.
                     However Central Sales Tax, VAT, Excise duty & other prevailing taxes as
                     per government rules & regulations should be mentioned separately with
                     prevailing rates on item quoted. In case the Tenderer fails to provide
                     such separate details in its quotations, offers will be considered as
                     inclusive of all taxes. VAT applicable against form 'P' to be mentioned
                     separately. If the Tenderer is exempted from payment of VAT, then it shall
                     have to mention it in the Commercial Bid, other wise offer will be treated
                     as inclusive of VAT and Basic rate will be worked out by deducting the
                     amount of VAT leviable under GST (VAT) Act.

                     (a) The commercial bid        submission      should be online only on   the

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                               3
                       website https://au.nprocure.com]

                   b) The bids should be submitted on or before the time stipulated in
                   tender    notice at the website https://au.nprocure.com
      The rate quoted should be valid up to 365 days. However, SDAU may extend the same
      to the period it may deem fit ranging from six to twelve months from the 365 days.
      (i)For Indige nous Equipment : The maximum delivery period will be six weeks
      from the date of receipt of the A.T. in case of ordinary purchases and two weeks in
      case of the emergency purchase.

      (ii) For Imported Equipment : The maximum delivery period will be eight weeks
      from the date of receipt of final Letter of Credit by you or your principal in case of
      ordinary purchases and two weeks in case of the emergency purchase.
10    PAYM ENT
      No advance payment shall be made of any kind. The final payment shall be made by
      respective offices after satisfaction of goods received and training of staff wherever
      When a Tenderer is not a manufacturer himself he should submit a letter from the
      manufacturer authorizing him to submit quotation on his behalf or attested copy of
      authorized dealership. Authority letter whenever submitted should be on original
      letterhead of the manufacturer with necessary seal and signature in prescribed form
      enclosed with PTF. In absence of this, tender may be rejected.

      The manufacturer should preferably have track record of supply for at least last two
      years to any Govt. Department/Educational/Agricultural University in the country.
      Please attach relevant list or certificate pertains to client satisfaction in this regard.
      (I)          Please state one place of Inspection, in your quotation, failing which their
                   offer maybe rejected and no correspondence will be exchanged after
                   opening of the tender.
      (II)         SDAU Indenter/consignee or representative authorized by him may do
                   inspection of store.
      (III)   Inspection charges shall inclusive of traveling expenses and daily
              allowances of the inspecting staff. Hence, inspection fees shall be charged
              as per actual expenditure by the inspection staff of as actual amount to be
              worked out on the basis of percentages, whichever is less. Similarly,
              testing charges shall be charged as per actual amount to be worked out on
              the basis of above percentages whichever is less.
      (A)  The packing and the labels of all the items to be supplied under the order
           shall be marked. If the items are packed in packets which are then placed or
           repacked within a box / carton / bottle / foil, these words swill be printed /
           marked on both the internal / external packs and labels. The retail price
      must       not be printed or shown anywhere, either on external or internal pack /

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                               4
      box / carton           / foil.
       (B)     The A.T./R.C. holder should have to supply the material in the Original
               Company’s packing which shall indicate packing details and other
               particulars as required under the statutory provisions. Inner and outer
               packing of boxes / cartons should be of standard design. The final
               packing of cartons of corrugated boxes shall be complying with ISS 9313:
               1979 of November, 1980. Corrugated boxes having double wall 5 ply with
               maximum combined length 1275 mm or triple wall 7 ply with maximum
               combined length 1275 mm or triple wall 7 ply with maximum combined
               length 1525 mm shall contain maximum gross contents 15 kg. & 20 kg
               respectively. A packing slip of 10" x 8" shall indicate clearly and legibly the
               name of the product, batch number, quantity, date of manufacture, date of
               expiry gross & net weight, and consignee’s name & address and other
               particulars as required.
       (C) In the event of breakages or loss of stores during transit against
               requisition order the said quantity will have to be replaced by the A.T. /
               R.C. holder. The purchaser will not pay separately for transit insurance
               and the supplier will be responsible for the stores as soon as possible, but not
               later than 15 days from the date of arrival of stores at destinations notify the
               A.T. / R.C. holder of any loss or damages to the stores that might /
               should have occurred during the transit.
      (I)          The conditional offer is liable to be rejected.
      (II)         The statutory price increase clause.
                   (I)    The Tenderer who wants to avail the benefit of statutory price
                          increase, clause should clearly mention in the tender accordingly. In
                          absence of such a specific statement no claim for the same will be
                   (II)   The Tenderer who want to avail the benefit of statutory price
                          variation clause should also clearly mention the break-up in tender
                          of the net price of the store and the amount of taxes separately.
                   (III) No variation in price shall be allowed in case the goods are offered
                   (IV) The increase in price would also not be permissible where delivery
                        period is within one month of the date of statutory increase.
      (III)    No tender will be accepted after prescribed closing time for submission
                of the same.       The delay will not be condoned for any reason
                whatsoever including postal/transit delay. However, if the last date of
                submission of tenders is declared as a holiday by the Government,
                 the last date of submission of tenders will be extended to the next working

      (IV)     The tenderer should read this document very carefully and comply with
                 the instructions / terms / conditions therein. Any tender who does not
               confirm with the instruction / terms / conditions therein is liable to be
               rejected without a ny reference.
        (V)     No modification should be done by the tenderer in the name of item, and
                in the specifications grade / quality / packing of the item given in the

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                              5
                         enquiry document.
          (VI)   In no case, rates should be quoted in anywhere except online i.e.
                 commercial bid.
          (VII) The Accepted Tende r (A.T.) holde r / Rate Contract (R.C.) holder
                should supply the, equipments / items in fresh and sound condition
                meeting with the specification and packing approved. Refurbis hed or
                second-hand equipment / stores will not be allowe d under any
                circumstances. If such case is noticed, than the store will be rejected
                out rightly and penal action will be taken against the A.T. / R.C.
                Holder. All supply orders issued by the indenting officers on or before
                the last date of the currency of the R.C. will have to be accepted by
                the R.C. holde r and the delive ry for all such orders will have to be
                effected as per the schedule specified in the orde r, even though the
                date of actual s upply may fall beyond the last date of the R.C.

(Name of the Tenderer / Proprietor / partner/Director) hereby undertake to supply stores
conforming to your Tender Enquiry specification and abide all terms and conditions of their
tender enquiry as well as invitation to tender and instructions to tenderers.

Place :
Date :


                                                Stamp of the firm:

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                          6
                (Invitation to Tender and Instructions to Tenderer (ITIT))
1.    Tenderers or their authorize representative are at liberty to remain present at the
      opening of the tender at the time and date.
2.    The tender fee is Rs.1000/- (Rs one thousand Non refundable) and EMD @ of
      Rs.10000/-( Rs ten thousand )
      5(Five) % security deposit in form of DD in favour of SDAU Fund Account drawn on
      SBI Dantiwada-2760 for the total amount of goods supplied has to be paid to
      ordering office by the successful tenderer. The security deposit will be released on
      completion of the complaint free Guarantee period.
      Demand drafts should be in the name of "SDAU Fund Account" and drawn on
      "State Bank of India, Dantiwada-2760". The drawee bank should also be "State
      Bank of India". Tender without proper Tender Form Fee and Earnest Money Deposit
      shall not be considered. The Earnest money Deposit will be liable to forfeiture if you
      fail to complete the contract. EMD shall be returned after warranty / guarantee period
      of equipments by the indenting office.

      Wrong/ Fraudulent data submission may lead to disqualification / debar. Please
      ensure that you furnish correct data.

3.    A.     You should quote rate for F.O.R. / Free Delivery to the indenting office of
             SDAU. The SDAU has its Research Stations spread over Kutchh and North
             Gujarat. You should state the exact, earliest and clear delivery period. The
             delivery period should be maximal four to six weeks after date of confirm supply
             order. The party has to confirm receipt of supply order and acceptance thereof
             immediately. In absence of this no claim shall be considered.
      B.     Should you however quote on Ex-Godown and/or F.O.R. Station of dispatch,
             you shall also indicate charges towards packing forwarding, Railway freight or
             the charges under the parcel scheme of the Gujarat State Road Transport
             corporation, insurance etc. so as to compare your rates with those of others who
             have quoted as per tender condition. Failure on your part will be at your risk.
      C      When the analysis or testing of the supplied stores has to be undertaken in
             Laboratories / Test house inside/outside Gujarat State, Inspection charge not
             exceeding 0.5 / 1.0 % of the total value of stores respectively to be inspected will
             have to be paid by you.
4.    No charges other than customs duty shall be affected by the change in the F.O.B. price.
      This clause shall remain in operation only up to the date of shipment corresponding to
      the delivery period specified in the schedule to the agreed terms and notwithstanding
      any extension of time if any, unless it proves to the satisfaction of the SDAU that the
      delay in shipment was due entirely to causes beyond the control of the foreign principal
      / manufacturer and the decision of the SDAU in this behalf shall be final and binding.
5.    (a)    Ex-stock offers of those your own import license will be preferred. It will be
             your responsibility to inform this office within the validity period of the
             quotation in the event of the stores offered ex-stock being sold elsewhere.
             Failure to comply with this instruction shall be construed to mean that the stores
             are available ex-stock during the validity period. No cognizance shall be taken of
             the intimation that the store have been sold out prior to receipt of order if such
             intimation is received after acceptance of order at your end.
      (b)    Taxes, if leviable and if the same are being claimed extra should be clearly
             stated, failing which the rates quoted in the tender will be constr ued as inclusive

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                               7
             of all taxes. Break - up showing the rate and element of taxes should be shown
             when rates are quoted inclusive of taxes.
6.    (a)    You should indicate the rates in metric system of weight and measures or in any
             equivalent weights and measures. Thereof showing conversion rates. Non-
             compliance in this respect will render the tender liable for rejection.
      (b)    Rates should be quoted per "unit" as specified in the schedule. Non-compliance
             will render the tender liable for rejection.
      (c)    The prices should not be negotiable. If needed parties quoting lowest shall be
             invited for the negotiations / clarifications. However, the lowest price is not the
             criteria and emphasis is placed on quality and specifications of the material. The
             SDAU has right to reject any or all the offers and invite fresh quotations if need
7.    The SDAU does not pledge himself to accept the lowest or any tender and reserves the
      right to consider or reject any or all tenders or to accept the tender in full or part or
      divide the quantity amongst one or more tenderers without assigning any reasons. The
      SDAU further reserves to himself the right of selecting the brand and accepting or
      other wise any of the conditions stipulated by you in your tender.
8.    In the event of an order being placed with you against this tender and if you fail to
      supply any stores in accordance with the terms and conditions of Acceptance of Tender
      or fail to replace any stores rejected by the Director or any person on his behalf within
      such times as may be stipulated, the SDAU shall be entitled to purchase from
      elsewhere, without notice to you on the account, such stores from any other source and
      at such price as the SDAU shall in the sole discretion think fit and if such price shall
      exceed the rate set out in the schedule to acceptance of tender. You shall be responsible
      to pay the difference between the price at which such store have been purchased by the
      SDAU, and the price calculated at the rate set out in the schedule.
9.    Sample: -
      (A)    Tender samples are not required unless specifically called for at later date when
             need arise.
      (B)    Quotations without samples where samples are specifically called for will not be
      (C)    Sealed samples should be submitted with a showing (i) Name and address of the
             firm (ii) Tender No. (iii) Opening date of Tender (iv) Item Name (v) Sr. No. /
             Code No.
      (D)    All samples submission for any reason shall be supplied without charge and
             freight paid and without any obligation on the SDAU as regards safe custody.
      (E)    It has been the practice in the past with certain tenderers to submit a sample of a
             quantity that the rate quoted does not permit of strict adherence to the sample,
             thereby causing numerous rejections. Tenderers are therefore warned that sample
             should not be submitted of a quality that they are not able to produce or maintain
             the quantity in ultimate supplies. The samples submitted are in all cases
             preserved for comparison with supplies and rejection will be made if suppliers
             are not reasonably in accordance with the approved samples.
      (F)    Tenderers are hereby warned that the quality will be one of the chief deciding
             factors both in the matter of deciding tenders.
10    Warranty Guarantee, if any, for the stores offered by you, should invariably be stated
      in your tender, failing which standard clause to his effect adopted by SDAU shall apply

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                              8
      viz. for twelve months.
      (a)     You shall guarantee regular and timely supply for a period of three years, of all
              the spare parts required for the normal working of the machinery tendered for.
              You shall also guarantee that the rate of such spare parts will not be exceeding
              those you might be charging to the Director General of Supplies and Disposals.
              New Delhi or any other Government department.
      (b)  You shall further guarantee that "after-sale service" offered shall be made
           available as and when required.
11.   Termination of contract: -
      Should you fail to deliver the stores or any part thereof, within the contracted period of
      delivery or in case the store are found not in accordance with the prescribed
      specifications and / or approved sample SDAU shall exercise his discretionary power
      (a)     To purchase elsewhere on your account and at your risk store so unde livered or
              others of a similar description without canceling the contract in respect of the
              consignment not yet due for delivery, or
      (b)     To cancel the contract:-
              In the event of action taken under clause (a) above, the contractor shall be liable
              for any loss which the SDAU may sustain on that account but you shall not be
              entitled to any saving on such purchases made against default.
              The decision of the SDAU shall be final as regards the acceptability of stores
              supplied by the contractor and the SDAU shall not be required to give any time
              for the rejection of the stores.
12.   Extension of time -
      (i)     As soon as it is apparent that contract dates cannot be adhered to, an application
              shall be sent to the ordering office of SDAU along with copy to Director,
              Infrastructure Facilities (P&S) before due date.
      (ii)    Without prejudice to the foregoing rights if such failure to deliver in proper time
              as aforesaid shall have arisen from any cause which SDAU may admit as a
              reasonable ground for an extension of the time (and his decision shall be final)
              he may allow such additional time as he considers to be justified by the
              circumstances of the case.
      (iii)   Provided always that any failure of delay on the part of sub-contractors though
              their employment may have been sanctioned shall not be admitted as reasonable
              ground for any extension shall be allowed unless application for it shall, in the
              opinion of the SDAU (which shall be final) have been made and in his justified.
13.   Special conditions, if any in this tender shall also be applicable.
14.   Non-compliance with any of the above conditions shall construe breach of the same
      and will render the offer liable for rejection.
15.   The Tenderers are instructed to specify clearly in their tenders as to in which respect
      their quotations deviate from the tender enquiry. If deviations are not specified in
      detail, it will be presumed that the tendered office is exactly to the specifications of the
      tender enquiry.
16.   Tenderers are requested to show all taxes separately with their amounts even if their
      offers are inclusive of all taxes.
17.   Tenderers should send descriptive literature (not rates) along with other documents as

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                                9
      specified in tender notice
18.   Tenderers are advised to indicate in their offer against each item, whether the item is
      imported or indigenous.
19.   The SDAU may if found necessary to do so, place repeat orders against the acceptance
      of tender in case in your favor, within a period of validity 365 days, subject to the
      same terms and condition originally provided in advertised Tender and you shall accept
      the same unless specially stipulated to the contrary in your tender.
20.   In the case rate accepted on "FOR Destination" the date on which the goods are
      received at destination shall be considered as the date of delivery.
21.   Tender should be submitted on line (i.e. showing legibly the tender number, due
      date, name of item, Sr. No. and Code No.).
22.          Tender Form Fee / EMD and other relevant documents of the tenders are to be
      sent in separate sealed cover to the office of Research Scientist, Center for
      Wate rshed Management Participatory Research and Rural Engineering, S.D.
      Agricultural Unive rsity, Sardarkrushinagar-385506, Dist. Banaskantha by the
      date and time stated in the notice by Registered Post. / Speed Post / Courier only.
      Late receipt may disqualify the tender. SDAU accept no responsibility in this
      regard. Scan Photo copy submitted along with original tender if any must match with
      physical copies.
23.   The terms and conditions in any other form than shown in the tender will not be
23.   All questions, disputes or differences arising under, out of or in connection with the
      contract if concluded shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court within
      the local limits of whose jurisdiction the place from which acceptance of Tender is
      issued, is situated.

                                       SIGNATURE OF TENDERER
                                       Name: -
                                       Designation: -
                                       Seal of firm: -

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                           10

Current Tender Details:
       Tender Notice No.:                              Type of Tender:
Last Date & Time for submission of Bid:

                          TENDER SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS

1)     Name of the Instrument:
2)     Sr. No. / Code No.   :
3)     Name of Manufacturer:
4)     Brand:
5)     Model:

(A)    Required supporting documents:

(i)    Instrument Name:

 Sr.                  Document / Ce rtificate                      Attached   Yours Page No.
 No.                                                               Yes / No
  1.    C.A. Certificate for the manufacturing showing
        year wise production sells of the quoted item for 3
        years for Indian manufacturers only.
  2.    Manufacturing License / Product Permission /
        Registration Certificate with C.S.P.O./ C.M.S.O. /
        S.S.I./ K.V.I.C./N.S.I.C./ D.G.S.& D.
  3.    List of Installations / Users / Customers with
        address, phone No. and email address.
  4.    Higher / Lower Price Certificate
  5.    S.T. Clearance Certificate & Returns
  6.    E.M.D., D. D. No. & Date
  7.    Tender Form Fee, D. D. No. & Date
  8.    Confirmation of Delivery Period
  9.    Letter of Authority of Foreign Principal OR its
        subsidiary company with copy of agreement (In
        case of Foreign articles) (MUST BE
 10.    IEC Certificate for imported items.
 11.    Whether Page Number is Given On Each Page of
 12.    Partnership deed / Memorandum of article /
        Registration of firm etc.
 13.    Document of 100% Subsidiary Company.
 14.    Affidavit by Subsidiary Company.
 15.    Confirmation of Place of Delivery
 16.    Confirmation of Payment.
 17.    A.E.R.B. Certificate {if applicable}
 18.    I.S.O. Certificate.
 19.    I.S.I. Certificate.

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                          11
 20.    Original Product Literature / Photograph
 21.    Copy of valid import license for imported items.
 22.    Guaranty / Warranty.
 23.    State here that wherever the stores you have
        offered are as per Tender Notice specifications in
        all respect.
 24. Have you submitted all documentary evidence
        duly attested by gazetted officer / self attested.
Note: 1) All photocopied documents must be attested with seal and signature.
      2) All documents photocopy attached in physically and scan copy with e-tender.

1.       It is verified that all the certificates / permissions / documents are valid and
         current as on date and have not been withdrawn / cancelled by the issuing
         authority. It is further verified that the certificates are as per the format and it is
         clearly and distinctly understood by me / us that the tender is liable to be
         rejected if on scrutiny and of these certificates is found to be not as per the
         prescribed format.

         I/We further undertake to produce on demand the original certificate / permission /
         document for verification at any stage during the processing of the tender.

                                       . DECLARATION

        We solemnly declare that we have attached all the documents mentioned here above
and mentioned in the tender. We also understand that non-compliance of any documents will
be treated as non-respective tender and we will loose our claim to participate in the Tender
Enquiry automatically and our tender will be liable to reject.

Name of the Firm:                            Authorized Signature:



                                             Seal of firm:

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                                   12
                           TECHNICAL BID SUBMISSION FORM

Current Tender Details:
       Tender No.:                                             Type of Tender:
Last Date & Time for submission of Bid:

                                          Technical Bid

1)     Name of the Instrument:
2)     Sr. No. and Code No.:
3)     Name of Manufacturer:
4)     Brand:
5)     Model:

(A)    Required Specification of Main Equipment
       with standard accessories

(i)    Instrument Name:

Sr.      Required Specifications                                   Remarks

(ii)   Optional Items (Accessories):

Sr.     Item Description                          Quantity              Remarks

Note: Rate should be filled in comme rcial bid only.

(B)    Minimum 1 rows entry required. If required Number of rows to add.
       Basic facilities / infrastructure required such as power supply, installation and
       commissioning of equipment shall be mentioned here under:

(C)    Details of availability of after sales services in Gujarat.

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                           13
1.      Address of Manufacturer's Service
2.      Name of Service Engineer (With
        Office & Residence Phone No. &
        Email address.)
3.      Address of Local Depot of parts and
        other consumable stores (With Office
        & Residence Phone No. & Email

1.       The specifications available in the equipment offered shall be mentioned
         clearly against each tender specification.
2.       Details specifications chart, design drawing etc. for equipment offered are to be
         provided along with original literature.
3.       For any imported equipment / part of equipment, valid documentary evidence
         regarding foreign make as well as import of goods is to be provided by the
         Tenderer along with consignment.
4.       Any item, material, consumable required for installation and commissioning of
         equipment to be brought by supplier at the time of installation of equipment.

Enter '0' in above fields if not applicable.

A.            Total of Optional Items in INR
B.            Total Ex Factory prices A(i) + A(ii)
C.            (i) Excise and other duties if applicable in %
              (ii) Excise and other duties in INR (as per % specified)
D.            Packing Forwarding, Insurance, Transport charges
              from factory to place of Consignees, Installation in
              (Enter '0' if not applicable)
E.            Total price excluding VAT (B + C + D)

F.            (i) CST in % (Enter '0' if not applicable)
              (ii) CST in INR (as per % specified)
              (iii) VAT in % (Enter '0' if not applicable)
              (iv) VAT in INR (as per specified)
G.            Any other charges
H.            Total F.O.R.D. price in INR

Remarks if any:


D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                             14
(1)      Price must be quoted in above format with breakup. Quoting of consolidated price
         without breakup will not be considered.
(2)      Optional item shown in Technical Bid should be quoted separately.
(3)      All terms and conditions of supply shall be applicable as per tender terms. Any terms
         and condition enclosed with Commercial Bid shall be ignored or in such a case offer is
         liable to be rejected.
(4)      Please enclose annexure of tax declaration certification.


        We solemnly declare that we have attached all the documents mentioned here above
and mentioned in the tender. We also understand that non-compliance of any documents will
be treated as non-respective tender and we will loose our claim to participate in the Tender
Enquiry automatically and our tender will be liable to reject.

Name of the Firm:                            Authorized Signature:



                                             Seal of firm:

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                          15
                        COMMERCIAL BID SUBMISSION FORM

Current Tender Details:
        Tender No.:                                            Type of Tender:
Last Date & Time for submission of Bid:
                                     Price Bid Option -I
                                  INDIGENOUS ARTICLES

1)      Name of the Instrument:
2)      Sr. No. and Code No.:
3)      Name of Manufacturer:
4)      Brand:
5)      Model:
6)      i)Price of Main Equipment with
          standard accessories in INR (per Unit):
        ii)Optional Items:
Sr. No.             Item Description                               Item Rate in INR (per Unit)

Enter '0' in above fields if not applicable.

A.            Total of Optional Items in INR
B.            Total Ex Factory prices 6(i) + 6(ii)
C.            (i) Excise and other duties if applicable in % (at
              concessional rate to Educational Institute)
              (ii) Excise and other duties in INR (as per %
D.            Packing Forwarding, Insurance and Installation
              c ha r ge in INR
              (Enter '0' if not applicable)
E.            Total price excluding VAT (B + C + D)

F.            (i) CST in % (Enter '0' if not applicable)
              (ii) CST in INR (as per % specified)
              (iii) VAT in % (Enter '0' if not applicable)
              (iv) VAT in INR (as per 5 specified)
G.            Any Other Charges
H.            Total F.O.R.D. price in INR

Remarks if any:

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                                 16
(1)      Price must be quoted in above format with breakup. Quoting of consolidated price
         without breakup will not be considered.
(2)      Optional item shown in Technical Bid should be quoted separately.
(3)      All terms and conditions of supply shall be applicable as per tender terms. Any terms
         and condition enclosed with Commercial Bid shall be ignored or in such a case offer is
         liable to be rejected.
(4)      Please enclose annexure of tax declaration certification.


        We solemnly declare that we have attached all the documents mentioned here above
and mentioned in the tender. We also understand that non-compliance of any documents will
be treated as non-respective tender and we will loose our claim to participate in the Tender
Enquiry automatically and our tender will be liable to reject.

Name of the Firm:                            Authorized Signature:



                                             Seal of firm:

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                          17
                         COMMERCIAL BID SUBMISSION FORM

Current Tender Details:
        Tender No.:                                            Type of Tender:
               Last Date & Time for submission of Bid:

                                     Price Bid Option -II
                                   IMPORTED ARTICLES

        Name of Manufacturer:

7)      i)C.I.F. Port Price of Main Equipment
          with standard accessories (per Unit):

        Select Currency:

        Specify Conversion Rate 'C' (Selected
        Currency = c x INR)

ii)Optional Items:

     Sr. No.                    Item Description                    Item Rate in above selected
                                                                        currency (per Unit)

Enter '0' in above fields if not applicable.

A.             Total of Optional Items in
B.             (i)Total C.I.F. prices 7(i) + 7(ii) in selected
               (ii) Total C.I.F. prices 7(i) + 7(ii) in INR after
               applying conversion rate.
C.             (i) Custom duty / CVD in % (Enter '0' where not
               … Custom duty / CVD in INR (as per %

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                                  18
             (ii) Additional Custom duty in % (Enter '0' if not
             … Additional Custom duty in INR (as per %
D.           Transport charges from port to place of
             consignees, Transit Insurance within India,
             Installation Charges in INR (Enter '0' if not
E.           Bank / Custom clearance charges
F.           Any Other Charges
G.           Total F.O.R.D. price in INR. B( ii) + C( ii) +

Letter of credit opened in favour of:

Country of Shipment:

Remarks if any:


(1)      Price must be quoted in above format with breakup. Quoting of consolidated price
         without breakup will not be considered.

(2)      Optional item shown in Technical Bid should be quoted separately.

(3)      If the rates are quoted in foreign currency, local agency commission will not be allowed
         for local agents / dealer.

(4)      If required, custom exemption certificate shall be provided by Consignees if it is
         allowed under relevant act and issued by authority concerned.

(5)      All terms and conditions of supply shall be applicable as per tender terms. Any terms
         and condition enclosed with Commercial Bid shall be ignored or in such a case offer is
         liable to be rejected.

(6)      The rates of the main equipment with accessories and optional items should be quoted
         in foreign currency only.

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                          19
(7)      The rates of Custom Duty / C.V.D., transport charges from port to place of consignees,
         transit insurance within India, installation charges, bank / custom clearance charges
         should be quoted in Indian currency only.

(8)      For R.C. item (where mentioned): Rates should be quoted in Indian Currency even
         though the item is imported.


        We solemnly declare that we have attached all the documents mentioned here above
and mentioned in the tender. We also understand that non-compliance of any documents will
be treated as non-respective tender and we will loose our claim to participate in the Tender
Enquiry automatically and our tender will be liable to reject.

Name of the Firm:                            Authorized Signature:



                                             Seal of firm:

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                          20
             Laboratory, Farm & Dairy Equipments Specifications
 Sr.        Name of                                            Specification
 No.      Instruments
   1.           2.                                                   3.
   1.    Core sampler         Consists of a cylindrical core cutter of a seamless tube. 10cm internal
                              diameter and approx. 127 mm long, a dolly lip to enable it to be located
                              on the core cutter and a Rammer with steel rod.
                              Complete set as above.
   2.    Digital Water &      Microprocessor Water & Soil analysis kit with Alphanumeric LCD display
         Soil Analysis kit    covering pH, conductivity, TDS, Turbidity, Salinity, Dissolved oxygen ,
                              temperature etc. with rechargeable battery. Storage for 90 samples, printer
                              attachment facility. Highly accurate, stable, user friendly & menu driven
                              Complete with accessories fitted in a VIP briefcase.
   3.    Discharge            The meter be supplied with the followings:
         /Magnetic Water        1) Electromagnetic counter, Battery operated.
         Flow current           2) Fish weight of C.I. 10 kg …1 no
         Meter                  3) Tie Bar.
                                4) Suspension Cable - 10 Metres.
                                5) Connection Cable – 10 Metres.
                                6) Tool Kit
                                7) Oil Can.
                                8) Rating Table.
                              Complete set.
                              Water flow current meter: Pigmy type with Accessories:
                                   Wading Rod, 3 meter in length
                                   5 meter connection cable.
                                   Tool Kit.
                                   Oil Can
                                   Electromagnetic Counter with battery.
                                   Rating table.
                              Complete Set.
   4.    Double Ring          SOIL INFILTROMETER RING: DOUBLE RINGS: Made of 14 to 16
         Infiltrometer        gauge Mild Steel sheet , Size: 25cm(D)× 30CM(H) & 35cm(D)× 30CM(H)

                              Complete with accessories.
   5.    Water Level           Electronic Water Level Indicator Unit for accurate measurement of water
         Indicator –for       level in wells, bore-holes, consisting of:
         50mt and 150mt
                                     Spool – 01 no.
                                     Cable wound round the spool – 01 no.
                                     Stand – 01 no.
                                     Lifting handle – 01 no.
                                     Operating handle – 01 no.
                                     Sensing probe – 01 no.
                                     Detachable extension rod – 01 no.

   6.    Auger Hole           Auger Hole Hydraulic Conductivity Apparatus; complete set as per IS
         Hydraulic            specification

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                             21
 Sr.          Name of                                          Specification
 No.        Instruments
   1.            2.                                                 3.
   7.    Models of Spill      Spill Way Gate: The properly constructed model showing read way.
         ways and SWE         Bucket water cushion and down stream deflector wall. Size approx.
         structures           40x30cm. & Volute Siphon Spillway-showing part of a dam, main vertical
                              siphon pipe, belt mouth dome on pillar, outlet etc. made of two units size
                              about 50x40cms.

                              Completed as above
   8.    GPS                  Hand held single frequency and optional external power battery charger to
                              operate in 220 V, Channels-12 (L1 code only), Integrated real time- SBAS
                              (2-5 meter), Update rate- 1 Hz, Time to first Fix- 30 seconds (typical),
                              Protocols- SiRF, NMEA -0183, Antenna- Inbuilt, Casing- GPS, Antenna
                              and Controller in Single Casing,
                              Operating System - Microsoft Windows Mobile V 6.1 for Pocket PC
                              includes:- word mobile,excel mobile,internet explorer,outlook mobile.
                              Processor - 533 MHz processor, 128MB RAM
                              Data Storage - 128 MB non- volatile flash data storage/2GB Expandable
                              with                 SD CARD
                              Camera - Integrated Digital Camera (color,3 megapixel )
                              Display - Outdoor color display
                              Bluetooth - Bluetooth Wireless
                              LAN - 802.11 b/g wireless LAN
                              Battery Life - All-day internally rechargeable battery
   9.    Tube well / Well     Tube well/ Well Model - complete set on 30x30x50 cm box base,
         model                showing main stages of the earth, pipe line, motor and pump etc.

   10. Total station
                              Display - Graphic LCD (128 x 64 pixel)

                              Memory capacity - 10,000 points, 32 jobs
                              Data Inputs / Outputs - RS 232 C / V24 Interface
                              Inbuilt Software’s : Station setup- Known, resection, quick, remote
                              BM, BS Check; COGO - Inverse, Bring & Distance ; Area and
                              Parameter, Line & O/S, Input X, Y, Z;
                              2 Point Ref. Line - Arc Ref Line, RDM (Radial), REM, V-Plane &
                              S-Plane; Offset Point
                               Optical plummet in the instrument - Magnification - 3 X, Focusing range -
                               Dimensions (W x D x H) - 173 x 168 x 347mm
                               Weight (approx.) - Main unit (with battery) 5.0kg
                               On-board Ni-MH battery BC-65
                               Operation time - 8 hours
                              Survey Office Software
                              Software capable of generating - Area, Volume, Automatic Drawing
                              Generation from feature codes, 3 Dimensional View, Generation of
                              formats to Export to third party software.
                              SCOPE OF SUPPLY FOR ELECTRONIC TOTAL

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                            22
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                  3.
                              - Instrument supplier should have manufacture authorised service center in
                              - All the accessories supplied with the Instrument should be OEM make
                              and the original part nos. should be mentioned in your quotations.
                              01. Electronic Total Station with 5 sec accuracy (1 no.), Alphanumeric
                              keyboard with Internal      memory 10,000 points (32 jobs), Built- in
                              software’s and following accessories
                              02. Data downloading cable (1 no.)
                              03. Data downloading software (1 no.)
                              04. Internal Battery (with 16 - 27 hours capacity) (1 no.)
                              05. Single Circular Prism (1 no.)
                              06. Graduated Telescopic Range Pole (1 no.)
                                   Wooden Tripod stand (1 no.)
   11. Food Texture            Texture Analyzing System of 50 kg load frame capacity
       Analyser                Instrument should be computer controlled through compatible window
                                based software for finding rheological properties of food and
                                Agricultural products. Software should provide complete database of
                                family of probes and attachments and include comprehensive library
                                of application reports, help guide covering a wide range of products
                                and tests. Software should give flexibility in data manipulation and
                                data analysis using a wide range of mathematical and statistical
                               The software should be 32 bit.
                               The software must have the facility to modify the distance being
                                traveled by the probe during the test to account for the bend
                                compensation and frame deflection
                               It should be possible to download the latest version of the firmware
                                via PC through internet
                               The software must provide the fourth dimension Texture analysis
                               It should have the facility to write a macro i.e. an English language
                                programme which enables a user to do routine calculations
                               The instrument should be able to measure hardness, firmness. stress
                                relaxation. chewing- ness, cohesiveness, elasticity, tenderness.
                                brittleness, freshness etc.
                               The instrument should have the facility to measure dough extension
                                Rheology of both Dough and Gluten.
                               Accessories required with the instrument :-
                               Load cells of 50 kg
                               Platform for keeping the samples
                               Probe for measurement of firmness of margarine
                               Rig for the measurement of hardness and resistance
                               Compression plate
                               Probe for measuring hardness and brittleness

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                            23
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                3.
                               Blade set
                               Spaghetti/Noodle test rig
                               Crisp Fracture support rig
                               Rig to assess non-uniform samples
                               Needle probe
                               Cylinder probe
                               Kieffer Dough Extensibility rig to function an extensograph
                               Kramer Shear Cell
                               Rig for the comparision of Firmness/stickiness in pasta
                              Probe for hardness and adhesiveness in noodles
   12. Damaged Starch          The damaged starch analysis in flour should be based on Medcalf and
       Analyser                   gilles
                               The principle must be Amperometric method measuring the amount of
                                  iodine absorbed by the starch granules in a solution at a temperature of
                                  35 Deg C.
                               Should be microprocessor controlled with an LCD screen.
                               One analysis to be performed in less than minutes
                               Calibrations and display available in AACC, Farrand &UCD units.
                                  Should also be capable of developing own calibrations
                               Should adhere to International standards such as AACC76-
                                  33&AFNOR V03-731
                               Voltage:230 VAC,Single phase,50/60Hz
   13. Pressurized Oil         Maximum operating pressure. 10000 to 12000 psi
       Extractor               Pressure Display - LED ±1 to 2 psi
                               Temperature range-Ambient to
                                 2000 c/3000 c
                               Temp precision- ± 0.2 to 0.050 c
                               Temp. Display-LED (Display internal vessel temp.)
                               Flow Rates:-250 to 350 gm/min.
   14. Centrifuge               Rotation Speed Range;-310 to 1500rpm
       (Separation of          Maximum Capacity :-0.81
       mixture,                Maximum Kinetic Energy:-8800NM
       suspension and          Time Range:-0-99 min,59 sec.
       systematic fluid        Temp. Content Range:-- 10 to 40. C
       in to constituents      No. of Programs :-99
       of diff. density)       Acceleration mode:-10 linear
                               Declaration mode :- 10 linear
                               Short duration operation and
                                 initial:0-10 min.- 2500rpm 4C
                               Size-640 mm Depth, 410 mm
                                 Width, 370mm Height. 59 Kg Weight
                                Environment Condition:
                                    Ambient temperature: 15to40 0 c
                                    Relative humidity- <75 %
   15. Ice making                 Capacity: 18 kg/ 24 hrs., Storage capacity: 9 kg, No. cubes: 450
       machine                    Approximately electrical load 1 KVA, 200 valts, 50 cycles

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                             24
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                 3.
                                  Ice holding tank made of stainless steel, insulated with PUF for
                                   longer storing period
                                  Automatic cut of in case of water supply failure and maximum ice
                                  Overflow and drain lines should be provide for continuous draining
                                   of water
                                  The MCB should be provide in the main electric line for all important
                                   components like compressor, gear box, driving motor etc.
                                  Replaceable connectors should be use for wiring
   16. Digital Camera             Nikon Digital Camera D-90 kit with Vr 18-105mm lens
                                  Color: Blak
                                  Image sensor format: DX; Image sensor type: CMOS
                                  Sensor Size: 15.8 x 23.6mm; Total pixels: 12.9 megapixels
                                   Effective pixels: 12.3 megapixels
                                  Image area (DX format): Large: 2488 x 2848; medium: 3216 x 2136;
                                   small: 2144 x 1424
                                  Top continuous shooting speed at full resolution: 4.5 frames/sec
                                  Continuous shooting options: CH: up to 4.5 frames per second; CL:
                                   up to 4.0 frames per second;
                                  LCD monitor size: 3 inches diagonal; type: Super density
                                  Monitor resolution: 920,000 pixels; Angle of view: 170- degree wide
                                   viewing angle; Monitor adjustments: 7 brightness levels
                                  Sutter type: Electronically controlled, vertical- travel focal plane
                                  Slowest Sutter speed: 30 seconds insteps of 1/3, 1/2, 1 EV
                                  Faster Sutter speed: 1/4000 second insteps of 1/3, 1/2, 1 EV
                                  Interface: High speed USB, NTSC, HDMI
                                  Lens mount: Nikon bayonet mount; Picture angle: 1.5
                                  Viewfinder frame coverage: Approx. 96%; Viewfinder eye point:
                                  Viewfinder frame magnification: Approx. 0.94x
                                  Built in flash: yes; External flash shoe: yes
                                  Battery type: Rechargeable lithium- ion; Ac adapter: EH-5a
                                  Battery charger: MH-18a; Image comment: yes; Battery life: 850
                                  Tripod socket: 1/4-20
                                  Supplied software: software suite CD-ROM
                                  Supplied lens: AF-S DX Nikkor 18-105mm f/ 3.5-5.6 G ED VR
                                  Focal length: 18 to 105 mm; Zoom ratio: 5.8 x
                                  Maxi. aperture: f/2.5 to f/5.6; Mini. aperture: f/22 to f/38
                                  Auto focus: yes; AF-S: yes; With Memory card: 4 GB
                                  Camera width: 5.2 inches; height: 4.1 inches; depth: 3.0 inches
   17. Hot Air Oven               Capacity: 336 ltr.
                                  Size of inside chamber WxHxD: 605x910x605 (24‖x36‖24‖)
                                  Ideally sited for various application in agriculture research laboratory
                                  Super deluxe model
                                  Outer body made of G. I. sheet duly power coated

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                               25
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                3.
                                  Door gasket made of synthetic rubber compound instead of asbestos
                                  Inside chamber made of S. S. 304 grade
                                  Fully Automatic fitted with microprocessor based Digital temperature
                                  Digital timer
                                  Air circulating fan
   18. Deep Freeze                Capacity : 10 cu. ft (283 ltr.)
                                  Shape: Vertical
                                  CFC Free
                                  Insulated with PUF
                                  Inside chamber made of S. S. & out side of mild steel duly painted
                                  With Micro processor based controller (PDI)
                                  Temperature range: Ambient to – 40 0 C
                                  With Waltage stabilizer
   19. Lyophilizer                Compact, easily movable table top freezer dryer - 3 liters
                                  Ice capacity / day: 2 Litres
                                  Total Ice capacity: 3 Litres
                                  Condenser Temperature: to -55°C
                                  Refrigeration System: 1/3 Hp
                                  Cabinet Dimensions: 800W x 650D x 400H
                                  Electrical Requirements: 200-230 V / 50-60 Hz / 1 Phase
                                  Weight: 68 Kg
                                  Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, NEP certified
                                  With required Vacuum Pump & Drying Chamber 1/2" x 12 Ports for
                                   working of the freeze dryer.
   20. Inverted                   Inverted Research Microscope Model Olympus CKX41 With
       Research                    Jenoptik Progres C3 Camera
       Microscope with            CKX41 frame, including 30W lamp socket, insert plate, allen wrench,
       accessories                 6V 30 WHAL (2 pcs) and screw: CKX41SF2
                                  Power code: UYCP
                                  Interference light balance daylight filter, 45mm dia: 45-LBD-IF
                                  Trinocular tube, FN20, fixed light pass, Bi/Photo: 50/50: U-CTR30-2
                                  Stage extension plate : CK2-SS
                                  Attachable mechanical stage with right-hand vertical low drive
                                   controls (including Petri-dish holder, Terasaki-plate holder, and Slide
                                   glass holder): CK40-MVR
                                  Phase Contrast slider (precentred): IX2-SLP
                                  Phase Contrast ring slit: IX2-SLPHC
                                  Phase contrast slider, central, with phase ring for 4X, phase ring for
                                   10X/20X and hole for phase ring for 40X (IX2-SLPH2) or filter
                                   (45mm dia.), including centering tools AQ2302 (2 pcs): IX2-SLPH2
                                  Wide field eyepiece 10X, FN20: WHB10X
                                  Plan achromat objective 4X/0.1, WD 18.5: PLCN4X
                                  Acromat phase (pre-center) objective 10X/0.25, W.D. 8.8mm:

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                             26
 Sr.         Name of                                            Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                    3.
                                     Long working distance achromat phase contrast (pre-center)
                                      objective 20X/0.4, WD 3.2: LCACHN20XPHP
                                     Long working distance achromat phase contrast (pre-center)
                                      objective 40X/0.55, WD 2.2: LCACHN40XPHP
                                     Reflected light fluorescence illuminator equipped with field stop, 3-
                                      position fluorescence slider (with B excitation filter set and G
                                      excitation filter set) and 3-position (ND, empty and shutter) ND
                                      slider, including UV shield plate, operation knob, allen wrenches (2
                                      pcs) and screws (3 pcs): CKX-RFA
                                     ND filter: 32ND25
                                     Lamp housing for 50W Hg: U- LH50HG
                                     Power supply unit: U-RFLT50-100/200
                                     Mercury burner: HBO50W-AC
                                     Cover : COVER-012
                                     High quality 1/1,8‖ 3.3 mega pixel color CCD camera; Pixel pitch:
                                      3.45 x 3.45 μm; Resolution up to 2080 x1542 Pixel in 12 bit per RGB
                                      color channel; Dust protection sensor with infrared cut off filter;
                                      Camera software: ProgRes® CapturePro : Jenoptik C3 Camera
                                     Video adapter 1X: U-TV1X-2
                                     C mount adapter: U-CMAD3
   21. Autoclave                   Vertical, automatic, digital temperature controller and digital timer.
                                   Programmable, LCD display with respect to time & temperature.
                                   Sterilization at saturated steam pressure with adjustable pressure
                                    between 15-22 psi.
                                   Inner chamber and outer wall made of stainless steel.
                                   Stainless steel lid with radial locking system.
                                   Tested at > 30 psi, as a safety measure
                                   Joint less gasket, 1 spare gasket.
                                   Fitted with standard accessories like water indicator, pressure gauge,
                                    steam release cock, safety valve, pedal lifting device, heating
                                    element, alarm/buzzer.
                                   Low water level cut-off arrangement
                                   Stainless steel basket, cord and plug (compatible to 220/230 volts
                                    A.C. supply).
                                   Capacity approx. 50 litres.
   22. Deep Freeze                     Capacity- Approx. 300 litres, Horizontal model.
                                       Double walled, PUF insulation between inner and outer wall.
                                       Corrosion resistant body, robust construction for heavy duty use
                                       Refrigerant: Non-CFC.
                                       Operating temperature range: Ambient to -20 o C.
                                       Microprocessor based temperature control.
                                       Digital temperature display.
                                       Quick refrigeration.
                                       Hermetic compressor.
                                       Able to work on 220/230 volt A.C. supply.
                                       Automatic voltage compensatory equipped.

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                                27
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                              3.
                                     Digital alarm system.
                                     Body mounted on frame and wheels.
   23. Milking Machine (A) Floor Mounted (semi-automatic)
                           6 or 8 cluster
                           Capacity to record individual animal’s milk.
                       (B)Trolley mounted (semi-automatic)
   24. Chaff Cutter           (A) Floor Mounted
                                  Capacity :- 10-15 mm long cut
                                  Green fodder :- 6-8 tonne/hour
                                  Dry fodder :- 1-1.5 tonne/hour
                                  Silage :- 6.7 tonne/hour
                              (B) Trolley mounted
                                  Capacity :- 8-12 mm long cut
                                  Green fodder :- 3-4 tonne/hour
                                  Dry fodder :- 1 tonne/hour
                                  Silage :- 3-4 tonne/hour
   25. Milk Weighing          15 inch TFT, LCD Monitor, 70 kg weighing scale, Printer, Software 250
       & Recording            meter LAN connection, Hub facility for Connecting more Computers.
       Machine with
   26. Generator              Capacity :- 30 K.V.A
                              Type :- Diesel/Gober Gas
                              (Dual Fuel) Generating set with all accessories like diesel tank, Battery
                              exhaust pipe.
   27. Eco-Milk               Parameter :- Fat % , SNS %,
       analyzer               Density :- %, Added water %,
                              Protein %, Lactose %, Temperature,
                              pH, Conductivity.
   28. Milk Cooling           Capacity :- 5000 liter
       tank                   Type:- Chilling unit, S.S storage tank and Frozen base refrigeration unit.
   29. Weighing Bridge        Capacity :- 20/30 tonne
                              Type :- Pit Less type fully Electronic, printing device, digital display, push
                              button facility.
   30. Photometer with             Factory Pre-Calibrated with Quadratic Equation.
       diluter      and            Equipped with didymium filter and shall self calibrate its
       printer       for            wavelength each time when turned ON.
       bovine semen                Performs an auto test of all optics and electronics upon each boot
                                    up sequence with systematic printout with date and time.
                                   Waterproof Keyboard resistant to aggressive compound and
                                   Permanent real time display of absorbance and wavelength.
                                   Concentration & Simultaneous display of concentration and
                                   Concentration Calculation – Absorption, concentration, extender

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                                28
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                   3.
                                      volume to be added and number of doses to be prepared are
                                      calculated, displayed and printed with sample number, date & time.
                                     Photometer performs minimum 20 readings per sample and
                                      calculates the average result.
                                     The result is expressed according to a second-degree regression
                                      curve, making the concentration readings more accurate in
                                      comparison to a first-degree equation, which has the tendency to
                                      under estimate low concentrations and over estimate high
                                     Provision of use of calibrated filters to test the repeatability of the
                                      unit. Mean, Average, and variance of 4 measurements calculated
                                      for each filter.
                                     Has an integrated program, which calculates & displays required
                                      volume of extender to be added and the number of straws that can
                                      be produced per ejaculate (for medium or mini straws) according to
                                      the concentration of spermatozoa you want in each straw.
                                     The Dilutor is capable of creating more than 20 adapted and
                                      personalized programs.
                                     Has an option to take print results with Sample Number, Date &
                                     The diluter is supplied with the photometer it is a precision liquid
                                      processor for diluting, dispensing of liquid sample with high
                                      performances, making it accurate and reliable.
                                     The diluter performs accurate and precise liquid handling and
                                      automatic dilutions, up to 1/250000. It can also dispense up to 50ml
                                      per cycle.
                                     Easy tubing installation, easy cleaning system by an adapted
                                     Photometer is equipped with a RS232 interface for use of thermal
                                      printer or to be connected with computer.
                                     Memory – Minimum 50 Performance test memories
                                     Band Pass - < 10 nm (Nanometer)
                                     Accuracy – ±1.5 nm
                                     Repeatability - ± 1 nm
                                     Photometric range - -0.3 at 2.500 A
                                     Power Supply-Adaptable to use 230-250V/50Hz AC power supply.
                                     The machine should be supplied with consumables of minimum 1
                                      year use. (Quantity of consumables must be mentioned in tender).
   31. Electrical water            Made of Stainless steel conforming to ISO standards.
       bath                        Chamber Dimensions Outside – 700 X 400 X 230 mm
                                                         Inside – 605 X 310 X 170 mm
                                   Digital Display and Automatic Thermostatic Regulation.
                                   Regulation by PID to precision ± 0.5º C using a Programmable
                                    Cutback Ramp Regulator.
                                   Possibility of programming the Alarm Temperature in higher or
                                    lower side of set temperature.
                                   Water level Safeguard with an electrical contact, ensuring
                                    shutdown of the pump.

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                                29
 Sr.         Name of                                              Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                              3.
                                   Water pump circulates water to ensure uniform temperature in the
                                   Thermostat has a temperature setting from 0- 50ºC
                                   Stand for minimum 16 Baby Flask and 48 Test tubes
                                   Power Supply – 220-230 V, 50 Hz, 5A
                                   Power – 1000 Watts
                                   Protection - CE Thermal circuit Breaker
   32. Semen       straw          Output Capacity – 3,600 Mini Straws per Hour
       filling & sealing          Working Temperature – Should be used in + 4° C or at room
       machine                       temperature
                                  Power Supply –240 v /50Hz
                                  Power Consumption – not more than 500 Watts.
                                  Filling – Filling is done by vacuum pump.
                                  Sealing – Sealing is done by Ultrasonic frequency generated by
                                     Ultrasonic generator.
                                         o Generator unit is Separate and can be accommodated
                                            according to workspace.
                                  Carrier - Carrier 100 Straws 0.25 ml.
                                  Needles: – Stainless Steel Needles.
                                         o Should Conforms to CE Norms and ISO 9001 Version 2000
                                       The machine should be supplied with minimum      50,000
                              Mini Straws.
   33. Inkjet     straw            Ink Jet Straw Printing Machine with 50 Micron Printing Nozzle,
       printing machine             computer controlled and Printing Capacity of not less than 22,000
                                    Straws per Hour.
                                   Ink Jet Printer & software should have option for Bar Code
                                   Possibility to work at a temperature starting from 4° C.
                                   Facility to print with 2 different Fonts at a time with facility to
                                    program different formats of printing with these 2 fonts and to
                                    change these formats at any moment from the computer.
                                   The machine should be supplied with Ink Consumables of
                                    minimum1 year.
                                      On Integration following functions are possible:
                                   The software files are compatible (Field, Sire list, Standard
                                    interface, Import and export files from lab to lab ) with software for
                                    Cryo-freezing system and Software for the Management of the
                                    Integrated Laboratory Environment.
   34. Cold Handling                 Adjustable floor height - From 80 to 105cm
       Cabinet                       Exterior Dimensions- L212 W105 H105cm
                                     Interior Dimensions- L192 W94cm
                                     Weight – not more than 153KG
                                     Watts – not more than 760w
                                     Power Supply -220V/50Hz
                                     Evaporation temperature - -14C
                                     Condensation Temperature - +34 C

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                             30
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                 3.
                                   Operating Condition -Class 3
                                   Defrosting Programming for 24 Hours - 2X45 minutes
                                   Temperature Display – LED Three Digits 0.1C read off Accuracy
                                    in measuring range
                                   Perspex upper lid for the enhanced visibility and product
                                   Thermometer for temperature control and reading
                                   Refrigerator unit in the base of the case
                                   Accessible condenser easy to clean
                                   Solid trolley bumper all around the perimeter

                              Degree of protection against Humidity - lp 21

                              Noise and Vibrations:
                              The Equipment sound level generated b y running refrigerator is below 70
                               There should not be any harmful vibrations generated by machine.
   35. Biological      (a). Stainless Steel insulated freezing chamber
       Freezer     For       Bio Freezer is made of Stainless Steel and thermal insulated
       Bovine Semen             designed for optimal freezing of minimum 6 racks involving the
       (Consists    of          freezing of either 240 medium Straws or 420 mini Straws.
       Three      main       The freezing racks assure sufficient gap between two straws and
       parts)                   inner chamber of freezing chamber for optimal freezing and design
                                that enables easy handling.
                             Consumption of Liquid Nitrogen is not more than 5 liters (fully
                                loaded machine) for a normal bovine freezing curve.
                             It has Platinum coated temperature probes for the temperature.
                             High-speed turbine to allow instant LN2 vaporization for optimum
                                and uniform freezing conditions.
                             2 High output- heating elements to heat the unit back to dry before
                                next freezing cycle.
                             A pair of K probes to measure the Straw temperature in real time.
                                Or a PT 100 probes to measure the temperature in DF 700 bags.
                             LN2 solenoid valve piloted by control box.

                              (b). Liquid Nitrogen Pressurized Tank

                                   Special LN2 hose fitted with relief valve tarred at 25 PSI.

                              (c). Computer/Software and PLC
                                    Facility to store different freezing curves with different segments.
                                    Curves can be stored, edited and deleted easily from the
                                     regulator/controller by an easy system of touch buttons.
                                    Unit can be connected to personal computer using windows based
                                     software where unlimited number of freezing curves can be stored
                                     and controlled through computer.
                                    Freezing conditions can be monitored in real time during the
                                     freezing process directly on the PC Screen, stored and later printed

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                             31
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                  3.
                                     on the PC’s printer.
                                  Display temperature of Semen and the freezing chamber in
                                     comparison to the theoretical freezing curve.
                                  At any time the PC can be connected or disconnected not affecting
                                     the work of this freezing unit.
                                 Tension            :       220 Volts
                                 Frequency          :       50 Hz
                                 Power              :       1500 W
                                 Intensity          :       16 A
                              Usable temperature Range:       +50°C to – 150°C
   36. Computer                      Integrated visual Optical system for sperm analysis with Animal
       Assisted Semen         (Bovine) Breeder software it should be able to perform analysis under
       (sperm)                phase contrast, bright field and multi wavelength fluoresces. The
       analyzer- CASA         Microscope and the computer with other hardware should be inbuilt in
                              main control box the specimen stage should be able to program for either
                              manual or automatic field selection. This stage should accommodates
                              commonly used analysis chambers such as disposable fixed dept slides,
                              cannulas etc. The unit should be able to give following results:

                              Counts         : Total % motile, % progressively motile, Rapid, Medium,
                              Slow and Static cells.

                              Concentration: Total Motile. Progressive (millions) rapid, Medium, Slo w
                                                   and Static cells (millions/ml)
                              Mean Values : YAP, YCL, YSL, ALH, BCF, UN, STRE longation head

                                     The unit should be supplied along with all standard accessories.
                              The product should have been in use at least 5 semen Banks And all
                              relevant details performance should submitted along with tender.


                              Heated Stage
                              Temperature Control                    : Room Temperature to 45 C.
                                           Optional                  : 10 C to 45
                              Temperature step size                             :   0.1 C
                              Temperature stability                   : 0.5 C
                              Internal Optical System:

                              Imaging Device; High Resolution CCD array (non-IDENT)
                                             IDENT Option; Integrated High Resolution CCD
                                              Array for low intensity florescent sample imaging

                              Objective  Standard; 10x
                                        Optional; 4x, 10 x UV, 20x, 40x, 60x, 100x
                              Image type Dark field, Phase Contrast, negative and positive

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                             32
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                             3.
                              Signal Output NTSC, RS-17060Hz
                                        Optional; PAL, CCIR 50 Hz
                              Video Capability
                              Analyze both 50 Hz (PAL) and 60 Hz (NTSC)

                              Illumination System:
                              Stroboscopic light source
                              Photometer        Scale on screen3
                              Exposure          Source on only during acquisition and focus
                              Pulse             1-3 millisecond
                              Intensity          Computer controlled

                              Digital Image Acquisition:

                              Frame Rate       60, 30, 15, 7.5, Hz
                              Frames          Min 5 Max 100
                              Fields           1-20
                              Designation      AUTOMATIC OR Manually Selected

                              Analyzing System:
                              Input Signal     NTSC RS-170 {optional; PAL, CCIR}
                              Image Resolution 640 X 480
                              Control         Mouse Keyboard
                              Analysis Time <5 seconds for 200 cells
                              Software     on Hard Disk Updates on Diskette
                              Quality Control        4 Levels Video Playback, QC by Size Intensity,
                              Analysis Sets 7 users defined

                              Standard Animal Breeders Software:

                              Counts       Total Motile, Progressive
                                           % Motile, % Progressively Motile
                                          Rapid, Medium, SLOW AND Static Cells
                              Concentrations     Total, Motile, Progressive (Millions/Ml)
                                                Rapid Medium, Slow and Static Cells

                              Dose Calculation    Total/Progressive Sperm per Doses
                                                  Distribution Factors
                                                  Number of Total/Progressive Doses
                              Mean Values          VAP, VCL, VSL, ALH, BCF, LIN, STR

                              Graphics        Distribution Bar Charts
                                              Color coded tracks, Plots
                              Password Security; 3 levels Analysis Setup access
                                                 99 unique User its and passwords
                                                Electronic signatures

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                              33
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                   3.
                              Audit trail;      Log file of user actions

                              Timer Automatic Log off after system is idle for designated time.
   37. Bull exerciser         Bull exerciser is to be fabricated using material of following specifications:
       (As per attached
       Drawing)                   1. GI seemless pipe of 'B' class, round ball bearing, Iron chain etc.
                                  2. Outer circle and inner circle using 50 mm (2'') diameter 'B' class GI
                                     pipe as per requirement. Radious of outer circle and Inner circle
                                     from central pole should be 11' and 8' respectively (As per drawing
                                  3. Central pole (main foundation pole) 100 mm (4") GI pipe of 'B'
                                     class with 6 arms for 6 bulls. Approximate length of pole is 3.6 to
                                     3.8 meter. Arms are to be fabricated from 50 mm(2'') diameter
                                     using 'B' class GI pipe, with strengthening supports of 75 mm
                                     diameter GI 'B' class pipe. Six iron chains of 3 mm diameter, 2 cm
                                     ring diametre and 6' length with S.S hooks of 6 to 8 mm diameter
                                     (As per drawing given).
                                  4. Hub of seemless pipe of 100 mm dia meter, 1.2 mt. length, with
                                     requisite number of bearings of superior quality (32212) and plates
                                     of suitable diameter of 20mm thickness.
                                  5. With complete on site installation and foundation of required
   38. Semi automatic        Trays made of CRC sheet duly powder coated
       corcyra rearing       Can be assembled on a tubular stand
       system                The unit has total 13 trays of size 18" x 18" x 2.4" made out of 20 gauge
                              PCRC sheet and these trays are mounted on a frame made out of heavy
                              wall square pipe of size 19mm x 19mm and the whole unit is mounted
                              on castor wheels for easy mobility.
   39. Chrysopa rearing       Strong wooden frame, synthetic mesh and sleve at top
   40. Tractor                Make : Messy Ferguson
                              Model No. : MF 245 D.1 (J) Maha Shakti
                              HP: 45
                              Note : Accessories provided with tractor should specify with quotation.
   41. GC/MSMS                The quadrupole Ion Trap GC/MS system provided must include a Gas Chromatography
       System                 with injector, and liquid autosampler, co mputer, and printer.
                              The Mass Spectrometer must have time programmab le EI, EIMS, and MS/MS
                              capabilit ies. All co mponents of the system must be under computer control.
                              The system must include a one-year warranty, parts, labor and travel. All
                              GC, GC/MS and computer hardware to be warranted and serviced by a
                              single vendor to eliminate multi- vendor finger pointing during
                              maintenance or service on the system. (With UPS- Capacity-5 kvs.)
                              Gas Chromatograph
                              Gas Chromatograph to be provided with Two Injector , Detectors: One
                              FID & One MS. Gas Chromatograph has to be provided with Local TFT
                              colour screen with touch screen control or with hard key control.The detail
                              specification for the Gas Chromatograph is as follow.

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                                34
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                    3.

                              Column Oven
                              Temperature range: Ambient +4 ºC to 400 ºC;
                              Temperature-programmed ramps: 21 ramps with 22 isothermal holds
                              Maximum temperature ramp rate: 100 °C/min for all voltages
                              Cool-down rate: 400 ºC to 50 ºC in 4.5 min

                              Total Number of injectors required : Two

                              Large Volume Split/splitless Injector

                              Automated Closed loop Electronic pressure and flow control
                              Temperature : upto 450 o C operation
                              For split/splitless - Pressure : 0-150 psi, Flow : 0-500 ml/min
                              Pressure increments : 0.1 psi
                              Pressure accuracy : ± 5% FS or better
                              Flow increments :0. 1 ml/min
                              Split ratio : 1:10000 or better
                              Maximum temperature ramp rate :200C/min.
                              Injection volume : Maximum injection volume: 250 µL (LVI mode).
                              Operational modes : Large volume injection. & Split and splitless

                              Split/split less injector :-
                              Automated Closed loop Electronic pressure and flow control
                              Split/Splitless Injector :Maximum temperature: 450 ºC,isothermal
                              Splitrange:1-10,000. Suited for columns: Widebore (0.53mm), Narrowbore

                              Detectors :-
                              Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
                              Linear dynamic range:107.
                              Auto Liquid Injector :-
                              Sample capacity : It has flexibility to hold sample vial of different size
                              10x2mLvials, 6x5mLvials, 5x10mLvials
                              Able to operate in Dual and duplicate mode., Internal standard addition,
                              Liquid injection ,Flexibility for Ambient
                              Head space and SPME injection for future up- gradation.

   42. Ultracentrifuge        Should have maximum speed (rpm) of around 150,000 or more
                              Maximum RCF (x g) 1,050,000 or more
                              Maximum capacity (tubes x ml) 6 X 30ml = 180 ml
                              Speed accuracy ±50 Rpm
                              Automatic calculation of RCF
                              Colour touch –sensitive LCD and GUI(graphic user interface ) with high

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                               35
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                  3.
                              contrast against back screen to easily operate system.

                              Should have facility to automatically calculate and displays rotor data,
                              programmed operation parameters and detailed error message.
                              Powerful Imbalance protection for protection of rotor and shaft through
                              Non-contact Imbalance sensor.
                              Quick start up in just 8 seconds

                              Rotor Temperature Control range (°C): 0˚C to +40˚C
                              Rotor cooling method- Thermo-module cooling system(HCF free)
                              Rotor setting method –Self locking mechanism
                              Timer One minute to 99 hrs. and 59 minutes, with a HOLD function ,with
                              Real time control function
                              Operation Noise(dBA) : 45 dBA
                              Drive unit warranty:5years
                              Powerful vacuum pump-Oil diffusion pump to reduce the time to half by
                              optimized control
                              USB interface (compatible to GLP/GMP)

                              Should operate on Power : single phase, AC 220/230/240 V ±10%,
                              Fixed angle rotor for Ultracentrifuge , Max. Speed :140,000(rpm), RCF:
                              1,050,000 x g
                              Rotor Capacity :2ml x 10 tubes

                              Fixed angle rotor for Ultracentrifuge, Max. Speed :50,000(rpm), RCF:
                              210,000(Xg), 6(pcs.)X30(ml),

                              Fixed angle rotor for Ultracentrifuge, Max.Speed :110,000(rpm), RCF:
                              691,000(Xg), 8(pcs.)X5(ml)

                              FIXED-ANGLE ROTORS, Max speed.:120,000(rpm), 650,000(Xg),

                              FIXED-ANGLE ROTORS, Max. speed:150,000(rpm), 901,000(Xg),

                              NEO ANGLE ROTORS , Max. speed:140,000(rpm), 752,000(Xg),

                              FIXED-ANGLE ROTORS, Max. speed:100,000(rpm), 436,000(Xg),

                              FIXED-ANGLE ROTORS, Max. speed:100,000(rpm), 541,000(Xg),

                              FIXED-ANGLE ROTORS,                  Max.   speed:80,000(rpm),   304,000(Xg),

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                                36
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                    3.

                              FIXED-ANGLE ROTORS,                  Max.    speed:70,000(rpm),   307,000(Xg),

                              SWINGING BUCKET ROTORS,Max. speed:55,000(rpm), 259,000(Xg),

                              VERTICAL ROTORS,               Max.         speed:120,000(rpm),   501,000(Xg),

                              NEO ANGLE ROTORS, Max. speed:120,000(rpm),                        586,000(Xg),

                              NEO ANGLE ROTORS, Max. speed:100,000(rpm),                        479,000(Xg),

                              FIXED-ANGLE ROTORS, Max. speed:100,000(rpm), 604,000(Xg),

                              FIXED-ANGLE         ROTORS,          Max.    speed:80,000(rpm),   415,000(Xg),

                              SWINGING BUCKET ROTORS, Max. speed:52,000(rpm), 276,000(Xg),

                              FIXED-ANGLE ROTORS, Max. speed:140,000(rpm), 1, 050,000(Xg),

                              FIXED-ANGLE ROTORS,                  Max.    speed:55,000(rpm),   201,000(Xg),

                              FIXED-ANGLE ROTORS,                  Max.    speed:58,000(rpm),   289,000(Xg),

                              FIXED-ANGLE ROTORS, Max. speed:110,000(rpm), 691,000(Xg),
                              8(pcs.)X 5(ml),

                              FIXED-ANGLE         ROTORS,          Max.    speed:50,000(rpm),   210,000(Xg),
                              6(pcs.)X 30(ml)

                              SWINGING BUCKET ROTORS, Max. speed:50,000(rpm), 253,000(Xg),

   43. ICP-OES                SPECTROMETER:
       Spectrometer           The instrument must be a simultaneous reading ICP using solid-state
                              detector technology. The system should be capable of analyzing trace,
                              minor and major elements in a sample with a single view and single
                              The instrument must be a bench-top design.

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                                 37
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                  3.
                              The instrument must have an Echelle-based polychomator with a focal
                              length of 400 mm or more that utilizes a single Charge Coupled Device
                              (CCD) detector. The system must utilize a quartz prism cross disperser.
                              The resolution of the system must be less than 0.009 nm at 200 nm and
                              0.019 nm at 327.4nm. The entire optical system must be enclosed in a
                              purged and thermostated optical enclosure.
                              The system must include a water recirculator and that recirculator must not
                              be mounted to the instrument chassis and have the ability to be situated at a
                              distance from the instrument.
                              The polychomator must be thermostated at 35C.
                              The instrument must not require or include a Mercury or Neon
                              recalibration system to monitor system conditions and ensure optical
                              The instrument must view the torch axially and the torch must be of a
                              single-piece design.
                              Viewing of the plasma must be computer controlled.
                              The system must have the ability view at least 95% of the emission spectra
                              between 177 and 780nm.
                              The system must not require a mercury or Neon lamp that is built into a
                              shutter system to update the calibration. Instead the instrument must utilize
                              at least 1 carbon and five argon emission lines to perform this function.
                              The instrument must be able to perform determinations across the entire
                              spectrum, both UV and visible.
                              The instrument must be able to determine all desired elements in one
                              analytical method pass.
                              The spectrometer must cover the spectral range of 177 - 780 nm or more.

                              ICP SYSTEM :
                              The instrument must be a bench-top model. The instrument must be able
                              to run organic as well as aqueous matrices with appropriate sample
                              introduction system.
                              The instrument must monitor gas pressures and flows, interlocks, water
                              flows, and plasma stability. The interlocks must be continuously monitored
                              and if any interlock is interrupted, the plasma is shutdown automatically.
                              The instrument must be able to operate in laboratory conditions that range
                              from 10 - 35C and a relative humidity of 10 - 80 % non-condensing.
                              Plasma ignition and shut down must be computer controlled and totally
                              The instrument must include a cooled cone type interface to help eliminate
                              the cool end of the axial plasma to help minimize self- absorption and
                              physical interference’s. Shear gas and blower type configurations are not
                              acceptable due to inefficiency and degradation of axial performance and

                              SYSTEM DETECTOR:
                              The instrument must utilize a single focal plane with one solid-state
                              detector that is optimized for performance across the entire emission
                              spectrum. This solid-state detector must be a charge coupled device
                              (CCD) with over one million pixels.

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                              38
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                               3.
                              Each detector pixel must have anti-blooming protection to enable the
                              simultaneous measurement of trace level analytes in the presence of major
                              matrix constituents.
                              The detector must be cooled by a Peltier device to a temperature of at least
                              –30ºC to minimize detector dark current thereby enhancing instrument
                              performance and detection limits.
                              The detector must have Auto-Integration that allows intense and trace
                              signals to be measured simultaneously and at the optimum Signal to
                              Background Ratio (SBR).

                              RF GENERATOR:
                              The RF generator must run at a frequency of 40 MHz. The generator must
                              have an optimal power output range of 700 - 1600 watts or more, computer
                              controlled. The RF generator must be of a free-running design.
                              The RF generator must have a power transfer efficiency into the plasma of
                              at least 75% to eliminate the need of an inefficient secondary matching
                              The power output stability must be better than 0.1%.
                              FLOW CONTROLS:
                              Plasma and auxiliary gas flows must be controlled at flows ranging from 0-
                              22 L/min and 0-2.25 L/min respectively.
                              The nebulizer argon flow must be controlled using a regulator and be
                              variable from 0 – 400kPa.

                              SAMPLE INTRODUCTION SYSTEM:
                              The torch must be mounted axially to the instrument optical path.
                              The instrument must include a cyclonic spray chamber and a low flow
                              concentric nebulizer.
                              The system must be able to accommodate commercially available,
                              specialty nebulizers manufactured by third parties for maximum analytical
                              The system must include a three channel, variable speed, computer
                              controlled peristaltic pump which allows for on- line addition of internal

                              The instrument controlling software must be 32-bit running under
                              Microsoft Windows XP.
                              Methods and ata must be securely stored in Microsoft’s SQL 2005
                              The software must be able to display calibration curves for all of the
                              elements analyzed simultaneously.
                              The software must be able to display all of the peaks from an analysis
                              The software must provide at least three different forms of background
                              correction (all variations of off-peak background correction are considered
                              as one technique)
                              The software must have the ability to do two forms of spectral interference
                              correction. Traditional Interfering Element Corrections (IEC) must be

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                             39
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                 3.
                              available and the system must be able to calculate these values
                              automatically. The system must also have advanced Curve- fitting
                              Technique available to help correct for severely structure backgrounds.
                              IEC factors must recalculate automatically when background correction
                              point are changed eliminating the need to recollect the IEC data.
                              The system must be able to apply spectral interference correction in
                              addition to background correction post sample analysis, eliminating the
                              need to reanalyze the sample.
                              The software must allow for six different types of predefined check
                              standards which may be customized by the instrument user. Each type of
                              check standard must allow for at least five different solutions. If samples
                              are found to fall out of these ranges, user defined corrective actions
                              including recalibration and rerunning of samples must be available.
                              Additional QC capability must include at least three types of blank che cks,
                              multiple sample calculations including duplicates and dilution calculations,
                              multiple spike calculations, as well as the ability to design custom QC
                              The instrument must be able to read both background and emission data
                              simultaneously and allow for manual or automatic background correction.
                              All raw data must be saved and the system must allow for post run
                              reprocessing of the data including the changing of background correction
                              points, standard values, curve- fit technique, and individual replicate
                              Calibration curves must be stored and be able to be recalled for later use.
                              The software must have a library of analytical wavelengths containing at
                              least 33,000 lines whose relative intensities are determined on the
                              instrument optical system.
                              Calibration equations must include linear, weighted fit, non- linear, and
                              forced through blank options.
                              The software must allow for up to 50 calibration standards and blanks.

                              The instrument must meet all EPA contract lab required detection limits.
                              The instrument must be able to meet all EPA CRDL’s (3) using a low-
                              flow concentric nebulizer with a cyclonic type spray chamber.
                              Installation Utilities:
                              The instrument must include a water re-circulator that is separate from the
                              instrument chassis and for safety concerns can be placed away from the
                              instrument and RF generator.
                              Pentium Processor based PC and Printer, Argon gas regulator, Fume
                              extraction system to be supplied by the vendor.

                              Installation accessories required for the ICP to be supp lied by Vendor:-
                              Stainless Steel Ducting and Hood with high speed Exhaust system,
                              Pentium 4 based branded PC make DELL/HP and DeskJet Printer
                              Argon Gas Regulator, Argon Gas Cylinder
                              Multi element Calibration Standard
                              10 KVA , 30 min Backup UPS system.

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                              40
 Sr.       Name of                                             Specification
 No.     Instruments
   1.          2.                                                  3.
   44. Body                   Measurement of extra cellular and total body water assessment
       Composition,           No need of actual body weight for whole body check up
       Fluid and illness      Applied for all age group
       segmental              Fully automatic
       Monitoring Unit        Includes body composition and fluid analysis software
                              For full body and segmental analysis
                              Impedance measuring range is between 20 – 1300 ohms
   45. Agate mortal and       To grind any material which is gumming, fibrous or oily.
                              The grinder head and mortar should be covered made up of acrylic plastic
                              sheet to avoid dust.
                              It should be provided with timer up to 0-60 minutes.
                              It should be supplied with scrapper with interchangeable scrapper blade
                              and set of agate mortar 75-100 mm diameter.
   46. Vacuum pump            Vacuum pressure kit.
                              Filter flask – 500 ml
                              Silicon stopper
                              Silicon tube
                              Glass tube
   47. Top loading            Capacity : 1000 gm
       balance                Minimum increment : 0.001 g
   48. Fully automated         Homogenization and extraction of DNA, RNA and proteins.
       (Robotic) DNA           Easy disruption of plant tissue
        isolation and           Rapid
       purification            Difficult-to- lyse samples can be homogenized with ease.
       system                  Interchangeable adapters for sample processing.
                               High reproducibility.
                               No cross contamination.
                               Efficient and precise lysis that requires very less time.
                               Complete extraction kits for plants and microorganisms
                               Integrity and size of DNA, RNA and proteins are essentially
                               Suited for DNA, RNA isolation, enzyme isolation and protein
                               production, Isolation of natural products.
                               Easy to clean.
                               lysing matrix tube for any sample.
                               Compatible with varied protocols and reagents for DNA, RNA and
                               protein isolation from any sample.
                               Automated pipetting system

                               High purified product recovery.

                               11 microplate formate positions

                               One temperature controlled mixing position

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                              41
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                             3.
                               Temperature Range 0 15 deg C Below RT to 95 deg C

                               Cooling and Heating should be by Peltier

                               Automatic Fixation of the labware

                               Pipetting on other worktable positions is possible while the mixer is in operation

                               Bead based nucleic acid purification technologies

                               Extraction of DNA , RNA , Protein from One tube to 384 Well Plate

                               Totally Open System for Labware , Extraction Kits and Other consumable

                               System should be controlled through the Laptop / Desktop using software
   49. Microscope              Viewing          Trinocular Head inclined at 30º,Interpupillary48-75mm
       with time lapse         Head
                                                Highpoint Extra Wide field Eye-Piece EW10x /22
                                                LWD Plan infinity     4x /0.1 WD 18mm
                                                objective             40x/0.6 WD 2.6mm(cover
                               Objective                              glass1.2mm)
                                                LWD Plan infinity     PH 10x/.25 Wd 10mm
                                                Phase objective       PH20x/0.4 WD 5.1mm
                               Nosepiece        Quintuple Nosepiece
                               Condenser        ELWD Condenser NA 0.3,LWD 72 mm(without
                               Phase            10x,20x,40x Phase Annulus Plate
                               Stage            Plain stage 160x250mm
                                                Glass insert
                                                Auxiliary stage 70x 180mm
                               Focusing         Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment
                                                Coaxial Stroke 37.7m per rotation,
                                                Fine Stroke: 0.2mm per rotation
                               Illumination     Halogen Lamp 6V30W
                               Filter           Blue, Green and Frosted Glass ,45m Dia.

                                                PH40x/0.6 WD 2.6mm
                                                Attachable Mechanical Stage-Y Co-axial Control, Moving
                                                range 120x78mm
                                                Terasaki Holder, 38mm dia Petri dish Holder, 54mm dia
                               Essential        slide Glass Holder.
                               Accessories      Warm Plate

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                              42
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                 3.
                                                CCD Camera (1/2‖ CCD CAMERA) with Microscope
                                                adopter, Grabber card for Live image and software for Time
                                                Lapse recording system.
                               Image Analysis software for arranging and measuring captured images,
                               creating database and preparing reports.

                               Branded computer with Color Printer for the same
   50. Lyophilizer              1. The Freeze Dryer should be of Table Top Desing.
                                2. It should have max. Condensor Chamber Capacity of 3.8L
                                3. The Max. Ice Capacity should be 2.6 Kgs
                                4. The Ice Removal Capacity in 24 Hours should be 1.5 Kgs.
                                5. Max Operating Temperature achievable should be - 110 Deg C.
                                6. The Noise Level produced by the system should be less than 51 dBA
                                7. The Refrigeration System should employ cascade design to achieve
                                max operating temperature using non HCFC refrigerant.
                                8. The cooling system should have twin-capillary tube system offering
                                auto regulation for maximum cooling performance thus providing the
                                fastest possible drying time as well as evenly and fully distributed ice
                                9. The System should have easy connection vacuum valve to allow cold
                                start of pump, cryo pumping, deicing while pump is running, loading and
                                unloading without switch off.
                                10. The cabinet should be made of powder coated steel, with top plate
                                made of AISI 316 corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Plate.
                                11. The condenser chamber should be single piece construction made of
                                AISI 316 Stainless Steel.
                                12. The drain valve should be made of chemical resistant TEFLON for
                                complete and easy draining.
                                The system should have analog controller with digital status indicator and
                                temperature read out.
                                13. The system should be compatible to process samples in carriers and
                                manifold like trays manifold accommodating 3-4 trays, vials manifold
                                with mechanical Stoppering, Ampoules manifold, 4-14 port Flask
                                Manifold, 12 port drum manifold, 42 microplate drying manifold, 21
                                deepwell plates drying manifold.
                                14. The system should be compatible to use shelf heat controller when

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                              43
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                     3.
                                using tray drying manifold.
                                The system should be upgradeable to have RS232C interface in future.
                                15. The Freeze Drying Pump should be a rotary vane oil pump having an
                                air displacement rate of 93 I / min.
   51. B.O.D. Incubator       Shaking Frequency:10-250min-1
       shaker with            Working area:450*300*280 mm
       additional fixed       Orbital (clock or anti clock) and Reciprocatible Shaking motion in single
       shelf                  instruments
                              CLS (Custom Logical Safe) system
                              Programmable continuous and pause shaking motion
                              Self diagnostic function to identify any errors, advice correction
                              Fully Microprocessor controlled system
                              Temp range – ambient to 60° C
                              Should provide clamps for 25-1000ml flasks and testtubes.
                              Should be provided with an additional fixed shelf for petri plates.
   52. Fume hood              Dimensions of working cabinet: 2000*850*2350mm
                              Low sound, strong exhaustion, exhaustion system is connected to the
                              stainless steel and can be anti-corrosive non-combustible, nonporous
                              material selected to resist corrosion
                              The table is fitted with a stainless steel sink provided with tap connection
                              and also a provision of water outlet.
                              Working chamber is provided with fluorescent light for good quality of
                              visibility while working.
                              A special type exhaust system with heavy duty motor for a duct up to 10 ft.
                              is fitted to remove the fumes from the cabinet.
                              A counter balanced sliding door made of acrylic moves vertically up/down
                              through a counter balanced weight operated by a steel rope.
                              Panel is fitted in front of the cabinet with mains, mains indicator, exhaust
                              system controller, light switch, socket switch etc to work on 220VAC.
                              < 70db at 1 meter from fume hood.
   53. Hot air oven
                               Construction : Triple walled from all sides made of steel,
                               Temp. Range : 5oC above ambient to 250oC maximum,
                               Resolution : 0.1 deg,
                               Accuracy Better than + 1oC,
                               Thermostatic, Internal dimensions : 60x60x60 cms,
                               Inner chamber made up of S.S. with three shelves, forced air circulation,

                               Micro processor based Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller.

   54. Gel Blotter for         Semidry transfer cell fro blotting,
       DNA, RNA and            Blots DNA, RNA and proteins,
       Proteins                Blots agarose as well as polyacrylamide gels,
                               Minimal buffer requirement,

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                             44
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                 3.
                               Dimensions: 35×25×10 cm, for 20×20 gels,
                               Platinum coated titanium anode and stainless steel cathode plate
                               electrodes having long durability,
                               Single step locking system,
                               Extra thick blotting papers (15×20 cm),
                               Prevents band distortion,
                               Power supply with timer and alarm buzzers,
                               Transfer membranes,
                               Uniform heat dispersion.

   55. Water bath with        Double walled in construction, Gap between the two walls filled with high
       shaker                 quality fiber glass wool.
                              Inner Chamber made of heavy gauge Stainless Steel
                              Powered by continuous duty, variable speed self cooled PMDC Motor
                              Supplied with Stainless Steel pyramid type cover. Unit works on 230 V
                              AC, 50 Hz. Supply.
                              TEMPERATURE             RANGE       :     Ambient       to    100      0c
                              TEMPERATURE ACCURACY : ± 0.10c
                              CHAMBER SIZE=W x B x Depth= 50×45×25 cm.
                              Speed: 20-200 rpm
                              Microprocessor controlled
   56. Laminar air flow        Constructed in laminated Stainless steel.
       hood                    Floor standing model
       (Horizontal with        Horizontal laminar air flow.
       accessories)            Class 100 environment
                               Optional Stainless steel (SS 316) table top.
                               Work table size: 3’ x 2’ x 2’/ 4’x2’x2’/6’x2’x2’
                               High grade 0.3 micron HEPA filter (efficiency 99.997%)
                               Long lasting 2-5 micron Primary filter size:24‖x12‖x2‖
                               Germicidal Ultra Violet tubelighht 3’x1 no
                               Fluorescent tube light for illumination of work surface 2’x 2 nos
                               Dynamically balanced blower- motor assembly
                               Low noise and vibration
                               Static pressure Manometer (0-25 wg)
                               Glass panels on either side of work surface
                               Air velocity up to 100 ft/min
                               Mounted on Castor wheels
                               Aesthetically designed and constructed
                               Gas burner inlet
                               Optional: Retrofitted electric Loop sterilizer
   57. pH meter (table         Ph range: 0 – 14
       top)                    Resolution: 0.01
                               Accuracy: + 0.01
                               Repeatability: + 0.01

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                             45
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                               3.
                                Stability: + 0.05
                                Easy electrode diagnosis with pH slope and set display
                                Automatic manual temperature
   58. Hot plate               Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 7 3/4" x 4 1/2" H
                               Temp: 50-300°C
                               Ceramic Top with chemical resistance
                               Power : 220-240V/3.0 Amps/710watts
                               Variable heat control
                               Even heat
   59. Hot plate with          Ceramic Top; Op.
       stirrer                 Temp.: 50- 370˚C
                               Stir Range : 50 to 1200rpm
                               Heating Surface : 7.25‖ x 7.25‖
                               Overall dimensions 8.2‖W x 13‖D x 3.8‖H
                               Power : 220-240V/3.0 Amps/710watts
                               Easy-to-read digital controls set the industry standards for accuracy
                                and repeatability
                               Instant braking quickly stops the stir bar for immediate flask removal

   60. Particle size           The system should be compact bench top model and should comply
       analyzer with           with ISO 13320- 1 and USP < 429 > standards for particle size analysis
       computer                using laser diffraction methods.
       ppp(Imported)           - The equipment has a wide dynamic range and is capable of measuring
                               particle sizes from approximately 0.01 µm to 3,000 µm.
                               - The equipment is capable of measuring particle size distribution of a
                                wide range of materials such as dry soil sample, powders, emulsions,
                               suspensions, municipal discharge.
                               - The equipment has an accuracy of ± 0.6% and a repeatability of ±
                                0.1% for specific NIST-traceable polystyrene latex standards
                               (exclusive of variation within the standard).
                               Optical System
                               - The equipment uses two light sources, a diode laser of 760nM and a
                               LED of 405 nm (3 mW maxi.) for the detection of small and large particles
                               - The equipment uses Reverse Fourier Optics and has a forward ring
                               detector (64 segments), 5 front wide angle detectors (total of 20 segments),
                               and 3 back scattered detectors and is capable of 5000 detector scan/second.
                               - The silicon photo diode detectors are protected by glass lens to allow
                               for maintenance and cleaning for sustained long-term performance.
                               - Alignment of optical detectors is automatic.
                               - The system should utilize Mie calculation for spherical soil particles and
                                Modified Mie calculation for non-spherical particles.
                               - The sampling bath is built- in and a built- in auto fill pump can
                               automatically fill up the chambers with selectable volumes of dispersant
                               (180 – 250 ml with standard flow cell).
                               - Sampling bath liquid level control by an ultrasonic fluid level sensor
                               built into the sampling system.

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                             46
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                 3.
                               - Internal in- line ultrasonic probe with 7 levels of output to prevent the
                               sample particles from coagulating before measurement.
                               - An agitator or stirrer is also provided for sample mixing with 15 steps
                               of speed selection.

                               - The standard flow cell of the equipment is a durable and specially
                               coated single piece Tempax glass for best light transmission.
                               - Optional fraction and Optional paste cell with cell holder, Optional
                               auto sampler, and Optional slurry sampler are available for use with the
                                main unit.
                               - Also equipped with latest software and all accessories.
                               - Instrument is operated by manual and also computer controlled.
                               Computer specification
                                  1. Pentium Core2 Duo Processor
                                  2. 2 GB of DDR RAM
                                  3. 120 GB Hard Disk Drive
                                  4. DVD/CD-RW
                                   At least four USB port
                                   LCD Monitor
                                   Color Inkjet Printer
                                   8. Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
   61. Micromanipulator       Specification :-
         / Microinjection
                              Integrated coarse and fine manipulator with proportional control via
                              Work Range :- 20 mm per axis
                              Programmable Z - Axis limit for defined injection level avoids capillary
                              Automated Home function for capillary exchange
                              Storage of three independent work position
                              Special inject mode for applications in developemental biology
                              Can be adapted to all common inverted microscope
                              Control :- Via central joystick
                              Injection volume range from femtoliters to microliters
                              Femtotips and Miroloader with Pipette Range from 0.5 to 10 ul
                              Small Foot print
                              Application :-
                              Introduction of foreign molecules such as DNA , RNA ,Proteins , toxins
                              and dyes into living cells
                              Micromanipulation of Cells
                              Development of Transgenic Micro Organism , Plant and Animal
                              Pronuclear injection
                              Nuclear transfer
                              Biopsy techniques
   62. Hot Air Oven           Double walled body. Inner S.S.304 0.8mm and outer made of M.S. 1.0mm
                              duly heat resistance or powder coated paint. 75mm thick glass-wool
                              insulation between the two chambers. Solid state electronic

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                             47
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                 3.
                              BASED/PID). 5 ⁰ C above ambient to 180 ⁰ C or 250 ⁰ C. Built- in
                              powerful motorized variable speed force air circulation System. Size: 24‖ x
                              24‖ x 30‖, Resolution: +/- 0.1 ⁰ C. SS perforated trays (3 Nos.).
   63. Bacteriological        Double walled inner S. S. 304 outer M. S. with epoxy powder coated
       Incubator              finished. A gap between two wall occupied by compassed glass wool.
                              Size: 18‖ x 18‖ x 18‖, inner S. S., Range: Max. 60 ⁰ C,
                              Air circulation fan for uniform temperature. SS perforated trays (3 Nos.).
   64. BOD Incubator          Double walled body. Inner S.S.304 0.8mm and outer made of M.S. 1.0mm
                              duly heat resistance. Unit fitted with door operated illumination lamp
                              inside the chamber. The temperature range from 50 C to 550 C ± 0.50 C.
                              Temperature is controlled by microprocessor based digital temperature
                              indicator-cum controller. Built- in powerful motorized variable speed force
                              air circulation System. SS perforated trays (3 Nos.). Size: 455 x 410 x 610
                              mm, Volume: 4.0 Cuft, Capacity: 115 liters. Accessories : Stabilizer

   65. Autoclave              Vertical. Size: 55cm x 75cm, Triple walled, made of thick gauge stainless
                              steel, Lid should be tightened by radial arms through a steering wheel,
                              Max. pressure 20 Psi and working pressure 15 Psi, Provision of pressure
                              gauge, pressure release valve, pedal fitting device, safety valve, water
                              outlet, water level indicator, pressure cutoff switch, low water level cutoff
                              device, Timer: 0 to 60min.Provision of thermometer pocket arrangement
   66. Water Bath             Type: Fully Automatic, Double wall, thermo statistically temp. Bath,
                              Capacity: 30 Liters, Accuracy: ±0.1ºC, Temp. range: 5º- 90ºC, Control
                              system: Electronic digital controller cum indicator ,Uniform heating &
   67. Digital                Electronic digital (Four digits) display. Capacity, Min. 0 .1 mg, Max. 220g.
       Electronic             Response time: 2 - 5 sec. Tare Range: Full capacity. Stainless steel
       Balance                weighting pan. Accuracy: 0.01/0.1 mg. Overload protection.
   68. Gerber Unit            Centrifuge for determining the fat content in the milk, heatable, with rpm
       (Gerber’s              counter. When used under a full load, this centrifuge must be capable of
       Centrifuge)            producing a centrifugal force of (350 ± 50) g on the inside of the
                              butyrometer stopper within 2 min. at the most. With a rotation radius of
                              e.g. (26 ± 0.5) cm up to the inside of the butyrometer stopper, which is the
                              distance between the point of torque and the butyrometer stopper, this
                              centrifugal acceleration is reached at a rotation speed of (1100 ± 80) min -
                                .Tempering devices for butyrometers, e.g. a (65 ± 2 ⁰ C) water bath with a
                              heated centrifuge, a centrifuge bushing can be used to attach the
                              butyrometer into the water bath. The read – off temperature must be (65 ±
                              2 ⁰ C).
   69. Freezing Point         Multisample capacity (10 nos.), sample volume (2 – 2.5 ml), Units: m°C or
       apparatus              m°H, Range: 0 to -1000 m°C or m°H, Resolution: ±1 m°C or m°H,
       (cryoscope)            Linearity: Typically within ±0.5% (straight line method), Repeatability: ±
                              2 m°C (1 S.D.), Operating Conditions Temperature: 18°C to 35°C (64°F to
                              95°F), Humidity: 5-80% R.H. (non-condensing), Storage Temperature: -
                              40°C to +45°C (-40°F to +113°F), Sample Throughput: Approximately 40

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                              48
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                               3.
                              samples per hour in the 30-second plateau mode at 73 °F or 23 °C; less at
                              higher ambient temperature, Dimensions: 55 cm x 55 cm x 51 cm
                              (21.5" H x 21.5" W x 20.0" D)

   70. Ice-Cream Batch        Batch pasteurizer:       Pasteurization tank for pasteurization of ice cream
       Freezer with Ice-      mix. The tank would be having electrical heater to heat the mix. The
       Cream cup              agitator assembly will be driven by motor and gear box of 0.5 HP and at 30
       filling machine        rpm (approx.). The tank would be having top lid and the bottom will be flat
                              with slope. The tank will be supplied with standard accessories like
                              Agitator, Level markings, Dial Thermometer etc.

                              Stainless steel transfer pump with starter :        This pump will be used
                              to transfer the milk from pasteurization tank to high Pressure
                              Homogenizer. This pump is basically a hygienic version pump with all
                              milk contact parts will be made from S/S 304 and mechanica l seal to avoid
                              the milk coming of rotating part. This pump will have drive motor to run
                              the pump. It will also have SS shroud to protect the motor. This pump will
                              have ball feet for floor adjustment.

                              High pressure Homogenizer with Hoppe r : High pressure Homogenizer
                              with manually operated two stage homogenizing head having discharge
                              capacity of 20 LPH at pressure at 200 bar with 1 HP electric motor along
                              with standard accessories. All contact parts are made of S/S304 and
                              homogenizing valve and valve seats are made of stellite. The homogenizer
                              is supplied with standard accessories like Pressure Gauge and tool kit etc.
                              the suction and discharge dampers will be provided. Product from batch
                              pasteurizer will have to be collected manually and poured in the feed
                              hopper of homogenizer. After homogenization, ice cream mix will be
                              collected and put into the Ageing Vat.

                              Ageing vat : The tank would be rectangular in shape, with agitator
                              fabricated from S/S304 sheet. It would be sanitary in design. Ageing Vat
                              would be provided with refrigeration system, electric panel board, digital
                              temperature indicator, no foam inlet, outlet nozzle etc.

                              Batch freezer : Batch freezer with refrigeration and electrical panel.

                              Transfer pump : It will be sanitary type design, Monoblock pump in S/S
                              316 construction. The pump will be complete with reputed make electric
                              motor with S/S shroud.

                              Cup filling machine : The machine will have the capacity compatible with
                              the capacity of the ice cream batch freezer.

                              Stainless steel Tank and Plunger

                              Interconnecting S/S pipe fittings

                              Skid for the above equipments

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                             49
 Sr.       Name of                                              Specification
 No.     Instruments
   1.          2.                                               3.
   71. Hardening              Candy Lolly Tank with 5 moulds (500 Candies)
       cabinet with
       shelf and crates       Chocolate dip Tank Can

                              Hardening cabinet (6 mould)

                              Cables and conduits

                              MCC panel (control panel)

   72. Cold      storage           Walk in chiller room size          : 20’ 10’ 8’ (H) Ext. Dim with a
       equipments                                                       partition in between at 10’
       (prefabricated              Insulation type for cooler         : 60 mm thick PUF panels of PPGI
       for cheese and                                                   sheets of 24SWG from inside and
       other                                                            outside
       accessories)                Incoming product rate              : 1000 kg per day of fresh products
                                   Incoming product                   : Cheese
                                   Room 1                             : Storage temp. +2 to +8 ⁰ C
                                                                        (10x10x8 feet)
                                   Room 2                             : Storage temp. +14 to +17 ⁰ C
                                                                        (10x10x8 feet)
                                   Pull down time                     : 24 hours
                                   Incoming product tem               : Ambient temp. 30 ⁰ C.
                                   Density of panels                  : 40 kg / cu. Meter
                                   Refrigeration capacity             : 10000 BTUH @ -2 C SST
                                   Refrigerating units                : RUAH-01012KP (02 No.)
                                   Compressor type                    : Hermetic – Kirloskar Copeland
                                   Type of refrigeration unit         : Split type air cooled
                                   Electric supply                    : 415 V / 3 Phase / 50 Hz
                                   Compressor Run Type                : 18 hours
                                   Power consumption                  : 1.6 KW
                                   Flooring                           : Aluminums chequered plates
                                   Door Frame Construction            : All accessories like light switch,
                                                                        digital temperature Indicator slots
                                                                        in the door frame
                                   Construction of the door &         : Flush type door size (34‖ x 78‖)
                                   size                                 Swing type (1 No.)
                                   Panel Assembly sealing             : PVC gasket to form a tight joint &
                                                                        posi-loc locking Locking
                                                                        assemblies for perfect alignment
                                                                        of panel.
   73. Laboratory Hot              Triple walled outer chamber made of mild steel constructed with
       air flow dryer                 the help of heavy angles iron frame and inner chamber with
       (Laboratory                    aluminum paint, gap between the both chamber is 75mm with

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                              50
 Sr.        Name of                                            Specification
 No.      Instruments
   1.           2.                                                   3.
         model)                       insulation of high grade glass wool , Temp. controlled by Digital
                                     Controller cum indicator from 50° to 400°C with an accuracy of ±
                                      0. 5°C
                                      Heavy duty blower is provided inside the chamber and 1/2HP
                                      electric motor provided with gear pulley system out side of the
                                     Control panel provided right side of the oven having Digital Temp.
                                      controller cum indicator , pilot lamp indicator , MCB , Motor
                                      starter, on/off switch energy regulator , etc. and ventilation is
                                      provided on the top to the roof.
                                      Complete with cord plug to work at 440 Volt AC
                                     Perforated Trays about 12/20 with suitable size should be provided.
                                     Mechanism should be provided to vary hot air flow during drying
                                     Mechanism to measure hot air flow supply to the drying chamber
                                      should be included.
   74. Microwave oven              The capacity of the model is 30 lit. single button is provided for
       ( dryer)                       heating.
                                     Auto defrosting is given in the model.
                                      Cavity is made of mild steel. Sources voltage is 230 V with
                                      frequency is 50Hz.
                                     Optimum power is 1400watt. Microwave power, heater power and
                                      frequency of the microwave oven are 900 watt, 1200 watt and
                                      1450 hz respectively.
                                     Controller cum indicator from 40° to 300°C with an accuracy of ±
                                      0. 5°C
                                     Included all accessories viz. trays / dishes for drying materials.
   75. Laboratory                     Outer MS Powder coated finish or S. Steel chamber.
       Vaccum dryer                   Inner heavy gauge S. Steel argon welded & mirror polished.
                                      High reliability & low leakage rate.
                                      Toughened glass door for viewing.
                                         0 to 30" / 0 to 760 mm of Hg Vaccum.
                                      Vaccum Gauge & Cock provided.
                                      3 Heat Switch / Energy Regulator for Precise
                                      Thermostat / Digital Controller / Micro controller.
                                      Long lasting molded silicon gasket.
                                      Temp. Range : Ambient + 50C to 300C / 500C
                                       Perforated Trays about 12/20 with suitable size
                                       should be provided.
   76. Digital                            Capacity: 500 g
       Electronic                         Accuracy: 0.0001g
                                          With Battery / Without battery / Backup Optional-Stabilizer

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                              51
 Sr.        Name of                                            Specification
 No.      Instruments
   1.           2.                                                3.
   77. Equipment to           The PC controlled instrument consisiting of controller, air pump and
       check oxidative        should be able to determine the oxidative stability as per latest AOCS,
       stability of Food      JOCS & ISO Standards of fats, oils, Antioxidants and other food items and
       (Oil),                 have following specifications:
       samples.               Heating: Two individually heated aluminium heating blocks
                              Number of samplesL 8 (4 in each block)
                              Temperature Range: 50°C to 220°C, can be set in steps of 1°C
                              Temperature Correction: -9.9°C to +9.9°C, can be set in steps of 0.1°C
                              Heating time from 20°C: to 120°C Approx 45 min
                                                           To 220°C Approx 60 min
                              Gas Supply: Built in membrane pump
                              Range of Air Flow: 7 L/h to 25 L/h
                              Conductivity Measurement: 0µS/cm
                              Interface:     RS-232C
                              Software: Appropriate software should be available for analysis of data
                              The unit should be complete in all respect with necessary accessories, a set
                              of consumable and required software to control & operate the system.
                                       Required PC, Printer to operate the system to be supplied along
                                       with the system

   78. Potentiometric         The stand alone instrument should be able to carry out free fatty acid
       Auto Titrator to       (FFA), hydroxyl value, SAP value Acid base titrations, Chloride
       perform diff.          determination Argentometric Titration, Iodine no. / Peroxide no. , Redox
       Titrations of          titration The potentiometric titrator should have direct measurement for
       Food samples           pH, mV, temperature and automatic recognition for buffer and graphically
                              display the live curve of titration. System should have diff. modes like
                              Dynamic, Monotonic & should be capable to perform Fix End point
                              Titrations. The system should be supplied with different dosing units &
                              should have dosing accuracy of 1 / 10,000 strokes, automatic burette
                              volume recognition. System should be supplied with diff. burette volumes
                              1, 5, 10 , 20 & 50 ml for accurate, repeatable results. It should also contain
                              magnetic stirrer and pump. The unit should be complete in all respect with
                              in built programmable polorizer to perform the KF titrations, (Water)
                              moisture determination range from 100 ppm to 100 % levels. necessary
                              accessories, a set of consumables and system should have USB port &
                              facility to connect printer directly.
   79. Programmable           Specification:-
       Digital                Viscometer is commonly used in laboratory applications for research &
       Viscometer.            development or quality control monitoring.
                              Features & Benefits :-
                              Display Information:
                              -Viscosity (cP or mPa.s)
                              - Temperature (°C or °F)
                              - shear Rate / Stress
                              - % Torque
                              - speed / Spindle
                              Bi-directional RS-232 PC interface provides optional computer control and

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                               52
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                 3.
                               Automatic data gathering capability
                              Download custom test programs with DV Loader software (included with
                              Auto Range showing
                                     - Full Scale Range ( FSR) at 100%
                                     - Maximum viscosity measured with Spindle/speed combination

                              Automatic data collection and historical comparison with [optional]
                              Wingather TM software.
                              Complete with appropriate spindles, DV Loader program, viscometer
                              stand, guard leg and carrying case.
                              Accuracy : ± 1.0% of range.
                              Repeatability : ± 0.2%
                              Most versatile viscometer with continuous sensing and display PC
                              interface provides automatic data gathering capability.

                              54 selectable speeds provide superior range of viscosity/shear
                              Built- in RTD temperature probe for sample monitoring.

                              Download custom programs with DV LoaderTM software [provided]
                              Viscosity Range : 1 – 6M, Speeds [RPM] : .01-200,
                              No. of Increments : 54, Spindles : 4.

                              Supplied along with standard set of accessories for operating on 220 volts
   80. Automatic fiber        Fully Automatic Fiber Extraction system
       extraction             Ceramic Hotplate : Yes
       system. With           Max amount of samples 12
       consumables            Programs : 10
                              Pneumatic lift : Yes
                              Addition of acid can be programmed : Yes Addition ui caustic can he
                              programmed : Yes
                              Addition of rinsing water can he programmed: Yes Suction can be
                              programmed : Yes
                              Cooling water control Yes
                              Optical & Acoustical error message : Yes Extensive error contro l Yes
                              Drip Tray : Yes
                              Cooling water Consumption : Ca 31/mm Nominal Voltage: 230V
                              Power :900 Watts
                              Weight 42Kg
                              Dimension : 330 x 650 x 860 mm ( WDH) Supplied along with
                              Handle I No Glass Spacers 12 Nos.
                              • FiberBags For ADF / NDF / CF Analysis
                              • Compressor P/n 8120
   81. Ftir                    Basic System                 High performance high resolution FTIR
         spectrophotometer                                  system, should be fully external PC controlled
                                                            through Windows based software.
                               Interferometer               60º Michelson interferometer for high energy

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                               53
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                              3.
                                                      through put with fast response piezoelectric
                                                      based continuous dynamic alignment facility.
                               Spectral Range         7500 - 375 cm-
                               IR source              Ceramic Mid IR source, air cooled. Computer
                                                      controlled eight position source aperture.
                                                      Should have facility for dual source, computer
                               Beamsplitter           Ge coated KBr. Should have option for other
                                                      beamsplitters for different spectral range
                                                      coverage. Easy and user changeable
                               Resolution             System should have a resolution of better than
                                                      0.2 cm-1
                               Detector               Peltier cooled high sensitivity DTGS detector
                               S/N ratio              System should have S/N ratio of 6,000: 1, peak
                                                      to peak at 4 cm-1 resolution and 5 sec
                                                      measurements time .
                               Spectrometer Enclosure Sealed and desiccated.
                               Sample compartment     Sample compartment cover of the spectrometer
                                                      should have two access ports, one in the front
                                                      and the other in the top for easy adjustment and
                                                      change of sampling accessories. It should be
                                                      large enough to accommodate accessories for
                                                      different kind of experiments.
                               External beam options  System should have computer controlled
                                                      external beam selection. The spectrometer
                                                      should have capability to be up- graded for
                                                      TGA/IR, IR microscope/Imaging system.
                               Validation             System should have automatic internal
                                                      spectrometer calibration and validation facility.
                               Automatic component Spectrometer components,              like source,
                               recognition            detector, mirror etc should be recognized
                                                      automatically and controlled via PC
                               Communication          Communication from spectrometer to PC
                                                      should be through USB ports.
                               Accessories            Accessories for solid, liquid, powders etc
                                                      should be available.
                                                      The sample compartment should be able to
                                                      accommodate third party sampling accessories
                                                      like HATR, DRS etc.
                               Software               Windows based advanced software with Search
                                                      and Quantitative functions. It should have
                                                      diagnostics, validation program etc. Should be
                                                      capable of displaying spectra in real time
                                                      during data collection.
                               PC data station        Pentium 4 based system, DeskJet printer.

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                          54
 Sr.       Name of                                             Specification
 No.     Instruments
   1.         2.                                                   3.
   82. Scanning              A fully PC controlled SEM with conventional tungsten heated cathode
       Electron              intended for both - for high vacuum as well as for low vacuum operations.
       Microscope            Resolution:
                             High Vacuum Mode (SE): 3 nm at 30 kV
                                                         8 nm at 3 kV
                             Low Vacuum Mode (BSE, LVSTD):3.5 nm at 30 kV
                             Magnification: 6 – 1,000,000
                             Accelerating Voltage: 200 V to 30 kV
                             Electron Gun: Tungsten heated cathode

                             Chamber Vacuum: High Vacuum Mode: < 110-2 Pa
                                                 Low Vacuum Mode: 3 – 500 Pa
                             Column: 4 Lens optics
                                      Fourth intermediate lens for Beam aperture optimization

                             Pumping Time after Specimen Exchange: typically < 3 minutes
                             Turbomolecular & Rotary pump for easy sample
                             exchange & small time to reach working vacuum
                             Chamber: Internal diameter: 160 mm Min
                              Specimen Stage:
                              3 – Axis motorized
                              Standard: X = 45 mm - Min. - motorized
                                        Y = 45 mm - Min. - motorized
                                        Rotation: 360° continuous – motorized
                                        Z = 27 mm - Min - manual
                                        Tilt = –75° až +50° – manual

                              Maximum specimen height: 30 mm

                              SE – Secondary electron detector Everhardt- Thornley type (YAG Crystal)
                              Retractable BSE – Retractable annular backscattered electron detector
                              scintillator type (YAG
                              Crystal) with high sensitivity and atomic number resolution (0.1)
                                              Probe Current Measurement
                                              Touch Alarm
                              Microscope Control: All microscope functions are controlled by keyboard,
                                       mouse and trackball via the program VegaTC using Windows T M

                              Computer: Intel® Pentium® IV Processor 3.2 GHz, 1024MB DDR
                                   667MHz, HDD 160 GB, DVD-ROM (CD-RW), Network Card
                                   10/100, Graphic Card ATI Radeon X1300 256MB DDR VIVO,
                                   Mouse Logitech BJ-58 optical, + Windows XP Pro.
                              Image Display: 22‖ LCD monitor
                              Image Size: Up to 8,192  8,192 pixels, adjustable separately for live

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                           55
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                 3.
                                           image (in 3 steps) and for stored images (10 steps).
                              Image Formats: BMP, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, GIF, PNG or PGM, PPM
                              Remote Control:Via TCP/IP
                              Scanning Speed – from 160 ns to 10 ms per pixel adjustable in
                              steps or continuously
                              Focus Window – shape, size and position continuously adjustable
                              Dynamic Focus, Point & Line Scan, 3D Beam – stereoimaging
                              Automated Operations:
                              Vacuum Control, Filament Heating, Gun Alignment, Centering of
                              Scanning Modes, Compensation for kV, Probe Current Optimized for Spot
                              Size, Spot Size Optimized for Magnification, Scanning Speed (according
                              to Signal - Noise Ratio), Contrast & Brightness, Focus & Stigmator, Look
                              Up Table
                              Software Extensions:
                              Morphology, Measurement, Image Operation, Image processing,
                              3D Scanning, Hardness, Multi Image Calibrator, Object Area,
                              Print Magnification, Switch-Off Timer, Tolerance
   83. Digital                Measurement Scales : Angle of Rotation, International Sugar Scale
       automatic              (without temperature compensation)
       polarimeter            International Sugar Scale (with automatic temperature
                              Measurement Readings : Angle of Rotation, International Sugar
                               (without temperature compensation)
                              International Sugar Scale (with automatic temperature
                              Specific Optical Rotation, Concentration and Purity
                              Measurement Range :
                              Angle of Rotation : -89.99 to +89.99º.
                              International Sugar Scale : -130.00 to +130.00 ºZ
                              Minimum Indication :
                              Angle of Rotation : 0.01 º
                              International Sugar Scale : 0.01ºZ
                              Measurement Accuracy: Angle of Rotation: + 0.01
                              International Sugar Scale: + 0.01o Z
                              Temperature compensatin range for International Sugar Scale:
                              18.0 ~ 30.0 º C
                              Length of observation tube: Up to 200mm
                              Temperature accuracy: + 0.5 º C
                              History function: History function stores the 30 previous
                              measurement values for reference, printing or exporting to
                              a computer.
                              Display panel: Backlit Color LCD
                              Graphic Display: Graphic display indicating the conformity of
                              measurement values for measurement with limit settings.
                              Additional Features: (1) Averages Measurement values for
                              reference with limit settings.

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                          56
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                  3.
                              (2) Password Function
                              Output: (1) Digital Printer DP-63 or DP-AD 9optional).

                              (1) RS-232C input/output ports for connecting to a computer
                              Light source : Halogen lamp
                              Accessories: 100mm, 200mm observation tube (1 each)
                              Power supply: AC100V to 240V, 50/60Hz
                              Power consumption: 50VA
                              Dimensions and weight: 48.5X28.5X17.5cm, 13.9kg
                              (main unit only)
   84. Fully                   Block digestion system with high grade corrosion resistant
       Automatic               block casing of stainless steel.
       Kjeldahl                24 – sample position for digestion vessel of volume –
       Digestion and          100 ml.
       Distillation            Fully automatic by software controlled for sample lift and
       System with            Neutralization system.
       accessories             Temperature profiles and starting time are freely
         [Imported]           programmable.
       ( Protein               One Button operation system for ease of operation and
       Estimation             for fast programming.
       Unit, Automatic         Supplied with software and application library.
       & Imported)
                                 Distillation should have fully automatic as well as
                              manually addition of H2 O, NaOH and H3 BO3.
                               Distillation system have fully automatic and adjustable
                              steam generation.
                               It should have standard operation and door contact safety,
                              fault-alarm and RS 232 port for connection with titrator.
                               Number of programes 100 and LCD Display
                               Supplied with Titrator, all tubings, nutralisation unit
                              with Vacuum Pump.
   85. Micro Balance          Micro balance-
       ( To Be                6 places =0.001mg Precision –Automatic
       Attached               transfers
       with Euro Vector       RS-232.
       Model 3017 -           Range up to 2000 mg with inter face cable.
       Nitrogen/ Protein
       (Imported )
   86. UPS 10 KVA             With Minimum 20 batteries and with battery stand 1 hour
       Indian                 Backup
   87. Helium Gas                         ---------------
       (Indian make)

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                             57
 Sr.       Name of                                             Specification
 No.     Instruments
   1.          2.                                                    3.
   88. Flame                      Microprocessor based instrument
       Photometer                 Aanalyze Na,,K,,Li,,Ca, and Ba in single
       (Indian make)               aspiration of the sample with proper
                                   removal of interferences
                                  automatic ignition ,automatic gas shut off in case of a power failure
                                  Calibration curve programmability can be done using 20 standard in
                                   the range of interested of user ,data processing through optional curve
                                   fitting techniques like segmental and quadratic
                                  instrument can also be interfaced to a printer
                                  Optional pc compatibility with RS232C interface Sample data storage
   89. pH Analyzer                Microprocessor based with printer interface
       (Indian make)              optional pc compatibility with RS232C interface
                                  Open calibration option
                                  Programmable calibration up to 3 points for PH with memory backup
                                  Accurate & highly stable
                                  Standards and samples storing facility
                                  Automatic/manual Temperature compensation
   90. Hot Air oven               Size: 24‖ x 24‖ x 36‖,(LxWxH)
       (Indian make)              Rating: 2400 Watt,
                                  Shelves: Three
                                  Temp. Range: 5 Deg. C to 150 Deg. C, Digital Temp. Indicator /
                                  Accuracy: +/-1 FSD , +/-1 Deg C.
                                  -PT -100 type Sensor
                                  Force Air Circulation with Indicator
                                  Resolution : .0.1 Deg. C
   91. EC- TDS                                   EC              TDS
       Analyzer                   Range : 0-200 mS       1ppm -100ppt
                                  Accuracy: 1% of Range 1% of Range
         (Indian make)            Ressolution 0.05% of Range
                                  Temp. Compensation: 0-50 C
                                                         Auto / Manual
   92. Double        beam          Range: 190-1100 nm
       UV/VIS                      Accuracy : +/- 0.5 nm
         Spectrophotometer         Bandwidth : 1.8 nm
                                   Repeatability: +/- 0.2 nm
         (Indian make)             Readability : 0.1 nm
                                   System single stable beam optics/ 0.50 to 1.0 abs accuracy
                                   Stray light : <0.5% T at 340 nm
                                   Photo diode detector & Microprocessor control
                                   Size : 410 x 315X 135

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                             58
 Sr.       Name of                                                  Specification
 No.     Instruments
   1.          2.                                                   3.
   93. Rotary Shaker                Speed          range:         10         to         300         rpm
       (Horizontal)                   Digital LED display for speed, time remaining, and shaking motions
       (Indian make)                700mm x700mm
                                    Flask capacity 150 ml- 49 Nos.
   94. Electronic                 Large LCD display
       Balance                 •   Auto calibration
       (Indian make)           •   Auto back light
                               •   Rechargeable battery backup
                               •   Over load protection feature
                               •   Pan Diameter ; 120 mm
                               •   Capacity : 300 gm
                                  Least count :0.1 mg

   95. Magnetic Stirrer         Capacity up to 2 lit.
       (Indian make)            Fiber glass single piece moulded
   96. Time      control        Suitable to tissue culture racks
       unit (Timers)            Digital display

   97. 9Cheese Cutting        The set of horizontal & vertical cutting knives of SS3-4 will be provided
       7Knives                for cutting cheese.
   98. Pneumatic press          The machine will have a upper and lower ss 304 plate reinforced with
       for cheese block-         ribbing.
       single head : 5          The plate size will be 600 mm x 700 mm
       mould                    The stroke of the machine will be 200 mm
                                Pneumatic cylinder will be operated at 6 bar air pressure
                                The press will be provided with air piping
   99. Micro Electronic       Weighing capacity     200 – 250 g
       Balance                Readability           0.01 / 0.02 / 0.05 mg
                              Repeatability         + < 0.040 (60 – 230 g)
                              Response time         < 5 sec (average)
                              Linearity             < 0.10 to 0.20 mg
                              Pan size              80 – 90 mm diameter
                              Display               LCD Graphic display
                                                    Automatic door opening system
100.     Gas                  Detector : FID, FPD, TCD,ECD,FTD
         chromatography       Injector : Auto sample injector
                              Adaptable to any type of columns
                              Column : 2- 3 columns capillary packed column
                                                                  Temperature : 45°C
                                                                Ramp : 1°C/min to 40°C/min
                                                                   9 step programming
                                        Auto cooling, Auto sampler, with all extraction accessories
101.     Willey grinding        Rapid milling of laboratory samples of desiccated plant tissue or similar
         mill                      materials. Fitted with rugged, compact ¼ HP Motor. A removable
                                polished glass/perpex plate cover over the face of the chamber size

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                              59
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                   3.
                               permits observation of the sample during operation and pro vide easy
                               access to the chamber for cleaning. 3 speed can be obtained by changing
                                   the position of V-belt. Supplied complete with hopper with cover,
                               wooden plunger, three delivery tubes with tops of 20,40 & 60mesh screen
                                respectively & receiver. FOR OPERATION 230 VOLTS A.C.SINGLE
                                                       PHASE ,size- 100x 50 mm
102.     Rotary Shaking       25 flask hold capacity -01 OR
         Machine              49 flask hold capacity-01
         High Voltage            30 – 3000 v
103.     Power Supply          2 – 150 mA
                                 2 – 150 W
         Picodrop             Path Length : 1 mm
104.                          Sample Vol : 2 μl
                              Lamp : xenon
                              Detector : CCD
                              Wave Length Range:230-850 nm
                              Accuracy : 1 nm DNA Limit - 3 ng/μl , Albumin - 0.1 mg/ml
         Microplate           Optical system 12 measurement channels, 1 reference channel
105.     Reader/Elisa         Measurement time - Single wavelength: 6 seconds
         Reader               Dual wavelength: 8 seconds
                              Kinetic repeat time: 5 seconds
                              Measurement range - 340 to 399 nm: 0 to 3.0 OD, 400 to 750 nm: 0 to 4.0
                              Precision - 0.0 to 2.0 OD/492 nm: better than ± (0.5% + 0.005 OD)
                              2.0 to 3.0 OD/492 nm: better than ± (1.0% + 0.005 OD)
                              Wavelength selection - filters (6)
                              Wavelength range - 340 to 750 nm
                              Interface - RS 232 C/USB
                              Measurement End point and kinetic
                              Accuracy - 0.0 to 2.0 OD/492 nm: better than ± (1.0% + 0.010 OD)
                              2.0 to 3.0 OD/492 nm: better than ± (1.5% + 0.010 OD)
                              Temp RT-42o C
         Fluorescence         Wavelength Range – 200-890 / 200-650 nm
106.     Detector             Excitation EmulsionWavelength – 210-900 nm
                              Light Source – Xenon Lamp – 150 W
                              Band Width – 20 nm
                              Wavelength – Accuracy - ± 3 nm
                              Wavelength – Repeatability – 0.25 nm
                              Filter Sating – For Single & Dual Wavelength
                              Cell Volume – 8 μl
                              Operating Temp - +4˚C to 40˚C
                              Compatible with eAlliance e2695 xe modle
                              Audible Noise - < 70 dB (A)
         Surgical Laser       15 watts CW (1500 & 1507), 7 watts average super pulse power (1507)
107.     Systems              Over 50 watts of peak super pulse power (1507)
                              Flexible fiber beam delivery
                              Wide selection of hand pieces and tips
                              Touch-screen control panel

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                          60
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                  3.
                              Upgradeable without need for trade-in
                              Easily portable
         Audio Visual         Amplifier SSA-250 M
108.     System               Microphone Codeless VHF, Code Less; ER-11 Receiver: ER- 11 Mike;
                              EL-11 Codeless
                              Microphone Tie Pin CTP-10 DX
                              Speaker SRX-120 DX
                              LCD Projector with fitting Hitachi Projector; CP-X 301 Technology: 2600
                              ANSI Lumens Resolution 1024 X 768 (XGA); Contrast Ratioi: 500:1
                              Laptop DV 51104 T.O. hp / Compaq
109.     Rotary               Technical Data :
         Microtome with       Ranges of section thickness 1.0 mm to 50 microns .
         accessories          Coarse Feed Manual via coarse feed wheel
                              Trim Setting 1mm 60 mm
                              Maximum Specimen Size 50mm (L) x 60mm(H)x 40mm(W)
         Student              Body: Aluminum Die Cast.
110.     microscope           Mechanical Stage: Co-axial double plate mechanical stage size 120mm x
                              Nose piece: Outward quadruple nose piece.
                              Illumination: Built in LED light source
                              Focusing System: Separate fine and Coarse focusing adjustment knobs.
                              Condenser with iris diaphragm
                              Objectives : Achromet Objectives 4x(0.10),10x(0.25),40x(0.65)(spring) &
                              100x(1.25)(oil immersion) ,
                              Anti fungus treated.
                              Objectives : Achromet Objectives 4x(0.10),10x(0.25),40x(0.65)(spring) &
                              100x(1.25)(oil immersion) , Anti fungus treated.
                              Inclined observation Head: Monocular head 40degree inclined, 360degree
                              Eye Piece: WF 10x paired eyepiece.
                              Temper Proof
         BLOTTING             Electrophoretic Blotting System, 4 Cassette capacities
111.     Apparatus with       For Western, Southern, or Northern blots—transfer proteins and nucleic
         accessories          acids from agarose or acrylamide gels
                              Glass cooling chamber with tubing adapters is built into base for
                              temperature-controlled runs.
                              Platinum wire electrodes are mounted in recessed grooves for protection
                              from damage when cleaning unit or loading cassettes.
                              Electrode design provides even current distribution over entire gel surface.
                              Place a magnetic stirring bar beneath cassettes to circulate buffer within
                              unit for more efficient cooling.
                              What's included: safety cover with attached power leads, two platinum
                              wire electrode panels, one gel cassette assembly (4 for 28580-20), internal
                              glass cooling base, and tubing adapters.
                              accessories :- Hybridization oven having below feature
                              Products should meet the CE, CSA standard.
                              Actual temp & set point should be digital display
                              Drip tray should be S.S, easy removable & corrosion free.

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                              61
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                  3.
                              Equipment should be durable & Interior S.S, Exterior should be painted
                              Unit should accommodate tubes ranging in size from 35 mmID x 100 mm
                              to300 mm.
                              Variable speed 5 to 15 rpm within +/- 1 rpm form uniform distribution of
                              Temp should maintain uniformly +/- 0.5 C at 55 C in chamber.
                              Shaking platform area should Approx. 250mm x 180mm
                              Equipment should have capacity at least 10 bottles (medium size)
                              Equipment should have over temperature cut out system for safety.
                              Equipment should have over temperature cut out system for safety.
         Vetrical             Approx. Size 400 mm Dia x 600 mm Height with minor variations in
112.     Autoclave            dimensions Inner, steam jacket & Outer walls made up of Stainless Steel
                              Digital Temperature Controller
                              Carries ISI Mark
                              Maintains temperature of 115 C to 1210 C at pressure of 10-30 psi
                              Drain cock, water inlet, water level indicator steam release valve pressure
                              gauge, pedal fitting
                              Device and SS basket suitably fitted to comprehensive use.
                              Low water level cut - off device for safety, pressure control switch
                              Instrument should have Designed and constructed in compliance with the
                              European Directives and Norms.
                              Instrument should Made entirely of Stainless Steel
                              Instrument should Microprocessor controlled and facility of Hot air drying.
                              A multi- functional aid capable of holding all the receptacles commonly
                              used in Research Lab.
                              The numerous safety features include: door lock for the entire duration of
                              the cycle, door opening possible only if disinfection is complete,
                              disinfection check, acoustic alarm to indicate faults, chemical control etc.
                              The display shows the type of program, temperature and faults at any given
                              moment. The various programming levels can be accessed, using the
                              Keypad, to adapt the machine functions to your specific requirements.
                              Instrument should have three different wash programs including thermal
                              disinfection at 93ºC.
                              Provide Suitable Accessories for washing and drying various glass wares
                              and consumables with system.
         Hydraulic            Top:Stainless steel top, single piece without partition, Drainage outlet with
113.     Operation Table      pipe fitting. Hooks for tying ropes for restraint of animal.
         (for small           Hydraulic: Manually operated, hight adjustable.
         animals)             Tilting: Side to side tilting
         Boyl’s               Specifically designed anesthetic machine for small animals with Wide
114.     Apperatus            base having four wheels
                              Reconditioned vaporizer complete with Quick absorber soda lime
                              container, Flow meter and line pressure gaze, Circle absorber
                              Oxygen and Nitrous oxide cylinders of at least 10 – 15 lit to be adjusted on
                              floor stand model with gaze and re-breathing bag of at least 2 litre

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                              62
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                               3.
                           Specific color coated yoke.
                           Oxygen supply facilities with T and endo tracheal tubes of different size
                           for small animals.
         Positive Pressure Compact and portable model with controlled ventilation to an
115.     Ventilator        anaesthetized patient (Large / small animals)
                           Electronically controlled, pneumatically powered on a timed cycles.
                           Controlled: On / Off, tidal volume, breaths per minutes, inspiratorn flow,
                           time control and patient’s pressure.
         Proctoscope (Vet Stain less steel anoscope (Rigid type) of small, medium, large and extra
116.     Use)              large size with distal annular illumination
                           Fiber optic cable and projection lamp
                           Magnifying lance of different intensities and high resolution
                           Hinged viewing window with insufflations port
         X-Ray Machine     Portable with semi feather touch control panel with auto read KVp,mA
117.                       and MAs independently.
                           KV range : 40-100
                           mA range : 16-100
                           mAS : 32-200
                           Electronic solid state timer with Exposure time of 20milli second to 5
                           second (24 step timer)
                           Mobile and stand suitable to machine.
                           Accessories : Cassettes of different size with screen
         Ultrasonic        Portable, Output modes : Continuous I Pulsed with 1-5 Mhz frequency
118.     therapy (Vet      controlled to generate waves up to desired penetration in animal body ( up
         Use)              to 55 mm or more)
                           Detachable pads of varying thickness ( 5 to 50 mm) and suitable to small
                           and large animals
                           Digital controlled timer (0 - 30 minutes) workable at mains supply/single
         Heat Detector     Easy to read
119.     (Estrous          Probe with electrode ring
         Detector)         easy to handle
                           9V battery
         Automatic Floor Scrubber and drying capacity:1700sq.m/h
120.     scrubber and      Working speed:upto 4Km/h
         drier machine     Water tank capacity Clean water:22l
                           Dirty water 22L
                           Number of brushes:1
                           Working width of brush:43cm
                           Effective suction width;75 cm
                           Brush pressure:22kg
                           Air flow:155cu m/h(min)
                           Power requirement:230AC/50Hz-1800W(max)
                           Power brush motor:800W(Max)
                           Power suction motor:1000W
                           Note The machine should have CF signconfirming european safety

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                          63
 Sr.         Name of                                           Specification
 No.       Instruments
   1.           2.                                                  3.
                              requirements of standard EN292&EN60335.Mains operated and baterry
         Manually             Sweeping performance :1500sq m/h
121.     operated walk        Working width without side broom:460mm
         behind sweeper       Working width with side broom:650mm
         machine with         Machine widh with side broom:770mm
         self collecting      Hopper bin capacity:40L
         dust hopper          Height to the top of the handle:900mm
         Wax Embedding        Two separate components, 1. Cold plate and 2. Heated embedding module.
122.     Bath with            Allows the placement of the cold plate onto either end of the heated
         preheating unit      embedding module allowing the person to embed in either a right or left
                              handed direction.
                              Flexibility to arrange embedding workflow in the direction that best suits
                              our lab.
                              Operating Temperature range: +18 °C to +40 °C in cold Plate and heated
                              Working temperature – 5 °C at 22 °C ambient in cold Plate and 55 °C to 70
                              °C in heated module
                              Paraffin reservoir capacity approx. 3 lit.
                              The easy to load, large capacity plate can hold in excess of 70 standard
                              cassette molds in Cold Plate
                              Heated module capacity : 100 cassette

         Refrigerated         Maximum speed [rpm]-20000±2000
123.     Centrifuge           Maximum RCF [ x g]-50000±5000
                              Maximum capacity
                              [tubes x ml]-1000×4
                              Drive motor-high frequency
                              Speed control range [rpm] - in-between 100-25000
                               Range of temperature[ 0 C]- -20 to +40
                              Timer – minimum 1 second- maximum 100 minute
                              Programmed operation memory- minimum 25
                              Acceleration/deceleration time variability facility-Please mention in detail
                               Integration of RCF(Yes/No)
                               Real – time control(RTC) (Yes/No)
                               Over speed detector(Yes/No)
                               Rotor stoppage buzzer(Yes/No)
                               Imbalance detection device
                               Rotor temperature compensation(automatic/manual)
                                Rotor identification(automatic/manual)
                                User lockout system(Yes/No)
124.     Fixed angle rotor     8x50ml,15000rpm/26920xg
                               compatible with Biofuge Stratos ,Refrigerated tabletop centrifuge

125.     Operation Table       Table with Trolley size: 5 x 8 Feet
         cum Trolley for

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                             64
 Sr.          Name of                                          Specification
 No.        Instruments
   1.            2.                                                 3.
         large animals         With S. S. Top and multiple hooks under the top for restraint.
                               Partitioning of top – adjustable to change recumbence of animal.
                                Load capacity - 600 Kg Minimum.
                               Trolley with four wheels for easy movement with animal.
                               Shunting attachment device / hook for tractor / jeep.
                               Easy movement by men.
126.     Automatic Dryer       Instrument should have Designed and constructed in compliance with the Europ
         and Washer            Instrument should Made entirely of Stainless Steel
         (Imported)            Instrument should Microprocessor controlled and facility of Hot air drying.
                               A multi- functional aid capable of holding all the receptacles commonly used in
                                The numerous safety features include: door lock for the entire duration of the cy
                               if disinfection is complete, disinfection check, acoustic alarm to indicate faults,
                               The display shows the type of program, temperature and faults at any given mom
                               levels can be accessed, using the Keypad, to adapt the machine functions to you
                               Instrument should have three different wash programs including thermal disinfe
                               Provide Suitable Accessories for washing and drying various glass wares and co

127.     X Ray machine         Output Power - 2.5 KW as per IS 7620(part-1)
         for Health centre     KV range : 40-100
                               mA range : 16-63 mA
                               mAs : 0.32-200 mAs
                               Exposure technique- two point (only kV and mAs to be adjusted)
                               Exposure time - 20 ms to 5 secs
                               Light Source – 100 W halogen Lamp – 12 V > 100 lux at 1 m distance
                               Weight - Appr. 150 kg
128.     Cold handling        Cold handling cabinet made of stainless steel for semen processing at
         cabinet              working temperature + 5o C
                              Automatic Timer
                              Acrylic glass cover
                              Digital temperature controller

                                            -x-x-x-x- x-

D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc                               65
D:\ Docstoc\Working\pdf\a954b9f6-35e8-4cdd-b2c1-6b55a517b276.doc   66

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