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									Wrenwood Homeowners’ Association
Annual Meeting
Thursday, March 15, 2007
7:00 p.m. ~ Monclova Community Center

Officers Present:
Adam Hoff, President
Ken Krieg, Vice President
Jennifer Puls, Secretary/Treasurer

Homeowners Present: Dawn Durivage, Ava Dustin, Jim Eckert, Bill Heckel. Brandyn Kemper, Terri Kowalski, Lauryl Kristufek, Jean Lovejoy,
Edwin Rivera, Shawn Semer, Chris Stewart, Jim & Norma Tomlinson, Mark Tullio, Tiffany Tully, Alan & Lisa Willford.

Election of Trustees:
Nominations to the Board of Trustees were accepted by the members present. Adam Hoff, Ken Krieg, and Jennifer Puls were nominated and
elected unanimously by verbal vote.

Major Accomplishments of 2006:
    Collection of dues: only one resident remains unpaid and a lien has been filed.

     Active community organizations on a monthly basis are Ladies Night Out, Gourmet Club, Playgroups, etc. For more information, check
     www.wrenwood.net or the next quarterly newsletter.

     The community website remains a resource for the neighborhood (www.wrenwood.net). Paul Tomlin did an excellent job creating the site
     and volunteering as its webmaster. Paul is in the process of moving out of the neighborhood and is turning the website over to Jim
     Tomlinson (see New Business).

     The association has retained attorney John Wagoner, Wagoner & Stienberg, to assist in issues as they arise.

     Lisa Zaleski is the editor of quarterly newsletter. Any information that you would like to put in the newsletter, please email Lisa at

     The 2006 Summer Picnic was hosted by the Hollyhock residents and was great fun. It included a two-man band, lots of great food, as well
     as a visit by the Monclova Fire Department, face painting and a clown for the kids. Thank you Hollyhock Lane!

Review of Finances:
The actual 2006 results and proposed 2007 budget are listed below.

                                                 2006                      2007
                                        Actual      Budget   Difference   Budget         •    Actual landscaping costs were reduced, thanks to a
                                                                                              new contract negotiated with our landscaping
 Beginning Cash Reserve                15,131      15,131          -        26,253            company.
                                                                                         •    Our water bills were low, too low. Upon further
 Dues Income (152 lots)                22,650      22,350         300       22,800            investigation last summer, our meter was discovered
 Late Fees                                 95         -            95          120            to be broken. The city of Toledo has since replaced
                                                                                              the meter. The cost should increase in 2007.
 Total Income                          22,745      22,350         395       22,920

                                                                                         •    Work on the front entrance and other initiatives were
 Expense                                                                                      deferred until 2007.

 Expenses                                                                                •    A 2007 budget of $7,500 will be used to improve
 Landscaping                            9,357      14,000       (4,643)     10,000
                                                                                              the entrance of the subdivision.
 Water                                    194       2,500       (2,306)      2,500
 Maintenance                              923         750          173         700
 Miscellaneous (incl. annual picnic)      646         300          346         700       •    No legal counsel was necessary in 2006. The
 Electric                                 280         300          (20)        300            association is currently working with Wagoner &
 Supplies                                 218         200           18         200
 Newsletter                               161         100           61         150
 Lien Expense(Recoupment)                (156)        -           (156)        -
 Capital Improvement                      -         7,500       (7,500)      7,500       •    The association is looking into the need for
 Legal Fees                               -         1,000       (1,000)      1,000            liability and directors & officers insurance.
 Insurance                                -           -            -           400
 Website Transition                                                            300
                                                                                         •    Paul Tomlin, our previous webmaster, was
 Total Expenses                        11,623      26,650     (15,027)      23,750            using his own software and webhosting
                                                                                              services. Since he is no longer webmaster, we
 Net Annual Surplus (Shortfall)        11,122      (4,300)     15,422         (830)           need to purchase software, webhosting, and
 Ending Cash Reserve                   26,253      10,831      15,422       25,423
                                                                                              register our domain name.

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Old Business (2006 Annual Meeting):
    Approval of Minutes from 2006 Annual Meeting: It was moved, seconded and unanimously passed to accept the minutes without change.

    Volunteers are needed for the Landscape (see New Business) and Architectural Review committees. Anyone interested should contact an

    The deed restrictions need to be modified regarding the number of rails required in the fence specifications among the plats. It appears a
    “find and replace” was blindly used when updating Plat III to Plats IV and V (a 4 and 5 rail fence is called for in Plat IV and V, respectively).
    We are working with attorney John Wagoner to correct this error.

    Speeding: A sheriff speed trailer was placed on Honeysuckle to bring awareness to the 25 mph speed limit. Now that most construction is
    complete, the neighborhood is filled with pedestrians, pets, and lots of children. Please use caution and obey the speed limits when driving
    through Wrenwood. This remains a current issue.

    On-street parking is a township/police issue. Use courtesy when parking on the street to ensure that cars, busses, and emergency vehicles
    can safely pass. The street should not be used in place of the garage or driveway.

    There is a requirement for certain trees to be planted between the sidewalk and street in Plat V only. The builders and homeowners were
    contacted to make them aware of this requirement. Eight homes are not in compliance. Their addresses have been forwarded to the
    Toledo-Lucas County Plan Commission for follow-up.

New Business:
   Nilsson’s (our current landscape maintenance company) has been commissioned to design a new front entrance feature (see attached
   concepts). Mr. Hoff asked the members present if this was a viable project for the association. There was much support for the project and
   no opposition. Therefore, volunteers were requested to work on the Landscape Committee to oversee this and possibly other landscape-
   related projects. Volunteers are:
            o Wade Woolford, Hollyhock (via conversation with Mr. Hoff)
            o Tim Guitteau, Wrens Nest (via conversation with Mr. Hoff)
            o Edwin Rivera, Azalea
            o Mark Tullio, Hollyhock
            o Shawn Semer, Hollyhock
            o Bill Heckel, Honeysuckle

    Be courteous and clean up after your pet during walks.

    Several mailboxes were damaged by recent snow removal operations. If this should happen to you, call the township at 419-865-7862.
    They will repair the mailbox as long as it meets proper requirements. Requirements can bee found under the “New Residents Guide” at

    Street lights: If a street light is not functioning, you need to contact Toledo Edison for repair. They have been very receptive and quick to
    repair any unlit lights. Also contact them if the light post is not plumb.

    Residents of Coneflower Lane have volunteered to host the 2007 Summer Picnic. Please look for more information.

    Jim Tomlinson, Silverberry Circle, is our new webmaster for www.wrenwood.net. If you have any ideas or content for the website, please
    contact him at webmaster@wrenwood.net or at 865-1806. Thank you, Jim, for helping with this important communication tool.

    Contact Mr. Hoff if you are interested in a Block Watch program in the neighborhood. Some concern arose from loitering in The Ridge lots.
    However, the lots are now under construction and the loitering has stopped. If there is ever an interest in a Block Watch program, the
    association will make the contacts necessary to begin the process.

Questions and General Concerns:
       Keep in contact with your neighbors. Every once in awhile, an emergency arises (fire, flood, etc.) where a neighbor needs to be
       contacted while away from home.

        There is an unoccupied home in foreclosure on Honeysuckle. Thank you to the thoughtful neighbors who mowed the grass a few times
        last year. There is now a phone number posted on the garage door for lawn mowing and general maintenance of the property.

        Some concrete pads for utility boxes have settled and are leaning. Let Mr. Hoff know of their locations and he can coordinate the
        contact with Toledo Edison.

        Mr. Hoff is willing to coordinate a bulk-rate on trees again this year. If you are interested in participating, please contact Adam.

        The neighborhood garage sale is scheduled for May 10-12. The fee will be $5 to cover advertising in local newspapers. Contact Lisa
        Willford (419- 868-9148) if you are interested in helping and/or participating.

        Jim Eckert thanked the board for their work in 2006. Jennifer Puls informed the members this is her last year as Secretary/Treasurer.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.
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