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Kaohsiung_ Taiwan quake lake bursts thousands of residents flee refuge _Figure_


									Kaohsiung, Taiwan quake lake bursts thousands of residents flee refuge

Yesterday, the search and rescue teams found the wreckage and the
bodies of the victims. Two days ago, Taiwan 1 in the rescue mission in
Wutai Township helicopter crashed three people were killed. Xinhua
News Agency
MOSCOW, according to Taiwan media reports, the Taiwan authorities
Disaster Response Center, the latest statistics released, as at 21:00
on the on the 12th, the typhoon "Morakot" which caused 103
deaths in Taiwan, 61 missing and 45 injured.
Sharp increase in the number of deaths, mainly because search and
rescue personnel in Kaohsiung County, not the old hot springs and Heng
Fa Chuen found 32 bodies of the victims.
They found 70 small villages worst hit victims
Taiwan's military yesterday announced the past few days through the
mountains into the affected areas in Kaohsiung County, the officers
and men return, has lost contact with the victims found outside the
cumulative Jinqian Ren, will assist in the evacuation as soon as
Taiwan's military said in particular: Namasia rural village of 300
people, civil rights, ethnic village, 200, Taoyuan Township and
village and Jiasian ground all 200 rural villages Kobayashi, Kobayashi
village five miles south of Po 70.
Barrier Lake bursts of residents to flee
Disaster relief center in Kaohsiung County Fire Department received a
report after another on the 11th afternoon, close to the Central
Mountain Range at the end of the dumb and the plum rain began to pass
along, resulting in a dammed lake outlet pass behind the dike,
threatening Township, Pingtung County, high trees along the Village,
Pingtung County Government late last night broadcast request Xinfeng,
old Liu and other villagers rushed upwardly withdrawal, more than a
thousand residents fled carrying belongings.
"Filled the streets to flee the vehicle, could not move."
Villager who said many villagers fled asylum.
70-degree cliff pilot drowning victims
Taiwan's military rescue of a helicopter crash yesterday found three
dead members of the body, falling 70-degree cliff, they fracture
serious face was down.
¡ö news
China 9241 visitors safely
"Morakot" landed on Taiwan, the mainland 9241 were tourists,
due to time adjust the itinerary, are all safe.
According to the National Tourism Administration statistics,
"Morakot" landing day mainland tour 9241 a total of 391
people in Taiwan. Beijing several days ago, said travel agents, travel
team circuit hedge temporary change, cancel hard-hit eastern Taiwan
trip, ensuring all security personnel. For itinerary changes, and
visitors appreciate.
Many travel agencies that have received Taiwan's ground receiving
notice of the Alishan scenic area will be suspended pick up passengers
a month, while still suspended in Kenting, Taitung.
Association members for the first donate Yuyi
12 pm, the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait to the
Taiwan governing unit of the first contributions to 106 million yuan,
5 million Hong Kong dollars.
The first contributions in the governing units, the China Life
Insurance Company Limited, China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company
contributions were 10 million yuan, China Unicom Group, China
Development Bank and other donations ranging from one million to eight
million yuan.
China Red Foundation announced 3 million yuan assistance in Tainan in
Taiwan, also announced the donation account.

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