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									Jia composition of the two teacher
SEVEN language learning in life
Language is a tool for discipline. Only to learn the language, will it
be possible to learn mathematics, foreign languages, physics,
chemistry, history, geography, and other various disciplines. By
"language", to be exact, referring to the Han language and
text, that "Chinese."
The main channel for language learning in schools, in the classroom.
Teachers teach, students learn, learn words, learn sentences, learning
writing, learning classical poetry, learning Poetry Classics, over
time, accumulation of small. With age, the more reading the text more
deeply, more and more abundant knowledge, this is no doubt. Paying
attention to the main channel, we can not ignore the role of
sub-channels, sub-channel is the "language learning in
Maxim Gorky, the famous writer, the former Soviet Union had not
stepped into the threshold of the University, he regarded as his own
university community, still written as "my university" and a
glorious chapter, a rare literary giant; China's Gao Yubao education
very low, even elementary schools did not graduate, because he had a
deep foundation of life, in people's help, do not they write has
influenced generations of people, "Gao Yubao" it? Thus, life
is a big classroom, always pay attention, you can also learn a lot of
knowledge. Learning a language, a from books, two from the practice of
school life.
Because of the language has the obvious characteristics of a tool,
therefore, in life, the language phenomenon everywhere, everywhere.
Go shopping, a little attention, they can raise their own recognition.
Stalls lengthwise edge of a sign above the crooked to read: bananas,
flat fruit, Baltic ... ... .. everyone knows, the word has a lot of
them do it, "focus" should be "banana",
"flat" should be "ping", "Polo" should
be "pineapple." Even a sign, but also to act hastily:
"¡Á ¡Á by (security) equipment company ","¡Á¡Á paragraph
(sham) limb factory", some individuals on the bus stop signs are
not specification of the word is everywhere: "plus (Ka), will -
Green Park (Pu) "," Lu Jia Zui (mouth) - Khouang (Pool)
bridge. " Some people do not know for what purpose, the purpose
has already written in simplified Chinese characters Traditional,
neither fish nor fowl, causing confusion in language. This phenomena,
which should attract our attention. No wonder, some of the Young
Pioneers organizations "take to the streets to capture typos,
pure language of the motherland" activities too!
One day, a student passed a construction site, see the door read:
happily go to work, come home safely. Also on the door says
"safety first." After he read was very difficult to talk, go
home and ask her father to know, called couplets, is a unique kind of
writing. Later, during the Spring Festival, every household in the
door to see an increase close to the red couplets, he always willing
to Kanji Yan, memorization heart. With the growth of knowledge and
capability, he would be for those fantastic, thorough, and the wording
of a joint paper had a strong interest. At the same time, he started
gathering up some melting ideological, artistic, intellectual couplet
in a furnace to. The language proficiency of children and therefore
increase rapidly. I think he is mainly due to observation of life,
good accumulation of life.
"Boundless newspaper is an all-encompassing." "Book is
an unfathomable ancient well." Usually, we view books and
newspapers, it means that with the thousands of elderly people with
knowledge of the conversation. Reading newspapers, extract articles,
newspaper clipping on the growth of knowledge and skills of good.
Take Post newspaper clippings, for example. We get a newspaper, browse
the following articles of interest in their own red pen next to make a
mark, and at leisure, one by one cut, according to current events,
knowledge corner, school life, learning, outstanding exercises, mortal
trivia, Mingrenyishi, historical anecdotes, jokes funny, poetic and
artistic sort, categorize later posted on the book, plus header
flowers, painting decorative painting, quite a collection of books
reporting the value of the paste from your hands was born.
Shopping street, the shops, watch TV, listen to the news, chat with
the elderly, with the children amused, as long as attention, can
derive knowledge, get lessons. The key is to observe, think ground.
Small classroom knowledge is limited, a large social world is
unlimited. Accomplished, successful people tend to be more due to the
large class society. Because it has an extremely rich, inexhaustible
supply of knowledge.
May your life, learning the language, learn the language.
Usually about eight to rely on the accumulation of material
School children face the greatest difficulty of writing than the
"nothing to write" the. Teachers out of a question:
"memorable one thing", children tend to scratching, can not
think of a memorable event; teacher asked students to write an "I
do the right (wrong) the" composition, the same is not Students
feel less difficult, no way to put pen to paper. What is the reason?
I think the problem is we do not develop a collection of writing
materials, writing materials, the accumulation of good habits. The
ancients said: "The book hates few when goes to use." Mean,
very rarely read a book, until the time to express only feel that they
read too little, appeared to be inadequate. By the same token, if you
usually do not observe the living, not the accumulation of material
composition, until the time of writing, of course, will suffer
"nothing to write" the.
High and low human intelligence, talents, there are differences,
however, even extremely intelligent person, if he lacks diligently,
assiduously spirit, lack of accumulation of life, in the end, or some
could not see any good articles. Those knowledgeable scholars,
writers, poets, the reason for Evans agile, can export Chengzhang,
write written, is that they continue to accumulate, and constantly
refine the results.
Tang poet Li He, seven to poetry, people called him "the child
prodigy." In fact, his accomplishments in addition to natural
conditions, the main benefit from his usual hard work and
accumulation. He ate breakfast every day, back worn Bunang, donkey
wander out to observe life. Once received, he immediately recorded in
the paper, put in the bag. At home, and then select, classify,
organize. Forever, he accumulated a large amount of material life. His
use of the material, to be innovative, and finally write a lot of
repertoire is renowned masterpieces for future generations.
Scholars of the Ming and Qing Tao Zongyi, often as a notebook with
tree branches. Usually, if heard, it can see, some sense has got to
took off a leaf, the three words written in the top of the second
language, and then put into the urn, the urn is full, buried under a
tree, ten years later, he has accumulated more than a dozen urns.
Later, he dug up the urn, the data will be analyzed on the leaves,
classify, organize, and finally wrote the famous "cease
cultivation recorded" Thirty volumes.
Ancient Chinese is the case, foreigners as well. Famous Russian writer
Gogol was young, attached great importance to the accumulation of
writing material. Twelve years old, he has to secondary school. He sat
in the carriage, all the way after watching every person, every person
again look, dress, walk, the way so quickly recorded in a notebook. At
school, after his homework is done, but also often to the students to
observe different personalities. Days off, he often handheld notebook,
into the street to observe a wide range of people. Four hundred and
ninety of his thick notebook to record the famous writer in
conversation, a record of historical anecdotes, and geography, a
record of feelings and customs all over the story, but also record his
own thoughts and feeling. It can be said that this is a "Manpower
book," laid the foundation of his writing, as he later paved the
way for creation.
As a result, we get inspiration: a good memory as bad written. We were
brought to cultivate good habits like: side prepared a notebook as
their "writing material warehouse." Who usually see, hear,
think, and his personal experience of things, can be stored to the
"writing materials warehouse" to go.
We should note that, writing materials, warehouse, can not be chaotic,
messy, even categorize, this is for easy storage and search. For
Figure class (father, mother, teachers, students, etc.)
Class notes (on campus occurred in the family occurred, occurred on
the road, etc.)
Tilting type (household appliances, stationery, household items, toys,
decorations, plants, etc.)
Paint a portrait of class (spring, summer, autumn, winter landscape,
urban streets, rural, field, etc.)
Language classes (Proverbs, twisters, aphorisms, quotes, etc.)
Create writing material warehouse, can develop their own habit of
watching things around, to improve their level of understanding and
analytical skills, but also to provide better for their own writing
materials anytime, anywhere, really can be said to serve several
"Usually depends on the accumulation of material
composition." As long as we persevere, the accumulation of
writing materials, writing skills training, work to be rid of. At that
time, you will have no "nothing to write essay," it will
have no trouble in a good article to.
The discretion of the ninth sentence quibble about the word pour
A Tang Dynasty poet named Jia Dao. He wrote a poem, the last sentence
is the description of an old monk night scene back to the temple, a
total of five words, "Monk knock on the door next month." In
order to write this poem, he thought for a long time. It turned out he
wanted to write "Monk pushed the door under the moon", and
later write that "under the monk knocked on the door." Is to
use "push" the word good, or with "knock" the word
is good? He repeatedly compared, or even go out riding on the donkey,
but also by hand "door" and "knock" in action,
careful body odor.
Once he doing riding on the donkey "push" and
"knock" in action, with great concentration on verse. Did
not expect to face surrounded by a team of traveling that King join
(Guan Ming) came, until the front of it was found. He quickly
apologized to the King join, no occasion to give way to explain their
reasons. King join called Han Yu (a famous Tang dynasty prose writer),
Han Yu did not blame Jia Dao, reined horse like a long time, said:
"The use of 'knock' the word than 'push' the word good." And
to explain Road, "knock" the word voice loud, more vividly
expressed in the quiet moonlight, the scene of a monk back to the
Han Yu Jia Dao accepted the proposal, and finally wrote the "bird
tree places the pool, under the monk knocked on the door," the
Later, people choose words when writing the work, called
"weighing the words" the.
This "weighing the words," the story of ancient and modern
China, many of the writers. They tend to word, a word, to repeated
scrutiny, as appropriate, the word discretionary sentence.
We should learn from them the spirit of this painstaking research and
strive to write every word, and strive to express oneself clearly.
We know that an article is a sentence consisting of a, each sentence
in turn, composed of one word after another. If an article comparing a
building, then, words and sentences quite with brick and tile. Broken
bricks and broken tiles that cover a solid appearance of the building
can not afford to come.
The purpose of our writing exercises is to improve the "write
words" capability, we should learn to write words of fluent,
concise, vivid skills.
A considerable number of children to write words, ill-considered, the
letter written to a result should not be guilty of some of the
"low error", that is, we usually call "careless."
For example, a child wrote in the essay:
"Grandma's birthday is coming, and I want to send a present to
her grandmother, an exemplar of filial piety my juniors. Give what is
good? I suddenly thought, my grandmother's eyes, one less box. Yes, I
used my pocket money Grandma buy a box to the right eye! "There
is no doubt that a small author's intentions are good, due to the
carelessness, the" glasses "mistakenly written as" eyes
", making for a big joke. Do you have to remove my grandmother's
eyes on the box is not?
Have you ever seen 78-year-old children? You read this will say, a
joke, how can there be such a very old child? In fact, a child did
write such a sentence:
"Mao Mao was a 78-year-old child."
Clearly, the fault lies in the punctuation on a little less. Little of
careless and sloppy, even in the "7" and "8", a
comma between the drain.
Cited above when the children made in the composition of the two
"low-level error" example. More in words, writing words is
not enough to consider carefully, talk long-winded, but the expression
of the meaning is unclear.
For example, one student wrote the following sentence:
"Grandpa, 60, 58-year-old grandmother, father, 41, 38-year-old
mother, but the home of the large and small had to listen to me."
You see, these words and more long-winded, it sounds more strenuous!
Moreover, the "home of the large and small had to listen to
me," he said, is not really as hell broke loose? If you change
this, would it not simple, common sense:
"Sixty grandfather, grandmother Fifty-eight, father, mother are
aged people up and down, but the family's large and small have to
listen to me."
With a single "listen", which means "submission";
and "listen", then discuss the meaning of comments. A little
bit of difference, even the meaning of the expression will be quite
Misnomer, ambiguous, certainly ambiguous, is bound to affect the
expression of the correct meaning. Consider the following sentence:
"Winter holiday, my father and I had the honor to Hangzhou."
This word, we may come to "bite a bite", "chew."
First, the "honor" means a rare opportunity, very lucky.
Sentences in "honor" can take control of the "I",
and to control the "father", some of the far-fetched. The
reason is simple, Shanghai, Hangzhou, not very far apart, and my
father the opportunity to be a lot of Hangzhou, therefore, should
"honor" put the word "I" behind the more
Second, the "and" change "with" or
"with" good, that the younger generation to respect elders.
Third, the wording can be seen from the small of writing this
assignment in Shanghai, and it can not "come" to be used
"to" or simply by deleting "to" word.
Fourth, to Hangzhou to do? Sentence did not say. Doubt others will
read, if you go to funerals, graves, are also considered
"lucky"? Therefore, after the Canadian "Tour" is
Such a "quibble," we can identify a little taste here. The
original sentence read: "the winter vacation, I was fortunate to
visit with the father to Hangzhou." Do not mean much to
understand it? Seems to change a word, add a word, the change word
order does not matter, in fact, very different meaning of the
expression of it!
Some sentences seem impeccable, fluent sentence means to understand,
however, have repeatedly read, considered carefully.
For example, one child wrote such a sentence:
"I wrote many articles published in newspapers and magazines
still do!" Vertical time cross to see it did not seem to modify
the. Let's calm down, as appropriate, the discretionary word
sentences, proper for us to look at it.
First, the "article" is written out, the "write"
words can be deleted.
Second, "the article" The concept of large, leaders of
political commentary, fiction writers, scientists, academic reports
are considered "articles", though, students also write an
"article", but exactly that should be
Third, the "publish" generally refers to the more important,
there is a certain amount of articles posted on the magazine or
newspaper. Composition of primary school students were selected
newspapers or magazines, the words "published" for properly.
Fourth, "many" and "many" meaning similar to
"many" to "many", it seems modest.
Such a change, the original sentence becomes: "Many of my
assignments is also published in newspapers and magazines on it!"
No wonder the Russian writer Anton Chekhov said: "The writing
skills, writing skills is not really, but ... ... where deleted poorly
written skills." You see, delete, but also a good article to
delete it !
In short, writing prior to thoughtful; the time of writing, to
meticulous; composition, the sentence should pour the discretion of
the word, repeated scrutiny.
X impressive about it is written
Writing about observation and evaluation, the teacher often to the
students that if the composition is vivid and specific, vivid words,
you can impress people. So, how can the specific written a lively,
sound and color it?
Russian writer Grigory Petrovich wrote a novel called "The street
musicians." In which these words: "When the street musicians
stopped playing, an official from the window dropped a five kopecks
coins, fell before the heel that musicians ... ..." At that time,
another writer made him look views: "this is not like that, you
write too dry, the 'coin fall on the heels of a musician before that
... ...', should say: 'Five kopecks coins on to the road, bouncing
with Tintin when the local ... ... '"
This example gives us a revelation: If that's the heel of street
musicians in front of a magnet, then, that a five kopecks coin will
fall quietly there, otherwise, the coins on to the road, bound Tintin
when a local spring. Write a coin landing "Tintin when a local
spring", is indeed more accurate and vivid. Write, to faithfully
reflect the dynamics of things out.
In daily life, we must carefully observe the dynamic of the thing; in
reading the article, which is something we should pay attention to the
dynamics; in writing, we will have to examine how accurately and
vividly reflect the dynamics of things.
School textbooks have a text "Tunnel warfare bunker suicide
bombing." How to write Dong Cunrui bunker bomb it? If so might
also be written: Dong Cunrui standing under the bridge, to pull the
fuse, explosives exploded, destroying the bridge, but also heroic and
sacrificing a hero. This is not too boring to write it? See the text
of that vivid description: "a look to the surrounding Tunnel
warfare, this bridge has one high, both sides are slippery slopes.
Explosives placed where? He twice put the explosives on the bridge
along both slip down. If the explosives on the riverbed, and fried is
not destroyed bunker. this time, Chong Fenghao sounded loud,
earth-shattering Han Shasheng Youyuanerjin. extremely critical
juncture, Dong Cunrui heads held high, standing under the bridge, the
left hand hold up the explosives, stand up under bridges, threw a
right hand pull the fuse. fuse, "Chi Chi" to braving the
white smoke, sparking. fire lit up his usual cast of steel face. 1
second, 2 seconds ... ... he like a giant erect, his eyes light
radiation with determination. he raised his head looks into the
distance, wear out, shouting: "Comrades, for new China, Charge!
This passage, the Dong Cunrui bomb bunker in order to write this very
dynamic and structured, but little of these verbs, and reflects the
continuous action was extremely accurate.
Therefore, we in the narrative event, not "triple", that is,
to write out some of the action should not write it down. One student
in the narrative when a work process like this: "We have to pack
dumplings Huan you! Some Ganmian flour, vegetables and some vegetable,
dry with a dry ... ... I do not want done," said they "Well
done to Joy", but the following overview of only a dozen words,
the joy of the labor scene, had to write too simple, then immediately
wrote that he "could not do it", originally done to joy, how
suddenly Inter did not want it? This is the discontinuity of the line,
jump in the past. Write, it becomes less specific, but also people
looked puzzled. Afterwards by the understanding, the students in work
time and did not pay attention to the situation when we work, so the
labor scene did not quite know, feel and certainly not deep. As the
saying goes "look is not true, write clear", these words are
worth pondering.
"Outlaws of the Marsh" wrote in several places the story of
Tiger. Jane, as solutions, solutions of two brothers treasure hunting
tiger, tiger kill black tornado Li Kui Yi Ling, particularly Wu Jing
Yang Gang Tiger in writing these sections, it is written lifelike.
"Water Margin" Shinai of the story of why the tiger can
write so vivid it? Originally, Shinai is a very serious serious
writer, he lives to understand the habits of the tiger, who,
regardless of danger, repeatedly came to sparsely populated, tigers
are often spotted in deep forests. He climbed a tree, and a long walk
to observe the tigers, prey, prey's every move. He also visited a lot
of experienced hunters, hunting tigers to their understanding of the
situation and fight with the Tigers.
Incidentally, a question, ask someone to pay attention, this is the
emphasis on the accumulation of words, particularly in relation to the
accumulation of the verb. Reflect the dynamics of any article the
first thing should "move" process to write clear, followed
by the verb depends on accurately reflect the different dynamics. Take
the "remove" this is it, we will correct use of the
following verbs: brush, wipe, wipe, wipe, dust, wash, red, drag,
shovel, pick, pull and so on. Chinese vocabulary is very rich, in
peacetime, we observe things carefully to one side to keep the
dynamics on the one hand we must pay attention to write will reflect
their use of verbs, not only that it will not write, write, incorrect,
inaccurate but also with not.
Reads this, we seem to understand this truth, it is written in vivid
and concrete, vivid and dramatic, not empty words, but to pay
attention to use images to speak, to write down this time a scene
This might give students assignments in the example. A fourth-grade
school children to write chess does not concentrate on his childhood,
he had read:
I remember reading in large classes in kindergarten, my mother let me
lear. When I and my children playing chess, I always "monkey butt
sit still." That year, I attended the city's chess game, play
chess with me that wearing red is the big brother big sister. Than the
ratio, I do not mind to the next, and drill down under the table while
picking up pieces, while a few circle turn around the table. Bu
teachers met my coach, simply hold me in his lap to play on. I won
this competition four negative second, moving up two levels, has been
eight certificates. Then I rose to advanced training courses, and have
trained three nights a week, because I eat slowly, with more jobs, no
time to participate in training and drop out of the. Coach Blake is
very sorry for this teacher, that I was a very talented child, if we
insist on the training go on, might be a "second Chang Hao, Luo
Xihe" or something.
This passage is very exciting, and very vivid. The main reason is not
that small of an empty, boring, he paid close attention to their
learning how not to concentrate on chess is written in vivid and
concrete, real moving.
Or the old saying: to be careful to write clearly; see real, to write
Magic Pen to brilliance. "Language does not startle," the
ancients said so.
Eleventh Lecture to the shape, but also quite similar
Now, we are on a shopping mall, afraid Maidaojiahuo. Similarly, we
look at the article, afraid to read lies. Read the lies, deception
seems to being general. As the saying goes "false, big and
empty" are from the real thing. People living far away from the
real thing, people will feel disgusted. Writing, to speak truth, speak
the truth, to express the truth. Should not tell lies, talk big, empty
talk, posturing, affectation. Write, but also pictures of people,
write a true story.
Let us always remember the teacher's narrative study, for example: I
know a person, my teacher, at the same table, example, I can not
forget him and so on. How to write such essay?
I said, very simple to write him live!
To write characters, we must first understand him, know him. Familiar
with his voice and smiling face, familiar with his every move,
familiar with his interests and hobbies, familiar with his emotions.
Write the basic requirements are: written like, written and vivid.
Write like, we must seize the person's appearance characteristics; to
write vivid, we must seize the human character. In short, live to
write him, it is necessary to write the shape, but also to write quite
similar. Be written like that. Morphological characteristics of the
characters written, this is the first step. Sixteen years ago I always
remember the children read written assignments Gu Yu, "Zhu
teacher's eyes." One at the beginning of the article, use concise
words to the teacher Zhu outlined the shape of features to:
Zhu teacher's eyes are double eyelids children, children usually round
and bright black eyes. At first glance seems nothing special. But you
closer look ah, hey, Zhu teacher's eyes can speak.
Zhu Wen's teachers I know, she is such a person, her eyes, there is
great God is indeed "talking." Gu Yu Zhu students to write
like the teacher.
Write like, not too difficult; to write vivid, it is not so easy. The
so-called expressive, is the pen deep into the human soul to the
depths of the human spirit to write. Only write the human spirit, so
that people will not only have the virtual table, but flesh and blood,
real people. Only reached the point vivid, the characters written to
"face of the spirit, vivid and colorful."
"In the artillery positions," a text is written as defense
minister Marshal Peng primary inspections topical story. When he found
that "ammunition depot repair even in the front position, the
structure does not meet the requirements, will no longer bear
it." He was like thunder and lightning attack on the head who
said: "You head removal! Send Judge Advocate's Office!"
Suffered a serious criticism of the head of the so guilty, refused to
sit down and eat. Peng found also criticized the heavy feel a little
remorse. The paper is so described:
Peng took the head and let him sit in his side. Peng said: "Today
I said was wrong, apologize to you! But only the wrong one, should not
that make you removed, sent to Judge Advocate Office. The rest of the
words are right! Of course, you think wrong You can also criticize me,
not angry and did not eat ah!
This passage written very exciting, the Peng Laozong mince words,
adhere to the principle of self-criticism in the spirit of daring,
quality, character, vividly depicts, it can be said that authors write
Peng lived.
Let us look at the children described by a "cousin Bin-Bin":
One day, Bin-Bin lying on the table watching me write.
"Wrong friends, wrong it!" He suddenly cried a Diesheng,
shocked me. So I did not speak, he picked up the eraser I have just
written to the "dog" and the words and pick up the pen,
wrote a crooked one "big" words: "how? 'Big' words to
write a little it! "
Such a detailed description of his naughty cousin Binbin all innocent
and lovely features shown. Cousin of the paper is a living child.
In normal life, as long as we pay attention to all kinds of people
look around, pay attention to observe their every move, every word, to
be able to write a living person.
Honestly remember: write about people, not only to shape, but also
quite similar.

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