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					Radeon X300 PCIe Series

                       GECUBE RADEON X300 PC Ie 128MB/256MB

         Gecube RADEON X300 mainstream for 3D graphics-intensive,video applications,web-surfing and gaming.

                                        Model : GC-RX300-C3,GC-RX300-D3

GECUBE RADEON® X300 128M/256M is an affordable solution to broaden the visual
possibilities on your new PC. GECUBE RADEON® X300 delivers enhanced visual quality
and performance for the graphics-intensive, digital photo, video applications, web-s urfing
and 3D gaming. With supports for the newest PC arc hitecture standard – PCI Express x16
offers the ability to send and rec eive data simultaneously at twice the speed of current AGP
8X solutions. The GE CUBE RA DEON® X300 is the best vis ual experience choice at an
affordable price !


       Powered by ATI RA DEON® X300 P CI Express graphics with core @ 325Mhz clock.
       On-board 128-bit memory interface with 128MB/256MB DDR memory for today 's
        demanding games, applications, effects and animation.
         Integrated 4 parallel rendering pipelines and 4 parallel geometry engines for
          incredibly fast 3D graphics performance coupled with sophisticated real -time visual
         SMARTSHA DER™ 2.1 technology supports Direct X 9.0C feature sets, enabling more
          complex and cinematic-quality lighting effects.
         SMOOTHVIS ION™ 2.1 technology delivers the sharpest, clearest textures, removes
          jaggies and brings out fine texture details witho ut sacrificing frame rates.
         128-bit full floating point precision enables billions of color variations to render the
          same lighting and effects as Hollywood studios.
         ATI's new FULLS TREAM™ technology removes blocky artifacts from Streaming
          Internet video and provides sharper image quality.
         Multi-Display configuration supports CRT, DV I and Video-Out (PAL/ NTSC). Bundled
          HYDRAVIS ION™ Multiple Monitor Management
         Software offers flexible, user-friendly interface for multiple display settings.
         Industry-leading hardware DVD video playback support.
         ntegrated 400Mhz RAMDAC to supports maximum 3D resolutions (32 -bit color) up to


Model Name                 GECUBE RADEON® X300 PCIe 128MB/256MB

ASIC                       RADEON® X300

Core Frequency             325MHz

Momory Size                128MB/256MB

Momory Type                8*16/ 16*16 DDR

Momory Bus                 128bit

Interface                  PCI Express

D-Sub                      Yes

TV-Out                     S-out

DVI                        Yes

Video-In                   N/A

Cooling                    Fansink

System Requirement

         Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 wit h PCI Express slot.
         Memory: 128MB or above.
         Opeperating Systems:Windows® XP/ 2000

Di splay Support

         VGA connector for analog CRT.
           S-Video connector to TV/VCR.
           DVI-I connector for Digital Flat Panel.
           Independent resolutions and refres h rates for any two connected displays.

What's inside the Package :

1      GECUBE RADEON® X300 Graphics Board

2      S-Video and composite cable (TV out)

3      ATI CD Driver for RADEON® X300

4      Multi-language Installation Manual

A statement of Warranty

The following items are out of warranty even if returned after purchases

           Any items that are defaced or physically damaged by end-users.
           Any items that become non-functional due to user error or virus.

           Any items that have the warranty label/mark removed by customer that cannot be verified as our products.
           Any items that do not have a matching serial number between the product and the original receipt.

General Card Specifications are subject to change dependent upon region purchased in and subject to component

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