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									Japan's sexual attitudes
I understand the Japanese concept of sex
I met some Japanese men are all like a gentleman, others Binbin
justified, can be when it comes to issues, as if for a personal like,
has become particularly outrageous. Internship and several Japanese
friends when I go to eat, talk about some of the beginning of the
company, community news, finance and other topics, then drink some
more until after the talk about women and sex, and all enraptured, no
scruples They will describe themselves and when women make love to
every detail, including the shape of female genital mutilation, their
movements and gestures, the response of women, but also to exchange
ideas, hear my breath away. The beginning of my face always hot,
always felt that what is under a large crowd to say something, then
hear more, to become accustomed to.
I have had a Japanese university students learning economy had rented
a house, this was simply quiet young 19 years old, he usually worked
very hard, life is indecent, very polite to women, then we are
familiar with each other. Weekend, I was alone in a foreign country,
but he has not had a girlfriend, we both have money to go out to the
high entertainment consumption, drinking in the dorm playing chess
chat. We talked about everything, and he frankly admitted that he has
not had sexual relations and women, but I found his knowledge is
extremely rich, as ever in this house than I understand a lot more
people, the original of his "knowledge" a lot of good and
bad, mostly from books and television, in addition to the Japanese
school allows students to discuss sex, also offers knowledge courses
in primary school he was not familiar to the content. His desk can
often see some pornographic magazines with pictures, are ordered open
publications. I asked him about sex being the case, necessity, why not
pay a girlfriend or go to the red light district look. He said: As a
man you must understand the nature, otherwise it is not a qualified
Japanese men. His goal is the best car company in Japan into the work,
a girlfriend to spend a lot of time and money, no plan, and his
attitude to life is also very serious, do not fool around like that,
like other students. The young man's point of view I would also be
recognized, but once he surprised me when talking about past events is
not small, he said, he was in high school and younger than he Shihai
year-old sister with a shower, he also carefully inspected sister had
lower body structure, his sister embraced his "research." He
also told me that he also had read the mother bathing dressing. His
explanation is that, only adult women and girls want to know what
different body. He and I talk about these words look natural.
Three young men openly discuss the sexual privacy of the parents
Young men of our country together, but also like to talk about the
opposite sex, for example, dress, appearance, romance, betrayal, and
so even the night, but will not talk about family (including his
girlfriend) and sex-related content, the Japanese young people this
has no scruples, or a guest at a party when I encountered this
situation many times. Once I and four students to visit Sendai,
temporary living in a cheap hotel, excited all day to night is also a
great time, they began to talk about sex, but this time the topic a
bit outrageous, first of all he was talking about before the mother
had married a dancer, the body curve is very beautiful, he had seen
her in the house dance naked dancing to his father. Let's talk about
other people also have to respond to their own mother, a student said,
his mother's face and naked prettier than the actress; the other
students and then carefully described to his mother's full breasts and
hips level; there is a student actually talked about his beautiful
mother, full of the reproductive organs, he repeatedly observed. I can
hear the front to accept, you can hear when I think back too far out.
They speak of the mother when the tone is very proud of the body, as
if talking about the house like a work of art. They also asked me, I
can only say I have not seen his mother naked. If fact, I have met, I
can not speak, and conditions must be different ah. On the way back in
the station wagon on the front face of the driver and the female
guide, who also briefed each other with their mother bra and underwear
size and brand, the debate middle-aged women should be much better
shape and chest. Another time, I and two classmates to a Japanese
journalist familiar guest at home, catch up with his wife, children
not in hospital, Sakamoriba very simple, people admire the witty
friend of the reporter is talkative and knowledgeable, talking, and
being represented as sex, the last topic he in turn transferred to the
mother by the nature of the body, he said, he began to peep from the
age of 12 parents married life until he got married, some for the love
of his own actions is learned from their parents, and his parents know
that he in fact acts of mind, perhaps the son's behavior that is only
a special kind of knowledge about learning, not here with not point
out the accused. Press back to us in detail about his parents, stole
saw the 20th anniversary of the marriage officially began at 8 o'clock
in a ceremony that mimic the wedding night 20 years ago, the mother
sitting on the bed wearing a kimono, from father to give her a off
pieces of clothing, and then as naked then as the mother with water to
scrub the body, and finally her in bed making love. Fascinated as he
speaks, we listen, entranced. I appreciate his noble touching love
between their parents, but always felt that the subject of his son to
speak out to outsiders seem not to taste. Japanese journalists also to
the unique pride that he was making a very wise healthy, high sex
drive because the reproductive ability of the mother, his mother and
father until the age of 57 can also delight in the same room. Also
introduced the two students of about the parents, but I was not deep
impression. Finally, they want to know from my mouth, Chinese parents
sex life is like. But I say nothing, they are very disappointed. The
reporter also deliberately made the expression of displeasure, said he
offered me double the material and spiritual dinner, and I eat for
free, not fair. I agree with him half-jokingly blamed, but I do not
provide such a "spiritual food", I can makes up a pass, but
I do think that in conscience I am sorry parents. I analyze the
reasons may be the case, and Chinese people do not like the Japanese
when talking about sex parents do not think it disrespectful to their
parents, the opposite is the worship of their parents. In order to
improve proficiency in Japanese, I graduate to a reading of European
literature by the Japanese man had some literary books, and he gave me
about the Japanese literature and European literature in praise of
women and love on the writing style, but he goes as far as their
mother, wife, literary works, the three heroines in the body, love,
sex life made specific comparison. I can not help but surprise, the
first mother and wife should not have sexual meaning for the
comparison between the two, then not be able to Rousseau, Guy de
Maupassant described by prostitutes and mothers, wives par ah. But I
believe he is immersed in literature and art to do such good feelings
comparison. I also firmly believe that until now: this form of
Japanese youth to talk about his mother without the dirty dirty
thoughts, most people do not think incest, but would not do that, most
people on the mother's love is pure. However, in this environment is
difficult to ensure that certain people have ideas beyond the ethical
Four incest I've ever heard
Japanese law expressly prohibits incest, incest is the official
opinion of the condemned and strongly oppose his father rape his
daughter or son who raped his mother to heavy penalties of crime. Time
in the country seems to have heard of the natural father of the girl
had been ruined, but the son never heard of women are violated, it can
be to Japan several times in the newspapers after the terrible news to
see that, we can see the phenomenon of incest in Japan much more
serious than China. In Japan not only common in the media to report
and presentation about incest, and sometimes people talk like the news
related to incest, as if we Chinese people like to hold a certain
curiosity and a certain psychological improper discussion between men
and women as . And not the same country, the Japanese people, or
people who secretly, "not to harm the party and does not endanger
others," the incest event is to maintain the relatively tolerant
attitude, so that the privacy of incest is not particularly strong,
and many Japanese people think that incest is no big deal, as long as
consenting to the same men and women in general having an affair, some
people talking about incest when others are not ashamed or even the
tone with some envy. Father and daughter do the same blood, abnormal
sexual relations between mother and child can be the same as lovers?
But this is indeed the Japanese logic. Gave me some Japanese I've
talked to others or their own experiences of incest. Miki is my
colleague and my good friend, years older than me. He has eaten
stomach medicine, Trustee for him I had from the domestic mail manual
and prescription of Chinese medicine, he is grateful to me. He is very
tall, and I gave him a nickname called "three old poplar",
he wore a pair of round-rimmed glasses, much like the film unit of the
Japanese War Devils, but he did not cruel, and have actually very
good. Hokkaido once been sent to interview us, we live in a rancher's
home, Hokkaido Bad weather was colder than the Chinese in Harbin, the
night we were sleeping close to the ground covered with shabby rooms,
cold chill trembling, I secretly cursed just like the old China that
mean ranchers landed gentry, and so many paying the money to live such
a poor house. Cold is not sleep, Miki said: "We talk about how
their experience unforgettable ** so quickly coming to dawn." I
agreed and told me and his ex-wife got married a few nights, there are
some things hard to say, I stood out briefly, I also feel a little
boring as boiled water, three-wood that he and his wife also talked
about something that, not much stronger than me, but nothing more
specific. They fell silent, and took a long time, Miki suddenly said
to me: "I tell you about my youth committed a fault," is
"is the trick to steal a motorcycle or a girl do?", "Is
living with my mother for some time, "" Really? you do not
want to lie to me happy, right? "," I will not make you
happy to make up the great mother of lies. " He spoke up, as
follows: Miki's father is a mining engineer, due to poor working
conditions suffered serious lung disease died, and that year he was 10
years old, his sister is only 3 years old, and his mother at the age
of 36 into a widow, in order to feed a pair of children, his mother
re-employment and became a nurse, had a bitter day. Miki, 17 years old
with high fever caused by lung infection after discharge from hospital
the night Yiran coughing badly he and his mother for fear of lung
disease will take home the same way the second man's life, day and
night to take care of him. He originally lived with mother and sister,
and those days in order to care for sick son, his mother temporarily
moved to his room to sleep, feed him medicine, gave him the injection,
to coax him to sleep, and then lay down beside him. Uncomfortable pain
when he nestled in his mother's arms, he hugged his mother lovingly
stroked his head for his pain. Next month in intensive care after his
mother Miki's body recovered, but his mother simply that the spirit of
the original into a mental and physical attachment to the double
attachment. After going to bed that night as the disease Miki as head
still buried deep between her mother's breasts, see the mother's
attitude remains the same, he would push for too much up, the mother's
lower body stretch his hand slowly, his mother was surprised to dodge
break, but ultimately did not oppose his son's move. Unique
environment in Japan, young Miki grew up in various parts of the
female body is no stranger, he skillfully combined with the mother
completed. The next day mother moved back to her sister's room, may
have since pleaded in the next three wood occasionally his mother was
asleep in his sister came to his son's room. Miki had to be finished
18th birthday, his mother that he grew up, and to resolutely cut off
and the son's sexual contact, but also actively encourage the sons and
girls more contacts. Miki then later the bad out of attachment to the
mother, get married and have children until now. He often took time to
visit Osaka, mother, mother's account also saved a huge pension costs.
After listening I asked: "your wife know?" "Did not
dare tell her newlywed, until we have the first son, I have a wife as
the mother's feeling, I told her that she forgive I also understand my
mother. "three-wood and then added:" great maternal love may
sometimes make women too naive son condone any of Hu. "" You
should not put your mother's told me is absolutely confidential,
"he surprised and said: "I give many of my friends have said
before, this is only ignorance, only juvenile offenders under a
mistake, why can not I say that?" "Although it is wrong, but
constitutes a beautiful story" - and I comforted him. Dawn the
first three wood asleep, I am still in thinking, a mistake, that is
much more simple, ah, if only a little boy stole his mother, like
pocket tens of thousands of yen. Miki does not know, but in China,
incest and murder and arson charges a large parallel. I get up on the
three wood joke: "allow me to my Chinese friends about your
special story?" "Sure, but you have to fully understand the
basis of my mother to say, otherwise you will distort the facts, would
misunderstanding of your Chinese friends my mother. "I wrote here
as far as possible and Miki told me the match, and I also used his
real name. In addition, the school also heard that a few years ago and
wonders, a lot of people know, is about a Japanese university
professor. It came from wealthy professor, graduated from Waseda,
knowledgeable, could have a lifetime up to age 65 died single, the
most surprising of his life is not nearly in sex, which is unthinkable
in the Japanese view. The professor heard no shortage of young and
beautiful young women around the pursuit, but every time he declined.
In his five-year-old that year, a forty-year-old returned from Europe
a single female professor took a fancy to him and take the initiative
to his courtship, also rejected. He has always been and the old mother
lives in a mansion, he is very filial old mother, for her support and
her half-pension nail in the coffin. It has been nearly sixty years of
age also saw him pushing a wheelchair paralyzed at the age of
eighty-old mother out for a stroll. When he's not old mother a few
years after the death of a professor himself cancer alone, he calmly
unscrewed the gas switch herself. The arguments of his celibacy
particularly, many people feel that the professor can not be completed
about physical defects in a man's sexual behavior, and some even
suspect that he is gay, but there is no evidence. Professor left a
suicide note after death, completely opened the fan. Suicide note said
he did not like the others have to say is incompetent individual
patients, contrary to his strong sexual desire in particular, his only
sexual partner was his mother, both mother and son between them is
also a lover of the complex emotions. The original, the professor's
father was director of the airline, the mother was the daughter of
nobility, but parents suitable marriage very unfortunate. The father
is a professor of excellent entrepreneurs, but the character violent,
ill-treatment of the weak are often beaten by his wife, the professor
could not understand his father's behavior since childhood, very poor
mother, at age 16 began to serve as the protector of the mother, when
his father get angry when he bravely rushed Qudang front of his
mother, father, mistress, I am all over the world and very dedicated,
so it is rarely home. Lonely mother had to endure the pain or fight to
hold her husband's tearful son tell about it, studied music in Paris,
France, the son of the mother or the family piano teacher, mother and
son often explore the art of music? ? This has become part of the life
of the mother, the mother's feelings unconsciously tilt the balance
there, his son's feelings have changed. Professor of eighteen late day
home from school, the mother weeping silently at the bedside of a
person, the original forty-year-old that day is the birthday of the
mother, the father is far pleasure in Tokyo. Professor stepped forward
to embrace his mother to comfort her mother head on the shoulders of
his son's sense of feeling better, two hugged a few minutes, thin
clothing under the soft skin of women and unique taste of the male
instinct to wake up, feel array Professor array impulse lower body
swelling, he subconsciously hold of his mother, the mother of his
son's heart seemed to sense changes in active leant down on the bed,
professors dare not deviate from this, can the mother suggests that he
played a courageous strong in spite of his all buttoned to go unlock
the mother's mother taught him at this late how to be a man. The first
time in eighteen years Professor really understand a woman, the mother
married the first time felt comfort. The adulterous relationship for a
few years quietly. Four years later, the father of Professor sudden
death in a plane crash, after the funeral of his mother not to let his
son close to her, they are thinking about the way, the mother
unwilling to delay his son's destiny and future, she tried to persuade
his son to move out, professors do not want to leave the hardy mother.
Professor month alone in his room, her mother vowed not to marry for
life, he picked up his bags and pajamas bravely into the mother's
room, then two, as openly as husband and wife sharing a bed for many
years . After two decades of the difficulties we face in life, but
also the common pursuit of adult sexual relationships. Professor forty
sex life is also maintained, in fact, his mother was probably not the
kind needed, but still with a variety of ways to try to meet him.
After the Japanese heard most of this anecdote that, if not related to
the many wonderful ah, this is really a plaintive and moving tragedy.
Really some people who seem to write the screenplay. From the Chinese
point of view, is either outrageous, either mental illness made a
farce, so China will not appear such a thing. This anecdote is also
extremely rare in Japan, said authorities want to hold back for too
indecent Professor testament blackout, but the professor is so smart,
he died before the suicide note was sent a copy of a newspaper, a
newspaper in a timely manner so that It met with the newspaper. I
asked this one has heard of the Japanese students, professors, why is
it shameful exposure, the result is I, he and his mother's fame down
the drain? Students have told me that Professor suicide note, he was
an only child, he died, the family has gone, no one will be implicated
in the matter. Professor, I do not think it is shameful, but the shock
of love creation. Moreover, during his lifetime, Professor impotence
also saddled with the ridicule of the Japanese man, this is greater
than the shame of incest. I asked the students: "Do you believe
in the authenticity of the suicide note?" He answered seriously:
"The single impulse, professor of incest is completely certain,
incest is more common in Japan, but their mother's emotions are not,
as a suicide note better to put it in hard to say, only by a professor
in heaven to answer, I have my mother would not have been the feeling
of lovers, so I skeptical. "I basically agree with his answer,
but I have to amend that celibacy is not near and woman do not
necessarily incest, this alone reflects the Chinese and Japanese views
on the nature of the fundamental difference. I used a long time the
people of Shanghai opened a Chinese restaurant to eat, and the boss
getting along very well. Once I was there for dinner and see his
daughter after class, but also to workers, Shanghai boss has
repeatedly urged his daughter to go home earlier, not enough for his
daughter dressed too fancy, I casually said: "It's still early
days, but people around here people to be safe. "boss
retorted:" I saw the little Japanese see more, all are goat, a
woman in Japan is too dangerous. "After a while with a mysterious
form he whispered to me:" Little Japan color pillar to post, on
the mother could do. "this is the case, one wearing a short
jacket with high collar looks handsome young Japanese to the
restaurant eating dinner a few times, he also led a Kunan beauties,
said his side had several small lover, each meal will always be his
bad language on the desktop, the day the handsome young drunk, also
regardless of the hall there are many women, boast their own sexuality
and the bed from the skills of how to stick, the least able to
tolerance, he has said that his sexual skills are imparted to him his
mother, he and his mother slept on the age of 16. Remarks to the
presence of some Chinese people are frightened, but at the same table
in the Kunan handsome young beauties have also applauded. My boss
said: "Maybe he drank too much boasting it will not be
true", "Take your mother blow this cow? A lot of Japanese
people love to say this, ah, one of the two is false, can are false?
"I do not know what to say, whether true or false, the Japanese
did to other countries who dare to think what a shame on the table.
Japan's middle-aged prostitute
Japan's sex industry is very developed, very much porn sites, each
came to the Japanese people can feel that, because the porn owners
will promote a variety of ways to solicit business, of course, the
government also have a management approach that the industry In
health, the location of premises, practitioners and clients of the
age, HIV prevention, advertising types, etc. There are strict
restrictions, in particular, reinforced by years of under-age girls
into prostitution and underage youth, "red-light district"
of the monitoring efforts . Pornographic ads from the point of view,
the sex industry in Japan and other countries, the largest difference
is that one night than ordinary joy, but also can provide a wide range
of services is extremely abnormal, great variety and varied, and fully
meet all kinds of people's services requirements. For example, there
is a sex do not need to go to bed, "breast pump" service, so
full of women bare breasts after taking the reminder emulsion Yang sat
on the couch, the customer across as a baby sitting on her lap, like
smoking in the breast milk of mouth . There are also many bed
promiscuity, sexual competition, live for love live performance, and
sexual abuse is extremely disgusting project. The sex industry in
Japan can not be described as fear, fear can not think of. Here's just
like whoring of clients, many Japanese students who work and study
staff pressure, unhappy marriage, the couple disharmony, but also to
the poor state of mind to seek relief, there are many Japanese people
to meet their own metamorphosis psychological needs frequented here.
Can be said that the Japanese sex industry is fully capable of showing
the abnormal characteristics of Japanese society, and many Japanese
twisted perversion of the soul.
Prostitutes in ancient China would like in their 20s from the good,
the modern Western prostitutes generally about 30 years old deserted
because of beauty but also the decline of doors to be forced to
terminate its services to find a new way. Strange in Japan, from
teenagers to have a six-year-old prostitutes of all ages, and very
popular. Learned from a number of books, the Japanese sex service the
Central Standing Committee met a very special "Lao Shaopei"
phenomenon, that is, middle-aged men seek a youthful clients like a
young prostitute, and some young people to this goal is sometimes some
of those on the older middle-aged prostitutes. Be it the former, the
latter rounds. One reason is: this is not just young people in order
to meet the physical, but also the spirit of the inner desire to
communicate, because of the high generation of women more
understanding and considerate to them, more willing to listen to them,
struggle in the social competition flame where the young women in the
elders have more warmth and security. The second reason is: in modern
Japanese youth incest Oedipus tendencies and desires have been few,
but they are very sensible and will not dry out the destruction of the
family to do harm to their loved ones, so by this means. Vice
establishments in Japan, there is a special called "Mature
House," "Sunny Moon Water", "Autumn Leaves"
in the name of the single-class houses, some of the services provided
are over the age of 40 middle-aged and elderly prostitutes. Here are a
mostly young people, there is fear even minor violations. That is
called "Autumn Leaves" housing is relatively gentle, there
is no pornography means, not what someone can come in, the owner the
right to refuse your entry, the housing may be plain mistress, but
with a certain level, often experience rich, Tantubusu, understanding,
and a slight knowledge of poetry and painting. Here the main emphasis
on culture, thoughts, feelings, life, art and other aspects of
communication and exchange of flowers, that is sold mainly spiritual
wealth, the hostess usually around the age of 50 years, as parents,
teachers and visiting young people talk like that. To young people
generally do not make this requirement, individual youth made the
request intercourse, most of them will be rejected and, occasionally,
be accepted. Although there is no direct services, but expensive,
sometimes it seems more important than material wealth, spiritual
wealth. A 21-year-old college students Mingjiao Song Shou told me to
learn Chinese, and sometimes staying at my house. He does not deny
that he had more serious psychological Oedipus, like middle-aged women
talk exchanges. I know many times he had visited before, "Autumn
Leaves" kind of place, received a call of his 54-year-old rock
Tian Liangzi women wearing rock Tian Liangzi myopia, is a scholarly
knowledge of women, he and she able to talk to, she'd rather read also
understand Chinese calligraphy, Matsuhisa she was willing to go there,
from her to get a lot of interesting customs and knowledge of the
world, each time came back Matsuhisa very happy. The two became
acquainted, rock Tianliang Zi said Matsuhisa is a poor student, but
also a part of the cost reduction. Matsuhisa asked her why she would
choose this line, she wears a sorrow that she was born during World
War II, Japan was defeated shortly after she became an orphan, aged
16, were forced to prostitute, 24-year-old from the good to quit,
Women's University also studied history and geography, 29-year-old
married a building contractor, 39 years old hold anything against her
husband abandoned her humble origin to go with his son, because she
had ugly past, impossible to find the ideal work culture , but she do
not want to go pick up, talented men in the country had to do menial
jobs, 47 years old she really could not move on this kind of manual
labor helpless when the "Advanced" prostitute, but she never
go to bed with men, just like the arts like prostitutes,
"entertainer" does not sell their bodies, so to visit her
all civilized people, some of which were young, she has accumulated a
lot of money pension, intended to quit one year after the mountain
closed, and this is her history. Yan Tian Liangzi like Matsuhisa the
young, from him to make up for the pain of losing his son, Yan Tian
Liangzi Matsuhisa is also seen as the "year-end parties,"
confidant. Have been very good, and can be the last time Matsuhisa
drank sake, mysteriously went so far as to propose to her bed to make
love once zheng zhu Yan Tian Liangzi, the cheeky resentment color.
Matsuhisa rushed quickly apologized, and both have nothing to say,
Matsuhisa was about to retire, silent a long time or lay down on the
tatami Tianliang Zi Yan and untied the jacket, Matsuhisa rushed up to
losing control. . . After showing very disappointed after the rock
Tian Liangzi sad look, no longer willing, and Matsuhisa met. Iwata
know hurt her heart, she also broke the rules on which self-esteem,
regret disturbing, but is too embarrassed to be door to buy a lot of
books to send her love to the past. After listening to Matsuhisa, I of
"Autumn Leaves" with some changes the bad view, I feel that
rock Tianliang Zi is a hard-up women stooped, helpless in the
ill-fated forced to try cases, to maintain self-esteem. I look up and
down the honest frail students Matsuhisa, who in addition to
psychological than Oedipus, as if nothing unusual, of psychology,
psychological fact, Oedipus is the spirit of the role can be adjusted,
many boys are more or to have had such little psychological, but in
the end be able to safely remove it without causing abnormal control
of action. If it was not abnormal, Matsuhisa how would a 54 year old
woman who had that desire? I said angrily: "You should not
destroy her self-esteem, not to mention her age so much, why not find
a romantic girl do such a thing?" Matsuhisa is defended himself
by saying: "I never sexual promiscuity, I Ryoko bonds of
friendship are sincere friends. In high school me and a good female
students to have had a one-time experience, then we broke up. I have
not had another girlfriend and then pay, in addition to the good son
there, I've never played and pornography girl had dealings, and good
child that life is the second time. She came into my spiritual world,
I also strive to control their own spiritual and physical separation
can not do it. In fact, I do not lust, good child she had lost the
good looks waist so thick, his face is wrinkled, and I know her age is
not suitable for intense activity, and that day I did not much
pleasure, but my spirit is with her melt together, our body should
also be integrated. "I could not understand his specious
argument, but one thing is sure, in the spirit of Japanese culture is
closely tied with each other, as long as the spirit world exists in
the brain in women, regardless of ethical constraints, Seniority
Rules, beauty and ugliness height, background position, the ideal
concept, emotional mood and other factors, can lead to sexual desire,
which is more serious in Japan incest a reason. Yan Tian Liangzi Japan
as trapped as a result of living museum into prostitution in brothels
in the older women there are many, but many of them have become
apathetic as time goes by, willingly sink, have forgotten the meaning
of self-esteem and shame. Publications and advertising I see on the
"Mature home" describes more, "Mature home" is
both a spiritual sensual porn house, the hostess often in the range
between the ages of 40 to 60, visitors to your liking to choose. The
uneven level of women's culture, some of the more literate, but the
general appearance, and some are almost illiterate, but beauty is
certainly a young man, tall, short, fat, thin character hobbies vary.
There are only two-thirds of visitors to drink tea, sing and dance,
chat, joke does not require sexual contact, rates are not high. A
third person may be raised beyond this level of exposure to different
requirements, such as hugging, kissing, the hand into upper body
clothes, the clothes will be hand into the lower body, the view-point
naked, naked unobstructed view hand rubbing the exposed parts of the
body and help visitors massage to help visitors masturbation, sexual
intercourse, etc., with detailed price list available to visitors,
according to economic conditions and by the visitors to select from
one or more of service. Sexual contact in the proposed requirements of
the young, many just choose to embrace kissing and other services, the
real requirements and the middle-aged prostitutes, sexual intercourse
is not too much. The sex industry in Japan, there are some very funny
phenomenon appears, for example, to particular safety and health
protection of elderly prostitutes to reflect the morality of Japan to
respect the elderly, a lot of "Mature home" there are some
specific provisions, such as and postmenopausal older women sex, to
protect their bones, soft tissue, breasts, genitals and other body
tissues and organs from damage, to the visitors of the weight,
position, length of sexual intercourse, the action force size, health
conditions are made clear limitations. No one I know went to the
Japanese "Mature home", the following newspapers and several
messages are posted. A 29-year-old Japanese prostitutes Museum staff
every week to find 50? ? 55-year-old prostitute to make love, the
staff have erectile dysfunction problems, and his wife's sex life has
never succeeded, but has returned to normal after here can satisfy the
demands because he is Oedipus the past 15 years, young women desire is
weak, and his mother just 53 years old. A 38-year-old businessman is
not required here to make love, but to go to sleep with prostitutes
before touching the breasts and abdomen, because he is such a child to
sleep, and grow up with mental weakness is often at night, only to be
here sleep well. Here are some 20-year-old Japanese students to
patronize, requiring prostitutes over the age of 40 stroked his body
finally help him masturbate. A university student in the composition
mentioned that he Museum of middle-aged prostitute aunt in touch in
the childhood experience of maternal love. Sometimes there are minors
to enter this site, which is more absurd, that a newspaper had the
news of a 15-year-old boy to "Mature house" requirements,
and a 48-year-old mistress to make love, the hostess to see him too,
that should not harm him to strongly discourage, manhandled the young
actually want to rape her, the hostess Xianshibumiao to hurriedly
answered, because it is income generation and who is not the same,
then the young will be the day , and later the young parents have
chosen to owners and prostitutes to court. Incestuous desire to help
people, Japan has emerged a unique intermediary company, if you are a
customer, you just put your mother and your own details, including the
photographs sent to the company, they will find someone for you and
your mother in age, appearance, held

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