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					Introduction of new Life Insurance
China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. was established in August 1996, is an
international professional large stock life insurance company,
business scope covers all types of life insurance, health insurance
and personal accident insurance. In 2000, the company issuing new
shares to foreign investors 24.9%, first in the industry to achieve
international capital. Shareholders include Loncin Group Co., Ltd.,
Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation, Oriental Group Co., Ltd., Shenhua
Group Co., Ltd., 12 domestic large enterprises and Zurich Financial
Services Group, three internationally renowned financial institutions.
The end of September 2004, Xinhua Insurance Holdings Limited by China
Insurance Regulatory Commission approved construction. In addition to
the "New China Life," the core subsidiaries, the China
Insurance Holding Co., Ltd. has been established under the framework
also includes the operation of brokers, agents and are under
construction or planned in the property insurance companies, asset
management companies, health insurance companies, pension insurance
companies, subsidiaries, will provide customers more comprehensive,
quality risk protection and investment banking services. Currently,
the group of companies operating framework has taken shape.
In 2005, the company achieved premium income of 21.08 billion yuan, an
increase of 12%; market share reached 6.1%, ranking the forefront of
the life insurance market. As of the end of 2005, the company's total
assets amounted to 60.5 billion yuan, the overall strength continue to
improve. At present, Xinhua Life Insurance Company in the country has
34 provincial branches, 166 prefecture-level center branch, 779
Marketing Services, a staff of nearly 14 million people inside and
outside the ground.
January-March 2006, the company operating the full realization of
"good start": premium income of 7.635 billion yuan to
achieve, an increase of 67%, leading the industry growth rate; market
share of 6.25%, ranking fourth in the domestic life insurance market.
Business to maintain a rapid development, the development of the
situation becoming more balanced, significantly improve operating
efficiency, management indicators improved significantly in the first
quarter of this year development of the company's four bright spots.
"NCI double insurance - to protect life, protect the
wealth." Decades of development, gradually covering the NCI
individuals, groups, bank agent, health insurance business, product
system, a total of hundreds of products in the sales section. Product
security responsibilities include pension, health, medical, accident,
etc., from infants to the elderly clients of all ages, through
personal, banking channels such as insurance agents, insurance
products, improve access to Xinhua considerate insurance. British
NCI-specific insurance coverage, dividend payment, is to give
customers a year end bonus and double bonus protection, the protection
of life and health insurance coverage can be achieved at the same time
and wealth increase.
The end of 2005, Xinhua Insurance 450 million individual clients,
enterprises, institutions and other institutional clients over 6800.
How to take good care of this huge customer base and attract more
customers, Xinhua Insurance customer service is the core. After
decades of effort, Xinhua Insurance gradually established a
standardized and standardized customer service system. Customers can
standardize the distribution branch of the National Customer Service
Center, the national telephone service and advanced technology
centers, Xinhua Insurance Network, get good insurance services.
In 2005, Xinhua Insurance launched prepaid insurance premiums, claims
the green channel, claims and other easily claim the top ten
initiatives to continuously improve the credit system takes good care
of our customers.
After a decade of development, the company gather and train a large
number of like-minded, high degree of loyalty, and strong execution,
with the Xinhua core cadre of cultural characteristics, the management
of cadres more than 6,000 people, nearly 14 million sales force. New
Chinese, the company is a strong pillar of development and growth is
the lifeblood and soul of the NCI.
The establishment of a decade, Xinhua Insurance in the industry to
establish a good brand and a mature corporate culture. Development as
the top priority of the world, "Ericsson in mind, responsible
perfection" of the responsibility view popular. In 2006, Xinhua
Insurance corporate culture to promote the theme: "treasure,
Thanksgiving, and beyond, honor."
¡ï 2000 Äê 8 months, Kwan Leung, chairman of China's top ten finalists,
"People of wealth", appeared in the "hundreds of
Chinese economic celebrity."
¡ï 2000 Äê 11 15, Xinhua spiritual capital of the company access to the
office and the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department
jointly issued the fourth "Best of Capital Spiritual Civilization
Construction Award", this is the first honor financial
enterprises in Beijing.
¡ï 2002 Äê 8 31, Kwan Leung, chairman won the "outstanding young
entrepreneurs in Beijing," the title.
¡ï 2003 Äê 11 months, the company was Peking University, China Center
for Insurance and Social Security Research Unit staff member hired
CCISSR2004 year.
¡ï 2004 Äê 6 months, the chairman of Kwan Leung won the "World
Achievement Award Manager CEO."
¡ï 2004 Äê 10 months, Xinhua Insurance was selected as the fifty
"most influence on the world famous enterprises in China,"
one of the bright Kwan was named chairman of thirty "most
influential world leaders of Chinese enterprises" one.
¡ï 2004 Äê 11 months, the assessment of one of the top five brands in
the world brand laboratory investigation and evaluation, Xinhua
Insurance was "China's insurance industry's most influential
brand of the Year Award."
¡ï 2004 Äê 10 months, the company was awarded the Beijing Municipal CPC
Committee, "ideological and political work, Beijing, 2004
Excellent unit".
¡ï 2004 Äê -2005, the Xinhua Life Insurance Company for two consecutive
years ranked top 500 Chinese enterprises and the "Beijing hundred
enterprises" Billboard.
¡ï 2005 Äê 5 months, Xinhua Insurance won the driving force of China's
top ten brand culture.
¡ï 2005 Äê 8 months of Economic Reform in China will host the
"Third China's reform and cutting-edge" selected activities,
Kwan Leung, chairman of been selected as "China's reform and
hundreds of cutting-edge character."
¡ï 2005, the company was "the corporate AAA quality credit
¡ï 2005 Äê 8 months, Xinhua Insurance by the World Brand Lab (WORLD
BRAND LAB) as the "2005 China's 500 most valuable brands."
¡ï 2005 Äê 10 months, Xinhua Life Insurance Company Limited received
U.S. LOMA International Financial Insurance Management Association
presented five awards, which is granted by LOMA Insurance Companies
Association's highest honor.
¡ï 2005 Äê 11 months, Xinhua Insurance was awarded the "2005
National Excellence Award corporate culture" and "corporate
culture of Beijing 2005 Award of Excellence" award as the
industry's only insurance companies.
¡ï 2005 Äê 11 months, the 2005 General Assembly granted the world-famous
brand of the company "2005 China top ten insurance brand,"
chairman Leung Kwan won "2005 China top ten most influential
¡ï 2005 Äê 11 months, was elected in 2005, Xinhua Insurance Customer
Care 80 strong Chinese enterprises.
¡ï 2006 Äê 1 month, "the public image of Chinese enterprises cum
Best Public Image Award" was officially unveiled. NCI awarded the
"2005 Best Corporate Public Image" award.

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