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									Internet Marketing Promotion - Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing (affiliate marketing), usually refers to online
advertising alliance. Amazon in 1996 by the new way for tens of
thousands of Web site provides additional source of revenue, and has
become a major network soho family way of life. It is a paid marketing
effectiveness by way of network marketing that business (also known
advertisers, online sales or promote their products and services
companies) the use of professional marketing agency Alliance (Alliance
platform) services provided by the Union to expand its Web site online
and offline business, expanding sales space and sales channels, and
pay according to the actual effect of marketing new network marketing
Business through affiliate marketing channels have a certain income
until it needs to affiliate marketing agencies and their site owners
to pay commissions. Because it is no income no expenditures, receipts
have to quantify marketing spending, so affiliate marketing has been
recognized as the most effective low-cost, zero risk of the network
marketing model, in North America, Europe and Asia and other regions
most welcome. The main advantage of this model is paid by the ad
effectiveness of marketing, how much advertising costs, bringing the
number of ads displayed, clicks, or registration number, relative to
the portal advertising with a more precise, measurable and better
targeted sex. Of course, there are alliance mode, click spam, launch
the portal site as a strong brand strength and other defects. But the
alliance still unstoppable tide of advertising spread to the front of
people, also from the reflection of the advertisers when the ads run
in the network tends to be more rational.
Advertising affiliate marketing include the three elements of
advertisers, website owners and affiliate marketing platform.
Advertisers in accordance with the practical effect of online
advertising (such as sales, guide, clicks, etc.) to the site owners to
pay a reasonable advertising costs, save marketing costs and increase
marketing quality.
Main site affiliate marketing through the network management platform
(Alliance platform) select the appropriate advertisers and advertising
through broadcast advertisers increase revenue, while saving a lot of
network advertising sales costs, easy access to the site content into
What is advertising affiliate marketing platform?
Make a simple image of the metaphor, if the promotion portal and
search engine promotion is a large, large shopping mall traffic, you
can hire to help you promote your sales lady. Advertising affiliate
marketing platform for the promotion of way in many small stores,
street number of the Office of hanging billboards, put your ads at any
time posted on the billboard. Advertising affiliate marketing platform
has two hands, one hand holding regular, excellent content, service
providers, a hand holding individual owners. The flow of resources to
individual owners by promoting good content and services. It was
predicted that advertising based on individual owners of the platform
will become the gateway to the promotion, search engine promotion web
promotion after the third form. It is low cost, effective, wide
coverage, quick and so fast access to the Internet advertising market.
Advertising affiliate marketing platform philosophy is "to see
results and then give you the money", in general, have the
following characteristics:
Form from advertising, to support the current modular variety of
promoted on the Internet, but also has good scalability;
Way from the release can be classified into a station, the
advertisement area according to site properties and the properties of
delivery, to increase delivery accuracy.
For the owners, on the one hand to timely and accurate billing, to
provide integrity services; the other hand, self-discipline to help
the owners to prevent cheating advertising, maintenance stations
For the launch, offering the perfect tool to promote cost control and
statistical reports, so be aware of the promotion business.
About Advertisers
Currently there are several types of advertisers, is divided into four
categories: one is the multinational companies, including Coca-Cola,
Adidas, Microsoft, Samsung, and its advertising aimed at brand
building; the second is to have a clear product and target market of
companies whose purpose is to promote to attract consumers, the
product marketing and promotion; third is a distinction between the
automobile industry, the real estate industry and human recruitment,
customer target is very clear; final One is the huge number of SMEs.
The first two customers are mainly advertised in the comprehensive
portal, the usual forms of advertising including images, rich media,
etc.; third type of enterprises are in the industry-based site
advertising; last one because business is relatively small, relatively
low advertising budget, Therefore, by using search engines to attract
target customers, and promote product sales.
For those who want a breakthrough in traditional marketing for
companies, the network will undoubtedly provide a new communication
carrier. As the online games, blog these users segments, customer
loyalty is higher and buy television time than more money to spend on
the network implementation of advertising is undoubtedly more
On the advertisers (to undertake advertising website, site owners)
Advertisers fall into two categories: portals and search engines.
China's comprehensive portal, including sina, sohu, netease, tcom and
tecent and industrial recruitment website portal, including 51job,
automotive Web site chinacars, travel site ctrip, safety nets and
other ins and real estate website soufun, portals profit by selling
ads; search engines including google, yahoo, baidu, ranked by
advertising, auction search advertising revenue.
Personal website information is divided into information,
entertainment and e-commerce three categories, which includes
comprehensive information information information, site navigation,
software ***, literary community and other interests, recreation and
leisure, including online games, music, video, flash and mobile
value-added, and e-commerce is primarily a personal store. Unlike
mainstream sites personal website, have a detailed development plan,
strong capital investment, improve the operation of the market.
Personal website is often the origin and interests and hobbies,
through continuous analysis of market feedback, adjust the structure
of the website at any time, and gradually find their living space. If
the main site is a large plantation, all crops are in accordance with
the scope of advance planning to tillage, fertilization, harvesting;
then, personal websites like forests, trees compete for growing space
by varying the growth and form-level, dynamic compete with each other
and interdependent environment. It is said that the preferred sites
gathered a lot of personal loyalty, high gold content of Internet
They have common interests and hobbies, are familiar with the
Internet's many applications, like personal Web site itself, these
users are also vibrant.
Site is not stable because of personal investment, in order to
survive, it must have its own "to stop support station" to
make a profit. In the past 2-3 years, mainly through personal websites
direct advertising alliance revenue sharing, service fees and product
sales revenue directly in three ways, including personal Web site
advertising revenue is a major income. Around 2002 the rise of the
so-called coalition is a parasitic host personal web site advertising.
On the other hand, also have personal websites that promote a formal
way, it has brought China's Internet advertising in the spring.
"Suddenly, such as spring night, thousands of tens of thousands
of pear blossoms." We all know that China's Internet advertising
network saved, but we know, are the individual owners of the ad
network business alliance success brilliant. In the ad network
business, inspired and driven for personal way of advertising on the
site is becoming richer, the current can be roughly divided into
mobile value-added, search engine, e-commerce, promotional video,
games, e-mail and classified advertising, which move value-added
e-commerce and search engine ads accounted for more than 70%
advertising, billing and more with cpm (search engine co-operation,
advertising), cpc (PPC) and cpa (Pay-) three way.
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