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									Insurance company or to vote for the election focuses Products
????What is important to buy insurance or insurance product itself
important? In fact the two are indispensable. Just started his
insurance people for the election of the company easier to understand
and know insurance can more objectively compare the product itself to
be a lateral.
Fifi Recently, some worry, "I never thought to buy insurance
policy really is trouble." So she plans to buy their own copies
of critical illness insurance, the parents as the beneficiaries, be to
their Mother's Day, Father's Day special gift. It was considered
prudent, Feifei consulted many insurers, individual agent recommended
her all kinds of no less than ten kinds of products, and made her
"look dazzled."
"I actually know nothing about insurance, just want to buy health
insurance, if physical ailments, at least economically less a worry.
Now there are six or seven agents of insurance companies say their
product is good, how can I choice? in the end the election or
selection of some insurance products more important to us? "
Fifi's questions about troubled many people, on the insured, of course
not only want to have a good after-sales service, the smooth
settlement of claims after the escape from danger, they want their
choice of products cost more, and meet their insurance needs, while In
fact, few can really achieve endowment policyholders. Therefore, we
may wish to consider one of emphasis.
Key challenges started his Insurance Company
If you do not understand the insurance market, on product design in
the doorway is not clear, it may wish to select a reputable and
solvent insurance companies adequate basis for the main consideration.
Insurance protection claim is a key step, to be kind to insured claims
made a request, when in Peifu be in place in time can reflect the real
value of insurance. Consumers can refer to each petition Summary
Report Insurance Regulatory Commission, which will give the annual
complaints from various insurance cases, and sometimes down to the
dispute, the number of complaints. Taking into account the company
vary greatly in size, proportion of consumers may wish to look at, not
complaints, the more the worse the company reputation, of course,
"no criminal record," the insurance company but on the
Adequacy of insurance company solvency is assessing the reliability of
key indicators. As reflected in the actual assets less the amount of
actual liabilities, or the ratio between them. This situation not only
can consumers check the network, you can also consult the agents. In
general, the solvency of insurance companies reached 120% more
reliable, if more than 150% or even 200%, consumers can be completely
at ease. Conversely, less than 100% of the companies solvent may not
be trusted.
We usually only buy one insurance policy, but people usually do not
like to often change insurance companies. Therefore, a life insurance
company can provide customers with more complete line of insurance
products, whether their families can meet customer needs at different
times, have seemed more important.
Can also look at the target company's product line is complete, a life
insurance company's main insurance products to cover at least term
life insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, pension insurance,
and other basic traditional insurance, additional insurance options
should be more variety. If the health care kind of insurance can be
sold separately as the main risk for customers who need to select,
then the best. If the investment management level is good enough to
provide dividends for the insurance and universal insurance and
investment with insurance and other new types of life insurance
products as diverse choices, then all the better. Do not think that
the "simple" requires every life insurance company can do.
In fact, we have 30 Yu Jiashou insurance companies, many insurance
companies really can not do it. For most consumers, the best to choose
a more complete product line of the company as a long-term
If the reason that you can not understand the company's claims
service, solvency, product lines, etc., then it may choose a more old,
the larger insurance companies, which is the simplest approach. Even
if these companies claim, pay level is not the highest ranking
industry, will not have too much on the list. Fifi such as beginners
can choose an appropriate focus on the insurance company.
Experts must pay attention to the product itself
Fifi small text situation is quite different, because of work reasons,
she often contacts the insurance products they need for insurance
products, coverage, insured value and others have a better
understanding, even the simplest Hang Yixian She also compared some
thin, "because I travel a lot, if each individual flight
insurance, the cost will be relatively high, so I chose one-year Hang
Yixian product." by some relatively small number of the text
found Hang Yixian needs and other modes of "tying", such as
"400,000 yuan Hang Yixian +20 +5 10 000 million rail car
insurance vessel insurance," and the like, but considering the
ship's insurance, trains do not need, Rail traffic on weekdays is to
work through, so she does not think that the right combination of
products. Eventually, she purchased through the online insurance of
1.1 million yuan a year, the aviation accident insurance premium 99
yuan. In fact, there is a small text more provincial way of insurance,
Ping cassette Insurance - Qi Ping Fu - Happy Easy Card is tailored to
business professionals of aviation accident insurance products. Only
120 yuan a year, not only to provide annual aviation accident
insurance protection, but also covers one year of accident protection.
More comprehensive protection.
If the text that you like little knowledge of insurance have a certain
understanding, able to read their insurance policy, their insurance
needs are more appropriate to grasp is the amount does not want to
only choose a "medium level but larger companies" products,
but to be able to find the best market their products, then it may be
directly collecting information on their own various insurance
products compared to an objective consideration from the product
itself and needs. After all, even similar products, individual design,
or have different, even if the gap will be some minor impact to the
More products in the process, the price of similar products can be
Bibi, of course, even among similar products to compare the
responsibility for protection, exemption from the waiting period,
deductible-free quotas and differences in proportion, as financial
products, insurance, different clothes, food products, compare prices
can not be arbitrarily ratio, must be scientifically than, or simply
turn a deaf ear "to pick the superior than the two" role.
Source: Sina Finance

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