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									ING Group
ING Group (Internationale Nederlanden Groep NV, referred to as ING,
also known as: Ann Silver Bank) in 1991 by the Dutch National Life
Insurance Company and the Dutch Post Bank Group merged to form a
comprehensive fiscal and financial groups. According to the U.S.
"Fortune" (FORTUNES) magazine, to net assets, ING among the
world's 500 largest enterprises of the first 64-bit. In the provision
of comprehensive financial services business (banking and insurance
business), ranking third in the world. Currently, the group in the
world, 65 countries and regions, with offices, employing more than 10
million people. In 2000, the Group achieved net profit after tax of
EUR 4.9 billion, an increase of 24%. As of the end of 2000, the group
with total assets of 503 billion euros.
Management Structure: There are four in the management and operation
of the Board following the core headquarters in The Netherlands; the
international monetary and financial business; corporate and capital
markets department; Asset Management.
Group Headquarters: Netherlands national market is responsible for all
insurance and banking.
International financial services business: all the Dutch international
insurance outside their industry, retail banking and commercial
banking operations chosen by the center management. Its insurance
business by three regions: Europe and Latin America, North America,
Asia-Australia region. Unified management by the central banking
Corporate and capital market: all international currency and capital
market management by the department. Including international banking
network and financial products, trading, marketing, investment
banking, corporate banking, risk management and investigation of the
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Asset Management: commitment to corporate investors in the sector's
assets and accounts management, international banking services and
personal insurance company's asset management business. Real estate
business and trust business also belong to this department. The
department also manages all ING Group's investment funds.
ING Lion Logo
ING Lion disdain disdain for Universal Universal
On behalf of ING Group, the "lion" logo, with the pace of
the deepening international, throughout the world. Old maps of the
Netherlands as a lion very ancient times, military armor will be
charged to the lion as a symbol, whichever is the status of
excellence; in China, the lion is king of the beasts, a symbol of
power, power and influence, because of the "division
"harmonics, it is also representative of enlightenment, good
fortune, however, whether rich, powerful, or happy and good all tables
both large and good intellectual development. ING Group as a trademark
lion, expect their financial services in the global market, but also
as strong as a lion, handsome, successful leadership position!
In recent years, ING Group, as its corporate logo on the performance -
"Lion" as the dazzling, all all from the interests of its
customers to maximize efforts. We hope in people's minds, ING is a
¡ºreliable, innovative, e Delivery companies, people thought of"
ING ", will be able to think ING is to provide a financial¡º
world's best financial services company ¡». ING Group has committed
around the world to establish the most favorable market, customer
marketing channels and provide customer-oriented, innovative financial
services, a leading global financial services provider.
Rapidly changing economic environment, companies are great for any
test, in this changing environment, ING Group has five strategic
objectives in mind - to create a solid financial foundation, providing
group operating efficiency to multiple channels and products for
customers create value and sustainable development of professional
capacity and reduce operating costs, in order to finance services in
the competitive success of a place in the field, and continue to play
the company's core values, will be the perfect product and service
delivery to all customers.
ING Group history
ING Group's History dates back to 1845, founded in The Hague, The
Netherlands Insurance Company (The NetherlandsInsuranceCompany), 1963
bank merger year and the National Life Insurance, tentacles extended
to the banks from the insurance, banking operations in 1991 and known
for the Netherlands to the third largest bank NMB Postbank Group (NMB
PostbakGroup) after the merger, officially named "ING" (ING
Group), ING Group has laid a foundation of being put to the global
Annual Year
Important matters of major issues
1845 ~ 1845 ~ 1881, 1881, the Dutch company, National Life Insurance
Bank, the Dutch postal savings banks, the Dutch have set up financial
institutions, remittance bills.
1963, 1963, the company Dutch company, National Life Insurance bank
mergers for the Dutch national insurance companies.
1989, 1989, Post Bank and NMB Bank merged into NMB Postbank Group.
1991, 1991, ING Group was formally established.
1995, 1995, the combined Barings Group.
2000, 2000, the combined global financial services company ING and
Aetna International to complete the ING Group in the Americas and
Asia, a complete financial service system.
2006, 2006, ING Group, ABN AMRO Asset Management will get 100% stake
in Taiwan, ING Group, ABN AMRO Asset Management Taiwan will be made of
100% equity.
ING Group's core values
Understanding of customer needs, and practical action to meet or
exceed customer demand for services.
Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship
ING Group is the foundation for sustainable long-term quality of
earnings, of which the elements of the organization and all its staff
in the implementation of business to have the power and creativity.
Teamwork Teamwork
Emphasis on team cooperation activities with all partners work
together, the total target.
Professional Professionalism
All aspects of ING Group attaches great importance to both
professional and highest level of customer service of them as
essential elements.
Integrity Integrity
ING Group is committed to the cause in all its business in conformity
with standards of integrity and high ethical standards.
Investing in people DevelopingPeople
People as our most important asset, ING Group willing to invest
maximum resources to create a growth environment for life.
ING key to success
Share of global marketing channels
Take full advantage of the marketing service network worldwide, the
Group has branch offices under the regular exchange of information,
combined with another marketing, service access, increase sales
opportunities and service channels, to achieve cost reduction, and
create business opportunities. Also through the acquisition of similar
industries (such as banking, insurance, financial services companies),
and in the region with an adequate level of performance (including
income, growth or rank), there is a fixed marketing channels and
customer base of the company, its Rapid expansion of territory.
Meet customer demand comprehensive financial planning services
Multi-angle mode of operation, products and provide comprehensive
planning services, so customers (individuals, firms and corporations)
the most appropriate products, through comprehensive marketing,
service pipes, won a considerable global financial and insurance
services high market share.
People are our most important assets
Believe that the best people because of corporate philosophy is to
promote, transfer services, the key. ING Group continues to create the
best working environment for employees, give them job training,
through international training courses, strengthen my colleagues on
the global diversified financial services professional and vision to
enhance their professional growth in their work the best play, this is
a global ING Group, one of the reasons the Group of business success.
Risk diversification
Because the majority of the regional distribution and business model
diversification, avoid because of regional factors (such as local
political instability), or loss of a particular product operation of
the whole group, so the profit has been to have solid performance,
this key features of ING Group ING is not only a business strategy, is
the main factor of success.
Strict cost control to stringent cost control
In a sound business culture, to take a strict "cost control"
policy, by improving cost rate in order to improve the overall margin;
the other hand, the "revenue growth than cost growth," the
principle of operation of the Insurance so that the premium growth
than cost growth, the banking sector is greater than spending growth
to revenue growth, the profitability remained stable.
Investment philosophy: three insist
The pursuit of long-term growth investment targets
Solid fundamental research required
Flexible response to general economic, business cycle and the cycle of
the product life cycle
Investment Style: ING Investment Global Investment Specification
Featured Stock
Fundamentals, fundamentals of stock picking stock picking
ING investment professionals worldwide support
The principles of risk management
Strict investment discipline law

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