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					Infinite pole (China) Co., Ltd., a Chinese first, a world first! !

New Logo [Edit this paragraph] infinite pole (China) Co., Ltd Profile
"Infinitus" is infinite pole (China) Co., Ltd. - the
original "Southern Lee Kum Kee Company Limited," the core

Infinite pole (China) Limited (formerly South Lee Kum Kee Co., Ltd.)
is a hundred national enterprises - Hong Kong's Lee Kum Kee Group,
specializing in herbal health product development and sales of a
wholly-owned subsidiary. Since its inception in 1992, to "Sili
and" core values, adhering to the "always caring, always,
always pioneering" spirit of enterprise and sound and pragmatic
management style, the company has achieved rapid development, has won
hundreds of thousands recognized by consumers and the community.
[Edit this paragraph] brand performance
In the performance of stable and rapid growth, the company was awarded
by the international authority of the human resources consultancy
Hewitt Associates was awarded the "2005 Best Employer in
Asia" and "2005 Best Employers in China," the two
awards, the company's "unlimited pole "Brand also won by the
World Brand Laboratory awarded the 2005" 500 most valuable brands

The company "Infinitus" brand as the core, has developed a
very health food unlimited, Weiya skin care products, personal care
products and elegant planting good household items to help more than
forty four series of products to enhance the Chinese people health,
and won numerous international and domestic awards.

The company has developed into scientific research, production and
sales in a large Chinese herbal health products business, a branch in
the country over thirty two thousand more than "extremely
unlimited" more than 20 shops and a very own stores around the
Divine Infinite earth, forming a strong sales and service network;
also set up to ISO9001: 2000 international management system
certification, HACCP international management system certification,
health food GMP certification is based on three major quality
assurance system for enterprise development and dissemination of
health concepts laid a solid foundation.

Herbal health products, as national enterprises, unlimited very high
priority to high-tech investment, and Tsinghua University, Southern
Medical University (formerly the First Military Medical University),
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and many other
universities to establish a close cooperation between scientific
research and continuously introduction of high-quality, high-tech
herbal health products.

Infinite pole in the creation of enterprises remarkable achievements,
actively join the public welfare. Over the years, and the Chinese Red
Cross, the China Youth Foundation, nonprofit organizations and other
countries established close cooperative relations, donor TA, poor
relief, the community has won praise and high praise.

Infinite pole will remain, to carry forward the fine Chinese culture
and work hard.

February 25, 2007, infinite pole (China) Co., Ltd. received approval
from the Ministry of Commerce of the direct selling license. This is
the company a new starting point in the history of the company is also
implementing "twenty-five plan" an important milestone in
the process.
[Edit this paragraph] Infinitus R & D
Unique product development ideas - strong research and development - a
strong academic support platform - improving the effectiveness of
verification system

Unique product development ideas
Infinitus in product development, adhering to the unique infinite pole
"consolidate health, healthy life" concept of health, Health
and Culture of Chinese medicine to learn the essence of the
traditional Chinese medicine theory, the integration of cutting-edge
modern technology, relying on strong technology team strength the use
of advanced R & D platform, to develop herbal health products.

Solid scientific research strength

A continuous investment, highlighting the strength of the

R & D is a source of sustainable development of enterprises, as a
high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, infinite pole into a
billion dollars a year for product development and technology
upgrading, supporting innovation, creating an endless stream of good
efficacy and high quality products to meet the consumer demand.

2 professional team, attracting the best

Infinite pole with a country's largest Chinese herbal health products
research and development team, the team of doctors, masters, returnees
and other professionals, covering various fields of professional,
multidisciplinary, have a good mix of talent model. The team focused
on long-term research and development of herbal health products, the
traditional concept of health with innovative technologies into
products for consumers has been successfully developed dozens of high
quality herbal health products.

Strong academic support platform

Unlimited academic support pole has a strong platform, met with
Tsinghua University, Hong Kong University, Guangzhou University of
Traditional Chinese Medicine the authority of well-known institutions
and domestic institutions. Active in Chinese herbal medicine health
products, technology innovation, application, research and the basic
theory of TCM academic exchange and improve the technological content
of products, always grasp the pulse of cutting-edge science.

To further enhance the South Lee Kum Kee's research strength, enhance
product efficacy, highlighting the content of Chinese herbal medicine,
in 2007, Infinitus invited over from domestic experts and professors
in different fields of research and development consultant for the
research and development center, set up the "infinite pole
Scientific Advisory Board"; In the same year in December,
infinite pole and Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
was established strategic alliances and joint build "unlimited
immunity of most Chinese herbal medicine center" herbal immune
mechanism of depth, continue to maintain the unique advantages of
infinite pole products.

Improve the effectiveness of verification system

Unlimited efficacy of the product very firmly believe that the core of
the successful creation of the efficacy of a comprehensive
verification system that runs through the entire product development
phase, each section of the market of new products, are required to
undergo a rigorous selection process and a series of formula effect
verification test, while raw materials used are from each source of
efficacy, safety, stability and other aspects of strict consideration,
to ensure that every product in the effectiveness, performance,
security, and so a high standard.

Corporate culture Entrepreneurship: always caring, always, always

Enterprise mission: to promote the Chinese culture, good health,
create balance, rich, harmonious and healthy life!

Core values: integrity and pragmatic, Sili and; people-oriented, high
signal efficiency; off one enterprise, the pursuit of a dream; benefit
of the community, share the results.
[Edit this paragraph] Milestones events
Event One: December 8, 1992, the Guangdong Nanfang Lee Kum Kee Co.,
Ltd. was established nutritional health products, marking the Lee Kum
Kee Group has identified a second mission to "promote the fine
Chinese culture", into the field of herbal health products. In
November 2005 the company officially changed its name to "South
Lee Kum Kee Co., Ltd.", marking the company in its range of
products and operations to achieve greater regional development, and
will continue beyond.


Event II

* August 8, 1994, the company first product - unlimited oral health
formal listing of polar growth, so far the company has formed a very
health food unlimited, Weiya skin care products, personal care
products plant Ya, good household items to help four large series of
fifty merchandise. With tens of thousands of loyal consumers,
representing the Chinese herbal medicine to improve people's health
has made tremendous contributions.


Event Three

* September 12, 1996, the country's first branch office was
established in Changsha, Hunan Branch. April 2005 the country's first
official service centers infinite pole set up in Guangzhou. So far the
company in the country already has 32 branches, 25 service centers
infinite pole. The company's development, not only in the scale of the
expansion, but also manifested in the continuous improvement of
quality of service.


Event Four

* April 14, 2001, the company established the first five years
Infinitus Development Plan (referred to as the "First Five-Year
Plan") - the development of herbal health products as a theme;
the customer enterprise integration as the main line; the development
of modern efficient sales pathway as a driving force; to improve the
living standards of people's health as a fundamental starting point.
The company completed one year ahead of schedule "a five-year
plan," the company into the fast track of growth.


Event Five

* In 2003, the company received ISO9001: 2000 international management
system certification, HACCP certification and the international
management system of health food GMP certification, marking the
company's strict quality management system of the foundation has been


Six events

* December 20, 2004, the company and the Chinese Medical Association
jointly established the "infinite pole of Traditional Chinese
Medicine Development Fund." Through the "infinite pole of
Traditional Chinese Medicine Top Ten Outstanding Youth"
selection, "health into old area" activities, the
establishment of "Association of Chinese Medicine Health
Consultant training base," carry out "health culture
Households" activities as well as a series of R & D
cooperation project, funds to promote the cultivation of talent in the
pharmaceutical industry and development, universal health care
knowledge of Chinese medicine to promote the fine Chinese culture
played a significant role.


Event Seven

* February 26, 2005, the company established a very second five-year
unlimited Development Plan (referred to as "twenty-five
Plan"), determined to create "unique corporate culture, the
unique concept of health," two major advantages and "create
the first create social elite, "the grand objective.


Eight events

* February 26, 2005, the new company will produce base was officially
completed the first phase of annual production value of up to 50
billion yuan. In the same year in April, the nation's first Chinese
herbal health and cultural experience center "to experience
health and cultural centers infinite pole" production base
completed in the new session. Experience Center attracts thousands of
visitors, a vast number of consumers to the promotion and
dissemination of health knowledge, ideas and important platform for


Nine events
* April 25, 2005, the company was awarded by the international
authority of the human resources consultancy Hewitt Associates was
awarded the "2005 Best Employer in China" and "2005
Best Employers in Asia" two awards, April 19, 2007 the company
reelected two honor. As the only direct selling company honor
reelection two, national companies and health products company,
marking the company adhere to the practice of "Sili and"
core values and "Automatic" mode as the core leadership of
the corporate culture, has created a remarkable cause of the platform,
also marks the company's corporate culture, human resource management
to keep pace with the best multinational companies.


The tenth

* August 6, 2005, Infinitus brand by the World Brand Lab as
"China's 500 most valuable brands", the brand value 8.083
billion yuan, ranking No. 62 in the health products industry ranked
the first. This is a company focused on herbal health products, adhere
to the practical results of business integrity, but also marks the
company in the herbal industry in the world to build national brand


November Events

* May 20, 2006, Infinitus brand by the Chinese Health Care Association
as "China's top ten most credible brand health products."
Infinitus by oral health, oral Men, Women and Children Oral Liquid
four product won the "credibility of the Chinese health products
100 products." Award is voted by consumers, representing
consumers uphold the integrity of the enterprise business, promote
rational consumption of certain


Twelve events

* June 26, 2006, the company also issued by the China Quality
Association's highest honor China's quality, "China Quality
Ding" and "China Ding customer satisfaction." It shows
the company's entire management system, quality culture, quality
assurance systems have authority with the majority of customer


Thirteen events

* February 25, 2007, the company received approval from the Ministry
of Commerce issued a direct selling license, which is the company's
business development, a new starting point, but also means that the
company will have a broader platform for customer service, promote the
excellent Chinese Health and Culture.


Fourteen events

* March 19, 2007, the Company issued by the China Ministry of Civil
Affairs, on behalf of charity in China's highest government award of
"2006 China Charity Awards - the most caring foreign" honor.
It is the government's persistent practice of the company, "Sili
and for the benefit of society" concept, an active part in
charitable activities, a high degree of recognition. So far the
company donated "unlimited extremely Hope Primary School"
and "infinite pole, Union School," a total of fourteen, and
assistance in health, poverty alleviation, disaster relief area
donated tens of millions of yuan.



* August 4, 2007, from Tsinghua University, Southern Medical
University (the former First Military Medical University, PLA) and
other famous universities in nine experts and professors of the
"infinite pole Scientific Advisory Committee" was
established. So far the company and the Southern Medical University,
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University
has established close cooperative relations and improve the company's
R & D capabilities. The "infinite pole Scientific Advisory
Committee" was established that the cause has been very unlimited
first-class universities and top experts in the recognition and
support, most utilities in unlimited support of the experts the
momentum will grow faster.


Event sixteen

* March 22, 2009, according to the national registration authority
issued by the "Enterprise Name Change Approval Notice"
((country) name change-of-core [2008] No. 209), Jiangmen City, the
registration authority by the registration and renewal of approval
business license (registration number: 440700400022070). Prior to the
change Company Name: Southern Lee Kum Kee Company Limited. After the
change Company Name: Unlimited pole (China) Limited. Name changed to
"infinite pole (China) Co., Ltd.", the company law of the
main change to the "Southern Lee Kum Kee Company Limited"
the name of cooperation continue to be valid, signed contract and is
not affected, the company will continue to agree the contents of the

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Further reading:
1. Nanfang Lee Kum Kee Company Limited (LKK Health Products Group) was
established in 1992, is a century old national brand in Hong Kong,
"Lee Kum Kee", a wholly owned subsidiary.
2.15 years of development, South Lee Kum Kee has created his own two
unique: namely, "a unique concept of health" and
"unique corporate culture." The unique concept of health
refers to "consolidate health, healthy life." Unique
corporate culture is to "Sili and" core values. Under the
guidance of two unique, the company has made gratifying business
performance, the majority of consumers, and society.
3. South Lee Kum Kee is committed to developing, development,
production and sale of traditional Chinese herbal health products,
high priority to high-tech investment. With domestic and international
authority over scientific research institutions, institutions work
closely together to "unlimited pole" brand as the core, has
been successfully developed to produce four series of dozens of
products. Include: Unlimited very health food products, daily
necessities series of elegant plants, Wei-ya skin care, help and good
household items series.
4. Nanfang Lee Kum Kee