In the new rural social pension insurance pilot project to mobilize Speech by fdjerue7eeu


									In the new rural social pension insurance pilot project to mobilize
The current time when the year drew, the task is the most crucial
period of peak. We are organizing this large-scale mobilization is the
mobilization of the whole region to act quickly, make concerted
efforts to comprehensively promote the new rural social pension
insurance, health pilot work smoothly.
Just now, ** comrades conveyed "to launch a new regional
government on the implementation of agricultural insurance program of
work", the meeting made a whole series of documents, policies and
approaches, we must, as required solid work impossible. District
committee and government attach great importance to carrying out this
work well, the district government held a meeting specifically on the
program of work in our region have been studied and approved, meeting
yesterday, Cao Chang overseas, specifically made concrete
arrangements. Personnel him this Yanju Chang and other comrades of our
region's work program development, the advance of experimental work
and reports have been given specific guidance to do today, Mr Wong,
Yan Juchang it will be dedicated to guiding work, which will give us a
good work carried out carefully and lay a good foundation. Prior to
this, we are also part of the village of preliminary research,
thoroughly understand the situation, initially carried out some
exploration. At the same time, some of our publicity efforts are also
towns, carry out extensive rural. Now, I would do a solid job of new
agricultural protection area pilot project to ensure success, on
behalf of the district government about three observations.
1, effectively strengthen their awareness of the work of the new
agricultural insurance
In recent years, with the abolition of agricultural taxes, direct
subsidies in agriculture, eliminating school fees for rural compulsory
education, the establishment of new rural cooperative medical system
in the implementation of such policy of benefiting the general living
standard of farmers has been enhanced, but the problem of rural
old-age have not yet touched, is difficult and hot rural work. Launch
a new pilot project of rural social endowment insurance, is the State
Council under the Social Development of new features and new farmers
looking forward to conduct a further significant work. ** Area is
provincial government identified as one of the province of 21 pilot
counties, is the new rural endowment insurance by the State Council
Leading Group for approval of the pilot is the first batch of pilot
projects, we undertake the arduous task of great responsibility. Since
ancient times, Chinese farmers are raising children by old age. In the
past a very long time, mainly by land rural senior citizens, families
and groups of organizations is the answer, to conduct an experiment ¹¤×÷
Xianzai by the State Caizheng to full pay farmers Zuidi standard Jichu
pension, to enable rural residents to enjoy basic social pensions.
This is the broad masses of peasants in the realization of
"farming does not pay taxes, attend school without paying for
medical treatment, not too expensive" basis, but also with the
"old-age do not worry," the most concern. The implementation
of this policy, its significance is manifold:
One benefit of implementing the scientific concept of development.
Fully implement the scientific concept of development, the core is to
uphold the people-oriented, must adhere to a comprehensive,
coordinated and sustainable development, we must adhere to balanced.
My area is a large agricultural area, agricultural population of 35
million people, accounting for 69% of all ages, with the
industrialization and urbanization level increased gradually quicken
the pace of population aging, a large number of young labor force in
rural migrant workers, "Air nest "elderly increase, farmers
faced a series of old-age security of new situations and new problems.
Comprehensive and sustainable rural development must be accelerated
rural economic development, more emphasis on accelerating the
development of social security in rural areas. Jian Li new farmer's
insurance system, is carrying out the scientific Fa Zhan Guan concrete
embodiment of Bujinkeyi much difference between urban and rural areas
Suxiao, get rid of urban and rural structure Erju achieve true of the
peasants a sense of security, sharing reform and development. Now the
third installment of the ongoing study and practice of rural
scientific concept of development activities, we want to ensure the
launching of a new farm implement may be an important starting point
for continued development concept and reflect, a good grasp of the
Second, it helps promote the urban and rural integration. Response to
the Current Financial Crisis in the context of huge government
investment funds at all levels of the rural pension insurance, so
thousands of years to land-based farmers to achieve a sense of
security, to ensure that farmers peace of mind, which is developing
the rural market, expand domestic consumer demand, will undoubtedly
have a strong and lasting power. 16-59 years old in our region should
be the number of insurance more than 20 million people, about 6
million people over the age of 60. The central government on the basis
of the pension over 60 years to subsidize the standard 55 yuan per
person per month; provincial, municipal finance fee per insured person
for each of a further 20 yuan, 10 yuan of subsidy. The above two, the
central, provincial and municipal financial subsidies total 43.86
million yuan. Meanwhile, the District Finance Bureau would also like
to come up with 6 million yuan for the policy matching funds. This
part of the funding and will greatly relieve farmers to worry about
retirement, also will stimulate a certain extent, the rural consumer
market and increase their income to play active role in promoting
conducive to the promotion of urban and rural integration .
Thirdly, it is beneficial to building a new socialist countryside.
Create a new agricultural insurance system, not only can improve the
economic self-reliance of rural elderly people, improving their
quality of life, reduce the financial burden of their children, but
also closer ties between cadres and strengthen grassroots
organizations, enhance the Party and the government affinity,
cohesion; implementation of the new agricultural insurance pilot
project, properly resolve the farmers a sense of security problems,
can improve the rural society, rural family harmony, and fundamentally
resolve because of urban-rural income gap, land acquisition and
relocation caused many social problems contradictions, will build a
harmonious ** positive role to play.
Second, increasing the work well in the new agricultural insurance
Ensure that new solid progress of work of agricultural insurance,
policy of benefiting the party must implement the letter. Today issued
a work program and a series of rules work, we seriously need to learn,
appreciate, and find out exactly what a good policy, promoters,
instructors. The new farmer's insurance of the insured object is at
least 16 years of age (not in school), did not participate in the
basic old-age insurance for urban workers of rural residents in our
region. This requires determining insured object sure to grasp the
Three Points. First of all, it must be my area of rural residents;
followed by 16 years of age must be above (not including school
students); Furthermore, we must not participate in the basic old-age
insurance for urban workers. Work to take four principles:
First, the "basic protection." Is to ensure the basic
livelihood of the rural elderly. All of my 60 years of age areas of
the rural population, not individual contribution, to ensure receipt
of a monthly basic pension of 60 yuan. (Which took out 55 yuan state
financial district financial out 5 yuan.) The future, as economic
development and national strength increased, but also to gradually
increase the standard basic pension.
Second, the "wide coverage." Is to expand coverage into new
farmers tap into a system of protection of agricultural protection.
New farmer's insurance is different from the old farmer insurance,
farmer insurance is their pension, the new agricultural insurance is
the social pension, the new agricultural insurance to farmers, with
the following benefits: basic pension from the state financial
expenditure, over 60 years old free of charge to direct enjoyment,
this is more than 60 years old Pratt & Whitney of old-age security
of farmers. Implementation of subsidy payment. Farmers pay 100,200
yuan, 30 yuan government subsidy. Also note that there are
constraints, rural elderly aged over 60, you can receive basic
pension, but it meets conditions of the children of the insured should
the insured to pay, it shows the children's obligation to make support
for the elderly, but also help expand the new farmer's insurance
The third is "flexible." Set Paying 100-500 yuan in five
grades (one payment 100,200,300,400,500 dollars), farmers can combine
their actual pay grade to choose: The more wealthy family conditions,
can choose to pay 500 yuan a year standards; on the family in general,
you can choose other payment standards; severe disabilities in rural
disadvantaged groups such as payment by the district, township
(office) half of the financial commitment by the principles for The
payment of minimum standards for all pension insurance; to the martyrs
dependents on the one-child parents in rural areas receive
certificates and two-parent households and women aged 45-59 years of
age covered by the insurance payment, the financial district for 50
per person per year subsidies to ensure that everyone can enjoy the
party's good policy.
Fourth, "Sustainable." New farmer's insurance is a long-term
and benefiting the people of far-reaching project, benevolent works.
For the new agricultural insurance for the first pilot province,
district committee and government attitude is active, we would like
money from the not very comfortable in this part out of money (more
than 600 million a year), so that the region farmers the masses enjoy
the party's policy of benefiting as soon as possible (National Rural
Elders 2020, made 2015 in Henan Province, ** District achieved 5 years
earlier). This is the inherent demands of building a harmonious **, **
is the direct embodiment of strength, but also the rich content **
charm. In recent years, the district government combined ** Actual,
established "to promote strong secondary industry, supporting
junior production tuning of a production, the coordinated development
of urban and rural," the overall work of the ideas, and guide the
whole region to unity, truth pragmatic, innovative, brave struggle
leading efforts to build strength, charisma, harmony new **. We aim to
do is increase ** the economic strength, to speed up the process of
social and economic development for the benefit of ** people. This
year, the region completed the scale of industrial added value above
4.5 billion, up 16%; the key industrial warehousing tax 45 million
yuan, up 11%; service added value completed 15 billion yuan, up 8.6%;
financial revenue 125,000,000 yuan yuan, an increase of 10%, 12
million yuan net income; the same time, the finance department for
higher transfer payments compared with the previous year 35 million
yuan. The money for what? District committee and government have
always maintained that the limited funds we use are most concerned
about improving people's livelihood, prepared for the long-term
staying power of the place. For example, this year invested 500
million to resolve wage arrears for teachers in 2001; put 1.3 million
yuan, rural cadres to resolve historical problems of wage arrears;
invested 230 million yuan to solve the financial supply staff salaries
and allowances arrears; into 220 yuan, special care for the increase,
pension; invested 300 million yuan for the Fab Five Temple irrigation
channel Comprehensive improvement of agricultural ecology, production
conditions; urban and rural integration, the new rural construction
also invested funds. For new farmers to ensure the pilot is hard to
come by, get the national, provincial and municipal labor and social
security departments of social support, we must make the pilot work to
do a solid job, and really allow people to get benefits.
Third, increasing the good work of new rural cooperative insurance
New farmer's insurance policy experiment and strong, complex and
arduous task, need to further strengthen the sector responsibilities,
a joint effort to make this early implementation, fast forward, early
First, strengthen leadership, and concerted efforts. Livelihood issues
is the biggest political, improving people's livelihood is the biggest
achievement. The township (street), the district must pay great
attention from various sectors, strengthen the leadership of this
work, village, neighborhood committees to carefully organize, and
fully cooperate to ensure the smooth progress of the pilot work. After
the mobilization meeting today, our region's new farmer's insurance
was formally launched pilot projects. The township (street), the
district should direct the work of various departments on their
agenda, according to the district committee and government
requirements and deployment of a "top leader personally attend
to, taking overall responsibility for" the working mechanism, the
establishment of appropriate leadership organization, mobilization
time for a new agricultural insurance will be, effective from leading
force on the investment, the new farmers to provide sufficient
security guarantees. District Labour Council as the new farmers who
work the functions of the insurance sector, should strengthen
communication and coordination with relevant units, the basis of doing
a lot of intensive work. Financial Bureau in the matching funds to
ensure that local governments time and in full, to ensure that funds
safety, while implementing the necessary funding for the work.
District Family Planning Commission is responsible for the rural
one-child parents and dual-parent households and women aged 45-59
years of age certification of personnel; and Aid for rural and other
disadvantaged groups with severe disabilities identification of the
work; security, statistics and other departments and do household ,
demographic information and other basic data, statistical analysis,
the pilot period, the population data for further verification.
Development and reform, civil, agriculture, land and resources
departments should keep abreast of the income of rural-related groups,
and other security benefits of the situation, do the work of policy
convergence. All relevant departments must follow the division of
labor, strengthen coordination and cooperation, mutual support and
joint efforts to ensure that the new agricultural insurance in our
region work plan, and steps to proceed smoothly, for early February
2010 to meet the qualifying conditions for the first Payment of
pension insurance.
Second, publicity, and create atmosphere. New rural social pension
insurance is a new work for the majority of farmers in a short time
people recognized and accepted, the key is publicity to be in place.
Publicity departments to arrange for staff for the new agricultural
insurance publicity campaign to broaden the outreach, full use of
radio, TV, newspapers and other media, and platforms, to news,
columns, television speech, announcements, interviews, information,
etc. forms, and strive to achieve seamless coverage information.
District agricultural insurance center opened hotline to accept public
policy advice, to explain the new policies of agricultural protection.
Township, the Office of the suspension to take publicity slogans,
banners, send promotional vehicle, etc., used to widely publicize the
importance of agricultural insurance, the basic principles and
policies, so that the correct understanding of the rural residents of
the new agricultural insurance policies so that policy-depth Huimin
people, well-known. At the same time, to take to the Acting training,
collective training, etc., on the district authorities, the towns
(offices) and village cadres training new rural insurance business
policies and train a group to understand the policy, fine business
person handling the new agricultural insurance and policy advocates.
Through advocacy and training in the region to create an entire
society should be concerned about the atmosphere of the new
agricultural insurance, quickly set off a new upsurge in positive
enrollment fee.
Third, strengthen supervision and improve the mechanism. Leading to
the establishment of sub-district town, village, township cadres
package, village cadres package group, group of four families linkage
cadres package work, and create at every level, layer upon layer of
work for implementation situation. To ensure work into the new rural
township (office) target management evaluation system. Today, the
district government departments concerned with the township and signed
letters of responsibility goals, but also the establishment of daily
system, the township each day to the new agricultural insurance pilot
project leading group office to report the progress of work. District
Agriculture Protection Leading Group Office to meet the district
government office Du Chake depth the two towns, good supervision,
inspection and guidance. Currently, the township ongoing study of the
scientific concept of development activities, the new agricultural
insurance work is also the basic content of the scientific development
concept, we should do to implement the new agricultural insurance work
as an important scientific development concept, the a really good job.
The township, district direct all departments should pay attention to
discover and solve timely reporting of the various problems, good sum
up experience and perfect the system, Quebaoxinnong Bao work planned,
step, Jiankangshunli for.
Comrades, to fully implement the new rural social pension insurance
pilot project, is the provincial government, municipal government has
given us an important mission and honor in our power to implement
higher-level policy and a concrete manifestation of the people. The
whole region we work hard to strongly promote and ensure practical
results seen for the region's economic and social good and fast
development of new and greater contributions.

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