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									In the lane
In the lane
Text / Tai Fook
????Taurus constellation is the end of May, early June or the Taurus
constellation, Taurus constellation in the South this time of the
season, is the red mountains and plains of litchi fruit season, is
also the day of the Guangdong people intoxicated.
????Red lychee, so these were Chanmao me, the food, "the king of
fruits", that is can not miss the delicious food.
????Skin red meat and white lychee fruit, fresh sweet and refreshing,
an excellent good taste. "Lychee" in the name comes from the
Western Han Dynasty, Han is from the branch name, which means instant
from the branch, such a good flavor chemicals, but not overnight.
Morning off the lychee fruit, fresh tender green leaves. To noon, peel
it some dark and hardened. After dinner, peel it black, the leaves
have become dry wrinkled, much less pulp in the water. The more days
the skin has black flesh has not early adopters of the sour. Black
heart of the fruit business, will be so broken litchi,
euphemistically, "black lychee" and a big seller, bullying,
people do not know what's north.
????Lingnanians litchi, the most like a fresh word. The number of the
litchi fruit eyes see red earth, they call early to call the pro-Qi to
drive into the orchard, including a tree litchi tree, eat special
litchi fruit, good everyday, it is very little meaning.
????Early in the morning, several Hupenggouyou I have been sitting in
a litchi tree. Enjoy the mountain breeze, breathing air fields,
drinking mineral water Gan, hanging from a tree eating fresh lychees,
and orchard owners said road to chat to the boss, it is to enjoy.
????Orchard is a rural primary teachers, eloquence amazing, even to
ºöÓÆ. Mouth came, Cantonese Shen cavity, from the varieties of litchi,
litchi to eat, to the lychee's always stories, even a familiar
concept. Motionless, Yin Qing Gao Ge up in the valley echoed with the
sound pleasant. He said: "Late Dumu a poem," Qing Hua had
quatrains ": Looking back embroidered piles of Chang'an, the Peak
1 000 sequential open. A princess riding a human society, no one knows
is the lychee to. Litchi so much famous in particular the name
"princess" and litchi varieties, the more far-reaching. of
you enjoy today, is the year dedicated Sacrifice of Cantonese Gao
Lishi princess. "
????Everyone still savoring the fruit of the voice, the orchard master
flew went on to say: "Feizixiao is a litchi varieties, look big,
full, color contrast is particularly evident, often litchi fruit on a
green piece of red, Even though the overall color hair green, in fact,
the nuclear small, tastes sweet. lychee rich in sugars, proteins,
vitamins, fat, citric acid, pectin, as well as phosphorus, iron and
other trace elements, on the human body is very useful. "
????I said: "The story of Yang Yuhuan and lychee," New Tang
Xuanzong Royal Young Biography ": Princess addicted to lychees,
which must be addressed for students, is home courier delivery,
thousands of miles away, taste has changed to the capital." Later
Han Teijin "record: first year of the Eastern Han Yuan Xing,
South China Sea offer the old longan, miles of a home, Wuli a
candidate, Pentium block insurance, dead following a road. two books
of the said roads are not invariably mentioned Chang, fresh lychee
This is the key. "
????Road boss said: "So, the ancient road is not good, How many
pieces to eat lychees, which is run to dead horse."
????I said: "The Road, one, one second, which refers to the place
who did not know the origin of the gas produced."
????Orchard Lord interrupted: "Road were divided into Road and
Road. Road, which is a word the first word consisting of a walk, the
way to go before the first cried, repeating others down the Road be
called Road. Road's original meaning that the road, smooth road.
????I said: "Road running is a natural law of existence and the
earth, it exists objectively, about the social and human development.
Adapt it to develop, be healthy and harmonious society, people would
be healthy and happy nature will there come a long way. Road, is the
Heaven running, yin and yang good luck. "
????Road boss said: "The Road is a world of nature became the
basis of good fortune, left and only the Road. Road being met water,
mountains, trenches, pits, and only appeared in hundreds of Yu Gong,
after moving mountains actions Road have the opportunity to become
today's road. Therefore, the natural environment with pedestrian way,
it is intended the use of the earth results. Road into the road, is a
human land use and repair of success, but inhuman out of. "
????I said: "the earth had no roads, people walk more, it has
become way. This statement, could not be trusted?"
????Orchard Main proudly: "Of course not believe, can not get out
road desert, mountain cliffs can not climb out of road, can only
produce Road. Road who is the existence of the natural world, rather
than people walking. In the natural blessings the basis of human life
and the production course of the Youle feelings and awareness, to be
conscious after use and transformation of geographical landscape,
mankind could be many to go smoothly in the aisle. Road because more
people go, they only become the way. The principle of the road, just
as litchi fruit, dare to adopters, under a tree. not those who pay the
price, eat black lychee. "
????Road boss said: "Since time immemorial, Tao is the natural
result of the road is cut out, repair, rather than more people will
walk into the road. That there are more people walking the way, is
simply nonsense, cliffs The narrow winding path, why do not you go
into the Official Road it? "
????I said: "Hill above the revised Road upon is the Holy One of
the Foolish Old Man; water under repair tunnel upon is the first open
day to those who hack; street tree stone, eat first red lychee fruit
are is a little enlightened prophet. this statement is credible?
????Everyone in unison said: "The Road even barbarian, and the
public good of the (formerly diameter). (See" I "50

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