In the Bowl 1 by fdjerue7eeu


									In the Bowl 1
Received a cousin asked me to call the evening meal, introducing a boy
With the baby in rural areas, Hefei mortgage suite, people do not
temporarily in Hefei, but transferred back to fight
Random to the ...
Hi, last night came back early in the (~ o ~) ~ zZ, when Ah go! Ha ha
... (2009-4-22)
Yes, go to work in the ...! Tomorrow, and walked, still 2 days to play
in Hefei, huh, huh ...
In Hefei for several years and really do not know what fun there, I
mostly read novels nest, the Internet, listening to the radio.
QQ, I work five p.m., Hefei Welcome!
@ # @ Bus pass here, get off at the station "@#@#"
Well, fast 7 meal! There is a Council! Ha ha ...
Well, there are 7 little rice. Subject to the air over, remember the
message in advance Oh, go to stop sign waiting for you.
Ah so! A lot of people see, would be very embarrassing .....
hi, just flash our boss will not catch the speaker at five thirty
people, 55555 .........
When the message bus to "@#£¤" me, so I left the station
license are you? Today happens to be Earth Day, a good opportunity to
get close to nature.
Only see the message that there are advertised in advance. Sorry, just
lost cell phone on the table to go down and forgive me!
Good morning, fell asleep last night. When you come to work afraid of
more than a inconvenience.
Myself brainstorming it!
To work in, to get sent, ten aircraft, Luo Gang Airport. I came back
we supposed ah! 55555 ................!
I stood in its might in the wind, rain, heartache ....! wished he
could Dangjin rainstorm there tonight. 5555
Yes, 1 hour earlier, four flash people. Oh ...
Well, have a chance bye! Owe me a meal to remember! Ha ha ..!
I wish all the way to tame king, gold and silver Sea ..
Civilian = chores. MM shocked myself to see the dinosaurs, cunning, is
unwarranted = injustice to me. Well ......
Do not embarrassing me Ah! Ha ha ....
Just had to write in a paper in April, the head readily scattered
seven thousand seven hundred eighty-eight text editor with a good
word. Ha ha ..! For grocery shopping a go? Quite like to go food
market, outside the sun drying, and too lazy to run.
Fragmented text excerpt, not to write their own. Today, I want to go
out to buy some peas and fruit.
Oh ...... can someone like peas, beans, fruit, similar to someone like
spinach, tomato.
If you are familiar with each other may be considered!
This year, marital status, hearing a month, you know you mentioned N
times. Do not know ah! Curious to know what cause and effect.
Call for 30 minutes, you have lunch break habits? 2 points today busy
lunch - hard ing!
So ah! I love the (~ o ~) ~ zZ ..! Recent frequent sleep late ----
To Hangzhou, ah! Hey ye think this will give me a call? Just lost a
cell phone on the table!
Myself in contact with you more than words and actions are wrong, not
white wonder these days played = harvest (the original communication
and love (pseudo-love) is not thought that way), the TSE ~~ ! Oh,,,'s
emotional embroidery funny ha!
"Haha, if there ah! Hope to soon be transferred back, of us
really love"
Disturb ing! Could you talk about? Oh .... If it is this way, Russia
to give up / flash people Kazakhstan (perhaps unnecessary)
Defeated Russia in April to return to the state before it!
Yes, Oh! Heartless Happy days, weekly / daily soso over so fast!
Hurry. Now booing, 2 hours of sleep last night until now, this will
also further this spirit --- the emergence of becoming immortal.
HOho ...! Russia disappear. Haha ..! I said it first. Threw himself
into efforts to mix a diploma / certificate Han, or else the past few
years the barren, white youth was wasted. Good luck ...
Do not I? , Would like to find snail shells dig into, but no tears to
cry, I'll be good, will try to change.
And leadership is like the last late late playing cards, bubble tea,
some sober / refreshing, do not give ºöÓÆ.
Evening, go out and buy a lot of vegetables, and spinach. Learn to
cook well. For an early night Ha!
Eat not, last night fighting to?
What can I do to share it, even if we were an ordinary friend so be
it. And her mother teeth, give dad blow job. Ha ha ...
Spend more time with her, and she say something.
I do not know themselves how it! Drowning / brain also was flooded,
I'm sorry ...
Drink plenty of water and honey, bananas, pear, honey, of which the
best laxative. Patients with contraindications spicy food, chili,
pepper and so on. I heard your negligence that patients avoid
spicy-dimensional C / stimulation. Total available at home after my
mother banana (laxative), yogurt, honey Guanshengyuan. Meals per day
is 6. Eat small meals often.
Know what bothered worried GG, MM could do nothing but let them go,
want to do something. MM will be good, think about you Ren Ren passed,
not noisy you.
There are some things, knowing that is wrong, go to insist, as
reconciled. Sometimes, knowing that no road, still the first line, MM
see the first snow in the winter have been waiting for you before.
Dumplings wrapped, and aunt said they taste 8 wrong. Haha ...... will
be working overtime, these things make up missed days! Should not be
I eat the morning of my colleagues with persimmons, the thought of
ancient temples of the "wishful Park persimmon", a trance
favorite persimmon original there too! <'ll Wait> Shale night
movie, which a line: "your appearance has changed my world
"You are the wave of the sleeves not take a cloud, After a few
days then made the hair smooth hair, ha ha .....( an old lyrics:
Freedom is the running direction of the wind, thunder and lightning
chasing power to put into my chest ocean, even the smallest fan can
sail with the wind for wings to fly have a dream, dare to love dare to
brave try again)
Still want you! Know is wrong, some small crazy / mentally ...!
You smell Korea, back from the dead is not it cool! Hum ...! Damn ~ ~
~! MM last night facing the air conditioning blowing, a bath of water
bath, ha ha ... .. finally a fever! Life to detox and green lose
weight. . .
Do not take medicine without injections do not see a doctor, haha. . .
! After a week should be fine. .
AM input data error, the ºÃ²Ò by PK, this will rainstorm outside.
555555555.. . . .
Han smell expensive, the most toxic man's heart. MM is lots of fun to
see "The Little Prince Musical>. There are many snacks. Hum
Family and friends eat together at a small pot, bad weather, the room
warm chat. Few people do naughty egg dumplings, steamed pumpkin lily,
fish balls, sausages, minced meat, eggplant, bean curd. Haha,,, they
know which I love to eat, refrigerator to have been attacked. I do not
want you, not at all.
--- If you can never know each other! I'm sorry, or let it go. -----
Cry like you! I can not stand my vexatious, distracted. Looking
forward to their maturity. Aside all the de dignity. Silly I had
admitted. Fear, not the beginning of boredom.
You just use a landline telephone, voice prompts: "dial the phone
does not exist" - fear, afraid of you so good disappear /
evaporate, never find you.
For the good things, often turn a blind eye. The temptation to follow
the crowd. Beautiful and graceful in form, often pernicious. Just see
the words very happy. Flapping in the wind, flapping in the wind flash
people work. Busy today?
Call, a description of the official seal, the bank set aside to do
chop done, and Hanjin Jin's remedial work, which is the real
"Never!" ! Oh .....! ! ! Beginning and a good halo ......! !
I've never felt alone, who have any favorite girl told me Ha, do not
let me so Chisha, most beautiful, sincere wishes to send you! ! Will
smile when tears ......
Colleagues with you today, shall wear colored T-shirts, some of my
colleagues thin side, not the day you look good too! If the wife knew
this shirt highly recommended option calculator, some embarrassing me.
O (¡É _ ¡É) O ¹þ¹þ ~
Still busy? Looking forward to vacation, O (¡É _ ¡É) O ¹þ¹þ ~ soon to see
I'm always on your foot in ---- like, love. Investment that they are
so concerned about, all the tension you ah. Wrapped around from the
day you just want to be more nearly a little bit. So no other boys
before, you're the only. Good, hard-working, the responsibility of a
trusted relationship. Believe in yourself, believe in you. ------ So
maintain, do not leave me? I will not indulge myself, really, the last
time. A lot of bad behavior, the performance just want to cause you
care. Not due to be married and married so only you. Rich and poor,
health, disease stubbornly persists.
I will not indulge myself, really, at last! Do not leave me please!
No matter how. Still trust, respect, thanks .... Sorry!
Down dignity, personality aside, the beginning do not know, ignorance
wrong silly - try, I am willing to change themselves. Oh ......( you
as my home.) Ha ....! waiting for snow when I wanted to take a nap
with you and the other girls, sour Sese. Whatever you slightly ......
November chores before the holidays at hand are many and urgent, just
in trouble, 5555 ... must be smooth, smile, smile. Oh ... okay.
Holidays, days off work today, the weather was cloudy with light rain,
a routine day ..! Repayment of the loan amount is twice the amount,
interest rate changes, good halo ..! Work flash people strategy!
Confusion, error-prone running out of patience, and tomorrow to give
the Bank of China, Zhejiang Yueqing phone, which will also have a
little hand-shaking, all right.
The White-Boned Demon together to the same electrical length of
experience dealing with education, banking expertise of the staff a
great help. O (¡É _ ¡É) O ¹þ¹þ ~ feel happy! Instrument allows to flash
Digestible, semi-liquid food valuables, such as millet gruel, big rice
soup, custard, soy products, etc., these foods can reduce the
stimulation of the intestinal tract, more smoothly through the
intestine and prevent the occurrence of intestinal obstruction.
Patients drink plenty of water and honey, bananas, pears, etc., of
which the laxative effect of honey, the best. Nursing after colon
Diet after surgery care: digestible, semi-liquid food valuables, such
as millet gruel, big rice soup, custard, soy products, to reduce the
stimulation of the gut, more smoothly through the intestine and
prevent the occurrence of intestinal obstruction. Patients drink
plenty of water and honey, bananas, pears, etc., of which the laxative
effect of honey, the best.
Bugger who will advance to be flash, similar to annex the city of
Vocational Education University City, and aunt to walk there, eat
snacks, fried string. Night to "golden" in the ....
1) milk honey porridge: fresh milk 100ml, amount of honey, rice 100g,
the three cook the porridge, taken at random. 2) Participation with
stewed chicken: Codonopsis 30g, Fu Zi 30g, the old hen (about 1500g
.3) mushroom soup: fresh mushrooms 30g (or dried 9g), red rice 30g .4)
Chixiaodou yi gruel: Little Red Hi 50g, raw rice soaked yi. To slow
fire boiled, and increase total rice congee .5) of fresh kiwi fruit
eaten raw. Ƥµ°ÊÝÈâÖà / lotus root spare ribs soup,
For leukopenia after chemotherapy and radiotherapy who can yi m /
chestnut / lotus / / dates (blood) porridge. Or eat mushrooms /
mushroom black fungus / fungus, etc. to enhance white blood cells.
Work flash people strategy! Eyes acid Sese. Taotao out with a small
feed. P points children bright, pleasing.
Tianjin since 2006 finishing the afternoon on the bill, looking for
old debts, tax receipts, arrived, retention money dusky busy 3 hours,
reconciliation table also can not get out!
Colleagues from back home in Wuhan duck neck, very fragrant. ---- This
barbecue condiments busy downstairs, tools, get ready, the taste a
little worse than the outside, this time finally roasted. Ha ha
Quite like them, with lively, take trips together, eat cotton candy,
together close to the mall shopping, along with lying in bed watching
the shows to do after midnight waffles to eat .......!
Offend you, get moon cake after dinner insist flash people, for this I
have been to PK, nagging ..... smile, smile, smile, take a deep breath
After dinner it was proposed Ktv, Russia has insisted flash people ...
disappointing. Easy-going that I do not .......
Ah, what, oh. That is to send home to our leadership moon cake, these
festive silver rushing out to ... Oh, also cool!
Well it seems to work for you! Walks around the country for free, free
from the children, by wisdom, by the persistence of a job, salary,
many people envy.
Sales: verbal ability and adaptability of the strong, the day and you
said to do in the rich light sales xf, embarrassing old colleagues
said to me: I'm his fan, he great. xf the QQ data: the threshold
rather than a sudden shock. Coupled with anger rather than reason; sea
cliffs to-day do not shore; mountain peaks I register extremely. Today
his son, sophomore year, students in large co-workers, and the
handsome, handsome.
They just give the bully, but also the poor owe the poor cross the
vicious cross to me, do not turn the money played is not shipped, love
ye ye drop to drop. Smile, smile .......
Want to call you, do not fear apprehension .... ....... hey nagging
Browsing the web can see, the issue you look, perhaps a bit long?
Inspirational words spur
Feet usually do not burn incense, Buddha who temporarily hold, a lot
of people. Successful people are people with ideas, even the idea of
people who are not naturally idle, do not come and just something to
just complain. Always start at the beginning of the war before the
war, the vast majority have not hands-on, in fact, the outcome has
been set, the master can be prepared according to both the situation
of insight into winners and losers from the start to advance a refuge
or betting.
People do not win the fight no battle unprepared, do not play already,
win the war. In order to drive the Hun Han, bite the bullet for a
decade. General decisive battle is more than just on the battlefield?
Peacetime preparation is the real contest. The real war, no smoke,
there is the smoke of war is the result of the show, the decision is
not the result of the smoke, but the usual accumulation.
In the accumulation process, both sides are trying to increase
competition in the final to win their own chips, fully prepared to
change the final result, can change the balance, tilting it toward
you, the parties know very well, and outsiders can only see to the tip
of the iceberg.
Strength is ready to come out, there is strength, will be a dream come
true. Only the channels dug, the water will flow in, drainage fails,
water will not themselves, and themselves are floods.
Advance the legislation, without prejudging the waste, prior planning
is a summary of past experience, combined with the new situation, be
considered comprehensive, need the real information, only the
long-term preparation, will have such conditions, will with
Sweat .... finished, quite long ah. Like this: channel fails, the
water is not themselves, and themselves are floods. Corresponding to
the sentence: the sky will not fall out, mostly out of the trap.
Master of Law and Economics woman left a written
Sometimes you want to make a call, Russia to set aside more of a 0 so
it does not matter, huh, huh ... disturbed afraid ...
Crisp autumn weather, sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance ...
Shangri-La has just passed the sales office to get a look, to the door
and came back in disgrace. Oh ...! Really low self-esteem under the
... pig ...
Foreign teachers of English team tonight in New York, another student,
activities, there is a conclusion of the Russian sides of the last to
catch the bus. Long time not to participate in activities, and adhere
to, we must adhere to. Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle Bells, bus
ye not come ah, huh, huh ...
Faint fragrance in the air ... get off seven or eight black, black,
and some cool, some fear. To go faster ...
Will be run one by one, people are crying behind the December First,
December First. It does not matter, are still good, all right, see the
Home of the ....
Do today, "Crystal dumplings" melon flesh skin, shrimp,
pork, leek put into it. Color, flavor and Kazakhstan, and aunt said
the taste of 8 wrong, the proud ... the past, under the same
ingredients are not doing well, next time in a beautiful fortune
teller for some la .... hula to gain weight.
The day before yesterday, and friends with the deposits, business is
good when they shop around ten thousand a day, bad day, three thousand
or so, the work exposed to 100 yuan and 100,000 yuan paid by bank
transfer is a simple sense of the number of deposits of the day to
help friends Counting seriously found: that work is really sad ....
Yes, they just started to spread, at first they eat salad with a
bottle of N for a long time, heard her in the past of bitterness,
laughter to tears. Cherish each day of happiness now. Envy ah, not
much, and give yourself incentives it! Friends say that I saw a lot of
novels, and more with people .....
On my dorm bed is Hefei wife to start with N years ago, and I heard
old pregnancy Intuit did not want to eat eat apples, boss business
trip, we were gradually getting out shopping one night lying in bed
chatting, ten that her husband called to Chagang, O (¡É _ ¡É) O ¹þ¹þ ~ I'm
next to imitate the voice of a man's cough. They experienced a lot of
Many people around are happy, start small garden plants each have
their own hard-harvest Han's wonderful. Kazakhstan also laugh at me
mentally, not afraid to be you laugh / despise it. Ha ha ...
And family holidays, more than twenty big table in the restaurant and
began looting the delicious
Delicious grab with his family, moves faster, but also save more power
behind the delicious, hehe ...
Oh, our family holiday dinner, the younger generation grab food,
lively, happy old man
Traveling by car ... hey tomorrow and colleagues happy ... and see the
flowers bloom, Dalian cute fashion Yan Jie them.
With three cars, my lucky number 3, lack of sleep leave ---
My younger brother's car this time stationed in Inner Mongolia. Not
far from the younger brother to Dalian, where the ... hey ... vacation
General = sleepy + tired. Guangdong in mid-friends to Hefei, for one
to Huangshan in golden week to avoid the congestion.
Students Pioneer Park, afternoon shopping vouchers to send back and
forth five or six hours. Sleep on the bus Council; it would be more
comfortable. Four or five days did not look "golden", and
starting tomorrow morning ... Oh ..
Just fell asleep, the bus did stop you, really tragic. A person back,
a good round the moon tonight, to see a few stars.
Home at last, and just told my colleagues, I remember that seven-time
departure, remember to wear shoes ---- ha ha. Miserable, forget the
fruit snacks ... 5555
Five cars, a "Liao" the word car, Martin's brother was
coming from Dalian, a great teacher of accounting work, as well as a
Russian and do not know. Double flash small teams, the first Mimi's
whirring ing --- Departure
Yan brother led a one day trip ...
Have the wrong number
PS afternoon at home pictures, sell paper, since a print photos, save
the pieces of silver and Kazakhstan. Over 200 jobs to pick out 30
print made of the other emoticons to send their
Organize pictures from 12 noon to now, eight hours, sweat ... go for a
walk ...! Yan Jie them back to Dalian today, huh, huh .... driving
back hard enough ...
They first went to Shanghai ... based in Dalian, Shanghai there ..
they are responsible! Yan Jie brought back very delicious Belgian
chocolates, O (¡É _ ¡É) O ¹þ¹þ ~ ... large, chunky ..
Fortunately, you eleven right? Busy? Last two days of holiday shopping
kick into gear ... even if the. Quiet, prepared to work ...
Yan Jie came from the bitterness, the destitute, physically and
mentally exhausted, bruised, weak and sick, really, and she knew four
or five years, and now Yan Jie in Shanghai, she was there myself in
two weeks Donggudui room Zheng daughter playing very well and has a
red Ford, holds shares in two companies in Hefei. Stranger looks like
she is weak impression of happy little woman, one of Russia's idol.
No previous moving beam before and secretary of the garden floor
office in the same beam aunt, garden meetings, statistics, social
security gradually getting to where I was borrowed, they belong to
public institutions (CMC), she was always gentle and tranquil, with a
total is so gentle care and help / blame, administrative capacity of
excellence. Stairs, jasmine, orchid office, about fifty people a good
memory, a big old safe driving test students. Son and my age, HKUST
undergraduate at Yale after the CRC linking, send me a rose I always
treasure. All the green beam aunt at home, the most respected idol,
role model around
Wise and foolish positive shameless cunning vibrant old director of
the old urchin most favorite idols ---
Alas! I do not know did not watch the short message is not directly
deleted, Khan ... Russia had not seen on the deleted short message,
which the next turn.
Afternoon and uncle to learn to play chess, Russia will keep on
fighting, one did not have to win. Later, playing to accompany aunt,
she can not win, I'm also quite convinced, the end of his uncle in the
next ... Russia has refused to accept help. Lose the hat to wear the
newspaper and, hey ... nice smile, but also quite fun
And uncle to learn more, go back ºöÓÆ my dad lost the treat ... Well, if
they had never won.
A wife with a bottle of nail polish ºöÓÆ dimensional C Lange small
bottles of liquid beauty, nail polish hehe .... 30 yuan / bottle, go
to the market to buy persimmon 3 cents a pound, is more than
Afternoon tea nest to eat instant noodles, tea, trance, watching TV,
turn magazines, snacks, chat, backgammon ...
And friends in this most happy to eat instant noodles, where the
environment warm and bright, the last time you came back to you come
to eat instant noodles, and did not say it, the day that four or five
ten water tea, real loss .....
Staff work tea, and began cleaning and cleared. Home ..
Colleagues from back home in Wuhan duck neck, very fragrant. This busy
barbecue downstairs --- condiments, tools are get ready, the taste a
little worse than the outside, but this time finally roasted. Ha ha
Quite like them, with lively, take trips together, eat cotton candy,
together close to the mall shopping, along with lying in bed watching
the shows to do after midnight waffles to eat .......!
"Golden" to 47 set ing! Has been no holiday to watch TV now.
Finale as fast friends.
Cold days, the attention increases bag warm clothing. Henan TV talent
show ... nice to see the children's programs.
Family a good education, the influence of the environment,
well-intentioned parents: Oh, different supernatural powers!
15-year-old French girl, a little about China: hot to dance,
low-grade, singing, dialects ventriloquist
Liaoning TV today invited the ugly slave invincible hero, ha ha ...
quite like a handsome guy.
Good friends to each other and the boys together to Huangshan, they
first met. Asked me to accompany her. Hey ...! Do not know whether to
go to them to do escort? ? To go or not?
Dinner two days and see how that person to be friends? Go to Huangshan
in my lamp beside the swinging, If They later married, and fear of man
into their home against ambition .... do not give me food.
Father's Day give Dad a provincial map reading cards in the afternoon
together, he found food, barbecue books. I watched half of the
magazine --- it, just got home.
Who work flash ing, to be in the fridge will pack some dumplings, a
week breakfast. Hey ... there aunt help ...! Your last job right?
CCTV2 the "Online Banking" favorite shows. Cold days, often
on a business trip to stay warm by floc do. Time to 20 minutes with
hot water foot (remember oh) or sauna Han's help sleep.
Tonight "golden" read, and feel that two people can love
life, the setting sun, each arm with two seventy years old, loving the
slow forward ..
Sister, I forgive you what, fine, take care of yourself
To learn to control their own
Weather is cold, add some warm clothes with sooner or later! Wear thin
clothes and cool morning, just add a coat. Oh ... a new week ....
And the wife will be driving them to go out to dinner, with several
years of good colleagues, elders, friends, wait for me to find many of
the care. And co-workers, friends are good, this time like GG ways to
communicate, but I was pretty rubbish. Will not dwell ing! Not Lai
Piha. In a little more tame things outsiders (2009.10.22)

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