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????I thought I was sick, had the class last weekend pretty good row,
and on Saturdays, a day on Monday, Tuesday and off for a day. But
yesterday morning, get up I feel like migraine headaches, the state is
not very good. Frequently the case before, I went to work. Fell asleep
in the car, hard to sleep to Liuliqiao I patted his face was
completely awakened. After breakfast the company did not think Hong,
barely eats all of it is even more uncomfortable, in addition to
headache, the stomach began to discomfort, nausea. I had a headache
this person will be sick a long time, this is uncomfortable, the two
hours I really was not into, to get to the white L took leave of
absence, but also on the two hours to the toilet once spit went home,
slept all the way, did not feel good at home and slept the afternoon,
because one day without food, and still felt very nervous. Stayed at
their little rice, finished not long before they spit out. A splitting
headache, stomach empty, do not have the time to sleep. Today did not
go to work, at home one day off, well then go head and not
????I do not know how this is, and had not so good physique, coupled
with every day really too tired to run around the road, lack of sleep,
the key there is irregular work and rest time, I really think I'm
going barely. I do not want to work more and more every day sitting in
a closed air-conditioned car I began to faint, a small elevator into
that feel able to come up for air, one enter into that great spirit of
the workplace is completely gone! Want to change jobs, but in my case
I am now; even have time to find a job, Also said that I do not know
what kind of work should look. Has done so well in the community for
years, I found I was the same as before, did not find a job, not
knowing to Gansha do not know can Gansha, but do not know how can I be
me! Anyway, Now that society, especially in Beijing, more people have
the ability to go, foreigners have more to go, go this year to work
from the field, from the University of Beijing, a new graduate, life
and death do not want to go , is central Uganda Ukraine's central. I
have no relationship to care, there is no back door to go, do not have
that ability to study for yourself has become rare, where is the same
as my working class.
????Chinese situation is like this, people always say that we are 80
mouth closed, say a young age we have only one child, the environment
is superior, all grown up and the going gets hard, especially children
in Beijing. But who knows our pain too! Childhood is the only child is
our fault? Who just founding countries not to engage in family
planning at that time too! Generation of parents that a child is a
prevalence of 6,7, it is our turn this time to know more people on
behalf of the terrible, so began to limit, and made we do not know how
to get along with others, where all self-righteous. Our environment is
superior it? After all, society is in constant progress and
development, our natural condition of a child than the parent
generation, or be traced back much stronger before liberation, but
this is the inevitable social progress, ah! And now the children do,
they are our next generation of that era than we advanced a lot
further than it? Why we do not have that time, the way we create the
situation 80 years to raise them? To say that we are now going gets
hard, too self, we really do not understand how to eat a hard time,
back when the parents of my generation, although small, when more
children, the material conditions of suffering that, but in the era of
Chairman Mao, the Government What is the tube, or elderly people, as I
arranged them into the factory as a laborer, or as my dad into the
school as a teacher, then all state enterprises, which is into life,
when the possession of the welfare of young sub- room, old, retired
friends pensions, as well as medical engineering fees, at any rate are
guaranteed, and they can keep both of them a bunch of kids, is sweet
without sweat. And us? Our primary school, the University is not the
money; university, and the primary school do not want money; small
points when the house is to get married, can not afford a house
already; we can not afford the work, the work is assigned; We have the
ability to work, hitting his head and hungry people barely find a job;
and say no to you on the insurance will not give you that change the
system to change the system, tell you how much money to you how much
money double income no state requirement that no, you have to do your
job, quit or leave it, people do not lack as you are, behind the field
of new graduates to Beijing rent a basement, waiting to find some
work! Finally get a job, to the insurance, there are a few people can
really understand what a perfect insurance policy that how it is, can
it clear it? Now these days there for life's work? Even if we wanted
to do that business can exist forever life? If the middle there a
variety of circumstances, that insurance can how to do? To the age of
the married can not afford housing, we can not have squeezed in ten
square feet that houses 4,5, right? He and his parents home loans,
first back up a debt, to spend tomorrow's money today, and tomorrow do
not know how what? Get up every morning early to start the day labor,
and at night and dark days, the couple are so tired, the pace of life
is so fast, also finished off a month loan to pay complete water,
electricity, gas, telephone, leading a poor Youyanjiangcu buy tea, due
to a small gathering of friends, working capital was largely not left
anything! Also do not mention having children, support for the
elderly, the elderly can not subsidize us wrong! We live in a social
environment, burdened with so much stress, how do we suffer to eat!
????Of course, small pinching apples are some peers who were born in
Beijing in politics generally see is father and mother, or multi-hand
power, unlike the South may have been in business more. Those children
who grew up in a compound, the big house and then bought a lot of room
on the outside, from small school to worry about, the larger the send
abroad, mixed with a small swinging a few years back turtles, father
and mother remark casually more than 1 month to find work, garages to
worry about!
????In fact, I'm not angry youth, my 26-year-old is not old in this
society is young, right? I did not say I suffer so much, at least I
have a room, my father bought her mother, 90 floor, while in the
suburbs or outskirts of a broken and deceived by the real estate
business to pay the full amount 3,4 years, and now have no real estate
license, but at least there is a place to live, ah, and bought the
whole section, always a real estate license, no credit on our
shoulders is really no room for the students than many a lot easier! I
was pretty good on this point, the other as I said, the lowest level
of living in big cities, the most pathetic group of people that live!
????Morning and ate instant noodles, up to now no spit, if this can
persist in one day, tomorrow I go to work, then do not, then a point
estimate year-end awards are not mine! This year the insurance company
would have to pay, year-end awards have not necessarily, I do not work
on like this, it will certainly not! Bai Xi said I was nervous, the
pressure too much, I have to work hard, do not let yourself become
tired out!

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