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					I was laughing awake
Dreamed last night that Yoga! ! ! ! ! !
Story is this. Like a similar place like the hotel bar, I went to a
party or something, and then see where that Yoga actually singing! ! !
! ! ! ! ! Ah! ! ! ! ! Excited! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
But the audience are middle-aged uncle, aunt, he finished singing, and
audience applause sparse. I was embarrassed, thinking how these people
do not know what's what ah so. So a very warm applause! ! ! Plus
cheers! !
Then forgive Kerry saw me, and I said Sorry for any inconvenience! I
am your fans! ! !
Sorry for any inconvenience that, ah, this! Then I give you sign up! !
Then he motioned me to come at a table, I see a table put out a few
"senses / the world." I have a guilty conscience that I do
not have you album, how do? We both thought for a moment, I suddenly
cried, great! I know! Here you sign it! ! I took my clothing or
jewelry that sign here! Pen where the pen where? ! ! I scramble handed
him a pen.
I'm wearing a purple red dress hem a bit longer. Then forgive Kerry
bent to carefully check the name of good. Then he took the bag, said
opening the car fast car fast opened! I'm leaving! ! I said, ah, that
Bai Bai! Sorry for any inconvenience that Baibai! Then out the door.
When he was gone, I sides pondering the scene earlier, walked the road
side. This road is my home life insurance clear down the highway,
exactly the same. I am happy to walk and suddenly heard someone call
me. I take a look, Oneice and white bike chase I come! ! They told me
that because I am lazy and did not participate in that language
examinations, they are took the two, but suddenly canceled the results
of the exam! That! Their white exam! ! ! I! Originally thought to be
lazy for their commitment to serious consequences, but they somehow
resolved this way! ! ! !
Burst of ecstasy in my heart! I am going to Heaven and laugh! ! ! I
said how could I have good luck today, ah! ! ! ! ! !
Then the dream ended. Ha ha ha ha! As for the lazy that I did not test
the language examinations, it does not exist, is a dream come.
Speaking of dreams, ah, the day before yesterday night I dreamed he
said something funny, then, and then I really laughed! The real me,
the dream is still in bed I really cracked a smile, also laughed! Why
do I know in the dream smile? I was awakened by my own laughter! ! !
When I woke up, still hear his laughing mouth or blanket that was
laughing! ! Ray is really dead me! ! !
Before watching television, sleeping on television when those people
are not always a smile mouth Well, then that super-fake. But a trip
and my mother a house in the morning up, my mother asked what I dream
about, how has you laughing? Mom said she got up early, like the TV,
but do not know how to press, one turned around and saw me laughing, I
thought I woke up, just ask me, I do not laugh, the original is still
sleeping !
PS Taobao Crown Daquan who can I ask you to eat shit ah? ! Roll,
right? OK?

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