I photographed wearing Xiao Jun's leading seal and false charges

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					Dai Xiao Army captured the true and false news I receive hush money
¡ö Dai Xiao camera recorded a history of military ¡ö Photo / reporter
Wang Xi
¡ö true and false reporters line up to receive sealing fee ¡ö Photo /
Dai Xiao Jun
Huo Bao Dry Creek coal mine in order to cover up the fact that mine
told reporters after the payment of "hush money" Dai Xiao
military camera recorded the scene caused the country's morality on
torture ---


"Dare" to stimulate He picked up the camera

September 25, was light rain, at 3 pm, wearing Xiao Jun received
counterparts phone, "Huo Bao dry river coal mine accident, and
are made hush it, you dare go?" "Dare" the word
stimulate the wear Xiao Jun . He crashed replied: "I went home to
fetch the camera." On the road, he wanted "the opportunity
has come." In 2005, Dai Xiao Jun read a report on the Henan
sealing fee. False reports with the building's location to receive
hush photo. At that time he thought himself if you encounter this
issue, they put a camera into his building, aimed to take hush money
is fake reporters. "If you're film is not good enough is close
enough for you to leave" - Dai Xiao-eat military meals
photography to photographers, Capa's famous phrase as its occupation
Bible. He believes that "a picture is worth a thousand

Evening, 6 pm, Dai Xiao Jun and friends "live in Shanxi," to
the mine office Dacho Po wadi. When he did not bring the camera
upstairs, he would like to observe the terrain and the situation
inside. Registration of a registration outside the detour. Sealing fee
to receive the registration process is: first to produce documents
(card or press card, work permit), then in the "Mountain West
Joan Dry Creek Coal Co. office building Po visitor registration
book," wrote down the name, unit, occupation, etc., the same
content write a paper on. Dai Xiao-Jun registration, and the
"live in Shanxi," went straight to second floor, then on the
third floor. He found the corridor, and several rooms waiting to
receive closure costs, both at the "journalists" in one hand
and pay slips in one hand and money. Facing this scene, "live in
Shanxi," to immediately take 20 seconds with a cell phone video.
Down phone, Dai Xiao military call "live in Shanxi,"
downstairs. At this point, Dai Xiao Jun has been taken to better plan
and evacuation routes. He asked, "Live in Shanxi," to wait
in the car, the doors open, first write down the phone number 110,
immediately after he finished the car, if he was caught, he would
throw the car camera. The car can not backtrack, be driving the
opposite direction.

Dai Xiao-Jun Second upstairs, to the embrace of the camera is blocked
clothes. He chose three flights of stairs near the mouth of a room to
room with 8 people. Dai Xiao military presses the shutter, then
quickly retreated to the corridor, facing the crowd queuing Continuous
3. Ebbed from the hall, his right hand holding the camera, the
registration of the left hand turn, a four-shot. React when security
was about to interfere, he had ran out of the floor. In the House,
also has a Beijing stop off-road vehicle licenses, the top coating of
"safe spot" character, Dai Xiao Jun, the lens of their
income quickly. 19:07, Dai Xiao Army captured the last photo - Huo Bao
Dry River Coal Limited location. The shooting lasted 19 minutes for 12
photos. Then two drive bolted. After driving about a dozen kilometers,
they hid in a remote village, smoked two cigarettes, found that
"no tail", then return at 10 pm that night Taiyuan.

That night, wearing a military Xiao Sleepless.

"I am of the horse, but I have a donkey in the genes"

At 11:59 p.m. on the September 27, Dai Xiao Jun to
"hyperbole" Network star a picture with the article
"Huozhou Dry Creek coal mine, mine concealed paid hush
money" sent to "live off (video sharing)." The net
exchange for the photographers photo place. Let the public see the
truth of users and articles, Dai Xiao Jun was the mentality is to
allow peers to share his in-depth ventured the victories, as was
caused by the war and the national crusade against Li Gui issued for
his actions both positive and negative voice, that he "never
dreamed . "

One day, Dai Xiao Jun received a Friends of Bo phone, asked him,
"Your photo has been deleted, you also receive a sealing
fee?" Dai Xiao Jun to face photos were deleted the fact that the
question "live off" cause, the caller said deletion is to
from "above" the instructions, they follow orders. Dai
Xiao-Jun asked, "top" Who? Other evasive, contradictory, or
avoided my question, such as the State Work Safety Supervision Bureau
to withdraw draft of the State Council to withdraw draft, the Ministry
of Commerce to withdraw draft. Dai Xiao Jun was uploaded again, but
then deleted. Is even more strange to "live off" actually
pretending to wear Xiao Army telegraphed to other sites, please delete
the manuscript. "Live off" frequently repeated mass
deletion, even under the guise of his mouth so that other sites will
eventually withdraw draft of the act of wearing Xiao Jun anger, he
then submitted real-name registration, will be 12 photos sent to the
National Forum on the major sites. However, the reproduced pages of
his work is actually not open the site, fueling the Dai Xiao Jun aware
of the work must have hidden secrets to be removed or shielded, so he
live off the question, "How can live off, who played in the
background transmission of the disease" "... Why not explain
... On the manuscript will be removed? also appropriated the name of
my other sites, please also remove the manuscript? Is also mine owners
to live off the high sealing fee? I hope you stand on the position of
the masses, take a look people live or die! and live off hope I
explain to withdraw draft the truth. "away from the camera for a
whole month," China Youth Daily "web page found from the
NetEase Dai Xiao-Jun. October 25, in Taiyuan, Dai Xiao Jun and
colleagues face to face. 27, Dai Xiao Jun's name known throughout the
world. 28, the State Press and Publication Administration, pornography
and illegal publications office, Department of Shanxi Province
involved in the investigation.

Dai Xiao media to the military overnight, since then, taken by
surprise, he bear Bamianlaifeng - warm air, cool, chilly wind, wind,
northwest wind ... ... If his cell phone frequently received
threatening phone calls without numbers show, "You Kid live
bored, ah, "" Do not do become significant, so much noise
brother of starvation, "" If you cut off the source of
wealth I, you have not had a good life "... ... intimidation is
extremely short, not to wear Xiao Army the opportunity to speak ...
... Except for the cloud shrouded the whole family, Dai Xiao-Jun to
the whole family on a life insurance. He and his wife, four times a
day pick nine-year-old son to school. Early in November, he went to
Beijing to record a program, the same day they take their children
back home in Shanxi. Nov. 9, he wrote Pok Man "insurance is not
only to protect life," he intended to hang in the text next to
the national flag and emblem. At the same time, he needs to face the
embarrassment of their status is a sensitive and doubts and abuse,
such as "stop thief" and so on. Serving "Western
Times" Xiao Jun Dai three years, the newspaper gave him the
documents is "the newsletter observers." Documents on the
back marked "private communications Interview identity." Dai
Xiao-Jun works signed by the newspapers when the clutter - Practice
journalists, correspondents, reporters. "This is their (the
newspaper) to my identity," he said.

"Stand up straight and face the reality," Day told reporters
the military Xiao said humorously: "I am of the horse, but I have
a donkey genes." A mother known as "donkey temperament"
Xiao Jun Dai introduce themselves, "stubborn, always carry their
own." "Once I fell down, home is finished," So, when
home phone is also threatening voice heard, the wearing comfort his
wife, Xiao-Jun "They did not dare to how we were ... ..."
And when he alone, was, "ice is cold hate. "

Press Day on November 8, Dai Xiao Jun in their own festivals, Bowen
wrote, "festival cold lonely heart" -

Today his wife, an unusual move, the wife to go and gave me a
temporary one for many years to enjoy the kiss, and then also like a
magician, like changing out a bouquet of roses, took her son to hand
in unison I congratulate happy holidays, still daze to wake up, I
suddenly, oh, today is the news section is a holiday originally
belongs to me.

Not sensible of his son left his wife naive to say to me: Today is the
father of the festival, and today I play with you. Where before I
always say where you come with me today, where you say, I'll show you
where. Son, then I burst into tears ... ...


Fake news is not surprising the unspoken rules

Dai Xiao-Jun careful analysis of threats by telephone, from the
"cut off sources of revenue" and the photos and videos on
the analysis, he concluded that they are mostly fake reporters. Infer
reasons: registration form on page 4 of 38 reporters, all wearing
military Xiao did not know. In particular, the "Western
Times" reporter stationed in Shanxi station Zhaomou Mou, Xiao-Jun
Dai, as colleagues have no idea if this person and because of that
some units of non-existent. October 29, Dai Xiao Army judge was
confirmed. In the afternoon, the Shanxi provincial government informed
of the findings of a press conference: Sept. 24, 25, has 23
"media," the 28 people to register for hush money, two of
them held by the State Press and Publication Administration issued a
"news press card. " In other words, the remaining 26 were
all false news.

Fake reporters on the press in Shanxi, the unspoken rules is not
surprising or money rules. Shanxi press rumors of two very popular
"hush money" scripts: a "news" 18:00 into the
mountains, down eight or nine the next morning when eight carries
900,000 yuan in cash. Another "journalist" cab ride into the
mountains, driving an Audi when down. In Shanxi coal bosses said
disdain to receive sealing fee is true journalist: "rice bowls,
carrying news of the Gai Bang", "eat rice news
beggars." Private reporter claimed that fake "news
spikes," "hoe's", "news workers." This means
that no disaster, they are working in the field of the farmer or the
artisan, and when the accident occurred, it transformed into a
?Dai Xiao-media and network praised the military owed - opened a black
miners in Shanxi, fake reporter working hand in glove to cover. For
this, Dai Xiao Jun is not entirely agree with, he thinks fake news is
not unique to Shanxi Province, but throughout the country, and for
many years. For example -

In 2007, Shanxi Luliang of Du Haiying, Xueyan Jun court on suspicion
of extortion sentenced to three years and one year. November 5, 2006,
Du Haiying, Xue Yanjun Hua Baoshe were holding press accreditation
Shanxi, China Law News work permits (all false) to take pictures of
the Liulin Village East Coal inspection station photographs. After Du
Haiying the author "than cars are not blocking, incomplete
registration, regardless of penalty pay" and to blackmail the
media exposure of the station, demanding 5,000 yuan in cash. Same year
on Nov. 9, Du, Xue Wen Jia Zhuang sneaked Xiaoyi City overrun
detection point. After DU article "dumping penalties on behalf of
both fine then dumping, dumping is not fine is not" required to
pay the test point layout from 35,000 to 40,000 yuan in damages.
Detection of two-point pay 15,000 yuan.

In 2005, the Shanxi coal mine Fanshi 11 true and false reporters after
accepting cash and gold ingots.

In 2005, Henan Ruzhou Send a coal mine in the town of mine material.
Immediately, a name "excitedly spread the news committee" of
the organization notified via SMS more than 500 people. Subsequently,
more than 500 people after another. News mine came for plugging the
"journalists" the mouth, the local government level by the
media made much sealing: 500-1,000 yuan per person central-level
media, provincial media 200-500 yuan, 200 yuan of other municipal
media, cross-sectoral, regional media per 100. A total of 100 media,
480 people took the 200 thousand yuan. Money misfortunes of the
officials, knowing that real journalists are less than 1 / 3, but also
equally false news. Local government officials to reveal difficulties:
"false news not afford to offend. Fake reporter could not send
the manuscript, but he can find true journalist, true and false press
it through the air."

This year, Hebei coal mine in Yuxian Lijiawa concealed the serious
mine incident. 85 days of the mine could be concealed, the State Work
Safety Supervision Bureau said: receiving red packets number of fake

Dai Xiao Army hundred times that is state-owned coal mines dry river
Po Huo also paid hush money actually. The "hush money"
expenses, according to GAPP exposure of 125,700 yuan.

Exposure to the media 22 years, Dai Xiao Jun's obviously false sense
of changing equipment, Niaoqianghuanpao. Driven by interests, they are
willing to invest. Mercedes driver had fake reporters straight
extortion of a coal seal inspection station costs 300 thousand yuan.
There are fake driver's licenses held by China Central Television CCTV
units of vehicles and have the subject of the microphone.
Fake journalists pose a real reason is that real journalists are
"three missing"

So, there is cause false news of group behavior, the media exposed the
true fake reporter is the problem?

Dai Xiao Jun analysis, Shanxi province of resources, resources of
coal, coke, iron, steel-based, high-risk nature of many of pollution.
As a result, high-risk, pollution, a group of professionals in these
industries to support disaster food to eat the press guerrillas, or
even form a chain of black interests. Once an accident occurs, the
first on the scene that they. The swift action from their exposure to
high-risk or high-risk industry, liner adjacent residents broke the
news industry. When they get the seal fee, that is, to eyeliner rebate
in the amount of hush money 10% to 20%. Dai Xiao-Jun, a media friends
have seen the fake reporter in the excitement after the accident
performance: A to B messenger "Nana trouble, and brisk
walking," immediately, B told C, C and D ... ... B and C
re-transmission of home immediately put on a suit small or photo vest,
back bag straight to the incident.

Dai Xiao Jun introduction, fake journalists are divided into two kinds
of people: one is pure fake journalist, a true false media reporter,
he has a work permit, but no press card. Makeup of fake news: farmers,
urban unemployed vagrant. They fake news mentality, media friends who
talked with them. They say the Lord pockets full, time to face light.

Fake reporters to amount to anything, reason is that real journalists
are on the gaps in professional trail, and the absence of posts on the
unethical conduct to allow the survival of Li Gui air and soil. Deeply
three short of the cause, a from the "above" obedience call
for maintaining stability and preserving Ukrainian yarn tree
performance, so bad news, particularly in the major national meeting;
two judgments from the habitual ʹȻ. 35 people composed of mining
accidents, from the perspective of journalism, news media think that
the low value, so ignore the disdain, the death of a person's Huo Po
River coal is dry is. From this to the influx of fake journalists hush
money blackmail space, but also to the mine owners delaying,
omissions, false or concealed time. In a word, Compounding, fake
reporter satisfied, coal boss barely disguised pleasure.
?As long as the seal fee is not absolutely false news will be like the
crop of long crop of leeks cut

Wang had asked whether the coal owner's hard to distinguish between
true and false? Coal boss replied: "I thought like a mirror, I
see the fool Chuaizhe." Coal boss is counting: If you do not
release journalists hush money, fake news reporters will come true
leader ... ... will be fine after the severance miners, suspend
production for rectification. 1 person killed by state regulations for
compensation 200,000, a fine of one million, assorted add up to
several times the economic loss of sealing expenses. Therefore, the
coal owner to leave it alone and be able to distinguish the true and
false press the case, whether GAPP issued press card, work permit or
false really media, all documents made money. The payment of hush
money to reduce or alternative punishment.

Huo Bao Dry Creek mine came to light, focus on the fake reporter,
chairman of the board was removed, since whether a warning to the
alarm bells ringing? "No way, No way." Dai Xiao Jun tone
pull off. For example, he, on his list of shooting four of them have
been sentenced for fake reporter called back? He was noncommittal. Dai
Xiao-Jun affirmed: "As long as sealing fees are not absolutely
false news will be like chives, cut crop of crop of long,
endless." How, then, fake reporter from the source shatter the
jobs? Dai Xiao-Jun answer given is that the Government set up
telephone hotlines, and put mine reward systems. Then there are
"real journalists occupy high-risk positions." Otherwise,
the source strike hard failure, we let the fake reporter into
disrepute the whole media situation will continue.

Nov. 13 at noon, wearing Xiao Jun to the "Western Times"
headquarters to meet with the leadership. Dai Xiao-Jun recognized the
leadership behavior "is not only the" West Times, "the
glorious, glorious is the press." As to whether the military
issued to Xiao Tai Press and Publication Administration of the
journalist card, the newspaper reply to Dai Xiao-Jun "and return
of president."


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