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									Reprinted: Huawei winter - Ren
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China is the winter - Ren

All employees are considered, and if one day the company's sales
decline, falling profits or even bankruptcy, how do we do? Peace in
our company too long, the official rise in times of peace too much,
maybe that is our disaster. Titanic is in the midst of cheers from the
sea. And I believe that this day will come. The face of such a future,
how do we deal with, we are not thinking too. We are proud of a lot of
blind people, blind optimism, if thought about too few people, perhaps
soon arrived. Be prepared, not alarmist.

When I went to study in Germany, see Germany after World War II,
recovered so quickly, was very moved. They were the workers to unite
and proposed to lower wages, no increase in wages, thus speeding up
economic development, so the post-war German economy is growing
rapidly. If Huawei's really a crisis comes, is not wages and salaries
by half, we rely on a little cabbage, pumpkin live, you can line? Or
whether we will be able to lay off half of the rescue company. If this
is on the line, then risk is not dangerous. Because the risk of a
past, we can gradually fill back wages, or sales growth, will be
forced to lay off people, please come back. This is nothing crisis. If
both are carried out, can not save the company, thought not.

I think ten years is a failure every day, turn a blind eye to the
success, there is no sense of honor, pride, but the sense of crisis.
Only in this way may survive for a decade. We must all work together
to think, how to live, and perhaps live longer to save up some.
Failure is the day will surely come, we have to prepare, this is my
unwavering view from it is the law of history.

Huawei old crying wolf, cry more, we do not believe there was. But the
wolf really came. This year we have to start widespread discussion of
the crisis, what crisis Huawei discussion, your department have any
crisis, any crisis in your department, your processes, what crisis
point. Can improve it? Can improve it? Can increase the per capita
efficiency? If the discussion is clear, that we might die to extend
our lives. How to improve management efficiency, we have been writing
a number of management points, these points can not be improved on
some of your work, if improvement that we go on.

First, balanced development, is to grasp a short piece of wood

How can we survive. Comrades, you have to think about, if your output
per capita per year, an increase of 15%, you may only hold the same or
may pay slightly decreased. Year decline in prices of electronic
products has more than 15% of it. We sell more and more, but profits
less and less, if we do a little small, we may not hold today, let
alone a raise. Can not rely on endless overtime, so be sure to improve
our management.
Improvements in the management, we must emphasize that improve our
shortest piece of wood. All departments and sections, the main leaders
of the process are necessary to grasp the weak link. To adhere to the
balanced development, continue to strengthen the process type and
time-based management system led by construction, in line with the
company to enhance the core competitiveness of the overall conditions,
to optimize your work, increase the contribution rate.
All companies must establish a uniform value evaluation system, a
unified evaluation system in order to enable staff mobility and
balance in the internal as possible. For example some people say that
I am engaged in research and innovation is very powerful, but how to
display the value of innovation, innovation must be transformed into
commodities in order to produce value. We focus on technology,
attention to marketing, which I do not object, but each chain is very
important. R & D relative to use of services, the same level of a
service engineer may be greater than the integrated treatment of R
& D capabilities also stronger. So if we agree on the service
system does not give, then this system will never not the best people
to form the. Not by the best people to organize, is the high cost of
organization. Repair the machine as he flew past, a trip to fix it,
fix it and fly past, but also flying in the past and fix it. We pay
all of the sponsors to civil aviation. If we can fix one, or simply do
not have in the past, using remote guidance can be repaired, we will
save how much ah! Therefore, we should emphasize a balanced
development can not be dwelling on one aspect.

Second, to do with the people responsible for the accountability
system is essentially different, one is the expansion system, a system
is convergent

Why do we have to emphasize process-oriented model and time-based
system? Now the cadres operating on the process, they used everything
superiors. This is wrong, there are already provisions, or a practice,
do not bother to consult, should be quick to let it pass. Execution
flow of people, is to be responsible, and this is what accountability.
Consult everything is on human responsibility, it is convergent. We
want to reduce unnecessary confirmation of things, to reduce
unnecessary in the management, important links, otherwise how could
the company run efficiently it? We now have considerable authority
departments and a considerable establishment, in the manufacture of
garbage, and then entered the garbage sorting, cleaning, manufacture
of some jobs. Manufacture of these complex documents, engage in a
number of complex procedures and unnecessary statements, documents, to
feed some unnecessary to feed the cadres, cadres can not produce
value-added behavior. We have to monitor the effective conditions, try
to streamline the agency.

Marketing agencies are incompetent. The daily paper like snowflakes,
like Fly, to report to the Office every day, this report today and
tomorrow to the report, which is incompetent cadres. Office every
month to fill a table of all the data, into the database, the
authorities should look for the data to the database. Starting
tomorrow, the extra marketing database to form a group of cadres, all
data can only be to the team, not to the office to the office must
give authority score, you do not give them to play so good points, so
They eat a little loss, otherwise they will not understand this truth,
they will not serve you, make you a strong fight.

In their own work, we must dare to responsible, to make the process
faster, for self-preservation of the people must be removed. Huawei
gives employees good benefits, so some people say do not lose this
seat, do not lose the benefits. Those who want to protect their own
interests people, to remove him from office, he was a stumbling block
to change. In the last year, if the behavior does not improve, or even
have not committed an error, the work has not improved, is not to
remove him from office in place. His department did not raise the per
capita benefits, he became the chief can not. He said he did not make
a mistake, ah, did not make a mistake you can as a cadre? Some people
are not committed an error because he did not do a thing. And some
people at work made some mistakes, but he managed a large department
to enhance the per capita benefits, I think that cadres would use. On
neither made mistakes, and no improvement can be locally removed

Third, self-criticism, thought, character, qualities, skills,
innovation and good tools

We must implement the self-critical as the center of organizational
transformation and optimization activities. Criticism of
self-criticism is not as critical, but not for the full negative
criticism, but to optimize and construction and criticism. The overall
goal is to enhance the core competitiveness of the company as a whole.

Why should emphasize self-critical? We advocate self-criticism, but
does not promote mutual criticism, because criticism is not good grasp
of appropriate, if the criticism is very strong smell of gunpowder, it
is easy to cause conflict between the teams. While he does criticize
their own people do not own under the uncompromised, would mercy of
their own. That the use of lightly beat the feather duster, than do
not play well, play more years, you will be tempered into a steel out.
Self-criticism self-criticism is not only individuals, organizations
have their own self-criticism. Through self-criticism, the backbone at
all levels should strive to shape their own, gradually moving towards
professionalism, to the international. Companies that self-criticism
is a good way of personal improvement, this weapon can not grasp the
staff at all levels do not wish to be promoted to them. Two years
later, still can not grasp and use of this weapon to reduce the use of
cadres. The reign of cadres working endless struggle, progress is more
Officials should have the professionalism, dedication, responsibility,
sense of mission. We have no dedicated general staff requirements,
they should pay for their labor, to obtain a reasonable return. Only a
dedicated member of the operational requirements of their trained
cadres. In addition, we implement strict requirements of the senior
cadres, cadres generally not strict requirements. Have implemented
strict requirements for our administration costs too high. He has to
spend money because the tube ah, do not fight the things we want less
grain dry. Therefore our cadres at different levels have different
requirements, those who can not use the self-critical cadres of this
weapon can not be promoted.
Senior cadres from the beginning self-critical, high-ranking cadres of
democratic life every year, at the mention of the issue of democratic
life is very sharp. After listening, that was really intense internal
struggle, you see, they spoke very sharp questions, but they are not
finished shaking hands and fight go? I hope that this spirit has been
able to pass down, the following must also be democratic life, we must
put forward their views with each other, each must be sweetness and
light when the comments. I think the criticism of others should be a
dinner party, should be painting, embroidery, to Wenliang Gong so.
Must not become the internal democratic life became a militant of the
meeting, senior officials pointed some of their high quality, more to
the grassroots level should be more moderate. Do not expect a
finished, not a year or two years may, not later than three years of
the progress. I hope that cadres at all levels in the organization of
democratic self-criticism session, be sure to grasp the scale. I think
people are afraid of the pain, the pain is not too good, like
painting, embroidery, like thin To cause to help people of his
weaknesses, suggest improvements, the sweetness and style best.

Fourth, qualifications and fictitious profit law is a reasonable
assessment of cadres to promote the company's orderly, efficient

We must unswervingly continue to implement the qualification
management system. The only way to change the assessment status
evaluation of Mongolia. Will make contributions to, and responsible
people to grow up as soon as possible. Incentives should be beneficial
to the company's core competitive strategy in full swing, but also
conducive to the core competitiveness of the recent growing.

What is leadership? What is a politician? The Israeli elections, let
us see the shortsightedness of the Jews. Rabin realized that a small
country of Israel, hundreds of millions of Arabs in the siege,
although several have defeated the Israeli war in the Middle East, but
can not say 50 years, 100 years later, the Arabs will not develop.
Today is not land for peace, demarcation of the border, and the
surrounding peace, then once the Arabs strong, they will re-displaced.
If so few Jews back in 2000 has not come back, might not be. And most
people only care about immediate benefits, Sharon was the hard-liners,
the recent win for the interests of Jewish people support him. I
finally see a Jew like us the same short-sighted. Do not our leaders
to meet people, but the purpose of promoting the organization, pay
attention to methods of work.

Officials should have the professionalism, dedication, responsibility
and mission. Difference between a cadre is not a good cadre, is not
loyal, there are four criteria: First, you have dedication, the
seriousness of the work improved, but also to improve it? Could be
better? This is the professionalism of your work. Second, you have
dedication, do not care too much about our value assessment system can
not be absolutely fair. Cao Chong said, as if the method to be used to
evaluate the qualifications, then it is certainly fair. However, if
evaluated with a precision balance, it is certainly not fair. We want
to be absolutely fair is impossible. I think that dedication is the
assessment of cadres, a very important factor. If you are too
preoccupied with a cadre, the cadres is absolutely done, you men have
a lot of soldiers, you selfish, preoccupied, your people can work with
you good? No dedicated people not to do cadres, cadres must have to do
the dedication. The third and fourth point is to have sense of
responsibility and mission. Our staff all have a sense of
responsibility and sense of mission? If there is no sense of
responsibility and mission, why do you want to be cadres. If you feel
or do you have some sense of responsibility and mission, up to
improve, otherwise you will eventually want to go on free.

Fifth, do not blindly innovative in order to reduce the huge organ

Smaller temple, the abbot by a few, less monks, is one such reform
bodies. The general principle is that we must be compressed bodies,
and why? Because we have built a IT. Why should we build IT? Dr. when
road design, steel rail system to master, to pave the way to
undergraduate students. Fork in the road repaired, but do not pull
such a high degree, or else no one Zuo Buqi the train. So when our
organization system and process system up, do not so much high-level
cadres, the abbot for less.

We should adhere to the "small improvements, big reward."
"Small improvements, big reward" is our long-term
persistence of the modified approach. Improvement should be based on
small, constantly sum, a comprehensive analysis. The overall objective
of the process with the company in line, the harmony with the
surrounding flow, to simplify, optimize, and then curing. This process
is advanced, it is necessary to increase the contribution rate to
evaluate. When I was young to know that Hua's words, "the magic
of easy to be smooth and easy to mention lack of magic." Some of
our staff, give him one thing out of ten things he was able to, this
innovation do not need to, is incapable of performance. This is the
waste we produce, to reduce the use of such employees. So many changes
this year, the project, but each item must be to change the
contribution rate to assess. It is necessary to achieve high growth,
but also simultaneously the management of change, complexity, walks
with difficulty, long way to go. Cadres at all levels have a high
sense of mission and sense of responsibility, to warm and calm,
intense but orderly. "Governing a large country such as cooking a
small fish", we must be careful to do any little thing, do not
arbitrarily destroy the process, a chain of errors.

VI, inclusive of standardized management of their control, its purpose
is the effective and efficient services to business needs

We must continue to adhere to the business-led, accounting for the
supervision and macro-management methods and system construction. What
is business-led, is to dare to demand creation and lead to obtain the
"opportunity window" of the profits. Also good at seizing
opportunities, narrow the gap, the company simultaneously in the world
to survive. What is accounting for the supervision, is provided for
the protection of the business to achieve the standardization of
financial services, standardized to be fast, accurate and orderly, so
that account maintenance costs low. Normalization is a sieve, in the
service also completed the process of supervision. Services and
monitoring should melt into the whole process. We have to reverse the
implementation of the audit, retrospective, discover outstanding
cadres, eradicate precipitation layer.

Seven, in the face to have a sense of balance changes, psychological
changes have to bear

We must face the changes in the right state of mind. What is the
change? Is the redistribution of benefits. Interests of the
re-allocation is a major event, not a trivial matter. At this time
there must be a strong governing body is required for the
redistribution of benefits, the reform in order to run. In the reform
process, from the old balance of the distribution of benefits and
gradually moving toward a new equilibrium distribution of benefits.
The balance of the cycle is to promote core competitiveness of
enterprises to enhance growth and efficiency. However, the
distribution of benefits will always be uneven. We also have interests
change during the post redistribution, such as large abbot into a
small hermits, you demolished the temple, what is more, should have a
correct attitude to treatment. If you do not have a right attitude,
our reform is not successful, can not be accepted. IT system,
especially with the gradual completion of the previous delivery and
management of multi-layer administration system will be more flat.
With the disappearance of the middle layer, a large number of cadres
will become redundant, the major sectors of the cadres to timely
delivery of the surplus to the new jobs go up in a timely manner and
persuasion, will avoid the excessive layoffs. I am in the United
States, in and IBM, Cisco, Lucent, and several other large companies
to discuss issues about leadership, IT is what? They say, IT is the
job cuts, layoffs, and then laid off. The electron flow to replace
manual operations to reduce operating costs and enhance
competitiveness. We will also face this problem. With IPD, ISC,
finance four reunification, support the gradual roll out IT's network
and the establishment of the middle layer disappears. We expect much
of our time to cut some cadres in 2003 or 2004.

To see the situation today, we are now expanding, and many new jobs,
we have to hurry to occupy the new post, to avoid being laid off.
Regardless of cadres and ordinary employees, layoffs are inevitable.
We never promised, like Japan, the implementation of lifetime
employment. Our company is emphasized from the beginning to create
freedom of movement. Internal flow is very important, of course, the
current rise and fall, as long as the company's core competitiveness
has improved, the individual up, down and then? "Not pleased, not
to have compassion." So today, we have a real concern for cadres
at all levels, not to keep him, but to divert him, to ease out.
VIII, template management of rapid progress in all the magic staff

A new employee, read the template, the template will be done by, to
have international, professional, educational level now, three months
to master. And this template is to explore the previous decades to
come explore, and you do not have to explore. The process management,
rationalization of management, all types has been optimized to be good
at guiding, and has proven to be effective the work of the templating.
Clear process, repeat the process to run, work must be templated. A
work to achieve the same performance, less labor, and less time, this
description of management progress. We believe that the main template
to seize the building, and the associated process template link up,
will make IT a reality. On this issue, we must strengthen the

September, Huawei's crisis and decline, bankruptcy will definitely

It is spring now, but winter is not far off, and we remembered in the
spring and summer to the winter issue. IT industry, the winter is not
necessarily for other companies in winter, while Huawei may be winter.
Huawei colder winter may come, colder. We also too tender, our company
after years of setbacks have not experienced smooth development,
without setbacks, do not know how to correct path. Suffering is an
asset, and we have not been suffering, this is our greatest weakness.
We simply can not adapt to the mental preparation and not to develop
skills in preparation.

The arrival of the crisis is unwittingly, I think all the employees
can not stand to stand on our own point of view the problem. If you do
not have a broad mind, we can not correctly deal with change. If you
can not correctly deal with change, resist change, the company will
die. In this process, we should strive to enhance their own hand, on
the one hand and the unity of good comrades and improve organizational
efficiency, and to their own cadres to other departments to make their
subordinates have the opportunity to improve. You reduce the
establishment, to avoid layoffs, compressed. In the reform process,
many changes will always touch some of the benefits of certain
employees and contradictions that we should not complain, saying blame
if our cadres in particular, to exercise restraint, do not spread

X. talk quietly deal with the outside world

Attitude towards the media, I hope all the staff have a low profile,
because we are not a listed company, so we do not need publicity
community. We are mainly responsible government, responsible for the
effective operation of the enterprise. Government's duty is to abide
by the law, last year to the State VAT, income tax is 18 million, the
tariff is 9 million, add up to a total of 27 million. This year, we
estimated the possible further increase in the tax eighty seven per
cent could give the state more than 40 million handed. We have a
social responsibility. The operation of the media have their own laws,
we do not go in, some of our staff to online debate is to help the
company a disservice.

I think every employee should use their own work up the energy, only
their own work well, you can bring greater efficiency to improve. The
subject matter of national regulatory state, the subject of government
control government and social reasons of social control, we just want
to make a law-abiding citizens, to complete our understanding of
social responsibility. Only in this way can our security, and
stability. Regardless of any problems, our staff have steadfastly keep
quiet, listen to the party, go with the government. Strict
self-discipline, should not say do not talk nonsense. Especially the
cadres themselves and their families. We are all very ceremonial
Huawei people. When the community did not recognize you, Huawei, you
are Huawei; when the community will recognize when you are Huawei,
Huawei, you're not, because you do not practice at home.

Shen Zhou thousands of junks sail past the million trees ahead of the
spring wood. Internet stocks plunge, is bound to two or three years
after the construction is expected to have an impact, then entered the
contraction of the manufacturing sector to the inertia. Boom in front
of Internet stocks rose a few years ago the inertia of the results.
Remember that word: "extremes meet", a network equipment
supply this winter will be like people do not understand it as hot,
cold surprise. Did not foresee, not prevention, it will freeze to
death. At that time, who cotton, whoever survived.

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