Huang Boss by fdjerue7eeu


									Huang Boss
My grandfather lived to be 78 years old, did not catch up with the
oldest old; Grandpa I simply did not seen, probably no more than 60
years of age had the look. So, seeing the older elderly, such as Huang
boss, are willing to look at his eyes.
This old man, his eyes always seemed puddle of tears, hold in mouth,
full of land filling, is compassion for others and the world; he
rickets waist, action has been less flexible, and hearing was waning,
but you if he can hear, your emotions and he can see in the eyes; he
will not use this simple method of preaching to communicate with you,
he adaptable to living, casually chatting, but have let you take the
hint; It is in your side, you will naturally get the picture to avoid
confusion, because it also understands that the elderly do not like
I like a little more willing to children, sat on his knee, looking up
at this old man.
See Huang Guo head before, and said he did not know how to interview,
because he was "very little interest to others." Hey, he did
not know that eighty-old man after he was easily able to after the
eighty inside the territory of pride to clean up.
Huang head home in Beijing has a good name - "million charge
Hall" (in his home country has a good name), pavilions, lotus
shrouded. "Accurate to say that this is not called home, this is
the palace," This is the moment Guo students in the most
realistic feel, "ran a yard full of various large dogs, and
dozens of bar ... ... and a look at least descent are pure. "
A reporter who interviewed Huang head, he said, is to keep these dogs,
he home in the suburbs of this radius under eight acres of the family
business. If an acre is equal to 666.67 square meters, then the eight
acres is ... ... 5,000 square feet, large enough so much for this.
GJM as large as in the palace courtyard, found throughout the
sculptures placed at random, each is "the journal read xxx
million price tag" of the Condition, even the rest of the study
rely on wood, are from Brazil Games over, "Freight will be 30
million." Guo students encounter a real Henjiao Se, a little
dizzy - he also runs a cultural company, he was also sensitive to the
money, he idle also "must se" brand name , such as his
Hermes notebook about her. But this is not called smart, Huang head in
here, nothing to be proud of.
Huang head live to 85 years old, do not think what is this thing,
money is helping to do things that fit their aesthetic taste, do make
himself happy family, happy friends happy thing. He said the painting
for money, of course, do not make enough money. You seriously
painting, to be happy, happy friends, money unstoppable, can not
afford to push too pushed.
What is pride? In front of people do not have somewhere, people can
post free peace of mind, and anyway my junior in the eyes of children,
which is regarded as the pride of the most Yunjuanyunshu. Guo did not
know whether the students agree?
Huang settle down in Beijing after the head, still painting writing,
is still receiving visitors.
For every visitor to come, as was always his encyclopedic, in front of
him get everything you want to answer.
However, Huang boss telling their own things, the most disgusting
people exaggerate, he compares himself to the most humble worker,
compared to masons, "painting is a work, not very good dry.
Sometimes I have to wear pants shirtless is not reflected in the high
and mighty film look. "do not recognize what they have
contributed," drawing, make money, how can it contribute? "
If someone asked him the meaning of doing things, he would say:
"live mundane, and some interesting, some boring, is not there a
special significance. You are as I do makes sense, talking to me ,
you're disappointed. I'm human, but certain things do prefer nothing
more. "
Treat young people like Guo, Huang is not the kind of low-key head
sharply, as he was like a grandfather, dedicated young man patiently
brushed the heart of the dust. Guo criticized the students asked him
how he treated, he said: "We stand higher and look at the wall,
not with a curse, not with hatred, with pernicious to treat it, but
with compassion, including myself. I often talk about Kafka The word,
'objective view of their suffering'. I say this about the good, but
what is difficult. What is difficult, that. "Huang Boss Here,
Hehedixiao the face little senile plaques are squeezed into the
"What do you afraid of aging?"
"Lu Xun said that people who either live in the heart, the person
is really dead, but I want to live in the human heart do? Do you like
my work, or read my book, you to read to the right, is not it. "
Guo students later said he heard some places, like tears, but taking
into account the recorded program, it refrained.
Huang boss on the spot to give the book to a word Guo, wrote:
"Five Deer Yue Yue, Zhu Yun off the corner," he humbly for
Guo said: "I was five deer, you are Mr Zhu." Smaller Guo
humbly nodded her classmates, but not out of the atmosphere children,
because he did not know what that means (do not understand can be the
next Baidu, but the review, the Baidu really a lot of money is a good
learning attitude.) Guo understand that students in the meaning of
this sentence, the mind is a "silence" it:)
Many of the interview head Huang text, read the details of this, his
wife chatted about children Huang Zhang Meixi head, said: "He is
such a person, I am satisfied he has." This sentence is also
quite good, successful life in this sentence, and no less.

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