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Huadian Qiqihar 2 × 116MW Thermal Power Co

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					Huadian Qiqihar 2 ¡Á 116MW Thermal Power Co., Ltd. hot water boiler of
the boiler works
Huadian Qiqihar 2 ¡Á 116MW Thermal Power Co., boiler equipment, hot
water boiler works tender notices
Huadian Qiqihar of Heilongjiang Electric Power Company Limited 2 ¡Á
116MW boiler hot water boiler works for domestic competitive bidding
for equipment procurement information publicly available.
A tender unit: Huadian Qiqihar in Heilongjiang Electric Power Company
Second, the tender agent,
Third, the contents of the tender:
A 116MW circulating fluidized bed hot water boiler equipment
Four sources of funding: capital and bank loans by project of two
5, Project Overview:
1, Location: Qiqihar City
2, construction scale and major construction elements: planning and
construction of 2 ¡Á 116MW boiler is expected to build in 2010, 1 ¡Á
116MW boiler, by the end of production;
3, project basis
Qiqihar Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. 2 ¡Á 116MW boiler works, and C,
Northern heating network project feasibility report has been organized
by the Qiqihar Municipal Development and Reform Commission's review,
and project records;, and the feasibility study report has been
adopted Huadian Energy audits, project investment report
Notice has been submitted to the Ministry of Planning and Development
6, each section qualified bidders should have the qualifications:
1, the bidder must be in accordance with the laws of the People's
Republic of China, with independent legal status of the enterprise
(company), company registration time of less than 2 years, the
registered capital of 1,000 million yuan.
2, bidders should be needed for the production plant, equipment,
processing, test capabilities and test equipment, access to ISO9001
series quality system certification in accordance with its design,
manufacture, installation and commissioning of each stage to take a
quality assurance and quality control measures to ensure that design,
manufacture and
Installation quality. Progress can be required by contract to be
awarded the contract fully completed.
3, the last three years with the design, manufacture 4 / sets 116MW
and above the performance level of circulating fluidized bed boiler,
and a recent good run at least two years of performance (to be
accompanied by explanation and supporting documents, documents for the
contract or final acceptance report), the installation is not running
Found significant problems or quality of the equipment has been
effective improvement measures.
4, credit and reputation: a good bank credit and business reputation,
have not been ordered to suspend business or bankruptcy in the state,
and the assets are not re-take over and freeze.
5, financial situation: the bidder should have a good financial
position, adequate liquidity to assume the manufacture and supply of
project equipment;
6, after-sales service: good service system and technical support
Seven, this device does not accept the tender agent for the tender of
any kind.
8, passing the qualifying examination or receipt of the tender were
sent the invitation to bid him.
7, the media and time of the tender announcement
Time: 2010 1 June to 7 June
8, Enrollment
(A), the applicant should apply within the specified time to the
designated mailbox at the same time were proof of eligibility and
submit the following pre-qualification application electronically:
1, "Qiqihar in Heilongjiang Huadian Power Company Limited 2 ¡Á
116MW boiler hot water boiler works Tender Registration
Application" (see table);
2 business conditions introduced the basic situation with units and
organizations, including a description of company's own articles of
association, legal status, place of registration, principal place of
business, registered capital, the establishment period, sales
situation (Department of Huadian Group's businesses achieved in
Requests the Special standard of performance
3, qualified by the annual business license, tax registration
certificate, People's Republic of organization code certificate,
safety production license;
4, by the annual qualification certificates of qualified business;
5, ISO9000 quality management system certification, ISO14000
environmental management system certification, ISO 18000 Occupational
Health and Safety Management System Certificate;
6, in the past 5 years (05, 2005 1st - May 1st, 2010) in China, a
similar situation and over-sized projects, experience and performance
details and contact information, particularly important To mark the
company made in the Huadian Group's business performance intelligence
project leader; Liu Yao 13269536450
¡¾Conditions required to provide relevant documents, such as scanned
original contract documents (including contracts cover the project
scope, signature pages and other information), proof of the owner and
contact information (landlines), contact person, not a review based on
the performance table¡¿;
7, technical manager for the project situation and the proposed
project manager's qualifications, experience and job qualifications
such as a detailed description of the situation.
8, proof of bank credit ratings;
9, by accounting firms audit nearly three years (2006 ~ 2008) balance
sheet, income statement, cash flow statements and audit reports;
10, at the present stage and in the past five years, induced by the
contract, litigation and arbitration report (to provide evidence of
law firm or legal materials);
11 other bidders to provide proof.
(B), to submit prequalification documents Time: June 1, 2010 dated 7
17:00 -6.
Prequalification Time: June 1, 2010 dated 7 17:00 -6.
Sale of tender documents Date: June 1, 2010 -6 7 months
(C), prequalification eligibility documents and to submit
prequalification applications for the same time E-mail:
Only accept electronic documents without receiving written information
visit, email, control a total capacity of 100MB or less, to prevent
large volumes of email.
(D), electronic version of the prequalification documents required:
1, potential bidders have to use e-mail to send electronic version of
the "prequalification document" to the above email,
electronic documents all of the prequalification documents (including
documents for all certificates and other qualifications) One must be
made into a PDF file, all certificates original qualification
documents should be provided so
Scanned documents.
2, "Huadian Qiqihar in Heilongjiang Electric Power Company
Limited 2 ¡Á 116MW boiler equipment, hot water boiler works tender
Application Form" to be official seal to provide the scanning,
otherwise inadmissible.
3, pre-qualification documents required to complete the electronic
version of the title to "(Huadian Qiqihar in Heilongjiang
Electric Power Company Limited 2 ¡Á 116MW boiler equipment, hot water
boiler project tender bidding + Full name)" status file
"" words.
4, e-mail subject name need to be filled in as "(full name of
9, obtain tender documents:
One. Prequalified potential bidders will be pre-notified, according to
the prescribed period of time to buy tender.
2. Each tender will charge a fixed fee, once sold are not refundable.
Contact; Liu Yao 13269536450
Tel; 01088623128
Fax; 0108862652
Address: Yongding Lu Jia Haidian District 4

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