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????Yesterday, watching the news reports is time across the country
suffered flooding. Rain, mudslides, landslides and so a series of
disasters caused losses are difficult to count the passing of life,
broken homes, so we feel God cruel and ruthless nature.
????Why is this year's flooding especially serious? Because of rain
this year too concentrated? Undeniably, this is one of the factors.
But us? We do? Hubei province is now the area lakes 50 years ago 1 /
3, we can not help asking: "That 2 / 3 of what?" Yes, that 2
/ 3 of what? Over the years, the rapid development of the economy
exacerbated the tensions of our construction sites. So, gradually
shrinking lakes, forests disappear slowly. And we are naive believe
that our home is safe, even if the floods come, it will not drown
here. Lack of necessary vigilance. Then the government? Why does the
Government allow developers to develop these is used to flood this
place? Why allow Jilin chemical plant built in the river, but 100
meters away from the place? Chemical And how is it certified by the
environment? This must refer to a people already familiar with the
words of the "GDP", why that "GDP" do? Very
simple, when a region "GDP" and the officials in this region
linked to his post, then the chemical can be built on the river and
through environmental certification is not surprising. (Jilin Province
has been swept down from the chemical plant warehouse, in which
chemicals are into the Songhua River, the Songhua River from the
warehouse to the DC only 100 meters.)
????High cost of land in Tokyo, the Government has set aside large
tracts of land used to grow anti-Honglin; in the United States in
areas liable to flooding will be marked out in these areas of housing,
insurance companies are not granted protection, the developer does not
dare to take, because this is to flood these areas, in time of flood
to flood victims in order to reduce losses, is not blocking the
so-called flood dredged. However, China? ? ?

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