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									How to improve children's memory
????Memories good or bad a person is not born, a good memory is the
day after tomorrow's education, training, culture obtained. Memory can
not be bad, which is the brain not working, poor memory can not say
that the results are older. Psychological research shows that from 18
to 30 years old, is the memory of the "best of" the most
efficient memory of this period. The gradual decline after the age of
35 memories. If the 18-year-old to 35-year-old man's memory as the
average score of 100 (maximum), then 35 to 60 years of age, the
average scores of their memory about 95,60 years old to 85 years of
age is about 80-85, from this seems, the human memory impairment is
very slow. Primary and secondary students are in the strong memory of
the period, the sea of knowledge is inseparable from the memory. We
have learned should continue to organize induction, so that in the
minds structured, systematic, not chaotic. Some people mind the memory
of material compared to books in the library, order after order to
make way into the new book. So, how can enhance memory, in teaching to
improve students memory efficiency?
A clear memory of purpose, motivation and responsibility
We start looking for an example of everyday life to illustrate! For
example, we asked people who live upstairs, they are always up and
down, the stairs a few levels? Most people could not answer. But ask a
blind man who lived upstairs, he was able to answer them. Why? Because
the former did not remember the purpose and needs of stairs series,
while the latter is the opposite. This shows a clear goal, the memory
will be effective. Similarly, some teachers in teaching the students
before class to put forth requirements, finished some time after
school to check it out of effect when the court, required to do so
than not to mention the effect of higher. Therefore, a clear specific
purpose is an important condition for improving memory. Teachers ask
students to first preview, do not know in advance where to mark, when
attention lectures, do not know where it is easy to understand and
Students can not write down everything, but there are choices are
often to be useful, especially things of interest to first remember.
Teachers should try to interest students in learning the content,
particularly in learning more intellectual interest in the activity
itself. If the students to solve math topic that has great fun;
experience in language classes in the mother language of the United
States, the United States where, or are interested in art
appreciation, no doubt the quality of teaching these courses can be
raised to a new level. Of course, responsibility, love their work and
study, but also can enhance memory. Thus, memory development, with a
clear memory of whether the purpose of closely related, and as people
towards work, passion for learning, interests, sense of responsibility
increased and enhanced.
Second, focus attention, enhance memory
Note that awareness of mental activity, mental activity is selective
on certain things. In our study had such experiences: reading texts,
fiction, focus, concentrating on reading two times, than the casual,
distractions to read Shibian clustered, to better remember what they
have learned the content, so focus is enhance the memory of an
important condition.
Some students forgetful, so much of their memory is not good, but
simply not good at concentrating. A not very good people to organize
their attention, there will be a good memory. We must train students
for each teacher dedicated spirit, to teach them to focus, eliminate
interference approach. Teachers should teach students not to study and
work, "casual" side wants to learn to correct side of
something else, or while doing homework, listening to the radio
broadcast's bad habits. Classroom teaching should remove all
obstacles. Practice has shown that students do not understand the
material, the material does not remember the strong, or the assignment
was an error, often caused by the lack of attention. Therefore,
concentrate on learning is an effective measure to enhance memory.
Third, understand what was easy to remember
Understanding is the basis of memory, remember to prison, first to
understand thoroughly. Not thoroughly understood, even if the material
by heart, but also unreliable. The so-called understanding, is to
expose real objects and objects of the nature of things. Popular point
that understanding is to understand, to understand material that is
the what, why is so. Many of the concepts of scientific knowledge is
composed of many of the concepts, theorems, laws, rules and formulas
should be based on the understanding of memory. For example, the
concept of pi, to guide students ranging in diameter from three round
the circumference and diameter of the relations obtained regularities,
"regardless of diameter, for any one round, its circumference is
the diameter of 3.1415 times ", 3.1415 is a constant, the
constant name is called pi, with" ¦Ð "said. Students with
this understanding, respect and the resistance is inversely
proportional; remember algebraic formula "(a + b) 2 = a2 +2 ab +
b2", from the binomial Zicheng be the cross multiplication and
memory to understand the principle.
The same is true history lesson, for example, students to remember
which year Revolution, the Communist Party can tell the students it
was established 10 years earlier than the students know that the CPC
is set up in 1921, also remembered 1911 Revolution in 1911. Thus,
efforts to build this thing and the link between what is known, also
enhance understanding and memory of a good way.
Fourth, use of intention memory and ability to train interested in
People's knowledge and experience, and some have no intention of
memories accumulated in daily life practice, we have seen, heard and
thought about things, done many things, there was no intention to
remember them, but these things but naturally in your head, become an
integral part of personal knowledge and experience. For example,
impressive in reading text language teachers, history teachers talked
about interesting stories, geography teachers, the board readily drawn
map of China, an experimental physics and chemistry teachers, some of
the charts, teachers did not ask students to remember, but Students
recall that deep. Psychological research shows no intention to have a
very selective memory, that in life things of great significance for
people's interests, needs, activities and tasks for the purpose of
things, things that can arouse emotional activities, human impact on
the deep, often easier to remember. In teaching the students do not
intend to make full use of memory, so that students receive a good
impact and accumulation of knowledge and experience. Teaching the use
of memory in a good way intention is to hope that students will
remember what a campaign organization to become the object of the
students. For example, many schools symbolic run to the wall hangs a
map there are many cities, the students during the course of the run,
the results with a small flag inserted in the map, which city that has
run up. Activities have been carried out long-distance running, the
city has not claimed a title, but the results of students remember
along the city, as the name of these cities have become the object of
their activities. Although not asked to remember, but all remembered.
So do not intend to memory as long as the appropriate planning, use of
appropriate methods of teaching have a great effect. Use knowledge of
students do not intend to memory consolidation, so that they can spend
less energy, but can not guarantee that the systematic knowledge. Rely
mainly on teaching students interested in memory, but only this
memory, but also that students will be tired. Therefore, teaching must
be no intention to combine memory and intention memory, alternately.
Education alone has no intention memory, students often can not
remember what non-missing. Therefore, the training intends to remember
is very important. For example, a pilot, two class teachers as a
requirement to recite the text in the first class of students, said:
"I recite this text to check next week." In other classes,
the students said: "I Tomorrow we should check to recite the
text. "This means that, for the first class required is long-term
memory, while the second class on short-term memory is required. The
teacher did not check the next day after the second week did not check
after a lapse of two weeks before he checks the results as a second
class performance results of the first class. This can be seen on
students and memory tasks and requirements are different, the effect
of memory on the different requirements than the effect of long-term
memory effects of short-term memory is better. Because short-term
memory requirements, students meet class teachers only ask questions
about the temporary record, soon forgotten. Teachers to train students
interested in memory (mostly long memory) capacity, is obtain
systematic knowledge and skill to pass. In the intention to remember,
it is very important is to check. Check to urge students to remember
intentional, if not check, they may not seriously to remember. Check
first by the teacher, the best to gradually teach them their check,
their check is in fact very positive intention and memory.
Fifth, the significance of memory and machine memory combined
The two memories are closely linked, closely related, are mutually
reinforcing. On the one hand, the mechanical memory of it as much as
possible significance of the time, help improve memory effect; other
hand, the significance of memory must also have mechanical memory to
help, to ensure the accuracy of memory. Therefore, teaching should be
meaningful combination of memory and machine memory, but the
significance of memory should be mainly because the significance of
memory has more memory than the mechanical advantage. Psychological
experiments show that significant memory efficient than mechanical
memory. For example, the following two groups of materials that need
to be recorded. The first group of materials are: willow, two herons,
day, white, on Ming, yellow, line, Oriole, a, Chui, I. Green. The
second group of materials: two Oriole Ming Tsui Lau, a line of egrets
in the Blue Sky. The results of the first group of materials is the
most they can remember the 78, while the second group of materials is
not read Du Fu quatrains people will remember exactly. Material is 10
with two words, only the link between words meaning somewhat
different, showing significant memory efficient than mechanical memory
several times higher. Therefore, the teaching of reading to try to
overcome that, "without understanding" "rote"
How to help students remember what significance? Significance is the
link. Knowledge and objective reality as the link, link between old
and new knowledge, knowledge of links between the various parts. To
enhance the significance of memory and teachers should make full use
of visual aids, visits, laboratory and other means to link theory with
practice. Sometimes can be meaningless to the original material,
"Fu added," an artificial sense, this is what we usually say
"memory techniques", such as compiled songs or jingles, etc.
to improve memory efficiency. For example: chemical element symbols
difficult to remember, we can have one of the K K, Na Na, Ca calcium,
Mg magnesium, Al aluminum, compiled "Canadian beauty" of the
jingle; also compiled the valence song: "One price potassium and
sodium hydrogen chloride of silver, barium and magnesium oxide calcium
divalent zinc, ammonia tetravalent silicon to 35, three valuable
elements of aluminum gold; 12 copper and mercury 246 S, 23 to 35 iron
phosphate, there tetravalent carbon and silicon lead, more than a few
to remember clean price "; English alphabet song, it does not
take much effort people can remember. In another example, a unit
telephone number is 4418, this number can add meaning, turn it into a
4 plus 4 equals 8, so 4418 is easy to remember. Remember that Marx was
born in 1818 and died in 1883, voices a similar statement can be
replaced, we can use the homonym for "another wave of another
wave, another wave will be allocated to casual" or "one to
crawl, a climb to climb the hill to the "to remember; to remember
that" 2 and the square of the number of "formula" (a +
b) 2 = a2 +2 ab + b2 ", available jingles," the first
square, square tail, the product of twice the sum of the central ,
equal to both ends of the second sign as "to remember. In a short
time to remember the names of many people, but also with a sense
linked to memory. For example, "Fu Hao" to its homonym
"living Buddha" link; "white benevolence" may be
associated with white; "rich sein" can be analyzed as the
"Mount Fuji on the people." Other knowledge in mind when the
appropriate use of mnemonics can be. Simply grab their
characteristics, and it and some things familiar link is easy to
Mechanical memory should combine together with the significance of
memory, but the study also encountered a number of meaningless or
meaning less material, the memory of those materials necessary to use
mechanical memories. Not only that, sometimes the material itself is
meaningful, because the limited level of understanding learners, can
not understand the significance of a time, then you can use mechanical
memory of the way first, the material it down, and then gradually
deepen understanding and strengthen, which is common. Therefore, the
role of mechanical memory can not be ignored, and the significance of
memory it can often complement each other, and some interesting
material, such as formulas, formulas, poetry, Pham Van, etc., in order
to remember exactly skilled, but also need to understand, based on
repeatedly to remember memorize. Teachers according to teaching
materials and clever use of sense memory machine memory, to improve
the efficiency of Memory.
6, "features" and "five to" is the fundamental
Reading and study is a perceptual knowledge to rational knowledge of
the process of development. Rational knowledge is built based on
perceptual knowledge. People's senses to participate in learning
activities more emotional material obtained richer, so up to the more
rational and profound, more comprehensive, the more solid memory. The
so-called "features" is the eyes, ears, mouth, hands, brain,
learning should not only watch, with the ears, mouth reading,
handwriting, and use the heads, all the senses are mobilized for more
kinds of collaborative activities organs, eyes and ears be smart,
hands and brain, and use. The so-called "five to", that is,
eyes, ears, mouth, hands and mind to rural villages. Eyes to look at
that carefully; ears that listened carefully; rural villages is
dedicated, independent thinking; exported to is seriously read, speak,
speaking, discussion; hand to is to do more, and more practice, more
shows, more action. Teachers in teaching students to use the full
features do five to provide students with a variety of sensory
activities, and will be able to fully grasp the characteristics of
things, a comprehensive understanding of the linkages between them,
memory efficiency is high.
7, suggestive and conducive to memory
Lenovo is to think of other things from one thing. Some external
information often raises memories of our past. Lenovo is premised on
mutual suggestive of various things in the past in the minds of the
link has been established. Memories often form associations, some of
the same object, can Anzhe be memorizing the different Lenovo recall,
many teachers, students answer questions in the association to
encourage students to always remember.
Lenovo has the following.
Close to the association from time and space close to the things
remembered. For example, think of Tiananmen, people think of the Great
Hall, the Revolutionary Museum, revolutionary martyr's memorial, and
Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the front door of the tower and so on.
Similar associations that reflect the object similar places. For
example, for scores of teaching, they can and division, decimals
linked to.
Association that reflects the object contrast against sexual. For
example, say National Geographic, it may be China and the United
States, Japan and the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom and France
compared the effect of memory on the better.
Lenovo relationship from a causal relationship between things,
subordinate relations associate, to recall a related things. For
example, let students know the relationship between temperature and
air pressure and wind temperature and latitude, topography,
relationship, not difficult to understand the characteristics of
temperature distribution in China from south to north with increasing
latitude, while the lower parts of the same latitude as the terrain it
the higher and lower reason.
Teachers try to expose the reality in teaching a variety of links
between objects, so that students develop a variety of associations,
so that you can greatly enhance the memory effect.
8, master forgotten law, reasonable organization review
I remember things do not review, will be forgotten. What is forgotten?
Where memorizing things over can not be restored under certain
conditions, or showed the wrong recognition and memory, called
forgotten. What kind of review would be reasonable, have to look at
what rules forgotten. According to the results of psychologists found
that forgetting is a slow down after the law. That today remember the
material, forgotten tomorrow, many will forget the day after tomorrow,
but will be less forgotten, the more the less to forget back. First,
the review must strike while the iron is hot, in a timely manner.
Second, forget the meaningful material slowly and less, meaningless
material faster and remember more. Therefore, the review should start
when the machine understanding. Third, the material faster and in the
middle part of the forgotten more than two parts of slower and less
forgotten. This is due to inhibition of proactive and retroactive
inhibition attack from both on the double impact of the results.
Therefore, the time necessary to review the material on the middle
part of the effort and spend more. Fourth, the memories of similar
materials are also susceptible to interference since forgotten. For
example, the study of history class, immediately to learn a language
lesson, then these two materials will interact to some extent, so the
two can not well remember. Therefore, when reviewed in a similar
material as possible to find different points. Fifth, the larger
amount of material, generally forgotten, after the memorial was more;
memorizing a small amount of material, the less forgotten. So increase
the amount of work is wrong. In addition, the forgotten also depends
on the people's interest and emotions, which in teaching should be
Why does it forget? Forgotten because of the memorial created when the
neural connections being formed under certain conditions,
result-suppression, forgetting to lift the speed of development or
temporary nervous connection with the consolidation of the extent and
depth of the suppression.
The first reason forgotten place, a temporary neural connections
stronger than irrelevant stimuli suppressed the original reflex, lead
to rejection of the results. This is a temporary forgetting, changes
in circumstances after the rejection to lift the temporary neural
connections they recover. For example, examination, because of
excessive stress, would have to remember a time not answer the
material, but also easily remembered after the content was forgotten.
The second reason is forgotten, as the cerebral cortex nerve cells
after long-term or intense work generated by the fatigue caused by
overloaded inhibition results. To avoid this phenomenon, review should
be diversified, should pay attention to Laoyijiege.
Forgotten third reason is that, as a temporary neural connections, not
to strengthen but dissipated, resulting in suppression of the
phenomenon. To avoid this phenomenon we must strengthen in time,
timely review.
According to these forgotten and generation of forgotten causes, and
forgetting to fight, it is necessary to organize a reasonable
scientific review. Organization review the basic way to consolidate
memory, is to prevent forgotten the fundamental way to improve memory
efficiency. Then review how to organize it?
1. To timely review. Forgotten place is slow down after the law, it
must be promptly reviewed. Experiments show that the memorial was
forgotten after the 12 days maximum, then gradually slow. According to
this rule, after reviewing more than first few've learned to forget in
time before the review can be more effective, until almost forgot to
review it, it is worth the candle. "Today's completion of
homework today, do not wait till tomorrow" is a good learning
experience, and also a good way to fight against forgetting.
2. To properly review the time allocated. Review can be conducted
continuously, called centralized review; can also review, between a
certain time interval review, called distributed review. Typically,
decentralized than centralized review review, because the review
focused on easily increase the burden of brain cells, causing fatigue,
resulting in inhibition; scattered review the heavy mental step-wise,
to avoid fatigue, the time interval, also can play to strengthen the
role, so obviously. According to this law, schools must have plans to
organize the usual review, focused review of post-out assault by
means, is detrimental to the development of adolescent physical and
mental health.
Do not also review the nature of two similar materials. Learning a
material, immediately went to learn the material models are very
similar in nature and often occur around the two materials interact
and interfere with each other. Alternate review of several of courses
than a continuous review of the effect of homework better. Should
avoid the single subject teaching alone into, to make rich learning
content, learning lively. Note Arts curriculum scheduling interval,
not to row with the subject of a similar nature, prevent a single
Review should be diversified. Monotonous mechanical repetition, tends
to produce inhibition of cerebral cortex and fatigue. Review
diversification and consistent with the characteristics of the child's
age and can mobilize their initiative and enthusiasm to learn. The
so-called diversification, that is, in different ways, from different
angles to consolidate the learning content. For example, the same word
review, you can use dictation, fill in the blank sentences, analysis
shaped the radical, write synonyms or antonyms, etc. ways to make
students through the review and deepen understanding of knowledge, so
that analogy.
9, use of memory, in enhancing teaching achievements
Teachers should not only impart knowledge to students, but also to
guide students to learn some good memory method. The basic approach is
an effective memory to understand and review, all other methods, two
basic methods by which derived. One of the more important methods are:
1. The use of part of the memorizing, memorizing the whole memorizing
and integrated approach
It depends on the length of the text, short text or poems, you can use
the whole memorizing. Memorizing a whole is beginning to end to read
over and over again until the date to remember. If the text length,
you can use part of the memorizing method, that is, to memorizing the
text section, until all remember the date. Memorizing section when the
situation occurs in reverse order, in order to avoid this effect, the
best method using integrated memory, the part of the memorizing and
memorizing the whole combination, first memorizing material as a
whole, to seize the main points of the full text, and then subdivided
part of the memorial, particularly difficult part of the multi-read
several times, and finally the sections together into a whole, so
memorizing like effect.
2. Repeated reading and try to memorize the combination method
Remember a text can be simply repeated the memorial can also be
combined with read memories of memorizing. The latter approach allows
students to pay attention to what some have mastered and which part of
the recall that is not good, then the energy and time to focus on the
part with the easy to remember. Studies have shown that both the
mechanical memory or sense memory, repeated reading and trying to
recall the method of combining, than simply memorizing better than
repeated over and over.
3. Comparative Law
Comparison is to identify the similarities between objective reality
point of a way of thinking. By comparison, the variety of things Biyi
Bi, will enable us to accurately understand the inherent
characteristics of a variety of things, but also know the same things
in common. Memory activity in comparison, to follow two ways. First,
with the requesting different, that is, in common or as much as
possible on the basis of similarity to find their differences. Second,
diversity in unity with, or at different points on the basis of as
much as possible to find the common ground or similar points. For
example, the quadrilateral in the square, rectangle, parallelogram,
rhombus, trapezoid area formula, etc. can be compared.
4. Classification method
Classification is in accordance with the objects of the same features
or attributes, grouping them, divided into a class, so that tends to
focus on decentralized, fragmented composition of the system, chaotic
coherent composition. Library collection, storage management
administrator is using grouping. Human knowledge is can be classified,
then it will facilitate the keeping and also to facilitate the
extraction, and absorption of new knowledge.
Five. Memorization method
Memorize the material is remembered in verse, which recall flow in,
use them can be handy. Memorization in three steps: the first step to
understand learning materials, the second step of reading and trying
to recite to repeated approaches to combining memory, the third step
is to prompt review.
6. Rote method
Rote method is that people bring himself to remember but it must be
remembered that can not easily remember the material. How to memorize
it? The most fundamental way is repeated again and again, often
7. Recitation method
Recitation method is a special memory. It requires the objective order
of things in accordance with the fixed, regardless of the severity of
major and minor, there is no omission errors to go to memory.
Memories are many ways, such as there are opposing memory, the laws of
memory, the morning memory, the read-write memory, the list of
mnemonic ... ... different people's memories are different. Some good
image of the memory, some good memories of abstract words was read the
recall rate was listening to the recall rate was on action memory
anchored, fast, accurate, and someone experienced to think through the
issue of recall rate and so on. Teachers, according to the
characteristics of each student, individualized guidance to a number
of ways, but note that most people are of mixed types of memory.
10, with scientific minds, with a brain health
Memory is a function of the brain, study depends mainly on the brain,
mental workers must learn to use a scientific brain. A person who
would use the brain, good at the brain, the proper allocation of study
time, so that diverse learning content, you can learn to get better
results. Active learning activities rely mainly on the brain, but the
brain can not work indefinitely long time, fatigue or brain cells.
Should play an active role in the brain, must be a labor there Yat,
work and rest. Teachers not to occupy students during recess time of
10 minutes and calisthenics, do not underestimate the ten minutes
between classes, students between classes and sports activities
appropriate than staying in the classroom function of nerve cells
above the 30% . Get enough sleep, eight hours on study and work have a
significant impact, adequate sleep helps learning and memory
retention, at least to provide the conditions for long-term memory.
Sleep, the brain cells through the elimination of fatigue, the brain
to be restored, thus enhancing the ability to learn. Brain's
functional state and the entire body's health, therefore, to improve
the memory must also pay attention to health, attention to regular
physical exercise and the strengthening of nutritional choline is the
memory of one hormone, it is chicken, fish, meat, egg content of more
. Is a gradual increase in the knowledge from less to more,
implemented progressively from simple to complex. To give full play to
the potential of brain function, we should reasonably arrange
learning, entertainment, sports activities and rest. Some people are
very tired in the case has still burn the midnight oil, so the study
results can only be a duplication of efforts, also affected the
recovery of energy the next day, over time, may cause neurological
disorders and even lead to nervous exhaustion, frequent headaches,
dizziness, memory will decline. So reading Mo gear, as long as
scientifically arrange a time with a reasonable brain, is to have more
scientific and cultural knowledge. In summary, we improve the
efficiency of memory compiled the following songs:
Memory Song
Purposeful interest in high, remember the image of prison to
Focus on strong memory, combined with good mechanical significance.
Collaborative features Qi movement, association review less forgotten.
Memory approach to flexible Laoyijiege Using brain.

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