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If by Chairman Mao's line
Construction of China, today is what?
Chinese people's great leader Mao Zedong, the 116th anniversary to the
birth. Many people have suggested that the date for the "People's
Day", many people suggested that this day should be China's
"Christmas", I think, this is the overwhelming majority of
people feel the Mao Zedong turned out to bring the Chinese people to
the well-being, and Sawanamai generations. In such a day, as a born in
the new society, under the red flag, enjoying the sun and rain and Mao
Zedong Thought, I should write something to commemorate the heroes of
the Chinese nation, our hearts red sun, the great savior.
Wind and rain away decades of life, so I feel that when we heard the
older generation about the suffering of the old Chinese history, with
great political enthusiasm and drive make a big sky of socialism, the
socialist construction of our home on, he eagerly look forward to,
hope that our great motherland, from thriving, prosperous, no longer
subject to humiliation by imperialist powers, to see the past, our
country successfully exploded an atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb,
satellites launched , which we feel have only socialism today, only
Mao Zedong Thought guidelines have current situation, if not Mao
Zedong made this achievement does not make people believe so many
Chinese, Mao Zedong, Mao Zedong support, Without Mao Zedong, the kind
of extraordinary wisdom, nor so many generals followed Mao Zedong,
which is why we continue to cherish the memory of Mao Zedong's cause.
China today, compared with the past is changed like a. Today the
Chinese people, can not afford Yang Mei, most wrinkled into a frown,
and today's China, that the Internet is elated, but the eyebrow is no
longer elated, but the screw from the knots, that Tu expiratory lots
to talk about grievances, and the Chinese people now emerging
pornography, gambling, constantly emerging triad, to emerge all mine,
all kinds of occupational diseases continue to occur, this can not
continue to eat out there that can not drink, have heart broken, we
have reflected on the Chinese people, China today, there continued to
defy the state four sides, had to anger the Chinese people of today's
official corruption and incompetence, of prostitution of young
mistresses, corruption, bribery, dereliction of duty, come up with a
rich layer of the newborn has gradually lost confidence in the future,
so no one could replace the time Mao Zedong had to sing over and over
a thousand times million East is Red, calling out again, Mao Zedong,
had to sing looked up and saw the Big Dipper, heart Mao believed that
the song was. We can not not think about it 30 years if China is not
the year in accordance with Mao Zedong, the direction will look like
We cherish the memory of Mao Zedong, not chanting slogans through the
decades of life experience, to Mao Zedong Thought, Mao Zedong that
selfless, kind of amazing wisdom and courage, that to save the nation
a habitual feelings of the rich people rich, the kind of a spirit of
serving the people wholeheartedly and control the development of that
year, predicted that if the guidelines in accordance with Chairman
Mao's revolutionary direction, and we can see that such a phenomenon:
First, workers. We still will proudly sing the workers have the power,
and every day busy with work, step by step change classes to do their
work should be dry. Chinese working class has always been the leading
class, they are the proletariat, they have a strict organizational
discipline and a high degree of political awareness, to engage in
their production, they will live to the allocation of social housing
units, hospitals will have their factories , there will be nurseries,
kindergartens will be, there will be cultural entertainment. Workers
Club, will be a more than a beautiful, but what now, not like now,
although right into every high-rises, but after 80 it all is the slave
of the house. China's workers have pension old, sick with free medical
care, is no longer old, no one to support now, regardless of the
unemployed live off do not go on, but also pay pensions, health
Second, and farmers. China's farmers, farming in the collective
organization of labor under construction for the modernization of
rural areas. Mao then said, in the last century, to achieve
agricultural mechanization. In China, is likely to have one in Liu
Village, Nanjie, not today, in addition to these villages are small
Village. Chinese farmers will enjoy Liuzhuang, Nanjie with the cities,
like pension, health care, education, treatment and will not leave as
go-go workers, all year round down, not to discuss wages, also
Black-boss played out in the death of the injured casualties. Rural
water conservancy construction is complete certainly, certainly keep
up with the cultural life of the city's pace, China's farmers live,
with the city about the same life.
Third, traders. China's businessmen will not be self-employed, Zai
circulation area, most of the economy are ¼Æ»® flow Dushizhipai,
distribution, a equalitarianism, just to clear Yixialiudong channels,
speed run, than the middle ³¦¹£×è. Salespersons who are state-owned,
collective treatment of workers, smiling to welcome four guests. No
longer is today's small business operators who were urban management
thrust of ruined and no longer a tax department regardless of whether
you make money, sub-national tax land tax, tax end of the year to
complete the task, not pay have to pay the. China's businessmen, will
be to improve the attitude of the main efforts in the quality of
services, 10 million Zhang Binggui figure appeared in front of
customers of the.
Fourth Student. Chinese students will complete the implementation of
free education, will train a large number of successors for the
socialist cause, widespread implementation of high school, finished
high school students are very likely to accept the military,
agriculture, work training, assigned to the need jobs, the year Mao
advocate before, students learn the main agricultural engineering
should learn, critical bourgeoisie. Students will not graduate on
unemployment, the students in Dayong, directional distribution,
students make efforts to live technical workers, do not study, if
illiterate people look down on, not like today afford to go to school
can not afford the tuition, the University is good for the work, but
could not find a good job but a job. More female students will not be
the weekend when the mistress of poverty, of course, that does not
appear Yang Yuanyuan female master committed suicide due to poverty.
5, science and technology. China Computer early eighties of last
century took part in the outcome of world science and technology
exhibition, the invention of computers to appear in China, Bill Gates
could not estimate made big money. Emerging cutting-edge technology,
world-class in China, and China leading the world. China's large
aircraft already flying in the sky, not big aircraft manufacturers
stopped three years. Chinese farmers not to the coastal areas to work
in production of trousers, socks, shirts, lighters enchant hundreds of
millions of hundreds of 100 million people in a big plane.
6, defense. China's national defense, certainly invulnerable, do not
appear embassy bombing, the aircraft was pushed, the U.S. ships had
been measuring the East China Sea to the South China Sea, the aircraft
continue to our coastal surveillance of airspace. India not against
China's territorial claims McMahon Line, and South China Sea island
Example bombs do not appear to steal our country where oil was. As
Chairman Mao said long ago that people do not make me, I do not
prisoners, who bandits attacked, I will of prisoners, guard, defend
the motherland, be sure to totally, completely wipe out the enemy
invasion, the U.S. imperialists and all reactionaries are paper tiger,
the world's people to unite to defeat U.S. imperialism and its
lackeys. Also because there are hegemonic countries said China's
military modernization is not afraid, afraid of Mao Zedong of the
Chinese army, enough to prove that, in accordance with the guidelines
of the route of Mao Zedong, we will not someone make a low profile
with their tails between man, the hero of the Chinese nation since Mao
Zedong gas, is a world famous ah!
7, resource. According to the practice of the Mao Zedong era, China's
resources will not be sold to fraudsters, but will not, China's coal,
it is impossible to fill the Sea of Japan, and even burnt the Japanese
to buy our coal, China's Premier Chou En-lai does not agree should be
left to later research, how to play a role. China Rare Earth will not
sold to fraudsters, China's mineral resources will not be dug, not to
enchant several trillions of foreign exchange, to buy a bunch of
others waste, but also things like the debt-equity swap.
8, officials. Chinese officials will be under the guidance of Mao
Zedong's thought, serve the people wholeheartedly, not for personal
interests, will suffer first, enjoy later, take the first dry in the
former, as the people's leaders, since a large Ming Da-Fang Four
Freedoms posters big debate, officials at the time of the people's
supervision. Will not be tens of millions of their annual salary, the
workers get no matter how much they do not mistresses, raising lover,
*** young daughter said of prostitution and young, people would not
cross his beard vertical stare that you count ass ah , treatment of
trouble-making people to hard-gas, not to be trouble-making people are
held hostage. Not the morning of righteousness, the Chinese sense of
obligation in the afternoon about luck, say at night in bed mistress
strength that lay on the trillion a year on eating and drinking, which
make up that fill endless endless is also corrupt, nor will there be
in a corruption is Jige Yi, also fled abroad to Xieju Kuan.
9, the environment. If the Mao Zedong era, the environment must be
clear water and white clouds. Because of a planned economy, not
sprawl, not digging Luancai, mountains and rivers will not dig the
state of disaster, do not start in Taihu Lake, West Lake algae odor
everywhere. Yangtze River, Huaihe River will not be full of rotten
fish smell shrimp, not white pollution everywhere, not many are out on
food additives, not appear Sudan, have ¶¾´óÃ×, bleached wheat flour,
black heart because there is no boss, all the food security of
state-owned factory to ensure the security of the national
consumption, ease of use of food, drugs will be safe, Zheng will not
die. This will not appear in Jiangsu province in the country every 12
cancer patients have a Jiangsu, experience chest does not appear so
strange lung.
10, social environment. This environment will remain closed at night
with long-term users, Lubushiyi situation, concentration of each
household neighbors will not be safe anti-theft window; will not be
open prostitution, drug abuse and trafficking, gambling, women and
child trafficking phenomenon; will not be sexually transmitted
diseases, AIDS, not the phenomenon of a triad; will not be so many
crimes, the migrant workers will not be frozen to death under a
bridge, does not occur because the survival of so many people to
steal, to petition, there are problems at the grass roots, It
civility, politeness, mutual respect between people, not so many
people only recognize the money does not recognize the person, and so
on and so on, "reprinted: Tobacco Cove"

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