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									Home Economics Teaching Program attendant public nutritionist
???Since the last century 80's, the home economics education, adult
education, first quietly rising across the nation, has been set up for
more than 60 "home economics school," Zhejiang "family
life" and "Life and Labor," the two The home economics
education materials as a nine-year compulsory education up service one
of the subjects. In layman's terms, that is, management of domestic
family life education in matters of knowledge and skills related to
education. This is a study of modern family law, in order to enhance
and improve family life skills education material. Such as food
preparation, food processing, cooking, etc.; fabrics and fabrics,
fashion design and sewing production, clothing purchase, storage,
washing clothes, cosmetics, etc.; residential design and management;
maternal and child health, family health, child development and
parenting, children psychological; family weaving, embroidery,
handicrafts, household appliances and maintenance; family marriage,
family relationships, family ethics, maintenance, etc.; family
rituals, families, family business, management, family consumption.
Her subjects are related to food science, clothing science, domestic
science, conservation science, leisure studies, must be science,
physiology, demography, eugenics, genetics, talent, sociology,
aesthetics, technology, home economics, family education, child
psychology, family management, family sociology and so on.
???Paper vocational training schools opened in Hangzhou in Hangzhou
Bureau of Labor and Social Security Bureau, Education Bureau of
Hangzhou, Hangzhou, education and training of the first fixed coupons
to use training institutions as well as Wuhan University, China
University of Geosciences, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and
Technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University School of Adult
Education co-operation with external Hangzhou. Hangzhou to promote
education and training industry, raise public and immigrant workers in
the overall quality and quality of life and building a harmonious
society of learning, our school and Ego Group Ltd, the Ego Group and
now is the digital market, various forms, at all levels of vocational
training and academic education.
Home Economics Teaching Program attendants 2009-1-19
Hangzhou employment Re-employment Training Programme
http://www.zjzjkw.com/shownews.asp?menuid=117&id=162 teaching
Occupations (jobs) Name of Home Economics attendant grade of primary,
First, the definition of a certain professional modern scientific
knowledge and operational skills of a high quality mid-level family
services staff.
Second, apply for the initial work Jian Dingzhe object must have
junior or higher, in the professional work of more than one year
continuous attachment or preparing to engage in the occupations. Apply
to intermediate work with middle school and above Jian Dingzhe
education, working years in a row over the employment or appointment
to obtain license for one year the initial family service staff.
Third, training objectives through the operation of theoretical
knowledge and skills training, students should be familiar with the
types of professional ethics in this post, care, nutrition, etiquette,
and other basic theoretical knowledge, master cooking, household
cleaning, household appliances use the maintenance, landscaping and
other basic skills room and operating technology to achieve energy
independence for employment, the level of proficiency.
Fourth, the curriculum and teaching arrangements and
Training of 140 hours, 70 hours theory and practice 70 hours:
Number training lessons
1 Professional Ethics 10
Two basic manners and language etiquette: manners, instrument
appearance, customs 12
3 of 12 daily basic English conversation
4 Home Cleaning: Cleaning and maintenance of room 12
5 high-end furniture and kitchen cleaning and maintenance 12
6 home cooking and reasonable nutrition, family cuisine in
craftsmanship and design make a simple family dinner 12
7 clothing laundry and storage 10
8 bedroom landscaping: Intermediate Flower Arrangement, a simple room
layout 12
9 Family 12 common nursing skills and knowledge
10 special appliances for use and maintenance of 12
Different groups of 11 nursing home: newborn, maternity, elderly care
and health 12
12 knowledge of family psychology: psychological characteristics of
children and adolescents, family relationships School 12
????Total Hours 140
5, reference materials, "housekeeper," China Labor &
Social Security Publishing
"Practical Manual of Modern domestic service" Zhejiang
Technology Press
Education program for domestic workers, Shaoxing County Qianqing
Chengjiaozhongxin March 2007
First, the guiding ideology with the people's living standards rising,
people are more and more demand for domestic services, domestic
services, more and more widely in the field, while domestic workers
have put forward higher requirements. To meet the market demand, the
domestic attendant training can not only transfer of rural women's
labor, to create the conditions for their jobs, but also help to
improve the overall quality of workers as possible to meet the market
demand and the people's growing material and cultural needs.
Second, the training aims to improve women landless peasant and rural
surplus labor in domestic service quality, enhance the quality and
level of domestic service, to promote their area to employment in
domestic service.
Third, the trainees within the town and the rural landless peasant
women surplus labor, love of domestic service work, have good moral
quality, a certain degree of learning ability and comprehension
ability, the age of 16 years to 55 years of age, in good health.
Fourth, training school edited according to "basic knowledge of
domestic service" materials.
(A) the basis of a practice, common sense migrant workers: job
preparation, knowledge of traffic laws and traffic safety, personal
safety and self-protection knowledge.
2, basic knowledge of law: the constitution stipulates that citizens
enjoy the rights and obligations of citizens personal rights, labor
law knowledge.
(B) of the basic protocol 1, the basic requirements and conversation:
discourse of basic manners; taboo language; prohibit the use of foul
language, profanity, personal attacks, religious and ethnic taboos and
the possible embarrassment target language; greet and entertain guests
courtesy; the use of a smile.
2, appearance, grooming, appearance, etiquette: Instrumentation
America must be the inner beauty and outer beauty of harmony and
unity. The instrument should be America, we must improve the intrinsic
quality of individual start. If a person is not morality, cultural
accomplishment, wisdom to these inherent qualities as a foundation,
then no matter how good a priori conditions, and then carefully
dressed, it is only a superficial beauty, the lack of Reiki, can
produce attractive.
3, the basic method of human communication: housekeeper to work from
the date the employer would face a daily direct family members, every
family will have few members, domestic workers should strive to live
in harmony with each member. Domestic attendants should pay attention
to our own image and self-cultivation, to follow etiquette. Generally
speaking should be: lively, but not frivolous; dignified, but not
stuffy; self-confidence, but not Jiaokuang; frank, but not reckless;
fine, but not narrow; gentle, but not weak; warm, but not rude; modest
, but not inferior; wit, but not cunning. This woman, no matter what
the public are very welcome.
(3) Family Care 1, master the skills of nursing infants and young
children; 2, taking care of pregnant women; 3, knowledge of caring for
the elderly; 4, common sense and methods of patient care.
(D) knowledge of a health, personal hygiene; 2, food hygiene; 3,
sanitation. In domestic service work, we should focus on family
health. If the lack of health knowledge, without good health habits,
it is difficult to have a healthy body, there are no able to adapt to
fast-paced modern life and work. Food hygiene and health are closely
related to both diet-cultivation treatment, also pernicious to health
disease. If the food does not meet the health requirements or improper
cooking methods, not only reduces their nutritional value, has
seriously affected the health, causes indigestion, and even lead to
many diseases. Beautiful environment, both aromatic and pleasant, but
also cultivate a person's temperament.
(E) 1 housework, home cleaning method: how to carry out cleaning of
furniture; on the cleaning of household appliances; on the kitchen
cleaning; toilet cleaning and disinfection; surface cleaning and so
2, washing, drying, ironing and clothes care: understanding the
performance and use of detergent, the correct identification and use
detergent, washing control method.
3, home landscaping Knowledge: learn the necessary skills in the
family landscaping and common sense.
4, the family purchases and accounting: the value of services involved
will be essential for participation in some families buy daily
necessities, the work of people's lives are involved in all aspects of
basic necessities to buy the issue. To be able to buy inexpensive
goods, the value of attendant is necessary as a learning and mastering
knowledge and skills purchases.
(6) with use of gas appliances and 1, use of equipment and maintenance
of household appliances; 2, range hood and gas appliance use.
Master the necessary appliances for domestic use and maintenance is an
indispensable part of the service, but also domestic workers must
master the basic knowledge.
(7) knowledge of a home security, home security basics; 2, anti-theft
and handling outside the home; 3, common sense emergency.
???As domestic workers learn some common sense home security and
emergency first aid knowledge is necessary to strengthen the physical
protection and prevention.
Fifth, training methods training to take theoretical knowledge
combined with practical teaching, planning teaching about 120 hours.
Training and teaching is mainly based on face to face, combined with
actual student supplement. According to the actual situation of
students in training to take user-friendly teaching methods, the
arrangement of materials in the knowledge that sub-section has links,
teaching lectures and practical activities interspersed combination.
The theory of those who pass the exam and skills assessment, the
county Bureau of Labor and Social Security issued the certificate.
Beijing Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School moderate
domestic service professional guidance and management of teaching
????First, training objectives need to cultivate the socialist
modernization drive with full and cultural qualities and high moral
standards and professional competence of an integrated family and
community service.
????1. With Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping
Theory, Fundamentals; with a scientific world outlook, outlook on life
and serving the people in patriotism, collectivism and socialist
ideology; with good professional ethics and codes of conduct;
self-reliance, respect for the old child-friendly.
????2. With medium education, family and community services master the
necessary basic knowledge, basic theory and skills to achieve the
relevant national professional skill level of intermediate industrial
????3. Have engaged in family and social services necessary for basic
knowledge, skills, housework, family care skills, safety and health
????Second, type of students enrolled with the junior high school (or
the equivalent of junior high) school education in the rural educated
youth, urban community service.
Three learning forms and credits 1. Learning Type: full-time amateur
or semi. 2. Duration: flexible with credit-based education system 2-5
IV, the curriculum is divided into compulsory curriculum, elective
courses, graduation practice and the vocational skills training.
1. Compulsory cultural foundation courses: Technical Writing,
Introduction to Deng Xiaoping Theory and practice, computer
application, basic knowledge of Natural Science.
Professional communication course: the basics of domestic service,
food nutrition and cooking, home care, science and child-rearing,
household cleaning and landscaping, housekeeping, electrical base.
2. Elective: Cultural foundation courses: English, Mathematics.
Professional development courses: aesthetic foundation, physical
education and health, legal base and regulations in rural areas,
social psychology, the planting of new technologies, new farming
3. Graduation Practice and vocational skills training, basic credit of
10 credits.
5, hours allocated and teaching process table (see table)
6, teaching arrangement 1. Teaching: There are audio and visual
materials of course, organized by the classes Organization of teaching
students using audio-visual materials. Silent as the primary school
teaching course organized by the face to face. 2. Learning: students
by teaching counseling outline for a comprehensive self-study text
materials. Number of self-study hours can ease the course of their
actual conditions and the participants, but not less than the total
hours of teaching plan for the number.
3. Counseling: student learning in language teaching materials and
audio-visual program ratings based on the students by the teachers
counseling guidance and counseling courses, including self-study
guide, answering problem-solving, Exercises, discussion and study
skills training.
4. Practice: (1) Curriculum Practice: According to the curriculum
requirements, student organizations, to communities and families
practice, practice writing the report.
(2) Graduation: According to the teaching requirements, organize
students to undertake a comprehensive family and community service
internship or social surveys, guide students to write practical
reports or investigation reports.
7, teaching requirements 1. Teaching audio-visual teaching,
counseling, teaching, practice teaching, learning all aspects of
organic unity, with participants learning as the main audio-visual
teaching-oriented and focus on remedial teaching ability, and
comprehensively improve the quality of students. 2. Basic courses,
professional courses through the teaching with the production, living
practice, to improve student learning interest, to learn professional
knowledge and vocational and technical future.
3. Courses of instruction in close connection with local production
and living reality, enhancing the relevance and applicability. 4.
Vocational skills training and accreditation status with domestic
service work closely and pay attention to cultivate professional
ethics and employment and entrepreneurship.
VIII, 1 course. Introduction to Deng Xiaoping Theory and Practice:
Building socialism with Chinese characteristics taught basic theory, a
scientific system of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the main content. 2.
Practical Writing: Common life application teaching style, work style
applications, economic style and document style format, writing
methods and requirements, training students on the writing and the use
of common practical writing ability. 3. Natural Basics: teaching
light, sound, heat, motion and force, electricity and magnetism,
matter and energy, and acid, alkali, salt, and common elements and
basic knowledge of material and the relationship and the initial
meteorological knowledge.
4. Basic knowledge of domestic service: domestic service work ethic,
knowledge of mental health domestic service, clothing rituals, family
relationships, use and maintenance of home appliances, home security,
basic knowledge of laws and regulations.
Five. Food Nutrition and Cooking: Food and Nutrition, food selection
and storage of food hygiene, household food cooking techniques, family
dinner designed.
6. Computer Application: teaching the basic knowledge of computers,
disk operating system WINDOWS operating system and the safe use of
Chinese, Chinese character input and output of information technology
\ WPS desktop publishing systems, databases and the basic concept of
operations and programming Foxbase preliminary.
7. Home care: elderly health and care of engineering, maternal care,
physically disabled (mentally handicapped) person's home care, common
diseases, prevention, home security agents, physical fitness.
8. Science and Parenting: neonatal care, infant health, child
nutrition and health, child psychology, family education of preschool
9. Household cleaning and landscaping: room cleaning, kitchen and
bathroom cleaning, laundry washing and storage, home furnishings, and
Of 10. Housekeeping: Marriage and Family, family ethics, family
financial management, home security, family and cultural construction.
11. Electrical basics: teaching DC circuits, the basic concept and
basic electromagnetic laws, single-phase and three phase AC circuits
the basic knowledge and Electrical Engineering Laboratory. 12.
Mathematics: algebra in middle school based on the teaching of power
functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, series,
permutations and combinations, and the preliminary knowledge of
mathematical statistics. 13. English: A sentence for the skeleton, the
main teaching of commonly used 800 words, 90 phrases, 7 and 10 when
the state of grammatical structure and its application.
14. Aesthetic base: teach basic knowledge of aesthetics, the basic
concept of beauty, aesthetic abilities, appreciation of America's
basic approach, the characteristics of various types of aesthetic
objects and the appreciation of requirements. 15. Sports and Health:
Physical Fitness and Sports under the basis of student organizations,
teaching, exercise, physical fitness, improving self-care and physical
and mental health and ability to adapt to the environment. 16. Legal
basis and rural law: teaching the Constitution, criminal law, civil
law, procedural law based and agricultural law, agricultural extension
law, land law, the burden on peasants and other rural common law
17. Social Psychology: basic knowledge of psychology, individual and
society, social cognition, social motivation, social attitudes,
interpersonal and social communication, mental health.
18. Planting of new technology: teaching crop production is being
promoted and will be supporting the promotion of sophisticated new
technology. 19. Breeding of new technology: lectures meat, eggs, milk,
wool production of new technologies, grass and livestock technology.
9, assessment 1. Assessment method (1) Required to implement the
city's examination program, the municipal cultural foundation school
curriculum proposition, professional courses through the central
school proposition. (2) elective courses from the District Branch of
Proposition organize the testing.
2. The end of each semester examination time, focus on lessons learned
in the semester theory examination, examination failure, could
participate in the academic structure of the course within the
duration of any one test as a make-up. 3. Theory examination and
grading by the "Central Agricultural Broadcasting and Television
School test method" for processing.
4. The secondary academic education and "green card"
education and vocational evaluation phase interface. Green Certificate
in Vocational Education and Training qualifications, professional
skill appraisal theory courses corresponding to each other without
examination, mutual recognition of credits.
2008-9-1 Hebei Zhoukou College of Home Economics Teaching Program
First, academic and enrollment targets Duration: 2 years Admission
object: high-school graduates, post graduates in
Second, training objectives to the professional education reform as a
concept, is committed to developing the theory and education to master
modern life, economic, psychological, legal and other related fields
of knowledge, able to engage in 21st century development of human
society and way of life and way of life research, and related
disciplines teaching, can guide the community and family building,
capable of performing the work of civil affairs departments at all
levels of government and for the life of a company providing products
and services enterprises expertise.
C, business specifications both graduates and the needs of families in
the industry planning, development, marketing and promotion, etc., but
also in home economics education, teaching and research work, will be
committed to changing the present, China's theory from the actual
abuses, cultivating innovative, complex and applied domestic talent.
Fourth, capacity analysis and decomposition of (a) knowledge one
should master the basic knowledge necessary culture; 2, familiar with
the industry and the common law of business management economic
regulations; 3, the professional and social needs of the market so
that students home life, marriage and family, child education,
nutrition, diet, apparel fabrics, home finance, consumer planning,
life, health, career planning and lifelong education, with the
generous solid knowledge; 4, the initial grasp of social employment
and business start-up.
(B) should have the ability to 1, with strong language, writing
skills, social communication and organizational management; 2, with
market research, family needs analysis, industry management and other
practical skills. 3, with a strong command of English, computer
skills; 4, has some information-gathering and processing capabilities,
ability to update their knowledge; 5, has some creative ability and
strong practical ability, to adapt to changes in employment status,
and technological progress and social development;
5, the certificate required skill level of professional certificate
and the Ministry of Education of the College English Test A-or B-level
Henan College Computer Examination 2
6, capacity unit (main course)
(1) Specialty Course: 1, prenatal and postnatal learning hours: 64
Textbook: "eugenics study"
Summary: This course aims to enable students to understand the basic
concepts of conservation education of children, the basic situation,
students engaged in teaching security interest in the work.
2, Applied Nutrition hours: 64 Textbook: "Applied Nutrition"
Summary: This course covers the physiological function of each
nutrient, deficiency, population needs and supply management and food
sources, the body's nutritional requirements at different times and
nutrition supply .
3, useful in daily life Legal Hours: 64 teaching: "legal
basis" Summary; the course of family life as the main cover the
Constitution, civil and commercial law, economic law, administrative
law, criminal law, procedural law, from carefully selected and family
life closely related to articles, one by one interpretation, together
with typical cases to illustrate, and strive for the establishment of
a harmonious civil society to provide legal protection.
4, child behavior and correct hours: 64 Textbook: "Children's
behavior and correct the problem," Abstract: Children often grow
up in some form of unexplained and difficult to correct bad habits,
such as withdrawal, withdrawal, irritability, partial eclipse, smoke
finger, stuttering, etc., these acts have caused the parent-teacher
attention, but most parents are helpless. This course on the status
problem behavior in children, causes, treatment techniques, treatment
methods for in-depth analysis and research, summed up a situation of
treatment in line with our early childhood program.
5, the basis of family medicine Hours: 72 teaching: "General /
Family Medicine Introduction to" Summary: This course
systematically explained the emergence and development of family
medicine background and future of general family medicine, the basic
theoretical principles, general health care model Essence -
human-centered, family units, community based, prevention-oriented
health care, general medical practice in the effective means, and the
community health service management and general health of the ethical
(B) Practice Course 1, professional practice and Graduation 2
Graduation Project (Thesis)
7, the other part be explained in our Home Economics is a traditional
and emerging disciplines. Normal University in China before the
founding of several departments have set up a home economics or home
economics in the Department of Education with the professional.
Especially after the founding of our College and University in 1952
and professional adjustment, the doors related to the everyday life of
citizens the important subjects of quality - "Home
Economics" has been canceled. Since reform and opening, with the
rapid development of the national economy, there is a growing emphasis
on nutritional care and physical health, marital quality, children's
education, leisure, entertainment, sports, fitness, clothing and other
apparel and family well-being and quality of civic life is closely
related to the problem of These are the home economics field of
attention and study. China's domestic industry with strong market
potential and development space, home economics will be the stars of
the 21st Century, and home economics professionals in the 21st Century
will be welcomed by most market professionals. The professional focus
is the process of teaching fundamental, authoritative, cutting-edge.
Emphasizes practical and interdisciplinary, teaching students through
the system with a strong professional capacity planning and market
operation. Passage of the professional learning, students are asked to
accept a strict home economics basic training and wide knowledge of
home economics basic theory and related knowledge to master home
economics of basic research methods, household industry, the market
planning, operation and forecasting skills, to train students to form
a strong real operational capacity to meet the needs of the community
in related fields. This expertise covers the areas of home economics
education, employment, management, training and teaching and research
institutions; the Home Department or the Home system; community
guidance services and regulatory agencies; family services; and
domestic business-related print media. May engage in teaching Home
Economics and Management; community and family life guidance; family
life science and cultural studies; primary and secondary schools,
kindergarten classroom teaching and life guidance life; household
management; household goods industry, business planning and marketing
management; home environment and supplies of human design; family
asset management; family education mentoring and so on.
Table: Table 1: note the way to achieve training objectives
?Training goals Training goals decomposition pathway requirements
Course Title
Moral and humane education and the legal basis for the ideological and
moral cultivation; Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the
"Three Represents" Important Thought; situation and policy;
arts education, military training and military education establish a
correct outlook on life, values, law-abiding, civilized manners , pay
attention to public morality; have a strong dedication and sense of
responsibility; have a strong awareness and develop innovative ways of
thinking has created a healthy body and positive attitude to life and
psychological quality.
Physical education, active participation of the various sport sport,
the basic form lifetime sports consciousness, develop the habit of
consciously and conscientiously improved through sport psychology, to
establish good relationships, develop a positive and optimistic
attitude towards life, the use of appropriate methods regulate their
emotions in motion the fun and experience the feeling of success,
showing good sportsmanship and team spirit. With - sports and cultural
appreciation given.
Prenatal and postnatal care professional education school; life
practical law; children behavior and correct; family medicine base;
Nutrition; physical training; dance; floral art; life sciences
Introduction; basic psychology; family ethics; eugenics science;
modern domestic service basis. Through this professional learning,
students are asked to accept a strict home economics basic training,
broad knowledge of home economics of basic theory and relevant subject
knowledge, to master home economics basic research methods, domestic
industry, market planning, operation and Yuce skills, to train
students to form a strong practical operational capacity to meet the
needs of the community in related fields.
The ability of the professional basic social etiquette and the art of
living and interpersonal skills with good professional ethics and
pragmatic style of work; have strong professional skills and teamwork;
have a strong sense of professionalism and sense of responsibility; a
more solid basis of knowledge of professional and adapt to the
potential development of new technologies;
Basic computer skills to master computer applications such as
Windows98 operating system, with computer operations and ability to
Practical English for English language proficiency in English by
three, with access to the professional level of English language
material, strong language skills
Table 2: 2007 domestic service schedule for Professional Teaching
Course type, serial number name of the distribution of school hours
and weeks, the number of hours of performance assessment (semester,
examination, test)
?????????????????????Hours (theory and practice) the first year (a
16-Tuesday 18, Wednesday) the second year (18, Thursday 16 weeks)
Education Division
1 Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three
Represents" 72541842
2 Ideological and Moral Cultivation and legal basis for 3226622
3 Situation and Policies 161 601
4 Sports 641,846,222
5 Art Education 36181821
6, and military education, military training 2 weeks
7 Career Guidance 363 602
Section 8 of the basic capacity to apply basic computer 72,363,641
9 Practical English 2081466244212
Professional Skills Course
10 physical training 64323242
Dance 363 621 11
12 child care and education 64,481,642
13 life sciences Introduction to 72,541,842
Applied Nutrition 14 64521241
Practical Law 15 living 64,323,241
16 Ertong problem behavior and Correction 64,521,241
17 Health Care 72,541,842
18 Floral 72,363,641
19 Modern Home Economics Foundation 72541842
20 Basic Psychology 6,464,042
21 eugenics science 6464042
22 family ethics 6,464,042
23 social etiquette and interpersonal 72,363,644
24, art and life skills 64,323,242
Concentrated practice a graduate internship (weeks) 11 weeks
Graduation 2 (weeks) 4 weeks
3 graduate education in one week
??????Total 15,081,060,448
Table 2: the proportion of teaching hours table
Projects Hour percentage (%) Remarks
Theory of teaching
168 11.1% Education Course
12% of the basic skills course 182
Professional Skills Course 642 42.6%
68 by 4.5% excluding public elective courses
Practice teaching (including training) 448 29.8% non-concentrated
???Total 1,508,100% free of concentrated practice
Home Economics Teacher Professional Services table of adding time
Name Age Title graduate school, professional degree of the curriculum
?Hangzhou education program for employment and reemployment
Occupations (jobs) name public dietitians (members) Level
Intermediate, Advanced
First, the definition of public dietitians are engaged in professional
nutrition guidance, nutrition and food safety knowledge dissemination,
promotion of public health work professionals.
Second, for objects --- public dietitian intermediate (4) with one of
the following conditions:
¢Ù, professional and related occupations in the work of more than one
¢Ú, secondary vocational schools (including vocational high school,
technical schools) to the professional or related majors;
¢Û, obtain high school, secondary school diploma or college students.
Senior Dietitian --- Public (3) and one with the following conditions:
¢Ù, access to the professional or relevant professional qualifications
junior professional and technical positions;
¢Ú, access to secondary vocational schools (including secondary school,
vocational school, technical school) diploma of the professional or
related field, continuous work in the career 3 years (including 3
years) or more;
¢Û, to obtain a college (including senior technical school) diploma,
work more than 1 year;
¢Ü, to obtain the professional or relevant professional college
Three training objectives of this course from theory to deepen public
nutritionist for students to acquire the professional ethics of the
profession, medicine, nutrition, human nutrition, the meals must be,
and the combined knowledge of community nutrition counseling and
missionary work, for medium and small schools, child care agencies,
nursing homes, professional sports teams, government planning
departments, enterprises and institutions of public health
departments, community health and health centers, restaurants, food
processing and operations, hotel Dengjun different number of nutrition
professional and technical backbone manager, responsible for the
Fourth, the curriculum and teaching arrangements
Training of 140 hours, 80 hours theory and practice 60 hours:
Class number of knowledge points
1 Professional Ethics 10
2 Nutrition Foundation 10
3 nutritious recipe formulation, production 12
4, the nutritional value of foods, food nutritional value of factor 12
5, nutritional assessment, nutritional diet for the first 12
6 special populations diet and nutrition 12
7 nutrition and nutrition-related diseases 12
8 Community Nutrition: nutrition diets to ensure residents and policy
measures 12
9 and prevention of food contamination, food additives and management
10 food hygiene problems of new technology and its 12
11, and the prevention of foodborne diseases, nutrition, toxicology 12
12 food hygiene and management, nutrition counseling and nutrition
education, 12
Total Hours 140
5, reference materials
"Nutrition and Food Hygiene" People Health Press
"Members of the basics of nutrition catering," China Labor
and Social Security Publishing House
"Nutrition catering staff skills," China Labor and Social
Security Publishing House
Types of employment and reemployment training
1, 2, is aimed for teaching plans, teaching plans flower workers 3, 4
computer repairman teaching plans, teaching plans green chemical
5, property management teaching plan 6, 7 home economics teaching
program attendants, marketing teacher education program 8, a
salesperson teaching plan
9, computer operators 10 teaching programs, public dietitians
(members) teaching plans 11 restaurants attendant teaching plan
12, room attendants teaching programs 13, 14 Floral staff teaching
programs, teaching programs lobby attendant
?Technical schools and community service Home Economics Teaching
Program and Syllabus (2006) Labour and Social Security Employment
Training Department issued
China Labor Publishing Date :2006-12-01
????Home Economics - a development in a sunrise industry Keywords:
sunrise industry domestic industry conditions
????Abstract: This paper describes the status of domestic industry, a
rising industry demand for high quality talent. In a development of a
sunrise industry, industry associations and government departments to
strengthen their normative functions, management and support
important. Colleges and universities to the field of theoretical
research and exploration, to lead healthy and orderly development of
the industry.
?????Nearly three decades of reform and opening up, China's rapid
economic development, people's living standards have improved
significantly. At the same time, also the quality of people's lives
towards a higher goal. Therefore, in recent years the family-centered
service the rapid development of domestic industry, domestic companies
throughout the country, the rapid rise of domestic union shops, the
younger as the country's largest chain, in Beijing and Shenzhen have
their branch offices, headquarters in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, the United
States yu family private homes Affairs Commission, in Beijing,
Shanghai, Shenyang and other places have their own stores, many
provinces also set up a home economics associations, and domestic
service in China under the leadership of the Association, steadily
rising domestic service management and service standards, rich content
of China's domestic services, the Chinese domestic industry is the
development of China's household is becoming a sunrise industry.
????Traditionally strong in China, most people's understanding of the
household is also limited to the "nanny" concept, the media,
also known as domestic maids to students, "Students nanny."
In fact, my home economics research has just started, though, and the
old nurse in the community are essentially different connotation, but
the coverage of domestic service is still relatively narrow, their
social status is much less in other countries. The good news is
China's domestic industry is constantly expanding its content, the
industry is constantly specifications. Held recently in Guangzhou, the
National Conference on Household Service Association has clearly
stated: "in 2006 to increase the community information service
platform construction and management, strengthen the domestic
construction industry standards and market order, order. Domestic
industry, human resources shortage of human resources shortage
domestic enterprises, domestic industry, to professional staff and
gradually legalized. "recent years, China's domestic market has
seen significant development indeed can be said that China's domestic
industry from its infancy to the development of sprouting period.
Today, with China's rapid economic development, part of the lives of
the people has entered the well-off society and especially in China's
big cities and economically developed areas, domestic industry, the
market has shown a significant hiring needs.


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