burgos 1 by esp4lives


									“To die with my own self, abandoned and alone, in the most dense rock of a deserted island”

Julia de Burgos

I shall stand on my feet tired of dragging stones on my back I shall stand at the peak of the refuse piles lining my street stand wave my flag I can’t no more subsist on borrowed dreams broken time I shall stand no more in line for cheese milk crackers it will not be me at the temple huddled in fear gazing above the altar for the sign I shall step into the darkness suffer the blister of my fingers the stillness of my hunger I shall stand in front of passing cars raising my skirt up to my waist letting my legs escape to the millones dance that once brought me here I shall look up from my extended hand into the commuters’ stone-faced eyes I shall be desolate destitute freed from the soup and the servers With legs bending beneath my strength I shall roll down the steps lay inert at the bottom smile at the feet trampling on my face I shall laugh at the pain of being invisible of being free without a mailbox the pain I say Maribel Pintado-Espiet 37 Dyer Avenue Milton 02186

of shuffling my sad self into a paper bag

Maribel Pintado-Espiet 37 Dyer Avenue Milton 02186

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